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Obsessions: Renegade Craft Fair

Ah! It’s freezing in New York (Literally, the highs have been middling in the '30s), but that didn’t stop tons of makers from hauling their cute wares to the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend. The second annual winter fair was held at Skylight One Hanson, a beautiful venue in Downtown Brooklyn that used to be the Old Bank of Williamsburg, and now looks like a lovely, gutted Gringotts. Of course, Renegade’s winter installment is for buying gifts—whether you do traditional winter holidays or secular Secret Santa with your gal pals. Here’s what some of the Renegade makers had to say about gift-givin’ and gift-gettin’.
Interviews by Maitri Mehta

Who: Dominique Caron
What: Caru Skincare, a line of eco-friendly, beautifully packaged natural skincare.
Years at Renegade: This is her first! Dominique only started selling in March of this year. Before that, she was just making soaps for friends and family. Dominique makes all her skincare treasures in Astoria, and she taught herself (damn!) by taking classes on herbology and aromatherapy. 

Favorite product:The French Green Clay Soap. It’s the first soap I made and it’s still my favorite.”
Best stuff to gift: “Soaps--especially because you can plant the packaging and wildflowers will grow from them!”
What you're gifting this year: “I’m making custom skincare products for all my friends.” 

Who: Michelle Smith McLaughlin
What: Sweet ceramic spoons, catch-all dishes and more in soft colors. Handmade in Brooklyn at Choplet.
Years at Renegade: This is Michelle’s first year (she and her other crafty friends had a booth-decoration-making party, with wine of course).

Best stuff to gift: “I like the jewelry dishes as gifts. They’re pretty little things that are also functional.”
Best or worst gift you’ve ever gotten: “My parents bought me a plane ticket to the south of France for an art intensive, where I got to draw, paint, and travel to so many wonderful museums.”

Who: Amy Stricker Mowat and her husband 
What: Digitally produced, geographically accurate state and country cutting boards. They also make cute ornaments and other kitchen miscellanea for the holidays.

Most popular item people buy as gifts:The Michigan cutting board. People really appreciate that it includes both parts of Michigan.”
Best/worst gift you’ve ever received: “Once, my husband gave me one single earring--on purpose. They were sold individually, so he thought they were supposed to be worn that way.”
Gifts you're giving this year: “I like to gift from Etsy, usually pretty housewares, like cloth napkins.”

Who: Beth and her sister Amy who come from a long line of letterpressers. In fact, they are third-generation printers.
What: Greenwich Letterpress’ home is their brick and mortar shop in the West Village. They’ve been there for eight years, selling their hilarious and beautifully illustrated stationery and greeting cards.

Best gifts to give:
“Everyone loves the enamel pins. They’re affordable, and we love pop culture ephemera.”
Best/worst gift you’ve ever received: My ex-boyfriend gave me an iPhone…which I kept. But I was really excited to get rid of it when I upgraded. It had bad juju.”

Renegade is on the road! Next stop: Austin, TX on November 30 - Dec 1. If you’re in ATX and planning to go to buy some gifts, you can plan your visit here.

Nom Nom November: Sue Chan of Momofuku

Momofuku brand director Sue Chan's world is filled with rotisserie duck, popcorn cake, Lucky Peach and all the wonderful things that seem to spill out of the minds of David Chang and Co. Also, she wrote her university thesis on food deserts! Here she tells us about her entree into the food world and shares a favorite Thanksgiving recipe.

Tell us a little about yourself…
I was born in Taiwan, I grew up in Southern California, and then moved to New York for college. Every step of the way, food was a big part of my life. In Taiwan, I would go to the Night Markets with my parents. In the suburbs of Southern California, I watched an incredible amount of Sara Moulton and Martha Stewart. Chino Farms was our local farmer's market. In college, I wrote my thesis on food deserts in New York City, and I spent five weeks as an extern at The Spotted Pig. Five years ago, I started at Momofuku as an Office Assistant. After six months, I became Dave [Chang's] assistant. Now, I'm the brand director for Momofuku.

How would you describe the world of Momofuku?
We're a big family. Dave and his business partner, Drew Salmon, put their employees first before profit or sales. It is also a world that has grown in the past two years to include locations in Sydney and Toronto.

Is David Chang as weird and wonderful to work with as he appears?
Dave has played a lot of roles in my time at Momofuku: Boss, mentor, brother. It's all been weird and wonderful in the best of ways. The biggest lesson I've learned from him is to challenge the status quo.

Are you involved with Lucky Peach? (We love that magazine!)
I love Lucky Peach, too! And, I love the guys behind it even more: Peter Meehan and Chris Ying. Peter is my intellectual shaman. I hope my sons grow up to be like them. My team oversees their publicity and events, so we get to work with them on a daily basis.

What is your idea of the perfect meal?
Any meal is made perfect with good company.

Winter is upon us…how do you stay cozy?
I drink a lot of tea in the winter. Dave's friend, Tina Chai, introduced me to Fortnum & Mason's Jasmine Green Tea.

Where are your favorite places to eat out?
I'm drawn to restaurants with simple food, an interesting wine list, and a warm, casual atmosphere. Right now, Estela is my new obsession. It's the kind of place where you bump into all of the friends that you want to see. I also love Marlow & Sons, especially for their Chicken Liver Pate with a glass of wine from their natural wine list. You also can't go wrong with a restaurant from Alex Raji. I order the Uni Panini every time I visit El Quinto Pino.

What is your favorite thing to cook at home?
I like to cook anything that I can find at the farmers market.

Tell us about the Toklas Society for Women in Food and Hospitality you're involved in. It sounds like an amazing project.
There are so many badass women in the food world who are often not in the spotlight, and are still doing incredible work. Through events and digital content, we provide a platform where they can tell their story and talk about their professional experiences. We hope these stories will inspire, educate and promote personal as well as professional growth for other women in the industry.

Saturday nights or Sunday mornings?
Saturday nights.

Milk Bar or Ssäm Bar?
Both, because you can have it all at Ssäm Bar: First, the whole rotisserie duck, followed by Christina Tosi's Milk Bar Popcorn Cake.

Kimchi Apple Salad from the Momofuku Cookbook

This recipe is pretty easy, and it's super versatile for any style of holiday party. For a smaller dinner party, make individual servings, which is always impressive and a big hit. For a cocktail party, make them into canapes by serving bite site portions in a Chinese soup spoon. If you are cooking for a buffet or a potluck, double the recipe and plate everything on one large platter.

Spooky Tunes: Dead Man's Bones

One record you should always have on hand during the Halloween season is Dead Man's Bones' self-titled album that came out a few years ago. Dead Man's Bones is a project that was created by the one and only Ryan Gosling and his pal Zach Shields. So far, they've only produced one album that brings together all things creepy and mysterious, made in collaboration with The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children's Choir. Dead Man's Bones is a bonafide Halloween album, with twelve tracks that will put a spook in your step and make you want to dress like a skeleton year round.

The album fluctuates from more lively and eerie songs like "In The Room Where You Sleep" to darker, more somber tracks like "Young & Tragic." Who wouldn't want Ryan Gosling singing to them about zombies and werewolves? I'm hoping Dead Man's Bones reforms sometime soon to make another Halloween record for the coming years. Maddie

Shop Dead Man's Bones

You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Charli XCX

Can Charli XCX be more awesome? Already a brilliant songwriter (maybe you've heard that little tune she penned for Icona Pop, "I Love It"?) and a rising alterna-pop star, Charli XCX also has major style game. She's managed to roll every Spice Girl together to make her signature look that's sporty (tube tops and printed leggings), preppy and punk (bright kilts and dramatic winged eyeliner) and generally badass (dog collar chokers and perpetual bedhead). If you're too shy to wear her look on the regular (it is, after all, a lot to pull off) might you consider being her for Halloween? Here's how to dress up as one of our favorite singers. Hazel

Get the look:

Reverse Studded-Waistband Plaid Circle Skirt
A cherry-red tartan mini-skirt will have you doing summersaults and high-kicks, just like you were singing "SuperLove" on stage.

Kimchi Blue Velvet Cropped Top 
Velvet crop top? Yes, yes, yes. 

Y.R.U. Qozmo Tonal High-Top Flatform-Sneaker
You wouldn't be Charli if it weren't for a pair of MEGA TALL platform black sneakers.

NYX Are You Depreyeved Of...Full Lashes Liquid Eyeliner
Draw it thick all around your eye and finish it off with a dramatic wing

A Beautiful Life Pregame Texturizing Spray
If you've got naturally dark locks (hell yeah!) then you'll want the volume of your hair to go up to 11 with this texturizing spray

Wes Week: You Should Totally Be This For Halloween - Eli Cash

In honor of The Wes Anderson Collection book, we'll be showcasing costume ideas from some of our favorite Wes characters this week.

Wes Anderson films are a treasure trove of costume ideas because so many characters have distinctive, identifiable personal styles. But some Anderson characters have been overdone. (Richie Tenenbaum, amiright?) So why not venture out and try one of my all-time favorite characters, Richie's best friend and love-trangle-er, Eli Cash. Like anyone from The Royal Tenenbaums, Eli can be accomplished pretty easily with a couple trips to the thrift shop, but dedicated-ass Halloweeners will be particular to find the slightly smaller than average, sandy suede cowboy hat and the perfect fringed jacket. If you have a parent who was big in the line dance scene in the '80s, you might not have to shop at all. Angelo 

Take your Halloween game to another level by memorizing some Eli Cash quotes. I would be so impressed if I walked up to someone dressed as Cash and the first thing out of their mouth was "The crickets and the rust-beetles scuttled among the nettles of the sage thicket. 'Vamanos, amigos,' he whispered, and threw the busted leather flintcraw over the loose weave of the saddlecock. And they rode on in the friscalating dusklight." At the very least mutter "Wildcat" to yourself as an exit from the awkward conversation that ensued after a failed attempt to hit on a girl. 

If regular old Eli isn't your bag, opt for meltdown-car-crash Eli, complete with three-piece suit and wicked face paint. 

If you choose this route, you need to go hard enough that you end up on the floor with one show, contemplating the lamentable state of your life.

Get the look:

Buy The Wes Anderson Collection

Halloween Jams: The Dead Weather - "Die By The Drop"

In case you're in need of some musical inspiration for this upcoming Halloween (#HALLOWEENJAMS!), look no further than the video for "Die By The Drop" by The Dead Weather. For starters, this video has some seriously dark lyrics. I mean, just look at the title. Next, lead singers Jack White and Alison Mosshart are dressed totally macabre. Like, check out the eyes painted on Alison's eyelids, and Jack's casual pale vampire looks. Also in the video for this rough rock tune are incredibly creepy people dressed in masks, black capes, broken mirrors, fog... basically all of the elements to create serious eeriness. I hope you jam to this song while dressing up as a mysterious, mystical person with eyeballs painted on your eyelids this Halloween! Maddie

Wes Week: You Should Totally Be This For Halloween - Steve Zissou

In honor of The Wes Anderson Collection book, we'll be showcasing costume ideas from some of our favorite Wes characters this week.

If there's one Wes Anderson character you consider being for Halloween this year, I say go for the incomparable Jaguar Shark-hunting Steve Zissou, who was played by Anderson favorite, Bill Murray. Nearly everyone in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou wears the same thing: a blue collared shirt, blue pants, a pair of Team Zissou Adidas, and that signature red beanie. In a Jacques Cousteau-like fashion, Steve takes his team on the hunt for the killer Jaguar Shark, who apparently killed his partner, Esteban. Steve Zissou is a Wes Anderson icon, so much that nobody will even have to guess who you've dressed up as this year. Gather up your pals to be Team Zissou, but make sure one of them can sing David Bowie songs in Portuguese. As Zissou says, "this is an adventure." Such is life, right? Maddie

Get the look:

Hawkings McGill Pinpoint Oxford Button-Down Shirt
Roll up the sleeves and you're ready for your ride on the Belafonte.

BDG PE V-Neck Tee
Another full blue outfit option, to perfectly match the pants I'm about to suggest to you.

Levi's 511 Legion Blue Skinny Pant
Look, the model is already ready to be Steve for Halloween. Check out his Zissou-esque sneakers already on.

adidas Gazelle Indoor Sneaker
One pair of colorful sneakers for your mission, check!

Timex Brown Leather Easy Reader Watch
Since you may not be able to count on your unpaid interns, you'll need a watch on your own arm. "Don't shoot him, he's an unpaid intern." -Steve Zissou

UO Watch Cap
Team Zissou bright red beanie game EXTREMELY STRONG!

Buy The Wes Anderson Collection

Wes Week: You Should Totally Be This For Halloween - Margot Tenenbaum

In honor of The Wes Anderson Collection book, we'll be showcasing costume ideas from some of our favorite Wes characters this week.

Deep down inside all of us there's a Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. The elusive adopted daughter of the family and the sensitive playwright of the child prodigy trio, Margot's had a pretty awesome (albeit unusual) life that gets featured in a montage soundtracked by The Ramones. Her shabby fur coat, straight blonde bob, and ever-present cigarette make her just the sort of Wes Anderson character you really wanna dress up as for Hallows Eve. Here's how to get her look: monotone drawl and rebellious streak not included. Hazel

Get the look:

Stussy Faux Fur Collar Coat
An oversized, light brown furry (faux) fur coat is the ultimate Margot Tenenbaum wardrobe staple.

adidas X Opening Ceremony Piped Tulip Dress
Throw on a super-preppy, athletic tennis dress a la Margot's typical Lacoste polo-dress ensemble.

Style-Style Kohl/Kajal Eyeliner
Rim those eyes in the darkest kohl eyeliner you can get your hands on! The look you're aiming for is moody. So, so moody.

Cable Plush-Lined Glove
Cut the finger off one of these gloves and sew on a faux-wooden finger situation to get Margot's unfortunate accident down for ultimately Hallows Eve costume authenticity.

Sunny Daze Bobby Pin
Get your hair straight as straw and pull it back sharply with a bright bobby pin. Oh, Margot. Her child prodigy look hasn't evolved since age 12, it seems.

Top Secret Mini Stash Box
A "top secret" mini stash box to hide the cigs that support your life-long cigarette habit, of course! 

Buy The Wes Anderson Collection

Are You a Cyber Witch?

I can not remember exactly how I stumbled upon this beautiful e-book titled The Cyber Spellbook: Magick In The Virtual World, but I am so glad I did. I mean, witchcraft and the Internet together in one book!? The book outlines the ethics of being a Cyber Witch and how to effectively use the digital world to enhance your spells. I know what you're thinking: how do you know if you are a Cyber Witch? Well, the book explains it all, but start off with this handy quiz:

Another great Cyber Witch tip is to make a "Book of Shadows." It's basically a blog. Actually, it totally is a blog:

I love the one spell that makes sure the emails you send don't get misinterpreted! Need this for when I send too many cryptic emoji that only make sense to me. 

And never forgot to keep some goddesses around with you at all times. Maybe put some pics on your Palm Pilot? Oh how I love you, 2002.

Looks of the Week: SPOOKIEST

(via UO NYC)

The stores have been k i l l i n g it on Instagram with all of their spooky, Halloween-y pics, so here are some of our favorites from the week! —Katie

UO New York is obviously very good at taking spooky pictures. This one and the horrifying bathroom pig mask picture are both amazing. Way to go, guys.

UO New Jersey channeling the girls from The Craft! They even got a shoutout from Buzzfeed for this one, which is about as viral as you can get.

Wow, UO Los Angeles. This is great. We are so proud of you. Thanks for utilizing that pigeon mask, as well as beautiful Goosebumps '90s nostalgia.


Music We Love: Spooky Albums

Halloween may come but once a year but for me it's an all-year-round celebration. This means that in addition to my regular horror movie intake and ghost-hunting extra-curriculars, my iPod is filled with some creepy tunes. I made you all a pretty alt Halloween music playlist last year, but here are 5 intensely spooky albums that will really get your blood curdling and the nightmares coming. Hazel

Bauhaus - Mask
I mean, is Bauhaus just the most Halloween-worthy music ever? The entirety of Mask feels like a horror flick, but the title track "Mask" get's bonus points for the monster-evoking lyrics: "While the thing I am becomes something else / part character, part sensation." 

I remember the first time I heard Portishead, I was completely convinced that lead singer Beth Gibbons was a vampire. Her ghostly vocals backed by the band's ultra-cool, hypnotizing tracks make for one spooky debut LP. Listen to "Only You" with a candle lit. 

As half of the brother-sister duo behind The Knife, the Swedish musician Karin Dreijer Andersson has crafted an aesthetic and a sound so twisted it has made her one of the scariest people making music these days. Her solo album under the name "Fever Ray" deserves your Hallows Eve-related attention. I mean, just watch the video for "If I Had A Heart" and tell me that isn't going to give you at least one nightmare. Or, all the nightmares. 

Did you know if you go into the bathroom and say "Ian Curtis" three times, he'll appear in the mirror to you? JK, probs not. Also that's kind of sick. Anyway, Joy Division are like the posterchildren for post-punk creepiness and I can assure you that if you're having a Halloween party and you put on Unknown Pleasures everybody will be into it. 

Burial's electronic, trip-hop influenced music is drone-y and beautiful but it's also straight up creepy and "Truant" is totally Ouija-board worthy.

So basically The Cure were really dark and then they got all mushy gushy and were in a love that was "just like heaven" and then I guess someone broke up with Robert 'cause their eighth album went straight back to gloomsville. Put on "Lullaby," which is about a spider-man who "steals past the windows of the blissfully dead / looking for a victim shivering in bed." Aaah!

KXVO Omaha News Pumpkin Dance

It is officially October so I wanted to break out my all-time favorite Youtube video: the KXVO Pumpkin Dance. You know you want to watch it over and over again. Just watch and be mesmerized by those dance moves. —Hazel

Cat Costume Ideas from Salem Saberhagen

When you get old, dressing up for Halloween is more hassle than fun, but forcing your cat into a costume is a hoot regardless of age. Who better to seek out for inspiration than Salem? (Really, who better? He's a black cat on a show about witches.) 

Salem, the cynical and creepily un-lifelike puppet kept Sabrina in check, doling out the kind of tough-love advice a teen witch needs and only a cat can provide. I could write an essay about cats as spiritually aware beings and why cats and supernatural figures like witches probably connect on a transcendent level but like, let's just talk about costumes for now. Angelo

It's October so...

...see what I did there, letting the GIF talk for me like the kids do. Okay, moving on.

Pimp cat: Like Jay-Z famously said, "Kitties is pimps too, go and lick your shoulder off."

Stoned chef cat, because cats basically have the munchies all the time anyway.

If your cat is old enough to remember Tae Bo, it's probably dead. Sorry to bring it up.

DIY idea: Coffin litter box, so you can not clean it and when people complain about it stinking you can just be like "Yeah, it smells like death, duh!"

Jamaican cat: Possibly offensive if your cat is not black.

This was just a scary image. Happy Meowoween folks!

Making Time Memorial Day Weekend RAD-B-Q

Hey Philly! It's that time of year. YES, that time of year, where warm weather, good music, and the infamous #fishbowls all come together to form the Making Time Memorial Day Weekend Rad-B-Q at Bamboo Bar (927 N. Delaware)! So grab your bathing suits (UGHH girl, no, you're NOT look too fat to go swimming) and get ready for a night of dancing, sweating your ass off and cannonballing.

Now, no RBQ would be complete without some killer munchies, so the babes of PYT are going to be on the grill, cooking up some delish burgs (yes, there's a veggie option) and Little Baby's will be keeping you chill, with more ice cream than your face can handle. 

Let's make this night the start to the best sumer of our lives. #HereComesTheSun and we couldn't be more psyched about it! See you there, bitch. -Ally

Irish Musicians

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, let's take a look at some of the awesome bands and musicians that have come out of Ireland over the years. Although there are numerous others (Bono, anyone?), these bands seem to embody the spirit of Ireland better than anybody else. And no, not all of the songs are about drinking. God.—Katie

The Pogues "Streams Of Whiskey"
Ah, The Pogues. While lead singer Shane MacGowan's teeth may leave something to be desired, their songs do not. If you feel like having the most depressing Christmas ever, you can always pop on the song "Fairytale Of New York" and think about how glad you are to not be spending Christmas Eve in a drunk tank.

Fionn Regan "Be Good Or Be Gone"
Fionn Regan sometimes flies under the radar, but he's as good an Irish musician as the rest of them. Although one of his best albums, The Shadow of an Empire, is kind of hard to find here in the states, make sure you give "Catacombs" off that album a listen because it is good.

The Undertones "Teenage Kicks"
Irish punk dudes The Undertones were catchy, cool, and were able to incorporate New Wave sounds into their songs without sounding weirdly '80s.

Stiff Little Fingers "Suspect Device"
While The Undertones focused more on teenage troubles, Stiff Little Fingers focused more on the actual troubles that were plaguing Ireland around the time of their inception. And that made them another good ol' fashioned Irish punk band.

Van Morrison "Tupelo Honey"
Van Morrison is like, the ultimate singer-songwriter from Ireland, and this live version of the song "Tupelo Honey" proves that he deserves every ounce of his success because da-da-da-damn. His voice is like honey, amirite?

The Cranberries "Linger"
Don't worry, the ladies are not totally forgotten. The Cranberries basically made the '90s their bitch with hits like "Linger" and "Zombie" and female vocalist Dolores O'Riordan's signature lilting voice. "ZAAA-HAAAM-BEH, ZAAA-HAAAM-BEH, EH-EHH, EH-EHH, OH-HO, OH-HO."

B*Witched "C'est La Vie"
Silly you, thinking you could get through a post on Irish musicians without seeing B*Witched. Don't worry, here they are! If you act like you don't love "C'est La Vie," the catchiest song ever made, then you're a goddamn liar.

Cabin Porn

I've been seeing lots of cabin pictures floating around the internet, most likely from the site Cabin Porn, and I have to say, if you're not into the beach scene for spring break, an adorable cabin is a pretty great second option. You might not get a tan, but you'll definitely have plenty of time to kick back and relax. Just make sure you don't accidentally end up in the cabin from Friday the 13th because yikes.—Katie

Trend: Valentine's Day Looks

Kimchi Blue Emma Crepe Dress

So, Valentine's Day is practically here, but do you really want to go with that little black dress again this year? This V-Day, I'm rooting for looks in various shades of red and pink for this oh-so-special day. I say try a magnificent bright or printed dress, or maybe a groovy jumpsuit for something new.  Even if you don't have a Valentine, it doesn't hurt to look super fabulous anyway, right? Trust me, I've got you covered.Maddie

Sister Jane Crepe Cutout Collar Dress
This dress is all proper with a collar, but then surprises you with a cutout. BAM.

Sparkle & Fade Surplice Flutter Sleeve Jumper
So, this is the crazy awesome jumpsuit I was talking about. I love the loose '70s cut that makes it so appealing. If you're not feeling as adventurous as I am, it comes in black too.

Pins and Needles Lace-Up Back Babydoll Dress
I'm currently in love with a dark, winter floral like this one, and the lace-up detailing is a super rad touch.

DV by Dolce Vita Agata Shirtdress
If a bright red isn't your thing, try something like this adorable polka dot print shirtdress.

DV by Dolce Vita Debbie Peplum Dress
This dress combines two things that are happenin' right now: peplums and animal print. PLUS it's red! Basically, I think this dress will signify that you're ready to have a good time.

Shop Valentine's Day looks.

A History of Girl Stuff: Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

"Light as a feather, stiff as a board" is a slumber party staple and an age-old rite of passage for teenage girls. If you haven't at least attempted to summon the powers of levitation, you're doing your sleepovers wrong. To begin, one girl lays flat on the floor while the other girls surround her, placing one or two fingers underneath her. Then all the girls chant "light as a feather, stiff as a board" over and over, as they try to lift the middle girl off the floor. Eventually, she'll be as "light as a feather" and will be easier to lift, even rising a bit on her own. It's totally real guys. But how exactly did this whole thing start? - Hazel

1600's: The practice of LAAFSAAB (whoa, long abbreviation) was actually prevalent among young girls during the Great Plague of London. A naval administrator named Samuel Pepys saw four young girls lift a young boy who was lying straight on his back, claiming him dead. Pepys was so struck by it (aka creeped the fuck out, amirite?) that he wrote about it in his diary

Photo by Georgina Mascolo

1862: In the book The Magician's Own Book, or the Whole Art of Conjuring by Arnold George and Frank Cahill, a game of LAAFSAAB is described as having been played successfully at a large party in Venice using the heaviest man at the party. No confirmation on whether or not this was a rad slumber party.

1940: Boarding school girls were keeping the magical LAAFSAAB alive during the '40s. An English boarding school teacher who saw the game being played was recorded as saying, "Whether by self hypnosis or not I do not was more like real magic than anything I have ever seen." Dude, get with the program. It IS real magic! Duh! *insert major eyeroll here*

1996: This moment in history saw the creation of the best on-screen portrayal of LAAFSAAB in the movie The Craft. The movie, which tells the story of four teenage girls who discover the powers of dark magic and witchcraft, shows how this game should really be done. Levitation rules!

Today: Girls are still playing this game at slumber parties and the like. It's crazy that girls have been playing this game since the 1600s but then again, it doesn't seem that crazy, considering how all teen girls are attracted to magic and mystery and witchcraft to begin with.

Happy Australia Day!

I hope you're excited as THIS LADY!

2012 Year In Review: Part 1

The best, worst and WTF moments from the past year. 

20. Holographic Tupac: Tupac Shakur was shot in 1996, when most of the Coachella-going population was, like, 10. But when he was resurrected in the form of a hologram on the final night of the three-day music festival, the crowd went INSANE. It was like we had seen the past and the future at the same damn time. Unfortunately, a couple of months later, the company who brought us HT went bankrupt. Wah-wah...

19. Boy bands are back: Maybe we can attribute it to more '90s nostalgia, but One Direction and The Wanted put boy bands back on top this year. And here at the UO Blog, we define 'on top' as 'when Lindsay Lohan gets in a fight over you.' (PS-OMG, Harry we love you!!!)

18. Seapunks vs. Azealia and Rihanna: Seapunks united to decry Azealia Banks and Rihanna for having teal and turquoise hair and loving dolphins, because apparently only TRUE seapunks are allowed to have teal and turquoise hair and love dolphins. Oh yeah, and 'seapunk' was a thing. 

17. This dude: Kreayshawn blew the door open in 2011, and so in 2012, atrocity rappers such as Riff Raff, Brooke Candy, and Lil Debbie had their best year ever. And...the rest of us suffered for it. 

16. Ikea Monkey: What do you get when you combine a monkey, a shearling coat, camera phones and a Canadian outpost of a Swedish furniture store? An internet sensation, that's what. 

Start Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4