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Winter 8 Ball Zine Fair

Photographer and Vice Italy photo editor, Lele Saveri will be hosting a winter 8-Ball Zine Fair on Sunday, December 2 from 2pm-12am at Space Billards (34 West 32nd Street, 5th Floor) in NYC. Exhibitors include 15 independent publishers and shops, including Dashwood, Hamburger Eyes, Hassla, Jason Polan and Etudes. He will also be introducing a limited edition box set with work by artists including Charlie Engman and Richard Kern, and will provide a space for the sale of DIY mixtapes and records. Music, zines, visuals, and hot spiced cider? Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! - Jennilee

'LSD' by Benoit Paille

Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé explains on his Flickr page that his series LSD is "a meditation about the holism of nature surrounding me.” Like the title suggests, the series was made after Benoit dropped acid in the woods, lit candles and took four-minuite exposure photos, making a beautiful series of photos that make me want to get out of the city and set up somewhere along the woods now! Breathtaking. - Jennilee

I Still Love NY by Sebastian Errazuriz

New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz was one of the many who's studios were hit by Hurricane Sandy. As a response to seeing the high flood lines along the walls of Chelsea Galleries, Sebastian dip dyed Milton Glaser's iconic “I love New York” t-shirt in blue dye to help raise funds for the area. 100% of the t-shirts profits will benefit relief efforts, so be sure to pick one up before they are gone on They Grey Area. - Jennilee

Study of Waves by Rob Kulisek

Study of Waves is an 11" x14" risograph print by New Jersey based photographer Rob Kulisek.  Both his home and studio were flooded during Hurricane Sandy. The entire cost of the print, which runs in a limited edition of 70, goes towards the artist and will be used to replaced the equipment he lost in the storm. Available at Wax Magazine. - Jennilee

Minimal is Good by Chris Thornley

Minimal is Good is a collection of beautiful illustrations by UK based Chris Thornley. The pre-drawing warm up exercise is based on two basic rules: one line (cccasionally there are two or three) and one minute to draw. Explains Thornley, "What was the least I could draw and still convey a person/emotion?" - Jennilee

Stephen Shore's Website Launch

I was delighted to see that the long-time respected American photographer and pioneer, Stephen Shore, recently launched a new website, filled with his works, print on demand books, videos and texts. I was especially intrigued by his newest series, Abu Dhabi (all shot digitally) and honest Letter To A Young Artist, which you can read here. - Jennilee

Attachments at The Hole

Deitch Projects protégé and now Hole Gallery director, Kathy Grayson, has teamed up with artist, curator and publisher, Tim Barber to bring together a group of inspiring young artists who push the boundaries of photography by making unconventional work that crosses over different disciplines. Attachments opened this past Saturday, October 20 at The Hole Gallery (213 Bowery) and includes work by Andrew Kuo, Asger Carlsen, Jason Nocito, Jessica Eaton, Jim Mangan, Kate Stewic, Peter Sutherland, Sandy Kim and Tim Barber. This dream exhibition of some of todays most influential young modern artists is something not to be missed, and runs till November 3. - Jennilee

Rinko Kawauchi's Diary

I was so excited to discover the elusive and internationally renowned Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi’s diary on Tumblr, filled with images shot with her cellphone. Due to Instagram, I have been drawn to cell phone photos taken by people I admire, because I am often curious about what they find interesting in their surroundings in an untouched and honest way. Rinko’s Diary is filled with personal images that bring light to her ability of finding beauty in everyday details and transient wonders. - Jennilee

Nicholas Haggard for Creatures of Comfort

Los Angeles based photographer Nicholas Haggard shot a beautiful video for Creatures of Comfort SS 2013. The video features Victoria Bergsman of Taken by Trees having a perfect kind of relaxing day in a beautifully made home in the wildlands. Her cool breeze of a voice (one of my favorites!) compliments the video wonderfully. - Jennilee

Mazime 4 by Go Itami

Tokyo-based photographer Go Itami was kind enough to send me one of his beautiful books a few years ago, and I have been following his work ever since. He has recently released a self-published book titled Mazime 4,  which loosely translates to "serious, steady and honest." The book is filled with his beautifully introspective and abstract photographs, and is a continuation of his personal series (the first and second parts can be found here). See more spreads of the book on Self Publish Be Happy. - Jennilee

"Ennui" by Brian W. Ferry

As a response to contrived food photography, which has lately been overwhelming the internet, New York based photographer Brian W. Ferry has made a series of photos for Synonym Journal's Ennui issue, which explore the qualities of food that make it an appealing prop—color, shape and texture—in a way that feels personal and thoughtful to him. See more images here and check out the magazine, which explores the theme of Ennui from different contributors here. - Jennilee

Vancouver Art Book Fair

Hosted by Project Space and Fillip, The Vancouver Art Book Fair seeks to fill a gap on the West Coast, looking to Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair in New York City as the only other major North American art book fair. The fair will be showcasing a series of talks, book and zine launches, exhibitions and readings. Participating publishers, artists, designers and writers include French curator and publisher Charlotte Cheetham of Manystuff, Brian Kennon of 2nd Cannon Press, and artist Germaine Koh. The fair takes place October 5-7 at the Vancouver Art Gallery (750 Hornby Street). Looking forward to it! - Jennilee


Light is a collaborative project between Miniature Garden (Denise Schatz) and NSEW (Jessica Williams). Light consists of six A3 posters folded down into an A5 booklet, printed both in Oslo and NYC, and includes beautiful photos capturing light by artists like Paul Paper, Maryanne Casasanta, Brian Ferry, and Nicholas Gottlund. The edition of 80 launches at the New York Art Book Fair this weekend and is available here. - Jennilee

The Plant #3

The Plant, a magazine by the Barcelona based team of Cris Merino, Isa Merino and Carol Montpart, has just released the third issue of their beautifully designed journal about their affection for ordinary plants and greenery. They had a great interview with online magazine Bad at Sports here. This issue features articles, photo essays, monographs and illustrations by Coke Bartrina, Scheltens & Abbenes, Matt OlsonJessica Hans and many more artists, including myself! If you happen to be in Paris, they will be having a magazine launch at 0fr Paris (20, rue Dupetit-Thouars) on Saturday, September 22, featuring an exhibition by Coke Bartrina. I wish I could attend! - Jennilee

Terroir Magazine

Terroir—translating to mean "a sense of place" in French—is a bi-annual publication that features personal Singaporean perspectives on travel and experiences. The beautiful publication is special in a sense that each copy is hand made with care in the home of publisher Benjamin Koh, where the combination of ink jet printing, poking holes  and stitch binding takes nearly ten hours to make one copy. Read about it here. - Jennilee

Manwolfs Jean Jacket Exhibition

As part of the Olio Festival launching this weekend in Vancouver, Fortune Sound Club will be presenting the Manwolfs Jean Jacket Exhibition. The Manwolfs first came to be as characters in the skateboarding cult film Machotaildrop, directed by Corey Adams and Alex Craig, and have been featured in several films ever since. The exhibition will show different renditions of the Manwolf jean jacket with works by FOS, Jeremy Fish, local heros Andrew Pommier and Keith Jones, and more. This Sunday at Fortune (147 E. Pender St).  - Jennilee


Free Thinkers Zine #3 by Lifetime Collective

Vancouver-based Lifetime Collective has released their third edition of Free Thinkers, their zine dedicated to shedding light on the work and processes of emerging artists, musicians and designers. This edition of Free Thinkers has features, stories, and conversations with Vancouver-based musicians Hard Drugs, Miami's Jacuzzi Boys, artist Jay Howell, and artist and founder of, Jeff Hamada. In addition, the magazine also shows their beautiful A/W 2012 Lookbook, shot along Iceland's epic landscape by Jeff Petry.  Pick up a free copy at Antisocial, St. Mark's Bookshop, Family, or Cameron's Books. - Jennilee

Patrick Norguet for McDonald's France

I am loving the look of these ceramic cups, designed by Paris-based industrial designer Patrick Nourguet. McDonald's France commissioned the artist to make these reusable cups for their new range of premium roasted coffees. Simple, colourful and minimal. - Jennilee

Summer School by Erin Jane Nelson and Ming Lin

Summer School is a project by American artists Erin Jane Nelson and Ming Lin, where between July 21-27, they will transform Project Space in Vancouver into a free public art school. I'm super excited about their unique art classes, which include backstrap weaving, mushroom spore printing, kite making, air tasting, and solar photogram making. In addition to classes and talks, Nelson and Lin will curate artworks produced within the the classes into an exhibition that will open July 27 and run until August 24. Be sure to register soon as the classes are filling up fast! - Jennilee

Tonight in Vancouver - High Definition

Looking forward to the first of many exhibitions curated by the newly formed Vancouver based collective, Miracle and Connelly, which takes place at East Van Studios tonight. This exhibition features new painting, sculpture and photography work by Canadian artists Laura Piasta, Nathalee Paolinelli, Jeff Stuckel, Mark Delong, Jonathan Syme, Tonik Wojtyra, Aaron Carpenter, Victor Briestensky and myself. Amazing drink menu (as always) by Solder and Sons! Hope to see you! - Jennilee