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CHVRCHES' "Gun" Video

CHVRCHES went all out for the video for their latest, uber-80's single "Gun." The video feels like something out of a trippy, Photoshop-layered dream, complete with all sorts of hypnotizing effects and dancers that zig-zag around footage of the band. A complicated, cool video for a really great song! Hazel

Chvrches "Now Is Not The Time"

Chvrches, fronted by the smart and adorable Lauren Mayberry, just released a fun, roller-disco themed video for their song "Now Is Not The Time." If you're looking for a chance to see the band live, they're going to be touring all over the U.S. this summer, including a stop at Sasquatch, as well as right here in Philly. —Katie


I'm so into with this little Plantini planter from Finch & Fouracre's collaboration with Another Studio. Even if you're prone to killing plants, no one would ever know if you put a plastic one inside this mini house. X - Jen

Lola Dupre

Lola Depré's collages are made entirely by hand with scissors, paper and glue, and include mosaic distortions of everyone from Abe Lincoln to Al Capone. 


Brewdog has released 11 limited edition bottles of Belgian ale that come installed in real roadkill. Because what's better after a long day than taking a swig from a hollowed-out squirrel?

Surrealistic Tea Towel

Dab the crumpet crumbs and drops of Earl Grey from your lips with this phantasmagorical tea towel by Carolyn Alexander. Form, function, and fancy: all the essentials combined into one.



If we were wearing these right now, we almost wouldn't care about the sleety weather outside.