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Introducing the life-sized LED illuminated polaroids by Polaboy.  Choose from a selection of photos online or from the Colette Collection (featuring work by photographers like Terry Richardson, Todd Selby and Oliver Zahm).  If you want something a little more personal, you can send in your own to be made. So rad!


Antje Pugnat offers up outfits for a world full of wood-nymphs.

Fred Butler x Lazy Oaf

Fred Butler's jewelry designs have been worn by celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. She recently teamed up with the UK clothing company Lazy Oaf to create a really awesome capsule collection. Her rainbow necklaces might not turn you into a world-renowned pop star, but as least you can feel like one! - Hazel


Bjorg's 2011 look book is more National Geographic than fashion catalog, but we mean that in best way possible– it's only too appropriate considering their jewelry encases horse hair, beetles and butterfly wings.  

Press Werk

During what has to be the world's coolest homework assignment, students of a German design class were told to take whatever they found and crush it in a book, then photograph it.  All of the squished objects are included in a book called Press Werk, which has an index of each piece in its original state. (Via Trendland)

Anna Wegelin

Kazakhstan-born designer Anna Wegelin calls her latest collection Fokahontas, and the long, ropey knotted necklaces are just as wild as the lookbook.



Like country, techno music gets a bad rap. Thus, the genesis of OMGITM, or "Oh My God! It's Techno Music," a line of handprinted T-shirts that play off the Yo! MTV Raps logo and poke fun at those who are still think they don't like techno. OMGITM is also sponsoring acts such as Fake Blood, The Bloody Beetroots and Crooker, which means that they'll probably have to soon make a second design: OMGILTS, or "Oh My God! I Love This Shit!"

The George Hotel

The George Hotel

In Germany but longing for London? Travel no farther than newly opened The George Hotel. Looks pretty sweet. (Via We Heart Stuff.)