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Brands We Love: Bohem

We're excited to debut Bohem, a new textile line from the husband and wife team of Adam and Chelsea James. 

Based in Salt Lake City, Bohem pulls from the couple's collective backgrounds — Chelsea is a successful artist and Adam worked in design and marketing before the pair decided to pack up their lives and travel in pursuit of establishing relationships with worldwide makers in developing their own line. 

Bohem is now produced alongside small groups of Indian artisans, where Adam and Chelsea drew from the country's traditional palette and artistic fearlessness to inspire their textiles. "The style there is so graphic and adventurous," Chelsea explains. "My paintings are about subtlety, so I wanted to really take another route with this." 

The couple dove in headfirst to production — prioritizing finding artists they could foster relationships and work with in a sustainable way. Adam explains, "We spent eight months on that trip getting everything ready, sourcing materials, and finding the right people." 

Now available, the manifestation of their new venture: Bohem's handmade bedding, blankets, pillows, and rugs, made from hand-dyed, washed, and sun-dried cotton and wool. 

Images courtesy of Adam and Chelsea James

Above: Anciente Patternia Rug

Above: drafts and design sketches — "I don't have formal training in producing textiles," says Chelsea. "My background is in painting, drawing, and color theory, so I let that be the guide for our designs."

Above: hanging textiles in production

Above: Chelsea shares photos illustrating color palette and shape inspiration found while traveling

Above: The Stella Shag Rug

Above: prototyping the block prints

UO At Home: Our Open Road

In October 2012, Adam, Emily and Colette Harteau—a family of three, soon to be four—set out on a journey from California through the Americas in their VW Westfalia Camper. What started as a one-year adventure has turned into a freewheeling life, without an end point in sight. Adam takes pictures and makes art; Emily cooks nutritious meals for the family using local produce and is developing a cookbook of her road-tested recipes. Colette takes it all in with the pure wonderment of a child exposed to the great wide world. This month, the Harteau's team-up with Urban Outfitters on a curated assortment of home goods. To celebrate the collaboration, we asked the traveling family to fill in our questionnaire about their life on the open road. Read the full feature here.

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Wish List: The Great Outdoors

Wish List: Festival Essentials

Festival season is upon us and if you're about to head to SXSW (like us!), then you're probably starting to plan what essentials you're going to be taking with you. If you aren't hitting the fest-circuit this year, then these home items will at least make you feel like you're there. (Which is especially nice if you want the feeling of the great outdoors without the dirt and the 3,000 drunk adults.) Katie

Globe Graphic Bantam Skateboard
When there are no taxis within a 50 mile radius after a long day of band-stalking, you'll be glad you packed this cute little skateboard to scoot home on. It may not be super fast, but it'll sure beat walking.

Around the World in 80 Raves
If you aren't exactly sure what festival you want to hit up this year, Around the World in 80 Raves will open your eyes to fests you didn't even know existed. (And if you're not planning on going anywhere except your couch, this is almost as good as being there.)

Quilt Held In Splendor LP
One of our favorite records for getting into the road-trippin' spirit.

Fashion Flap Journal
Perfect for when your phone dies and you just absolutely need to jot down the name of that band with the cute lead singer who played at 1:30 AM.

Magical Thinking Flower-Tile Handmade Rug
Thin rugs like this are great for ploppin' down on the grass at festivals. Plus, they'll totally look great in pictures.

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UO At Home: Alice and David

Artists Alice Waese and David Flinn's Fort Greene home is full of life: abundant plants, a coterie of cats and colorful textiles. It's no surprise that the seeds of both their multidisciplinary endeavors are planted and fostered here, as they spark off each other to weave their respective magic. We take a peek inside their home and find out what makes them better together. Read the full feature here.

UO At Home: Music Sounds Better With You

To kick off our month of celebrating the people and things that go better together, we're checking out the home of Dryw, our music director, and his partner Shelly, who works in women's accessories. The musically minded pair share a playlist made for dancing and romancing and take us on a tour of their vinyl-filled home. Read the entire feature here.

Wes Week: From Above - Richie Tenenbaum

If there's one thing Wes Anderson's movies are known for, it's their epic "shots from above." In each shot, a brilliant moment is captured with great detail and beauty.  It's one of the many tools in his directing that he uses to bring you closer to the characters, and by glimpses of their possessions and surroundings, you find out more and more about them. The shots—some simple, some silly, and some absolutely heartbreaking—are praised by fans and critics alike. 

While we may not be able to exactly recreate one of Wes' perfect cinematographic seconds, we can provide you with some products that, when put together, might make you feel for a slight second that you're one of the most beloved characters to ever come out of Mr. Anderson's brain: Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. —Ally

The perfect tent for the tennis playing, all-American boy inside him.

Vintage Classic Stripe Wool Blanket
A striped blanket to put inside your tent.

Magical Thinking Wild Thing Glow-In-The-Dark Tapestry
And a tapestry to decorate the inside.

Andrew Bannacker Black Bird Art Print
The closest thing to Richie's family photo would be a photo of his hawk. The closest thing we have to a hawk is this bird.

An old record player.

With the Stones playing in the background.

A unique collection of something to decorate your record player with.

For a traveler trying to escape his true love, and a map to always find his way back to her.

If you get a large, you can have enough room for two, no matter where you're camping out. Museum? No problem.

Allergy Shield Soft Pillow - Set Of 2
A pillow to rest a troubled head. Or two.

Mystify Your Space

In need of some more mystical vibes in your room or workspace? There's so many magical accessories you can place all around your room to possibly help you channel your inner clairvoyant self! Conjure up the spirits with crystals, candles, terrariums, dream catchers, and plenty of other enchanting little things. Our "Let's Get Mystical" board on Pinterest will make all of your crystal visions come true. Seriously. Maddie

Astrological Jewelry Stand

Magical Thinking Mystic Folk Tapestry

Beci Orpin Dreamcatcher

Mini Mercury Glass Candle

Magical Thinking Star Tabletop Terrarium

Skull Plaque


Paddywax Apothecary Candle

Music We Love: Ryan Adams "Gold"

Since it's music month here at the blog, we've decided to revisit some of our old favorites, in the hopes that our rambling will turn some new fans onto our longtime musical heroes. And since one of my favorite artists of all time is Ryan Adams, and one of my favorite albums of his is 2001's Gold, I am going to talk your ear off about it now.

Gold is Adam's second major solo album, and it's held up incredibly well over time. It's actually kind of crazy to me that it's only 12 years old because it feels like an album that has been around forever. It means as much to me now as it did when I was 14 and hearing it for the first time. (Probably downloaded from Napster, oh god.) Recently I offhandedly tweeted at Ryan Adams and to my surprise, he tweeted back. He also favorited like, 5 of my tweets. It was one of those moments where you're like, "HOLY CRAP, 14-year-old me would have had 15 heart attacks if she had known that 12 years later, Ryan Adams would be using the internet to speak to her personally." Now that I'm older and have more of a grasp on my Feelings, I only had a sensible 10 heart attacks.

But back to Gold. If you don't actively listen to Ryan Adams, there's a chance that, at some point in your life, you've heard one of the songs off this album. The opening track, "New York, New York," is probably the most likely candidate, especially because the video for the song gained a bit of notoriety for being filmed in front of the NYC skyline, 4 days before the September 11 attacks.

While "New York, New York" is a great (and catchy) song, you gotta get deeper than the single of the album. "Gonna Make You Love Me" is as upbeat as "New York, New York," but not as easily recognized, and is one of my favorites off the album. "Wildflowers" is another song that makes the album one of my favorites, even if it's much less upbeat than "Gonna Make You Love Me." The reason I like Gold so much is because it combines these relentlessly upbeat pop songs ("New York, New York," and, to a lesser degree "Answering Bell") with songs that make you feel like pulling a fleece blanket on and staring at the ceiling while a single candle flickers next to you ("La Cienega Just Smiled").

If this little bit of D.R.A. (David Ryan Adams) has sucked you in, make sure you delve into the rest of his discography, especially Love is Hell, specifically the song "English Girls Approximately." TBH, I could go on for hours about Ryan Adams if no one stopped me. He's got a ton, ton, TON of stuff out, so you'll have plenty of songs to explore if you're intrigued by his work. The best way to work through it all is to look at his discography. (And don't forget Whiskeytown, his band before going solo! "Mirror, Mirror" is a fun song to start you off.) While your best bet is to start off with his older stuff and work your way up, there's no wrong way to listen to Adams. He's a tiny and delightfully talented guy. Plus, he's married to Mandy Moore, so you know he's gotta be awesome. —Katie

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Dreamy Room Accessories

Those stills up there are from The Virgin Suicides because I can't think of better roomspiration if you're trying to keep things dreamy. I mean, look at that zodiac mobile! Isn't that the best thing you've ever seen? Here are some more items to help get your room looking as beautiful as Kirsten Dunst's imaginary room did in 1999. —Katie

Paddywax Apothecary Candle
Other scents include tobacco and patchouli, in case you're also going for the dreamy hippie vibe.

Turning Triangles Terrarium
Fill it with plants or dinosaurs. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Astrological Jewelry Stand

Tarot Card Tray
Love these trays. Will patiently await one for the death Tarot card because my soul is black.

Magical Thinking Geo-Tinted Candle Holder
These also come in terrarium form, as shown below.

Magical Thinking Faceted Hanging Terrarium
See? So fun!

Spitfire Girl Terrarium Kit
In case you're a DIY nightmare, this is a handy, mostly pre-made terrarium kit. All you need to do is arrange the items and BOOM! You're done!

Star Crystal Kit
You can grow your own crystal! How baller is that?

Mosser Terrarium Kit
And even easier terrarium kit for the DIY failures out there. Like, there is literally no way you could mess this one up.

Grow Crystal Plants
Grow crystals on cactii!

Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book
So you can match your lifestyle up to your aesthetic choices.

DIY: Make Your Own Terrarium

In case you haven't noticed, terrariums are all the rage right now. Like me, you probably wanted to get a bunch to put in your room or office, but weren't sure how! Well, you're in luck because making terrariums is probably the easiest DIY you can think of, all you need is a few easy to find supplies, plus something to put those all in! The other day in Malibu, Urban Outfitters opened a brand new store. To celebrate, we had this great DIY terrarium session I'm about to recap for you. To start, you can find tons of terrariums and planters on our website and in stores right now! Get ready to make the room decorations of your dreams. Maddie

First, you'll want to start with a glass vase sort of thing, aka a terrarium! They come in lots of geometric shapes, some that sit on a surface, or can hang from a tree. We even have light-bulb shaped ones. You can purchase any kind you like right here.

Next, you'll want to gather your materials to go inside of your terrarium. I'm thinking various plant matter, like air plants, moss, and things like that. It is best to choose plants you don't have to water that much, since personally I feel that the point of terrariums is to have them be self-sufficient, aka, you only water them about once a week. Succulent plants work well too! Also grab some sand or smaller pebbles, some larger rocks for decoration, and any other fun things you'd like to put inside, like the little dinosaur I put inside.

Once you've gotten everything together to make the terrarium, its time to start assembling! Start with filling the bottom of your container with sand or small pebbles. Not too much! You don't want it to be overfull, gotta have room for all of the other things.

Here's an example with smaller rocks at the bottom.

Then start to fill with your plants and rocks!

Once you've put everything inside your terrarium, add your last minute touches, like my little dino pal here, or whatever you want! You could put vintage pins, little figurines, crystals, basically all of the above.

After that, you're essentially done! You can arrange everything inside however you'd like, its usually best to put the first layer of rocks or sand, then the plants, then embellishments. That way, everything will stay put. Here are some examples of the terrariums that came out of the event!

Like what you see and want to make your own? Get started on your terrarium here, and get decorating!

Cat Tipi

I wonder what cats dream about. 

Do they dream about rolling around on a bed full of catnip?

Do they dream that they're trying to run but then all of a sudden find themselves sinking in quicklitter?  

Or what about flying? Do they want to be a bird? Do they want to be a bird with Ryan Gosling? Do they even know who Ryan Gosling IS? Okay now that's just silly, of course they know who he is.

I guess we'll never actually know what's going on in the mind of a cat, asleep or awake, but at least we can let them dream away their days in something really cool looking like this Cat Tipi. Not only is it purrrfect for the lil furballs in your life, but think of all the cute Instagram pictures you can take with it... OMG! It's almost worth it on that thought alone.

Dreamy Room Tapestries

Sick of your boring white walls in your room? I've got an easy solution for you: wall tapestries! Urban Outfitters has loads of dreamy tapestries that can easily update your room and transport your mind somewhere else. Clear all of those magazine clippings off of your walls, and hang one of these guys up! Maddie

Paris Window View Tapestry
Perfect for those of you who are always yearning for that European getaway.

Magical Thinking Catz Tapestry
Maybe you dream of cats, and all you want to see in your room is cats. This tapestry can surely help you with that.

Magical Thinking Constellation Tapestry
You can't go wrong with this constellation wheel tapestry. I mean, whats more thought-provoking than space?

Moonbeam Tapestry
No place I'd rather be than a forest.

Wild Mountain Tapestry
Flowers galore! So beautiful.

Shop tapestries.

Trend: Home Grown

Its time to decorate that apartment or patio, guys! Way cool vases, terrariums, and gardening fixtures are an awesome way to add a little greenery to your rooms. Unfortunately, plants are not included when you purchase, although succulents and cute little flowers are super easy to find. (Believe it or not IKEA has a great and cheap section for succulents.) New decorations or new hobby? Either way, these little things will brighten things up a bit. Maddie

Turning Triangles Terrarium

Window Box Vases

Double Bucket Plant Holder

Magical Thinking Pentagon Tabletop Terrarium

Metallic Drip-Glaze Planter

Teeny Tiny Gardening by Emma Hardy

Pin A Room Contest

Do you love Pinterest? And free money? If so, then this is the contest for you! Pin the above picture plus your top 10 UO Home items to your Pinterest board and you could score a $2,000 UO gift card! Fill out the entry form here, and then click "Enter Now" to start pinning!

Interior Style Icon: The Great Motherf***ing Outdoors

Are you some city person who can't make it out to the wilderness? Sucks for you. We have a pretty rad solution, though! Bring some outdoor vibes to your home with some nature-inspired goodies. Who says trees, leaves, and all sorts of greens are for exterior settings only! Bubbling brook and bird calls not included. Hazel

Little Birch Jewelry Stand
Don't we all wish to have little trees we can hang our necklaces on? Just me? This one's perfect.

Midnight Forest Pillowcase
Can't catch the moon reflected over the lake? We feel you. Cry yourself to sleep in these pillows.

Birch Tree Tapestry
White walls? Ew. Trees, trees, trees! I can almost hear the birds. Just almost, though.

Oasis Shag Rug
No grass? No problem! Fake it 'til you make it with the perfect summer green shag rug

Teeny Tiny Gardening by Emma Hardy
Bring the great outdoors inside with miniature bits of DIY nature.

Trend: Retro Electronics

People have been doing stuff with cassettes again! (I know, right?!) It makes sense, though. Cassettes are totally cuter than CDs, so it's sort of not surprising that people would start pining away for them at some point. Just like vinyl is cuter than the both of them combined. (Also, scoff at the ridiculousness of that sentence all you want, but you know it's true.) As Liz Lemon's boyfriend Dennis once said on 30 Rock, "Technology is cyclical." Too true, my friend. Here are some items that'll keep you groovin' like it's 1989. —Katie

Get the goods:

Cassette Recorder & Player
Did you save your Spice Girls cassettes? DID YOU?

Cassette Tape Pack Of 7
Always gotta have a back-up stash of blank cassettes so you can record your favorite Hanson songs from the radio. (Or whatever the 2013 equivalent of Hanson is. One Direction?)

Polaroid 600 Close-Up Hello Kitty Camera By Impossible Project
This is a super rare Hello Kitty Polaroid camera from Japan that was refurbished by The Impossible Project. The Impossible Project is not fucking around with their Polaroids.

Retro LCD Alarm Clock
What witchcraft is this? A clock that is not on your cell phone? Whaaa-?

AV Room Portable USB Turntable By Crosley
The cutest little turntable to ever exist.

Rolling Stones Hot Rocks 1964-1971
Mick Jagger would probably be honored to have his vinyl played on a floral turntable in 2013. (Like, for real. He seems awesome.)

Vintage Polaroid Land Instant Film Camera
Pictures just like dad's.

Books To Camp With

(Photo via Glamping Holiday)

Now is the time that tons of people head off to the woods in droves to pitch tents and sleep out under the stars. I will not be one of those people because bugs being a centimeter from my face while I sleep? No thank you! But for all you campers out there with nerves of steel, here are some books that'll help aid you on your adventures, or at least help you kick back and relax. —Katie

Camping & Survival
I've flipped through this book and, no joke, it has literally everything you could ever need for when you're camping. First aid for everything, how to chop down trees, how to like, not die. It's legit. And awesome.

Backpacker Magazine's Outdoor Knots
For you serious mountaineers out there.

Handmade Glamping
For the serious mountaineers out there who are also really concerned with being cute. (There are SO many cute ideas in this book. Like, sure, you don't need a pennant banner on the front of your tent, but don't you want one now?)

Cabin Companion
If you have a special vacation spot you always like to go, then this is the book for you. The pages have checklists and fill-in-the-blank areas so you can fill out your favorite spots and pass it on to a friend.

Campfire Cuisine
Hell yeah you are gonna be hungry after you scale that mothafuckin' mountain to pitch your tent!

Spooky Campfire Stories
If you're into scaring yourself shitless while you're miles away from civilization, then this is the book for you! Me, I'll be hiding under my sleeping bag, crying.

Trend: Summer Parties

Summer is slowly creeping up, so we had all better get our act together and stock up on some fun shit for the outdoors. Unless you're like, someone who doesn't go outside, I guess. But everyone fun should start thinking about the great parties they're going to have with their friends. With all the awesome pool toys and party gear available nowadays, it'll be impossible to have a bad time. —Katie

Pretzel Float
If the reviews are to be believed, then this pretzel float will make all your guests fight one another to the death for it. It is that awesome.

Giant Ring-Toss Pool Game
Pool games are the best! Especially ones that don't require you to fight over the single pair of goggles you have so that you can dive 8 feet to the bottom of the pool to pick up a plastic weighted stick.

Unbored: The Essential Field Guide To Serious Fun
If you're having trouble thinking of fun things to do in the outdoors and sunshine (are you a vampire?), then this book can help give you some ideas. It even teaches you how to yarn bomb.

Super Pretzel Soft Pretzel Maker
If your friends aren't impressed by your pretzel pool toy (or if you don't have a pool), then they'll most certainly be impressed by your very own muthafuckin' homemade pretzels!

Corn Hole Pool Game
Corn hole (corn holing?) is the best, and the ability to do it in a cool pool on a hot day is even better.

Inflatable Boxing Glove
There is nothing more fun than safely and supervisedly punching your BFF in the face.

Joust Pool Game
Is this the best $30 you'll ever spend? Absolutely.

What Would Lucille Want?

Lucille Bluth, matriarch of the eternally wacky Bluth family, is a prime example of what you shouldn't do as a parent. Whether she's guzzling vodka, or telling her children how much she doesn't care for GOB, she's always doing exactly the wrong thing. Which makes her a whole lot of fun. Let's take a look at some of Lucille's (probable) must-haves. —Katie

Lucille's Picks:

6oz. Fun Flask
Would it kill her to let some vodka go bad?

Banana Pillow
"I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost? $10?"

Toasted Coaster
Sometimes all you need in the morning is a vodka rocks... and a piece of toast.

Love: Fries By Love Food Editors
Even though Lucille's system isn't used to curly fries, I have a feeling she could learn to love them if she tried.

Star Wars Print Tee
"Here's some money. Go see a star war."

KeepCup To-Go Cup
A cup with a lid, because if she wanted something your thumb touched, she'd eat the inside of your ear.

Hippies Always Welcome Poster
Okay, except cross out the "always" part because we all know Oscar is the only hippie Lucille would touch with a 10-foot pole.

Camp Daybed

Ah, the things that you can find on the internet. The latest incredible and totally necessary thing I came across is the Camp Daybed, created by London based product designer Stephanie Hornig. A sleeping bag with legs? Yes. So much yes. How great would this be in your apartment if you're short on space? Plus, when you're done sleeping in it, it can also be your couch. I think we all need one of these. View more of Stephanie Hornig's innovative product designs here. (via Frankie Magazine) —Maddie