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Friday Download: April 18, 2014

For this week's Friday Download I rounded up a few of my favorite recent tunes and trailers as well as some road trip planning websites that I'm just dying to use again once summer hits. And even though that trip to the Ventriloquist Dummy Museum may still be a ways away, now is the perfect time to get started on those road trip playlists, y'all. Katie

Strand of Oaks "Goshen '97"
I am super into this video and song. Like, I'm probably going to buy a convertible just so I can listen to this full blast with the wind in my hair. Plus, this video was totally filmed 15 minutes from my house so I'm basically famous now. If you're as into this song as me, you'll have to wait until June 24 for the full album Heal to come out, but Strand of Oaks has plenty of other albums to check out in the meantime. They're a lot folkier than the song above, but still just as awesome.

Childish Gambino (ft. Problem) "Sweatpants"
This is the perfect video for this song. (I'm watching it for like the ninth time right now, whoops.) Just watch it.

Roadtrippers/Roadside America/Atlas Obscura
It's getting to be that road-trippin' time of year again, and I can't help but look up imaginary road trip pit stops on sites like Roadtrippers, Atlas Obscura and Roadside America. After you enter your start/end destinations, the sites tell you what cool/wacky/scenic stuff you'll pass along the way. My favorite of the bunch is Roadtrippers, because it's designed well and also has a handy app. Plus, it measures all the roadside attractions with a RAD-O-METER! Neat. Photo via.

Lana Del Rey "West Coast"
Hey, here is another new song from Lana Del Rey and the first single off her upcoming album Ultraviolence. I guess it's growing on me? I'm sure two weeks from now I won't be able to get it out of my head. Just like how I previously thought Ultraviolence was a lame name for an album, but now I'm totally into it because it's like what an angsty 16-year-old would title their album and I appreciate that.

Orange is the New Black Season 2 Trailer

Friday Download: April 11, 2014

It is finally warm here in Philly, which makes me feel super nostalgic and like I should be having my hair braided by a robin. Let's all blast "Hands Down" and lie in the grass together as we look at my favorite internet tidbits from the past week.Katie

Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here Trailer
I think this is literally a shot for shot remake of Garden State. And I'm totally going to see it. Sad Dad movies give me the most feelings (no one talk about About Time around me unless you're prepared to canoe away on a waterfall of tears). Also, I wonder if Zach Braff knows that there are, in fact, other bands in the world that are not The Shins. DO YOU KNOW, ZACH?

Betty Who "Heartbreak Dream"
I am obsessed with Betty Who and I am obsessed with this video and if you aren't already listening to Slow Dancing, her newest EP, go do it now. It has the perfect summer songs to listen to when you are feeling infinite in your car. Plus, I love when people dance-jump while singing! And she does that so much in this video! If you aren't enchanted by that, you're a robot and I give up. : (

Girl Meets World
The first teaser trailer for Girl Meets World came out this week, and it's pretty much what one would expect from Disney. Crystal clear filming! Bright colors! Smiles! Even though the internet has been grumblin' about the Disney decision, let's just all remember that Boy Meets World was pretty over-the-top itself at times ("THIS IS A HUG, SHAWN!"), but like, it was endearing. Maybe I'm being overly nostalgic, but I have faith that this is gonna be good. DON'T LET ME DOWN, TOPANGA.

Katy Perry "Birthday (Lyric Video)"

Whoops, I love this.

Friday Download: April 4, 2014

This week is just a big ol' mish-mash of things that have caught my attention throughout the week. Luckily one of those things is a gigantic database of crazy folktales to keep you entertained for hours and hours. Katie

Drake "Draft Day"
This has been the week of Drake. First, he shared "Draft Day" online, and then a couple days later he dropped "Days in the East." "Draft Day" samples Lauryn Hill's "Doo-Wop" so I'm on board.

Lana Del Rey "Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight"
Speaking of new tunes, a new Lana Del Rey song has leaked online just behind her announcement that "West Coast" is the title of her new single. "Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight" is no "Young and Beautiful" but it's still pretty good. (And Lana is just like, forever interesting to me for whatever reason, no matter what she does. Do your thing, girl.)
(Image via)

Cloud Nothings "I'm Not Part of Me"
This video has a teen slumber party setting goin' on and I like the halfhearted teen posters thrown up on the wall (like Harry Styles - classic) and the usage of the Ouija board. Not really sure of the plot otherwise (mysterious maybe-evil potion turns teen girls into maybe-evil...musicians?), but it's fun to watch and the song rules.

"Honey, I Want to Move to Mars"
There is literally nothing on this planet more unappealing to me than getting blasted off into space to another planet forever, but some people are totally into that and are actually still pumped about that Mars One mission. Jason Stanford, whose wife Sonia Van Meter was chosen as one of the 1,058 Mars finalists, wrote an interesting essay over on Texas Monthly about his feelings on his wife's decision to (possibly) jet off to Mars forever. He's surprisingly chill about it.
(Image via)

The Specialist's Hat
I was creepin' around on our freelancer Hazel's Tumblr this morning (hi Hazel) and one of the last things she posted was this spooky story titled The Specialist's Hat, so I read the whole thing and made myself late for work. Then I made myself even later because I started browsing this database of folktales she also linked to and they are great because they are horrifying and I'M NOT SURE WHAT LESSON I SHOULD BE LEARNING, especially in the tales where moms chop off their children's heads.
(Image via)

Friday Download: March 28, 2014

If you take only one thing away from this week's Friday Download, then please let that thing be this website for Giggy, Lisa Vanderpump's balding pomeranian. The site is flush with new computer backgrounds for you. Katie

Lady Gaga "G.U.Y."
Listen to me, I have no idea what is going on in this music video, but Lisa Vanderpump halfheartedly shaking a tambourine on the steps of a mansion is everything I never knew I wanted. And any video that lets Giggy the balding pup make an elegant and important cameo gets a gold star in my book.

The Julie Ruin "Just My Kind"
The Julie Ruin put out a new video for their song "Just My Kind." It's basically the exact opposite of Gaga's video but it's just as incredible. I want Kathleen Hanna to be my BFF. Is that so much to ask?

Future Islands Singles
I feel like I've been talking about Future Islands a lot recently (like the rest of the internet), and maybe I already said this somewhere else, but if you haven't listened to their newest album Singles yet, then click right on over to Stereogum to check it out. The site's accompanying review on the album is a good, quick read as well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer
"What the world needs is a giant, CGI crime-fighting turtle slamming slow motion into a Hummer on the side of a snow-covered mountain," is apparently something Michael Bay said at one point or another to a person who was too afraid to be like, "No, Michael. Close your sweet, sweet eyes and take a nap." So, I guess what I'm saying is enjoy this trailer for TMNT.

The Office Time Machine
I am obsessed with The Office, so seeing that someone spent like, a really, really long time compiling every single cultural reference ever made on the show makes me incredibly happy. Go watch them all by year here. I put the video for 1999 above because it contains one of my favorite references on the show: Michael's flawless usage of "NOSCRUB" in a Scrabble game.

Friday Download: March 21, 2014

As of yesterday, it's finally spring! You hear that? SPRING HAS SPRUNG! It's been warmer than 40 outside! The sun has been out! Life feels worth living again! Since we never want to think about winter ever again, here are some CHEERFUL SPRING TUNES! LET US REJOICE! (And let's ignore that it is supposed to snow again next week, because R.I.P. R.I.P. to my sanity if it does.) Katie

Kishi Bashi "Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!"
Okay, this video sort of makes me feel like I'm in an Oreo commercial, but it mostly makes me feel like skipping through a sunny field with a flower crown on my head and a confetti gun. Happiest tune of 2014, TBH. Also, the song vaguely reminds me of "Send Me On My Way," and since "SMOMW" is literally the catchiest song ever written, this song is in good company.

tUnE-yArDs "Water Fountain"
Any song with a solid "WOO-HA!" in it automatically elevates it to feel-good status. (If you don't believe me, just ask Busta Rhymes.)

Neneh Cherry feat. Robyn "Out Of The Black"
The video for this one from Neneh Cherry and Robyn is like springtime in the '90s. If you're a totally chill, cool guy wearing totally cool Reebok hightops while walking your cool dog in the park, then this is the spring jam for you.

Flume "Space Cadet"

Sia "Chandelier"
If you're more like Orin than you'd like to admit, then this is the angsty, party monster ballad for you to groove to this spring. And if angsty spring is what you're looking for, then may I recommend following up "Chandelier" with "Breakin' Dishes"? Blasting "Breakin' Dishes" from a convertible on a delightful spring day is definitely going to be included in the montage of my life, TBH.

After all that, you should be feeling as good as this alpaca (if not BETTER). Happy spring!

Friday Download: March 14, 2014

This week we're doing our usual Friday Download, but in honor of SXSW, we've decided to put up videos from some of our favorite bands that have performed here. Here are some tunes from bands that have won us over this week (and have kept us on our feet and dancing, even when we just want to sleeeeep). Katie

Temples "Keep In The Dark"
After seeing Temples live, we're definitely and forever in love with them. First of all, they sound just as incredible live as they do recorded. Second of all, the lead singer has beautiful curly hair and wore glitter around his eyes. (!!!) And third of all, half of the band had tiny little flare jeans on, so I'm sold. You've won me over, Temples, you li'l cuties, you.

Quilt "Tie Up The Tides"
Quilt is another band that totally won us over this week. On top of being an incredible live show, the band is also charming and genuinely funny, and weren't even phased when, at their last show, we interviewed them in a small equipment closet to block outside noise. Our interview with Quilt will be up early next week, so keep your eyes peeled. We love these guys.

Matrimony "Obey Your Guns"
We saw these guys from a rooftop over, but found ourselves dancing even just watching them on a screen. We're excited to see their new album!

Leverage Models "Sweep"
I'm not sure how to describe Leverage Models' sound, so I'll just call it "GOOD." Even "VERY GOOD."  Everything I've heard from this band has been crazy catchy, and the band themselves are so full of energy that they're fun to watch. It's impossible not to dance when seeing these guys.

Future Islands "Seasons (Waiting On You)"
Just watch this video (SO MUCH EMOTION) and you'll understand our obsession with Future Islands.

(Top image via Mexican Summer)

Friday Download: March 7, 2014

This week I am going to overload you with a lot of pop trash, so consider this your warning. Also, as a bonus very important FYI, everyone should know that Ke$ha is out of treatment and back on Twitter. She changed her username and everything, and I am personally very excited to see what New Ke$ha does in 2014. Sending nothing but good vibes her way. Okay, now with that out of the way, the rest of this week's pop news is below. Katie

Iggy Azalea "Fancy"
I am mostly here for Charli, but I can't deny how incredible this music video is. Can someone please do a Mean Girls music video remake next? Or a Scream remake? Can you make this happen, Lorde?

Photo via Elite Daily

Spritz Speed Reading App
TECHNOLOGY IS AMAZING! This Spritz app (not out yet, sadly) essentially tricks your brain into being like, "Cool, I can speed read." If you hit the "Click to Spritz" button on their About page, you'll be able to see what I mean. It makes reading 600 WPMs totally possible (if not a little exhausting). The fuuuuuture.

Lindsay Lohan in general
Listen, we love LiLo over here and want nothing more than for her to succeed in life and acting. That's why we're super excited for this Oprah documentary about her, because that means 1.) more Lindsay on our TVs and 2.) she gets to make the rounds on the late night TV shows. While on The Tonight Show last night, she played a game with Fallon that involved getting water thrown in her face and she was totally laid-back about it all. And she looks good! Here's hopin' this is a sign of more good to come for our gal LiLo.

Picture via Vulture
March 1999 Top 40 Chart
Dave Holmes is great over on Vulture and this week he wrote about all the pop singles that were poppin' in 1999. Even if you don't read the actual words he wrote, the songs make one heckuva playlist. (But you should read it, because he's funny.) I miss you, late '90s, you beautiful disaster, you.

Mad Men final season trailer
This is literally a trailer of nothing, but at least Mad Men will be coming back soon.

Friday Download: February 28, 2014

This will forever be the week that fashion trend "normcore" struck planet Earth, so my brain is too filled with images of tube socks and Crocs to think of much else, but here are some other things that happened this week that were also pretty cool. (Normcore is the takeaway from this, though. Because you're not normcore unless you live normcore.) Katie

Photo via NYMag
Okay, so have you heard of this new FASHION called "normcore"? Of course you have, because it's all the internet can talk about this week. But it makes me feel so sad in my heart. So very, very sad. We have evolved too far. (Unless this means I can now wear Tevas and leggings to work and be thought of as "cool" and "fashion-forward" and "definitely not lazy." If that is the case, then I welcome normcore with open, fleece-clad arms.)

Wolf Pupy on Rookie
Wolf pupy is hard to explain, but basically he's a Twitter user posing as a baby animal, and his tweets are just delightful nonsense about life. He wrote a very important article for Rookie this week about how to be a teen girl, and I don't think anything has ever resonated with me more. Printing out my License To Be Sassy, ASAP. We should all be a little bit more like wolf pupy.

HAIM "If I Could Change Your Mind"
It sure must be nice being a beautiful pop star, because you can make videos with choreographed dancing and still look cool. If I tried to do this with two of my friends, it'd look more like this.

Photo via Amtrak
Amtrak Writer's Residency
This one's title is pretty self-explanatory, but basically Amtrak is going to be offering up writer's residencies to riders now, either for free or for a small amount of money, and the idea is that the majestic countryside and the fact that you're locked inside a train will make it possible for you to write 1,000 pages of a best-selling book. The idea was suggested by writers Jessica Gross and Alexander Chee on Twitter and Amtrak was actually like, "Yes, let's do this." Which makes me feel like maybe I should tweet at Pizza Hut about sending me on a Very Important taste-testing journey across America.

Friday Download: February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's day, y'all. Is everyone having a good one so far? For me, the most exciting part of today is the fact that all the baked goods in the cafeteria are HEART-SHAPED and PINK, and I am going to get suuuuch a good Instagram picture of them. Other than that, I'm excited to eat romantic sandwiches later. My real Valentine's Day dream is a convertible filled with diamonds and a boy band, but for some reason, I don't think that's going to happen today. (SOB.) If your Valentine's Day plans are also lacking, here are some of my favorite V-Day treats from the past week(-ish) to keep your spirits up. Katie

Angel Olsen "Hi-Five"
I can't actually tell if this song is a happy love song or a sad one, but it sure is good, and I sure will play it as loudly as possible while cramming my face with chocolate hearts.

Tumblr Valentines
The actual best thing about Valentine's Day is all the Tumblr Valentines. They are filled with puns and Comic Sans and idiotic jokes, so they're the best things on the internet. That one above is from our pals over at IFC, but just browse the "Valentine's Day cards" tag on Tumblr for endless terrible laughs.

Valentine's Day history
Valentine's Day isn't all SweeTart thongs and chalky sugar candy. It's also history and old dead guys. But for real, this post over at is totally interesting and compiles a great list of things you didn't know happened on Valentine's Day. It'll fill you with knowledge instead of sugar.

Vintage Valentines
Vintage Valentines have been compiled in a number of spots over the years, but they're always worth looking back on. My favorite ones are the ones that look like someone is about to get murdered. Thanks for this special gift, all you weirdo artists from the '40s.

Bob Dylan "Most of the Time"
This song isn't recent, but if you are having the worst Valentine's Day ever and really want to make it even worse, then I absolutely recommend putting on this Dylan jam from the '90s. It'll make you want to curl up into the fetal position forever. And then you can put on the classic sadsack tune that is "Dear Chicago" and weep for the rest of your days. Have fun!

Friday Download: February 7, 2013

Okay, so I'm like, way too old to be getting excited about festivals, yet here I am, getting excited over festivals. I'm like an overstimulated baby this week, just barfin' and clappin' and barfin' over all these festival announcements. Mostly because my brain has now tricked my body into believing that summer is just around the corner and it's not, but whatever. Here are some fun things announced this week that give us a little bit to look forward to, even if they are six months away. Katie

Newport Folk Festival rolls out lineup
I love the Folk Festival. It's in Newport, RI, so it's not unbearably hot, and the crowd is a mix of young folk and nice granddads in straw hats, which rules. (No one will barf on you!) The festival is also small enough that you're not going to kill yourself going from stage to stage. NPFF started announcing their lineup this week, and they're going aaagonizingly slow, but Jenny Lewis has already been announced, as has Mavis Staples and Houndmouth, so I'm excited to see who else will be announced in the coming days.

Sasquatch! double weekend
, look at all that. Sasquatch! Festival is happening two weekends this year, and each lineup is different. Pretty cool idea. For $550, you can get tix to both weekends, and for a mere $10,000/pair, you can get tix that come with a furnished safari hut! (If I were a teenage millionaire, you better believe I would be buying those.) Get a closer look at each of the lineups here.

Bonnaroo lineup announcement
I like that people hype up announcements. It makes me feel very millennial, very 2014, y'all. And it's exactly what Bonnaroo is doing with their lineup announcement this year, which is also what they did last year, I guess. This year they'll be announcing everything February 19th. There will even be a pre-show leading up to the announcement, so hold on to your hats, everyone.

Billy on the Street season 3
If you don't watch the incredible show that is Billy on the Street, please start. The new season starts up March 12, and you can watch the trailer for it here. (Paul Rudd will be on it, so that should be enough to convince you.)


Portlandia shoots in Urban Outfitters
You should totally watch until the end of this exclusive Portlandia clip because we are in it. (Faaaame, we're gonna live forever.) And if you haven't heard, we love Portlandia so much that we're currently doing a giveaway celebrating the return of the show. You can win a trip for two to Austin, as well as invitations to a Portlandia panel with Carrie and Fred. For more details and to enter, click here.

Friday Download: January 31, 2014

This week, there was an abundance of glorious music videos. HALLELUJAH. Even if January has been a barren wasteland of zero degree days, at least we can go out on a high note. Smell ya later, January. Katie

St. Vincent "Digital Witness"
Seriously, I'm thrilled with how many great music videos came out this week. Obviously St. Vincent's video for "Digital Witness" is one of the greatest. Crying over how endlessly cool and pretty and talented she is. I am leaving this song on repeat until I expire.

"Don't Wanna Dance"
Oh, looking for another badass pop video? Let's take a look at this one from Mø. Her pop star game is on lock, and if I don't get my hands on a fluffy pink coat soon, I'm going to throw myself into the ocean.

Flappy Bird
This simple little game blew up this week, and if, like me, you've already downloaded it, then you also know how it makes you want to burn down every single building within a five mile radius because it's just so damn hard and OH MY GOD, BIRD, JUST GO THROUGH THE TUBES.

Shakira ft. Rihanna "Can't Remember To Forget You"
This song is haunting me because I still don't like it very much, but the video is pretty spectacular. I mean, Rihanna's fringe-covered leotard is something I need ASAP to swan around the house in.

Vin Diesel being awesome
We are all Vin Diesel. Vin Diesel is all of us.

Friday Download: January 24, 2014

In this week's Friday Download, I call out a video that revolves around animated, jetski-ridin' aliens, and another video that revolves around a dancing, life-size Barbie doll, so basically it's business as usual here on the internet. Katie

Ryan Hemsworth tour
So, last summer I saw Ryan Hemsworth at Pitchfork, and his set was pretty awesome. This year, he's setting out on a little tour of his own (dates above). If he's heading to your town, definitely check him out. You'll be able to dance embarrassingly and stare at his cute face, so it's a win/win.
(Above photo via Acclaim)

Yakutsk, the coldest city
Hey, it's cold, right? Sucks, man. But if you want to feel better about your current frozen self, just check out these articles about the Russian city Yakutsk. (Or don't, because they're really stressing me out.) For example, Yakutsk is so cold that unless you're properly bundled, you'll only make it about ten minutes outside before your body is like, "Nope," and starts to shut down. It's so cold, that people don't even turn their cars off when they're at work! If this is at all tempting, this Yakutsk travel guide will help get you where you need to go. (Their Cryogenic Laboratory does sound pretty badass.)

D/A/D "Orion Beach"
There's just something about this D/A/D video for "Orion Beach" that makes me feel like fist-pumping my way onto a spaceship or something. I don't even remember how I came across this (Twitter?), but I'm feelin' pretty good that I did. To hear more video game-esque jams from D/A/D, click here.

Life-Size 2
Life-Size is apparently getting a sequel, and all I can say is IT'S ABOUT TIME.

Friday Download: January 17, 2014

Man, January is such a wasteland. Everyone's cold, and cranky, and there are barely any new pop songs for me to listen to. (Luckily it's almost February, month of discounted Juju hearts and everlasting love.) Here are some things from this past week that make everything a liiittle bit better. Katie

1. Kate Moss is 40

Kate Moss turned 40 yesterday, and both her and Jennifer Aniston need to let me come drink from whatever Fountain of Youth they're guzzling from. Kate Moss especially, because she smokes like a chimney, and has the skin of a newborn babe. This is a perfect time to look back through her old campaigns. (And look at how many presents she got.)

2. Charli XCX "Allergic To Love"
Our gal Charli has released a new song titled "Allergic to Love". It's super short, but it's just enough to hold us over until her new album comes out.
(via Pitchfork)

3. 15 of This Year's Most Intriguing Sundance Films
To offset all that Oscar buzz, Vulture put out a list of movies they're looking forward to seeing at Sundance. Curious to see the reviews on these. (Like, remember that Zach Braff Kickstarter movie? That's happening.)

4. Final 285 Kent Shows

If you're in BK, might be worth it to check out some of the final shows happening over at 285 Kent. RIP, buddy.

5. Shakira "Can't Remember To Forget You" (Feat. Rihanna)
Not sure how I personally feel about this song yet, but it feels wrong not to mention the collab between these two ladies. Listen to it here. Maybe once the video comes out, I'll start feelin' it a little more.

Friday Download: January 10, 2014

January is a quiet time for music videos and like, anything really, but I still managed to find some great (and "mostly great") stories from this past week to keep our pop culture brain juices flowin'. Enjoy! Katie

1. Coachella lineup announced
At this point you've probably already seen the lineup for Coachella, and that those Outkast rumors were real, but hey, tickets go on sale today and we're excited. (Even though I feel like I'm still tired from festival season last year...) I'm also feeling, like, proud of AFI for hanging in there so long. You're doing it, guys.

2. Katy B "Story of My Life"

Katy B covered One Direction's "Story of My Life" and it's incredible. Our music director emailed this to me earlier in the week, and I think my email back just said "WEEPING." Which is an accurate response for most stuff that happens to me in my life.

3. New Grimes album

There will be a new Grimes album coming out September 9th. That's about all the info we have at this point, but IT'S ENOUGH. Get excited!

4. Lucy Hale "You Sound Good to Me"
(Shh, I'm sneaking this garbage song onto the end of this list so it's not as obvious that I have terrible taste in things.) When I first heard Lucy Hale (from PLL!) (shut up, you love it) had a fresh new single out, I had no idea what I was in for. Haven't heard this yet? You should. It's the most delightful, soothing country-pop ever made. And the video is so good. Classic, even. Friends in a convertible! A tan country boy catching things with his strong arms! People using a real paper map! Bless.

Friday Download: January 3, 2014

It's officially 2014, which means we will all finally be getting flying cars, phones surgically attached to our eyeballs and pizza that regenerates itself. Or, at least, that's what I'm hoping anyway. Is this the 21st century or not? Jeez. Anyway, here are some great internet happenings to help ring in the new year. Katie

1. The tweet that broke the internet
Safiyyah Nawaz, a totally normal and hilarious teen, tweeted out a joke on New Year's Day (posted above) stating how the earth is now 2014 years old. Randomly and in true internet fashion, that tweet blew up until people were literally telling her to kill herself. She handled the whole thing adorably, and even got a tweet from her idol Snoop Lion in the process. Looks like internet trolls lose this one, and hilarious teens come out on top. As it should be.

2. Sky Ferreira & Ariel Pink "My Molly"
Will never pass up a chance to post about our angel princess Sky! (I am still missing the blonde hair, though. RIP, RIP.)

3. New on Netflix
There's not much happening in the way of new music this week, so instead let's turn to ol' reliable: Netflix. Vulture compiled a nice list of shows and movies that have been added to the site this month. All the better to waste away 2014 with, my dear. (American Psycho is one of those offerings. Score.)

4. Tavi interviews Lorde
Longread, longread! Over on Rookie, Tavi interviewed Lorde. The whole feature is eleven pages long and very conversational, so it's pretty awesome. Love interviews like this, especially between two peers. (And props to whoever sat down and transcribed the whole thing.)

Friday Download: December 27, 2013

We made it to the end of the year, y'all. And while we don't have a comprehensive breakdown of everything that happened this year (the internet told us it would explode if another "Year End" list was made), our links do have some things to look forward to in 2014, and some good cheer to take us into the new year. See everyone in 2014! Katie

Stereogum 100 Most Anticipated Albums of 2014
Okay, we're including one end-of-year list, but it's a good one. We love Stereogum's Most Anticipated Albums of 2014 list because it doesn't recap a bunch of stuff that's already happened, but rather a bunch of albums coming out that we can look forward to. *Waits patiently for new Robyn.*

Pitchfork Guide to NYE
The Pitchfork Guide to NYE is exactly that - a guide to some of the coolest shows happening across the globe on New Year's Eve. Sure, it's easy for NYE to be the worst (forced fun and drunk bros), but getting a chance to see your favorite band makes everything just a littttle bit better.

Yuck "Somewhere"
I'm happy that these guys are back this year, and to end the year with a new video was a good way to go out. This song also makes me feel super nostalgic and mopey, and if that isn't fitting for the end of the year, then I don't know what is.

Couple Shoots Up-inspired Photos

This is just a cute, cute, cute "oh-my-god-I'm-crying" story about a couple (married for 61 years) who shot some photos inspired by the movie Up. It is just adorable, and will take us all into 2014 with smiles on our faces and songs in our hearts.

Friday Download: December 20, 2013

2013 is almost over, and what a wild year it's been. Here is a very unrelated collection of videos I've been watching on the internet this past week. Their common denominator is that they all rock. Especially Beyoncé's video. Like, it's obviously the best. I'd actually like to go ahead and make a "best video of all time" joke here, but I'll refrain. For Christmas. Katie

1. Beyoncé "XO"
Sure, I mentioned her entire album last week, but this was one of the first videos from Beyoncé's album available on YouTube, and I really need to talk about it. Turn this up as loud as it goes, throw it on an HD setting, and prepare to weep profusely from your cryballs, because this song makes me feel as infinite as Beyoncé when I listen to it.

2. Pop Danthology 2013
This mashup is incredibly soothing to listen to, because everything blends so well - I found myself excited to see what song would be coming up next. It's also a great compilation of all the guiltiest pleasures from Top 40 radio this year, which is good to have on hand just in time for NYE.

3. The Pizza Underground Concert
I still don't really understand the appeal of Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, because they're not like, good, but there's something magnetic about them. For instance, I'm going to absolutely spend $15 to see them when they come to Philly in January, and I have no idea why. Bless you, Culkin.

4. Ali Lohan "Christmas Magic"
My actual favorite Lohan Christmas song is "Lohan Holiday" (currently only available on Spotify), but I already wrote about that one last year, so here's another hot Lohan jam... because it's not Christmas without a Lohan singing, y'all.

5. Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
Posting this classic to make up for the last video. Enjoy!

Friday Download: December 13, 2013

Happy Beyonce day, everyone! Some other things also happened this week, and some of them are almost as good as Beyonce. Here are those things. —Katie

1. Beyonce BEYONCE

This .gif of Emma Roberts from AHS is basically Beyonce this week, because she dropped an entire album and accompanying videos for each song without a lick of press. Now I just need to find the time to watch/listen to all of this.

2.  Lorde "No Better"

Lorde dropped a new song called "No Better" and it's totally catchy, but as Stereogum points out, when Beyonce releases a boatload of music videos on the same day, a single song only leaves us wanting more.

3. Instagram Direct

Honestly, I have no idea what this meaaaans and what it's for, seeing as we've got Snapchat and straight up texting to share mems on, but, hey, viva la innovation.

4. St. Vincent "Birth In Reverse"

More music? Okay! St. Vincent is an angel, and this song is super fun. Listen to it, now. Very excited to hear more new stuff from her, even if we do need to wait until 2/25 for the album.

5. Billy Eichner and Amy Pohler sing Christmas Carols

If there's one holiday-themed video to watch this season, this is it. Billy's reaction to the lady with the baby at 2:50 is perfect.

Friday Download: December 6, 2013

Did you watch Sound of Music Live last night? I didn't, but thanks to Twitter opinions, I now know it was "bad," "very bad," and "Carrie Underwood has sperm eyebrows." Thank you, internet! (And is it weird that I want to watch it now?) Here are a few more wonderful things that happened on the internet this week, to help keep you entertained. —Katie

Lana Del Rey "Tropico"
This starts off with an Elvis, a John Wayne and a Marilyn Monroe, so you know it's going to be... something.

PAPERMAG wrote up a pretty great list of all the best happenings that will be taking place at Art Basel this weekend. A must-have to check out, especially if you're already in Miami.

Daft Punk "Instant Crush" ft. Julian Casablancas
The saddest love story since Titanic, TBH. (For real, though. This video about mannequins is surprisingly touching. Am I losing my mind? Probably. But at least Kim Cattrall would most likely agree with me.)

DiGiorno Live-Tweeting Sound of Music Live
Whoever is behind DiGiorno's Twitter account deserves a medal. They live-tweeted the entire Sound of Music Live event last night, except they related everything back to pizza. DiGiorno: doing Twitter right.

Spotify Year in Review
I stole this link from our freelancer Maddie's Facebook (thanks, Maddie), and it's totally awesome. Spotify created a beautifully designed site that shows users what songs were most popular in 2013, and then at the end, they break down your own Spotify usage. I'd post a screencap of mine, but it's literally only The 1975 and a single One Direction song, so...

Friday Download: November 22, 2013

This week I barely had time for the internet, which is weird because the internet is like my family. Thank god I was still able to catch some of the more important moments, like Vulture's "Fame in 1998" series. 1998 forever, dudes. Katie

Like I said, Vulture was really speaking my language this week with the whole "Fame in 1998" series they did. There's an incredible Van Der Beek interview about what fame was like in '98 (no cell phones!), an entire Titanic timeline ($2k "heaven dress" reproductions!), and a re-printing of a Nancy Jo Sales article on Leo's partying, which seals her fate as my favorite, pop-trash journalist.

Apparently Outkast will be reuniting at Coachella next year! Go watch all of their music videos to pump yourself up, especially "Roses." (That video is from 2003, BTW, so also have fun feeling like an ancient troll monster as you watch it.)

Well, lookit that. The Chris Gethard Show, a NYC-based cult comedy program, will be submitting a pilot to Comedy Central. If you've never heard of the show, check out some of the clips online - this live proposal was so touching, they just shut the show down right after. So cute. It's a great show, and a Comedy Central slot is totally deserved for these guys.

Good ol' Bobby D released an interactive music video for "Like a Rolling Stone" and it's amazing. I cried, for some reason? If you haven't seen it yet, it's definitely worth playing around with - you can flip through 16 television stations, all of which have different personalities singing "Like a Rolling Stone." (My favorite station is the one with Danny Brown.)

Last but not least, and my favorite thing of this week, the video for Kanye's "Bound 2." Words can not express how much I love this video. And Kanye.