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Happy Birthday, Willie Nelson!

Willie Nelson is 80 years old today and still as delightful as ever, as evidenced by the above video he did with Conan yesterday. The man has still got it! Here's to hoping he keeps rockin' a spliff and those braids for another 80 years. —Katie

How To Use Twinkies

(via Gothamist)

Twinkies are coming back this summer, everyone! Praise and glory be. Stoners everywhere are shedding tears of joy. Even if you've never actually wrapped your mouth around a Twinkie, you know that they embody the American spirit, and what better time for them to return than the summer, the most American of all times? Memorial Day! Fourth of July! Labor Day! Stars and stripes, y'all. If you're sober and still a little unsure about whether or not you actually want to consume the questionable (but delicious) snack cakes, then here are some other uses for them to keep your summer rockin'. —Katie

Eat 100 and see what effects the tasty treats have on your body. Maybe they're the secret to everlasting youth. You won't know until you experiment.

Throw Them
You don't need a reason for this. Just think about how satisfying it would be to lob these things at a brick wall.

You can turn Twinkies into art and if you don't believe me, then just look at the beautiful creations made by artist Nancy Peppin. Shit is serious.

Apparently you can submerge a Twinkie in Mountain Dew and it will not dissolve or fall apart. It just floats. Since Mountain Dew is the most questionable beverage of all time (7,000 pounds of sugar and glowing green), this is pretty good testament to Twinkie's staying power. It could be the most indestructible pet ever
—the new pet rock, if you will.

'Magic Hour' by Tara Subkoff

The grass always seems greener on the other side of the country.  While I'd give just about anything to live the Los Angeles life (I think?), MOCATV's Magic Hour, directed by Tara Subkoff, gives some insight into what it's like on the West Coast when I'm not there.  Even if there's a dispensary on every corner, featured actress Chloe Sevigny ONLY sees the sunny side in L.A., which scorches you with melanoma! Stay stoned, Cali, or you'll start NYC dreaming and end up in a cold, cramped apartment all of next year.—Ally

Stoner Style: Blake, Anders, and Adam

It's hard being a telemarketer 9 to 5, but it's not that hard for Adam, Blake and Ders from Workaholics, probs 'cause they're fucking stoned out of their brains all the time. Seriously, like sugar honey iced tea they are stoned. Here's how to get the Workaholics stoner style look down 'cause ya gotta, ya gotta, ya gotta be fresh. - Hazel

Hawkings McGill Pinpoint Oxford Shirt
A simple button down for work. 

Best Food Box Subscriptions

There are a million subscription boxes out in the world right now, so it's hard to figure out where to start, but what better place than FOOD? I mean, who wouldn't want a box of snacks delivered directly to their doorstep every month? You can't really go wrong with that one. There's a fun box o' food for every taste out there, and here are some of the best ones. —Katie

Graze looks like it's one of the best boxes out there. It's only $5, so like, YES PLZ, and every box is filled with delicious, healthy snacks. Sadly, you need an invitation code to sign up right now, but if you stalk your friends who were lucky enough to sign up for Graze and receive an invite code, then you might be able to get your hands on one.

Love With Food
The Love With Food box is also pretty cheap, and it's fancy gourmet samples, which is totes fun to get in the mail. It's a great way to try that $20 tea you've had your eye on without actually spending $20 on tea.

(via Chic Vegan)
Vegan Cuts
At $19.95 a month, the Vegan Cuts box is a little bit pricier than the previous two, but it's full of great vegan snacks. Since vegan products aren't found everywhere, it's a good way to try some stuff that may not be available locally. Plus, if you share this box with a pal, it's only $10 a month!

Bespoke Post
Cheating with this one a little because Bespoke Post isn't all food, but the food it does have looks b o m b. The Bespoke Post box is actually curated for men, but it's not filled with Axe Body Spray; the boxes revolve around booze, food and accessories, so they're something that people of both genders would be interested in. At $45 it's the most expensive listed, but the boxes, filled with coffee grinders and weekender bags, definitely seem worth it.

Stoner Style: Hyde

Hyde was rull hot. I wish him and Jackie ended up together because they were the perfect couple, but I guess their tragic romance will live on in infamy along with the likes of Jack and Rose. Aside from being hot, Hyde also had great style. That whole "I DON'T CARE" look totally worked on him. And that curly hair! Boy oh boy. Let's take a moment to appreciate this fine-ass specimen. —Katie

Get the look:

Rolling Stones Flag Tongue Tee
You can throw on any classic rock band tee you want. Obviously Hyde would be like, DAMN THE MAN, GO VINTAGE! But cool vintage rock tees are hard to find.

BLANKNYC Super Bell Bottom Jean
Sadly, bellbottoms have not yet come back into style for dudes, but if you can fit your dude butts into these lady jeans, then by all means, do it.

Oversized Gradient Aviator Sunglasses
Because you gotta have your semi-creepy looking aviators if you're going for that chic '70s stoner vibe.

John Allan's Cool Face Aftershave
Because grooming those sideburns is a lot of work.

Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub

From The Vault: Toonces

Do you think everyone at SNL was high when they thought of this (amazing) skit? I do. —Katie

MGMT: "Alien Days"

What do you know? My favorite psychedelic duo MGMT are finally back with quite the beauty of a song called "Alien Days." The band released the song as a digital mp3 and as a special "cassingle," (a cassette with only one song on each side), appropriately on 4/20, for Record Store Day this past weekend. "Alien Days" sounds like a return to the good old MGMT we know, who once charmed us with mystical and dreamy tunes a few years ago. Maybe a new album will come out sooner rather than later? - Maddie

Fun Things to Do While You're High

Marijuana can be a lot of fun.  When you're in the right environment, with the right people, smoking the right weed, the possibilities are endless.  If you're new to the game and don't really know what to do with your now-blurred vision and intense cravings for Cheetos, I've come up with a list of things to do when you're high—because if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. —Ally

1. Watch whatever TV marathon is on right now
Whether it's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Storage Wars, or 24 hours of Law and Order: SVU, watching TV is never a bad idea. Especially when you can watch more than on episode in a row. That way it's like a movie. Kind of. A really, long, drawn out movie where you're not sure how it began or how it's going to end.

2. Listen to really trippy music
I mean, duh. Things sound a lot more intense when you're floating around in the stratosphere. While one of the weirdest songs to listen to ever, stoned or not, is The Polyphonic Spree's 36 and a half minutes long "Long Day," I prefer classic rock, with a lot of guitar solos. Better yet, listen to the music that's used in Guitar Hero and PLAY Guitar Hero. Remember how fun that game is? I wanna play that shit.

3. Make a bunch of Snapchats
Snapchat is the best because you can't go back and edit or delete all of the stupid things you say. Normally that's an awful thing, but with this app, the person who receives your message can't save it (if you're a screen-capper you're going to rot in hell). Plus, you'll probably forget all about it in the morning. GUILT FREE FUN!

4. Go to a playground
Seriously, do it. My fav: the swings. Use those loosey goosey limbs and swing as high as you can possibly go. Watch as the moon and star move closer and further away with every drop and slowly, all your cares in the world will melt away. Do this until you puke.

5. Go internet shopping
Going shopping is so much fun. Going shopping high? A BALL. You can't shop 'til you drop if you're already sitting down. So, take a seat, surf the web, and buy all of those weird things you've had bookmarked for months but were too scared to buy. No, that cat hat won't make you look silly. Yes, your BFF will love your new matching toe rings. Do it! Do it! Do it!

6. Bring out your artsy side
I don't know if you paint, sculpt, dance, draw or doodle, but whatever artsy-ness is inside of you is dying to come out. Just put your hands to work and let them do the thinking. You never know what you're going to come up with. Even if it's just a  drawing on a peice of paper with a caterpillar with the face of a dog, you still made something you never would have before! What an accomplishment! Pat yourself on the back. Good boy.

7. Watch Planet Earth
Talk about oohs and aahs! Plant Earth will blow your mind and have you questioning your pets' motives (are the following you every move? Are they secretly aliens? Just act like you don't see them!). Like, that one episode with the polar bears? Where they come out of hibernation and fall down the snowy hill? AWWMG, brb watching it on YouTube.

8. Talk about space
Start off with a simple, "isn't it crazy that stars are like, looking into the past?" and next thing you know you'll be drafting out plans for a time-space continuum and searching for wormholes in your backyard.

9. Try new food combinations

Seeing as how the munchies make you ravenously hungry and turn your stomach into a bottomless pit, take this time to try combos of your favorite foods to see if they taste good together. Popcorn drizzled with Italian dressing, vanilla wafers dipped in peanut butter, a cereal sandwich with pixie sticks... just think of what you might discover!

10. Give yourself a makeover

What's more fun than trying on crazy colored lipstick and eyeshadow? Guys, I'm speaking to you too. Being stoned is the perfect excuse to go totally awol on your face and make yourself look just as fabulous as the people you see on TV (Mimi, Ru Paul, Lord Disick). I mean, just look how good Shannon Coffey's makeover turned out.

BONUS: Cut your hair

Touch your hair... it's fucking weird, right? I don't suggest pulling a Britney and shaving it off, but I do think you should take a cue from Hamish Patterson and try to give yourself a new 'do—or convince a friend to let you do it to them.  I mean, how bad could it be? Plus, hair always grows back (hair grows even after you're dead!).

How To Spend 4/20

Whoa, it's 4/20! If you're in Colorado right now, congrats! If you're not then it's time to wake 'n bake in the secrecy of your home and seize the day! Even if your day only involves moving from your bed to the couch and then maybe down to the kitchen for a minute before going back up to the couch again, that's okay! Let's get this stoner party started! Here is where I would insert the "raise the roof" hand emojis if I could. Katie

Keebler Mini-Pie Maker
When you first get up, you're gonna be hungry, so why not make some mini-pies to keep your belly happy throughout the day? Think of all the shit you can put in them: breakfast shit, taco shit, chocolate (Nutella!!!) shit. The possibilities are endless!

Supaboy Portable Game Console
After you've made pies to stuff your face with all day, settle onto the couch and pull out this bad boy so you can get reacquainted with all your old-school SNES games. Remember how hard Zelda was? You will now.

Hamburger Bean Bag
If the couch gets uncomfortable, scoot on over to this burger bean bag so you can have the ultimate munchie session while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Altru Leaf Tank Top
Now it's time to throw on some clothes and head outside. I know it's a lot of work, so I won't blame you if you skip the next few suggestions in favor of lying in your house all day.

Glow-In-The-Dark Vinyl Cruiser Skateboard
Don't forget your sweet, glow-in-the-dark board. Cruisin' down the big hill by your house is going to be extra entertaining.

Lomography 120mm 400 Speed Color Negative Film
While you're skating around, snap a couple pics with some negative film. You'll totally be like "OMG, no waaaaay" when you get them developed.

Pot Psychology's How To Be By Tracie Egan Morrissey & Rich Juzwiak
After you've worked up a sweat, go home and curl up with one of those Nutella pies and this incredibly useful book. It's gonna make so much sense to you right now. You and that french bulldog on the cover are going to have a psychic connection.

Spotify Playlist: 4/20 Puff Puff...Playlist!

Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist
Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist
Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist
Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist
Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist Spotify Playlist

Sure, l-o-v-e has inspired many a song, but as you can see from our 4/20 Puff Puff...Playlist, w-e-e-d has inspired about just as many. And, of course, in the case of and weed can provide equal inspiration for the SAME song. Yep. I guess when it comes down to it, we're all in love with Mary Jane. - Dave

4/20 Beauty Products

If you're going green in your life, why not go green with your beauty products as well? You know. Greeeeeen. —Katie

Rich Hippie Perfume
This Rich Hippie perfume smells like marijuana. So you'll attract every white boy with dreads within a 2 mile radius.

Earthly Body Skinny Dip Hemp Seed Glow Oil
Hemp! It really is useful for everything.

Apothecanna Pain Creme Massage Lotion
At senior week, this girl in my class fell off a balcony and a rumor that went around was that they eased her pain with marijuana. This lotion is sort of like that.

Hologram Nail Polish

Portland General Store Cologne
Alright, so it's not wacky tabacky, but this tobacco cologne will still satisfy the risk-takin' smoker in all of us.

Anna Sui Hand Cream
Herbal, man.

Things Stoners Talk About

What do stoners talk about? Anything and everything, basically. But some things tend to pop up more than others. And none of those things are particularly useful. —Katie


The Universe
Don't even try to talk about how big the universe is because your brain will literally explode.


One time my friend and I had a 30 minute conversation about how magical it is to bite into that little pocket of cheese in the center of a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. And I guarantee that is not even the most ridiculous snack convo that has happened in this world.

The whole "WHAT IF YOUR GREEN IS MY BLUE" thing literally could not matter any less, but when you've been hangin' with Mary Jane it is the only thing that matters, and it's one of those things that just circle around and around and around. C'mon, guys, can't we go back to talking about Crunchwrap cheese? The tree is green, let's put this ancient mystery to bed.

More Weed
Sometimes sitting around in a room full of stoners is an exercise in patience, because as it turns out, those guys can talk about where to get weed for h o u r s. Listening to them you'd think finding weed is a puzzle as complex as the one in National Treasure*.

*Yes, I did reference two Nic Cage movies. Thank you for noticing.

Stoned Drivers Hit Test Course

How much marijuana is too much to be on the road? KIROtv conducted an amazing experiment to find out. They got a few of volunteers super stoned on the strain "Blueberry Trainwreck" and put them behind the wheel (with the cooperation of police, of course).  Are you reading this? THEY GOT PEOPLE STONED AND PUT THEM BEHIND THE WHEEL.  My question is: how did they get to do this? How do I get to do this?

The best of all is Addy, the medical marijuana and daily user, whose outtakes and seemingly "awesome" time behind the wheel can't help but make you laugh. Although it seems fun we DO NOT support driving stoned, but we do support living vicariously through Ms. Norton's attempt. See you at the mall later, girl! Just make sure you use your windshield wipers and don't show up completely stoned in advance. —Ally

Wyyldstyle At The Barbary

Need something to do on 4/20? If you're in Philly, you better head over to The Barbary for the Wyyldstyle dance party. There'll be free pizza and free beer ('til it runs out), for god's sake. Plus The Barbary describes the event as a "hip hop '90s house party on acid." Sold. (But they had me at free pizza.) —Katie


My High Times by Spruce

I'm no stranger to Mary Jane. In fact, she was one of my best friend in college—even though I had to pay a lot of money to hang out with her everyday.  Even so, she was really fun, and we spent a lot of nights together, up late making weird faces into my Macbook Photo Booth. One thing we sucked at, however, was cooking. Instead of trying to make anything remotely edible, we'd eat wraps laced with ranch dressing, chips dipped in ketchup, and the occasional attempt at a marshmallow and Rice Crispies mix in the microwave.

Since graduating from college, and loosing touch with my good old friend Mary, I got a little bit better at cooking (or at least the guys I dated did).  With my new-found abilities, I thought I'd give her a call to try out a few new recipes.  With the help of this friendly little journal called My High Times, I can now say I know how to cook with Mary Jane—all you need is some TLC, 20+ hours and a meal involving lots of LOLs.  Check out the book for a step-by-step guide to cooking with your BFF with recipes including Cannabutter and peanut butter cookies!

Now, my friends, it's time for you to try it out on your own and incorporate your new knowledge with all the cookbooks you can find that use butter. Make it, cook it, eat it and then scribble away in your journal to remember how amazing this weekend was (even if it was all a haze). Now that's some food for thought.

No cookbooks in sight or too in a daze to find one? See our selection below, and run to your closest Urban to make some treats in time for Saturday! —Ally

High Time Cannabis Cookbook by Elise McDonough
The first-ever cookbook from the kings of cannabis, High Times Magazine. Includes 50+ delicious recipes, complete with easy-to-follow instructions

Love: Fries By Love Food Editors
Delicious fry recipes, from hand-cut to triple-fried. Complete with topping tips & dip tricks!

Cox, Cookies, And Cake By Patrick Cox & Eric Lanlard
Bring the attitude of Cox Cookies and Cakes to your kitchen with 80 edgy recipes, from bejeweled cupcakes to classic Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies.

4/20 Music

If you know anything about me, you know that my passion is pop music (sweet, sweet pop music), so I'm kind of going out on a limb here with these Cool Stoner Jamz, but you'll just have to trust me. I was cool once, too, guys! Actually, not really, but I had a lot of friends who smoked a lot of pot, so I'm all up on it. Just... believe me. —Katie

Curren$y - The Stoned Immaculate LP
They talk about smoking a lot and it's a great album, so it's a win/win.

Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat LP
This album is a lot of whirring with some lady mumbles and warbling blended in. It'll be the perfect background music for when you're freaking out over how big the universe is.

Bob Marley - Catch A Fire LP
Because hellllo, you can't forget Marley on 4/20. Pretty sure he like, invented weed.

Sunn O))) - OO Void 2XLP
I think I read somewhere once that their live shows are pretty much them standing on the stage and holding a single note on their guitar for 3 hours which would make me literally kill myself, but sounds perfect for 4/20!

Purity Ring - Shrines LP + MP3
Sneaking on some pop. Sorry!!!

James Blake - S/T LP
Blake's spaced out vocals will make you feel like you're swimming in a puddle of jelly while you're listening to this album. (I know, good visual, right?)

Fugees - The Score 2XLP
Do I need to explain the Fugees to you?

Animal Collective - Centipede Hz 2XLP
If Animal Collective aren't smoking 40 joints before recording every album, then color me surprised.

Bjork - Debut LP
Bjork is a whackadoodle and this album sounds like a circus, so if you freak yourself out, don't say I didn't warn you.

Dr. Dre - The Chronic LP
Obviously. Just don't be the guy blasting this while driving around in your mom's Honda. Because nobody likes that guy.

Stoner Style: Trent Lane

So the Daria writers never implicity said that Jane Lane's sexy, older alterna-brother was a pothead, but it was pretty much implied by the sleepy drawl he used to ponder the universe, fight the man and talk about his band (which was called Mystik Spiral; I mean do you need more evidence that that?) Trent was the epitome of '90s alternative, accessorizing his go-to uniform of t-shirt and jeans with a singular necklace, myriad rings, signature wristband and an unwavering dedication to naps.

As a kid Trent was my favorite character, which was maybe indicative of future life choices, but looking back I see that Trent offered some pretty real-shit life advice to Daria and Jane.  Damn, now I'm getting all nostalgic and thinking that a 4/20 marathon Daria sesh sounds like it might be the move. Angelo 

Get the look:

BDG PE V-Neck Tee

Cheap Monday Narrow Hold Grey Jean

UO Rubberized Risky Sunglasses

OBEY Ship Off Necklace

OBEY Craftsmen Ring

OBEY Mesa Ring

WEed Are the World

LOL. Like, bless Cheech and Chong for doing this, I guess. Although for real kudos on writing a catchy song because the chorus is going to be stuck in my head for the next week. "We're Cheech. And Chong. Can't we all just get a-bong?" Yes we can, guys. Yes we can. —Katie

Stoner Style: Jeff Spicoli

Jeff Spicoli is the dude in Fast Times at Ridgemont High who smoked a lot of pot and pissed off his history teacher. (So basically every single 17-year-old ever.) His fashion was totally chill and perfect for skatin' on his longboard down by the beach, so if you're lookin' to be maxin' and relaxin' this summer, then he's the fashion inspo for you. —Katie

Get the look:

Best Buds Tee
It's funny because it's true.

Woodstock Acid Wash Tee
Whoa, there were probably so many clutch homemade bongs at Woodstock.

ambsn Boat Button-Down Shirt
"All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine."

Insight Island Hop Short Sleeve Shirt
Leave this puppy unbuttoned and you'll be the easiest, breeziest skater on the block. Plus, chicks dig paisley.

Ray-Ban Justin Youngster Wayfarer Sunglasses
Pop these on in class and your teacher will totally think you're paying attention even when you aren't. Or you'll just annoy everyone around you.

My High Times By Spruce
Okay, this probably wasn't what your history teacher had in mind when he told you to pick up a book once in a while.