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Early Halloween Idea: Critter Masks

Wait, this turkey mask is amazing. Who thought of this? Whoever it was deserves a raise and probably a Nobel Peace Prize. For some reason the jacket styling in this photo makes it all even better. MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME IS DONE, Y'ALL. —Katie

3D Printed Pizza

Yo, NASA has been killin' it lately! First they're like, "Don't worry, Earth! We're making it possible for you to send all those idiots you hate into outer space! Forever!" Now they're like, "You know what? We have some extra money lying around. How about we figure out how to create pizza from nothing?" Like... are you kidding me?! You dudes are putting all your genius-ness to good use. I really like that someone made one 3D printer and then everyone else was like, "YES, LET'S RUN WITH THIS!" and now we've got everything from dresses to iPhone cases. In honor of that, here are some other things we should make. —Katie

Pretty sure if they can make pizza from dust, then they could make a clone for everyone. I mean, you could definitely make me by throwing in some like, Backstreet Boys CDs, 4 blueberry Red Bulls, a tub of Sour Patch Kids and a cat sweater. How happy would everyone be if some beautiful plastic counterparts could take over their day jobs? Score.

The best pet
You could make the best pet because 1) it would be anything you can dream up (a unicorn badger! Gorgeous and terrifying!) and 2) it would never poop anywhere because it would have no insides. And also you wouldn't have to feed it. Wow!

A fucking rad car
So, they can make 3D-printed guns, but those aren't fun at all, and are also sort of nightmarish. Let's instead put all that awesome technology towards making everyone their very own flying Falcor machines.

We'd all be so fucking happy.

The hippest furniture
First of all, 3D printed furniture would probably be surprisingly comfy, and second of all, think about how many swaggy chaise lounges you could make. A TON!

A DVD that explains what 3D printing is
Because like, does anyone even understand how this works?

Thomas Wylde 'Carpe Diem' Pre-Spring

No big deal but Thomas Wylde is owning it for Spring '13 with their new Carpe Diem collection! Get ready to drop all your hard earned green for all their highly desirable green! X - Jen

Tobias Wistisen

Holy hell! This shrunken head chained necklace from brilliant jewelry designer Tobias Wistisen is the raddest necklace ever! The thought process that led to this piece must be unreal. This is way too cool! X - Jen

Buffalo Girl

There is no other label I adore right now more than Buffalo Girl. This Australian company makes some of the most jaw-droppingly exquisite hand tooled leather, turquoise, and fringe pieces that I dream of carrying along with me for the rest of my life. X - Jen

CA4LA Straw Hats

Having always been a fan of a well fitting black hat, my current obsession is with these straw beauties from CA4LA. The slightly oversized options will help hide that pretty face when you want to lay low or just keep those sun rays from enveloping you completely. X - Jen

Annabelle Dexter Jones x Andre x Faith Connexion Scarf

I couldn't have asked for better timing with these pieces from Annabelle Dexter Jones for Faith Connexion to slowly trickle out into shops! Oh yes! My birthday just happens to be in a few days so that means this bodacious collab scarf with ADJ'S BF (and major dream date) Andre Saraiva is on its way to my doorstep as I type. X - Jen

Helmut Lang Resort Leather

It's rare that I'll deviate from the typical OG motorcycle jacket cut, but who could resist this Helmut Lang Resort '13 lambskin leather? X - Jen

Colorful Acrylic Nameplate Necklaces

I've been toying with the idea of getting a nameplate necklace but not in the normal sense. Why not wear your biggest vice around your neck, your pets name or even your favorite artist's name? I'm so ready to take this all kinds of different ways. I also love the idea of this acrylic option in a wide variety of colors. X - Jen

Miu Miu glitter bow headband

I've never worn any sort of headband before, but I'm really feeling the idea of adding this totally girly twist to my black and leather wardrobe. As they've always been the queen of headbands, there seems no place better to turn for this new staple than Miu Miu! X - Jen

Roger Vivier Leopard Boots

No one can deny how hot a leopard boot would look paired up with your favorite tight black jeans. Roger Vivier obviously wants you to be as rock 'n' roll as possible with these awesome calf hair fur boots. X - Jen

Rebel The Book

The book for James Franco's massive MOCA REBEL show in Los Angeles is finally available and for all the fans of his and all the incredible artists involved in this show, I can't see this edition lasting very long. X - Jen

Melanie Georgacopoulos Jewelry

Throughout my entire life, I don't know that I've seen anything more exquisite than this chain and pearl fringed necklace from Melanie Georgacopoulos. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most gorgeous piece of jewelry to ever exist. X - Jen

Drugs Are My Life Hoodie

This rad hoodie from Local Celebrity is perfect for that aspiring medical student in your life. Or for your stoned best friend. Whichever. X - Jen

Out of Print Book Totes

Do you love Olympia Le Tan's book clutches but possibly can't afford one? Have no worries as Out of Print have you covered with these great classic book tote bags! Hell, they even give you the option of snuggling up literally IN your favorite book on that next red eye flight you booked. X - Jen

Laduree Soho

Unless you're content to make it through the door on Madison Ave with an hour wait and before you learn how to make them yourself (or in my case, have your significant other master the art), prepare to stop on by the new Ladurée digs in Soho this fall for all your delicious Macaron needs. Let's hope the brands fine Parisian gourmet cooking classes and overnight shipping are next! X - Jen

Katie Eary SS13 Accessories

I can't get over the accessories from Katie Eary's brilliant SS13 collection. Featuring golden claws on both the footwear and jewelry. Fierce is the first word that comes to mind. While I've never used that word to describe anything, this may quite literally define it because there could be nothing more ferocious than wearing these pieces mixed into your wardrobe everyday. X - Jen

Fucking Awesome Radio

I haven't listened to any kind of normal radio station in years but I am more than a little bit excited about Fucking Awesome Radio, the newest venture from the legendary Jason Dill, which broadcasts on KCHUNG Los Angeles. You don't even have to catch it live as you can download all past shows in the archives. X - Jen

Xsenia & Olya

It isn't hard to see why people are so excited about Xsenia & Olya and their beautiful wares, especially after watching their latest fashion film showing off the brand to wise fashion followers. X - Jen

Jessica Stam goes Instagram

Welcome Jessica Stam to Instagram. The much loved model, who inspired the It bag that once gave the Birkin a run for its money (the Marc Jacobs Stam Bag), hangs out with all kinds of fabulous people and attends all the sickest events you only dream were keeping you up all night. It's no surprise that Jessica leads a glamorous life so you know her Instagram will be nothing short of amazing. X -  Jen