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Rinko Kawauchi's Diary

I was so excited to discover the elusive and internationally renowned Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi’s diary on Tumblr, filled with images shot with her cellphone. Due to Instagram, I have been drawn to cell phone photos taken by people I admire, because I am often curious about what they find interesting in their surroundings in an untouched and honest way. Rinko’s Diary is filled with personal images that bring light to her ability of finding beauty in everyday details and transient wonders. - Jennilee

Mazime 4 by Go Itami

Tokyo-based photographer Go Itami was kind enough to send me one of his beautiful books a few years ago, and I have been following his work ever since. He has recently released a self-published book titled Mazime 4,  which loosely translates to "serious, steady and honest." The book is filled with his beautifully introspective and abstract photographs, and is a continuation of his personal series (the first and second parts can be found here). See more spreads of the book on Self Publish Be Happy. - Jennilee


Ano(t)raks is an online indie pop label from Japan that is representing some super cute bands. Check out this fantastic sampler of their roster, Soon, up on their Bandcamp. Their first released EP is Following by The Paellas, a surf rocky group from Osaka. Be sure to keep an eye on this little label because they're churning out some great bands! - Hazel

Ryan McGlinley in Tokyo

Photographer Chad Moore put together this fun video for Opening Ceremony of Ryan McGinley hanging out in and around Tokyo for his exhibition Reach Out, I'm Right Here which is on display at Tomio Koyama Gallery(1-3-2-7F Kiyosumi, Koto-ku). The exhibition is up until the 29 so if you can somehow get over there in time be sure to go see it. -Bob

Frapbois Marbleized Socks

These pastel marbleized socks by Japanese clothing brand Frapbois are so pretty! They remind me of cotton candy ice cream. - Hazel

Sacai Luck FW12

When you've spent a substantial amount of time working at Junya Watanabe, it's hard to imagine you won't turn out exquisite collections yourself. Such is the case with Sacai Luck's Chitose Abe and her marvelous lookbook for FW12. Military frills? Hyper-chic goth? It just couldn't get any better. X - Jen

Journal Standard Furniture

These pages from the Journal Standard Furniture catalog are making me long for the next Brimfield show as well as realize that I should really fill my house with more plants. Check out the catalog on its entirety here. -Bob

Modern Times by Patrick Tsai

Well known for his photo documented love story with Madi Ju in "My Little Dead Dick", and his heartfelt blog about life in Japan post-Tohoku Earthquake, "Talking Barnacles",  Patrick Tsai has released a new book with Nanarokusha, called Modern Times. The book beautifully and humorously shows Patrick's take on China and its wonders from 2007-2008, leading up to the Olympics. Check out a preview of the images here. - Jennilee


Lifecycling intimately takes a look into the lives and spaces of Japanese creatives, including Beams creative director Kenchi Aono and designers Mana and Takashi Kobayashi. Think of it as a Japanese version of Freunde Von Freunden or The Selby with beautiful write ups and interviews. - Jennilee

South 2 West 8

Above are some examples of the Spring styling from Japanese brand South 2 West 8. I can't say I could wear either of these complete ensembles but the scrunched socks and low top shoes might be doable. Check out more wild stuff on their blog.-Bob

Ojaga Design

Your $$$$, your phone and your lighter (for lighting candles, incense and fireworks, not cigarettes) should all be decked out with as much colored leather as possible. 

Building Block by Kimberly and Nancy Wu

If there is one collection I am super excited about this season, it has to be Building Block's Black Collection. Building Block is the side project of automobile designer Kimberly Wu and her sister Nancy. Their first collection consists of five handbags composed of leather, rubber and wood. With the intention of living outside luxury and trend, the designers think of the line as an exercise in minimalism and necessity, finding inspiration in returning back to the basics. The multi-talented designer, who travels between Tokyo and LA, also has an inspirational blog showing her daily life, design aesthetic, works in progress. -Jennilee

HIRO SS 2012 Collection

HIRO's SS 2012 Collection will leave you feeling dazed and confused in the best possible way.  The hazy look book is stocked full of tie-dye tees, edgy prints and a ton of attitude.  It makes us want to go back to senior year and be the total badass we always wanted to be!  School sux, down with the man, etc...

Tiny World in a Bottle

Tiny World in a Bottle is just like it sounds except much, much cuter.

Engineered Garments SS12

I told myself I wouldn't start looking at spring or summer collections until we had some sort of winter but I'm no longer holding my breath. Instead, I'm looking forward to shorts, bucket hats, chambray, fun patterns and all the things that the Japanese brand Engineered Garments does so well. Check out the rest of their lookbook here. -Bob

Hunk Dory Osaka

(Photos via Hunky Dory)

Sweatpants are one of those trends I've never given much thought about getting behind, basically an instant "nah." Leave it to Japanese styling to make me reconsider how I feel about 'em,  both outfits are something I could see myself wearing and especially the later pair in brown that could easily pass for trousers. So now that I am convinced that they can be worn well, will I run out and get a pair? That's the tricky part. -Bob

Sally Scott

Sally Scott's persona shifts with the seasons. In spring she's cute as pie and in fall, don't mess with her. Seasons aside, she always looks smoking. - Nadia

Comme Des Garcons Jewel Zip Wallet

These Comme Des Garçons Jewel Zip Wallets make us extremely happy.  They remind us of bright flashing stage lights at a show—it's like having a constant party in your bag!

Jouetie S/S 2012

I always manage to fall head over heels for these super cool Japanese brands that I will never get my hands on! Right now I am currently obsessing over Jouetie's spring/summer "punk rock Bad Angel"-themed collection. I loved all of it down to the candy-colored hair and high-top sneakers. - Hazel

Tread On Me

(Photos via Blue Lug)

Show some national pride by wrapping your bike wheels with some patriotic tires from Innova. The German tires seems the least likely to show signs of wear due to the black center stripe but I'm sure Old Glory won't mind as long as you ride with pride. -Bob