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Trend: Summer Parties

Summer is slowly creeping up, so we had all better get our act together and stock up on some fun shit for the outdoors. Unless you're like, someone who doesn't go outside, I guess. But everyone fun should start thinking about the great parties they're going to have with their friends. With all the awesome pool toys and party gear available nowadays, it'll be impossible to have a bad time. —Katie

Pretzel Float
If the reviews are to be believed, then this pretzel float will make all your guests fight one another to the death for it. It is that awesome.

Giant Ring-Toss Pool Game
Pool games are the best! Especially ones that don't require you to fight over the single pair of goggles you have so that you can dive 8 feet to the bottom of the pool to pick up a plastic weighted stick.

Unbored: The Essential Field Guide To Serious Fun
If you're having trouble thinking of fun things to do in the outdoors and sunshine (are you a vampire?), then this book can help give you some ideas. It even teaches you how to yarn bomb.

Super Pretzel Soft Pretzel Maker
If your friends aren't impressed by your pretzel pool toy (or if you don't have a pool), then they'll most certainly be impressed by your very own muthafuckin' homemade pretzels!

Corn Hole Pool Game
Corn hole (corn holing?) is the best, and the ability to do it in a cool pool on a hot day is even better.

Inflatable Boxing Glove
There is nothing more fun than safely and supervisedly punching your BFF in the face.

Joust Pool Game
Is this the best $30 you'll ever spend? Absolutely.


OH. BOY. Look at this cute thing called Hatch. I love that it's being hyped up like it's something really important and life-changing because I guess they don't remember 1996, the year Tamogotchis came out. The thought of nestling down in bed for the night and setting my iPhone next to me to watch my electronic pet sleep is filling me with such joy. My 3rd grade self would have been over the moon if I had known this is what the future was going to bring us. Anyway, go over to their site and pick out an egg! They'll email you when the app is ready, and then you can raise one of these little angels!!! I recommend the grey egg because it is adorable.—Katie

Rookie Road Trip: Boulder

For our Colorado meet-up we went to Gateway Park for some ALL AMERICUN' FUN! We played arcade games, rode go-karts, and caused general mayhem.

Tavi and I being speed demons on the track.

Reader Dylan rubbing his insanely big ticket win (250!) all over his face.

Love these vintage outfits these girls are wearing.

Prizes! So many temporary tattoos and candy.

We really wish we could spend more time in Boulder, but we have to get back on the road! Catch us Friday in Salt Lake City at Gilgal Sculpture Garden to make our signature banners with us and hang out around art! See you there! - Hazel

Rookie Road Trip: Ann Arbor

We woke up early to get on the road for Ann Arbor. On our way, we saw a sign for the "National Shrine of Our Lady" on the side of the road and since we're obsessed with shrines, we HAD to pull over! 

We didn't find a shrine, really, but we did find a pretty white church that served as a back drop for a mini photo-shoot Petra did. We were all wearing red and white so the photos will probably have some seriously eerie "twin sister" vibes. Tavi even pulled out her portable record player and played the Carrie soundtrack on vinyl. So creepy...

We also fell in love with the church's gift shop which was filled with beautiful jewelry, artwork, and sculptures of Christian iconography. We spent so much time in there. I think we might have bought everything in the store.

In Ann Arbor we met up with readers at the arcade Pinball Pete's for games! Readers kicked each other's asses at Tetris and air hockey in the hot hot hot heat. 

These readers had some pretty advanced facial hair.

After fun and games, the Rookie readers walked in the sweltering heat (seriously, it was pretty bad) to grab burgers with us at Blimpy Burger

After burgers we headed to a nearby swimming hole to cool off.

Me laughing maniacally at the lilypads.

Tavi lookin' cute in the water.

Later we drove around, desperately looking for frozen yogurt (a sudden craving). We tracked one down in a mall, but it was closed. Luckily, we spotted some kiddie rides for us to play the empty mall...

We totally almost got locked into the mall too. That would have made for an interesting blog post, right?

So tomorrow we will be in Chicago at 3:00 for zine-making, dancing, and hanging out at Saki. We'll have some stuff for you, but bring magazines and supplies to help make the zines! Check back for more on the Rookie crew's adventures! - Hazel

(In this post: some photos by me, some by Petra's boyfriend Avery Hunsberger)

8-Bit Mad Men

Check out this little 8-bit style Mad Men game that you can just play straight through youtube. You play as Don (of course) and the goal is to get the firm up to speed. Reminds me a lot of the Choose Your Own Adventure novels that I grew up with. -Bob

Tumblr Tuesdays: January 17

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Optical Illusions

Ovum, Easy

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Sam Santos

Truth Magic

Holy Friend

Store on Tour: All Saints Cafe

If you like a strong cup of coffee and old video arcades, you are going to be frequenting All Saints Cafe every morning in Tallahassee! Inside you'll get wired on the best espresso and play a little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles then have a seat with some delicious veggie grub and take an hour to stare at all the killer art adorning their walls! X - Jen

Bande Des Quatres

Designed by Erin Wahed and hand-crafted by jeweler Janis Kerman, Bande Des Quatres' X and O-shaped rings beg the question: Human tic-tac-toe board?

Ouija Cuff

A a vintage-style Ouija board cuff.  What's the worst that could happen?


Purchase limited edition posters inspired by classic video games like Frogger and Mario at the "Mulitplayer" exhibit, running until February 4 at Gallery 1988's Venice space. 

In Another Face x Indiecade Opening Party

Showpaper Gallery's In Another Face and Indiecade gallery show opens tonight. From 7-11pm at the Baby Castles independent video game arcade, you catch works from Max Lawrence and Chris Kline (a.k.a. Salty Snax) and beats from NonHorse: Base Wars, and more. The show runs until December 31.  

Diplo feat. Lil Jon "U Don't Like Me"

Diplo and Lil Jon face off in an animated fist-fight, machine gun duel, dance off, rally car race, and underwater spear-gun battle. Diplo's the loser all around. 

Beatles Rock Band

There's finally a reason to bust out the plastic instruments again. The Beatles Rock Band is pretty much everything I wanted it to be, maybe even my favorite game of the year. You can play with up to six people, sing up to three part harmonies with three mics (Lips wireless mics work too, bonus!) and also play bass, drums and guitar all at once. You play the 45 song story through the Beatles career starting at the Cavern Club with mop tops and ending as hair farmers on the Abbey Road rooftop. I was pumped to see Harrison songs like "Something" and "Taxman" in there too since I love 'the Quiet One.' The best part about playing this was seeing non-gamer friends go from "I'll give it a try" to asking which song we should do next... three hours later.

Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV

I've dabbled in Street Fighter for years, but never had the patience to learn all the combos. I was the typical button mashing n00b. However after getting a hold of Street Fighter IV for PS3, I may be fighting game born-again. The graphics, sound, super- and ultra-moves all work together to really make me want to learn combos and special moves for the first time in my gaming life: There's nothing more satisfying then ending a match with a brutal 17+ combo.

Action Figure Museum

Action Figure Museum

Kevin Stark convinced the town of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma to turn his collection of action figures into a museum, and viola! In addition to the action figures, there's also a superhero room, where kids can dress up as superheros. No word on whether they have, ahem, adult sized costumes. (Via Gizmodo.)

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

I wanted to post about this game last week but I've been too busy playing the living shit out of this! You have brain starved zombies, survivors, 4-player co-op and 4 on 4 versus. What more do you want?! I mean really, who's never dreamed of being a pheromone puking zombie that attracts hordes of undead to his victims? When the zombie apocalypse comes, I have only one word of advice: RUN! —Love, Nick

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge

I came back from lunch yesterday to discover Mirror's Edge mysteriously placed on my desk. I ran home and put in about five hours worth of gameplay and got a bit more than halfway through. It's a spiritual sister to Portal in that its beauty lies in graphical stark simplicity and single minded gameplay; get from point A to point B, alive. In Mirror's Edge you're running and jumping from skyscraper rooftops Parkour style, while trying to deliver intel and evading the baddies. I have decided that you should buy this (Or at least try it, free demo on XBLA & PSN). —Love, Nick

Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2

The Phils win the World Series, Obama takes the crown and now Gears of War 2 comes out today, and we got our hands on an early copy. First impressions: Everything is bigger, brighter, bloodier; the Locust are larger in numbers and size, but your weapons more brutal than ever; and the spaces are more open and the action well-paced. The underground scenes are especially beautiful, and there’s actually a story this time! Some negatives: vehicle levels can be amazingly annoying, and auto-saves can be in weird spots. Verdict: Find the $60 and get it. Love, Nick



Though some of us weren't even born when this game was big in the arcades, you can dodge evil hot dogs and eggs and stack up the burgers (without having to line up quarters) for free right here.

Crocheted d20

Crocheted d20

Simultaneously one of the most awesome, nerdy, and mystical things we've seen in weeks. If you need to roll your next natural 20 with one of these, you can get it here. (Via Craft:blog.)