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UO First Look: Betsey Johnson

Feel like you missed out on those iconic Betsey Johnson dresses from the '90s? You can now put that FOMO to rest, because our exclusive new Betsey Johnson Vintage For UO collaboration brings those '90s classics back to life. Available online now are eight of our favorite vintage Betsey Johnson styles from the days of grunge, replicated in all their floral glory. Check out some of our favorite shots from the Betsey Johnson Vintage For UO lookbook below and shop the full collection here.

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UO DIY: Flower Crown with Lisa Przystup

Lisa Przystup, a floral designer drawn to the wild over-growths of the countryside, is the talented woman behind James's Daughter Flowers. Her flower crowns can be seen in our recent Stone Cold Fox feature, as well as at Space Ninety 8 this month. Since we're so clearly smitten with her creations, we decided to find out a little more about her and to get some tips for making our very own crowns.
Interview by Katie Gregory

Hey Lisa! How did you get into flower design?
I was working as a freelance writer and I had noticed what seemed to me to be a certifiable trend of lovely, stylish Brooklyn ladies getting into floral design and thought they would be perfect fodder for the New York Magazine’s The Cut’s Style Tribe column. After visiting the designers' studios and interviewing them, I just fell for flowers. I found myself buying cheap bodega flowers and augmenting them with a few precious and expensive stems from Sprout Home. I realized that I actually really enjoyed doing this, and that I wanted to learn more and get better. This past fall I assisted a florist and quietly decided that maybe I would give this a go.

How did you get involved with Space Ninety 8?
I met this lovely crew of super inspirational women when I ended up modeling for Helen Dealtry’s lookbook (a featured Brooklyn designer at Space Ninety 8). These ladies all have studios in Greenpoint in a courtyard that is just so chock full of talent: MCMC Fragrances, Odette, and Bailey Doesn’t Bark all call Dobbin Mews their creative home and they all happen to be featured in Space Ninety 8. These little enclaves are really what make creating in New York so special.

Where do you pull your inspirations?
The wild overgrowth and lines found in nature. The MET. The astounding work of other super talented florists who are light years ahead of me.

How To: Make Your Own Flower Crown

- Floral wire
- Floral tape
- Wire cutters (to cut the wire)
- Sharp scissors or flower clippers (to cut the flowers)
- Household scissors (to cut the tape)

Flower crowns are so much fun and really easy to make. You’ll need floral wire and floral tape – you can find this at almost any floral supply store online. I recently found this great twine covered floral wire that is heftier and provides a sturdier base for the blooms.

1. Wrap the wire around your head for size, leaving a little extra length. Clip it and fashion two u-shaped hooks that you can hook together – these can be bent and adjusted to size.

2. Now for the flowers: you’ll want some greens for filler and then a handful (it’s really up to you) of about six different types of blooms of various sizes. You’re going to start by trimming the stems, leaving them about three inches long and making small mini bouquets - grasp a spring of filler and one to two flowers, wrap the stems in the floral tape (leaving three to four extra inches of tape) and set it aside. Repeat varying the blooms and greens – once you have a handful of these mini bouquets you can start attaching them to the crown.

3. Take your first bundle and attach it to the wire crown using the extra tail of tape – wind it tightly and securely. Add your next bundle with the flowers covering the stems of the first set you attached, this way you’ve camouflaged the stems. Repeat. You can fill the whole crown with blooms, leaving the larger ones toward the front of the crown or you can just fill half of the crown. Where you stop is entirely up to you.

For the crowns I made for the Stone Cold Fox shoot I chose not to fill the whole crown with blooms – I liked that the negative space drew more focus to the blooms that were there.

You can mist the crown with water and put it in a Ziploc bag to keep in the refrigerator until it’s ready to wear. The sad reality of flower crowns is that they won’t last long – the flowers have no water, so they pretty much have a shelf life of two to three hours. Cherish them.

Read the full Stone Cold Fox feature

Interview: Abbey Watkins for Morning Warrior

Tobacco & Leather's Abbey Watkins is an London-based illustrator and print designer with a penchant for skulls, women and a bit of warping. When Los Angeles clothing company Morning Warrior asked Abbey to work on a few summer tank tops for them, she conjured up the energetic warrior spirit of the brand and brought her earth-inspired designs to a whole new world. Here we talk to the 25-year-old beauty to get a glimpse inside her life, workspace and a sneak peek at the look book for the collection.
Interview by Ally Mullen

Introduce yourself!
I'm Abbey Watkins of Tobacco & Leather. I'm 25, living in London and working as an illustrator and print designer.

Where did you go to school?
I went to Manchester Metroplitan Universirty and studied textile design for fashion. I chose Manchester because it's a vibrant city, but it's not too overwhelming. At the time I struggled a lot with my confidence so this played a big part in my decision. 

I always wanted to study fashion in London, but this was the best I could do with the tools and finances I had. It worked out well in the end as I ended up with the best tutor, Alex Russell, and I got a career out of it which I'm very grateful for. I'm from a very small town in the middle of nowhere so university was my way out and my first experience of a real city.

How did you get involved with Morning Warrior and when and how did this collaboration come together?
I was already aware of Morning Warrior when they got in touch about working together; it was obvious we shared some interests and creative visions so we got together and created these three designs.

Tell us about the influences behind your art! 
There are many, many influences but it's really hard to name them! I'm influenced by mythology and ancient gods, strange creatures—especially the mixture of animal and human. I'm interested in things like the occult and witchcraft, shamanism, and hallucingenic visions. I have this deep-rooted love for tribes and people that live closely to the earth, treating nature like a language that can be interpreted and returned. I guess all of that mixed with some '60s pychedelia and old metal album covers is somehwere near my vision. I've still got a lot of work to do to bring it all together though.

What was the driving inspiration behind your collaboration?
There was a loose brief for the collaboration, but with themes like "Mystical", "Animal" and "Bad Girl Biker", Morning Warrior and I were already pretty much on the same page, so it flowed nicely.

How would you describe your style of art to someone who hasn't seen it yet?
I still can't find an answer that satisfies, but the basis of my work is set in pencil realism, with subjects of naked women, skulls, animals, mythic elements and hints of surrealism.

What is your favorite medium to use when creating your illustrations?
Pencil. It's the only one that comforts. If there's color, it's done digitally.

Of the shirts you designed, which is your personal favorite?

I haven't seen them in the flesh yet! But my favorite is the grey Eagles Tank Top. That was my favorite one because I remember learning from it. You are always learning every time you draw but sometimes you can feel it, and I enjoyed that time.

What are your favorite things to draw?
Naked women, skulls, anything where I can play with its form and mold it into something else. That's my new favorite thing to do!

Are you going to wear your own designs?
I never wear my own designs. I hope nobody takes that personally! I just feel weird wearing something that I drew. Like it's somehow saying, "Look what I did!” And that makes me uncomfortable.

What was the… 
Last song or album you listened to: "Desert Ceremony" by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats 
Last movie you watched: Iron Monkey
Last purchase you made: A black, leather, bondage thigh-harness from Etsy that clips onto your belt loops and wraps around your thigh.
Best part about doing this collaboration: That I got to draw and create and was given artistic freedom. Morning Warrior were an absolute pleasure to work for. It's not always that way with commissions.

Look Book Information: 
Photography by Emman Montalvan
Hair and Makeup by Brittany Sullivan
Model: Courtney Money at PhotoGenics L.A.
Styling by Julie Swinford & Renee Garcia
Clothing by Morning Warrior: Twitter | Instagram

Editorial: Wild At Heart

Hit the road in easy, breezy, adventure-ready new arrivals that will take you anywhere.

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Editorial: Great Escape

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all: Find a hideaway to hang with friends, get out on the road, cruise the ocean, explore new streets and hit the beach. We grabbed our crew, headed to the west coast, and didn’t stop adventuring from beach house to boat, through neon nights, up until dawn. Read the full feature here.

UO Beauty: Pop of Color

Makeup artist and photographer Robin Black of Beauty is Boring shows us how to add a pop of color to your look for Spring using new products from our Beauty Shop. Read the full feature here.

Happenings: You & Baggu

To celebrate our new exclusive collaboration with Baggu, we're throwing a party in NYC and you're invited! We caught up with Baggu founder Emily Sugihara and asked her to introduce the collection and spill the contents of her own Baggu (or six)!

Hi Emily! How would you describe Baggu in a nutshell (or small pouch!)? 
We are a brand that puts a tremendous effort into making bags more simple!

What would we find in your Baggu?
Ha, definitely more bags! I always have a leather pouch filled with my fave lip balm (Earth Tu Face), hand lotion (Aesop), and sunscreen (headhunter); two or three of the Standard Baggu shopping bags, and a 3D Zip bag with an extra pair of shoes. I also usually have a small knitting project—I like to keep my hands busy during meetings. Right now I'm making some deeply weird angora mittens.

Tell us about the new collection you have created with Urban Outfitters… 
We were so super excited about the latest Urban collection. We played with a lot of fun patterns both on canvas and leather: Eyes, waves and leopard and snake prints. I love how the vibe of the Duck Bag and leather styles seem more playful or serious totally based on the prints.

What's your favorite Baggu style at the moment? 
I've been rocking the Basic Tote for the past year, but I just switched to a Duck Bag this week, because it finally started raining here in California.

What are some of the people, places and things that inspire your bags? 
Japan! The Japanese have mastered the art of simplicity. We have some old field guides with animal illustrations that have been awesome inspiration for the animal prints. People: The team here! We are mostly designing to fill our own needs.

How has Baggu grown and evolved since you founded the brand in 2007? 
So much! In the last seven years we have done a ton of experimentation, both with products and the way we run the company. Every time we make something new, we learn. I feel like we really know who we are and what we want to make now. We are way more focused.

What are your current obsessions? 
Surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing!!! 

What can't you live without? 
Projects! I'm happiest when I'm making things. Right now I'm focused on re-modeling the inside of our van.

Better Together: Olivia & Ben

UO couple Ben and Olivia share the same laid-back attitude, reflected in their cozy home surroundings and unfussy personal style. With a meet-cute story worthy of a Nicholas Sparks novel, we hope this creative pair will continue to make appearances at our holiday parties for years to come. Photographed by Colin Leaman


Hi Olivia! You work in beauty here at UO. What are some of your favorite products?
Too many too count, so I’ll try and keep this short. For my hair I always go to Batiste Dry Shampoo and Klorane’s Magnolia Brilliance Spray. For my body, I’ve been using 417’s Multi Mineral Dry Oil and for a serious night regime I bathe myself in Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse. Of course exfoliation is key beforehand, so I always make sure to scrub down with a really abrasive Korean washcloth. I normally order them off some obscure website or have my mom ship them to me from a market she goes to in downtown L.A. As for make up, I have three key items: The Chromographic Eye Gloss by Eddie Funkhouser, Anastasia Brow Gel and Lipstick Queen’s Medieval shade. It’s the perfect everyday glossy red.

What’s your current “holy grail” product?
This winter it’s been Mario Badescu’s Vitamin C serum. It has totally changed my complexion. It recommends a nightly application two times a week, but I’ve completely disregarded this and have been using every day morning and night. Probably something I shouldn’t be advertising, but this thing is a magic potion!

Describe your style in one sentence.
Rugged backwoods grandma meets California girl pretending to be Parisian. Lots of denim. Sorry, that was two.

How has your style changed over the years?
It hasn’t. I’m still wearing jeans I bought when I was 15.

Where do you shop?
I love shopping vintage outside of the Philadelphia area. My good friend is from Reading, PA, and she takes me to the best Salvation Army stores. Here in the city I love Vagabond. And Urban Outfitters of course. I’ve been obsessing over the Reformation collab pieces--I want them all.

How did you and Ben meet?
We used to see each other on the subway ride to work and just smile at one and other like idiots. We were both too shy to actually say hello. I would say it was six months of this before I finally bumped into him at the company holiday party last year. At that point he wasn’t messing around anymore: He asked me for my phone number before he knew my name.

What makes you and Ben better together?
Ben and I are pretty different; in turn I think we balance each other out nicely. We help push each other creatively and intellectually while still being supportive and lighthearted about it all. At the end of the day, it just feels easy and fun.

Do you guys share any items of clothing?
We share a lot of sweat pants, at home pajamas and sorts. He’s stolen a pair of my Baron van Fancy socks, and once I tried to steal this awesome thermal cardigan of his. It was the perfect boyfriend fit (LITERALLY) for layering under my leather moto jacket. I still have my eye on that. Don’t tell Ben.


Hi Ben! You work in graphic design here at UO. How did you get your start?
I was in my last couple weeks of school and the art director at the time found my Instagram. Next thing you know, I’m here.

What are your favorite mediums to work in?
My favorite lately is pen & ink, and watercolor. Gouache is great too. Tracing paper is the most important, though.

What’s your drawing process like at work?
I'll start doodling to get some composition ideas down, and then translate that to the computer. It really all depends what I'm working on.

What about at home?
At home, I'm always drawing. Always drawing and writing. It's my favorite. I bring a sketchbook with me everywhere, a pen, and I always have a Krink on me. Eventually, my drawings go from the book to another surface; canvas, watercolor paper, computer, whatever. If they turn out bad, they sit and collect dust. If they are cool, they go on the internet.

Describe your style.
Pretty graphic. Lots of printed tees, vans, jeans, and plaid shirts. Never anything too fancy.

What are you favorite pieces of clothing?
My current favorites are my Stussy x Club75 long sleeve. Super dope. I also have the WeDidIt tee, which is pretty great.

Tell us about how you and Olivia first got together.
She purposefully bumped into me at our holiday party a year ago and the rest is history.

What makes you two better together?
I tend to be pretty quiet; she’s got a big personality. Yin and Yang.

What’s one of your favorite things about Olivia?
She’s always a lot of fun to be around and never tries too hard. She’s gorgeous, funny, and pretty spontaneous… I’m sounding cliché.

Do you guys own any of the same items of clothing?
No, but I’ve stolen some socks from her before.

Our World: Urban Renewal at Space 15 Twenty

Last week, Urban Outfitters opened a permanent Urban Renewal shop inside of Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles. Bringing to life the Urban Renewal concept (a line of one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from vintage, deadstock and surplus materials from around the world), here you'll find anything and everything vintage-lovers could possibly want. Unique pieces made from denim, leather, and beautiful printed fabrics mingle with antique treasures and the perfect selection of pre-worn denim. From the candles and crystals by Spellbound Sky to the succulents hanging from the ceiling, this is a shop you'll want to take a few hours to explore. Maddie

Editorial: High Contrast

Fifties new wave film noir heroes, ’60s mods, ’80s Ska punks and ’90s minimalists: Each decade has had its own monochrome menswear moment. Our new arrivals, with a distinct lack-of-color palette, are the simplest way to hit refresh for Spring. Ready to clean up your act? Trade your lumberjack shirt for a slick two-tone button-down, step into a pristine pair of box-fresh white or blacked-out sneakers and get your hands on a classic black bomber jacket. In a full-color world, some things just look better in black and white. Read the full feature here.

Editorial: Future Folk

The California desert was the perfect backdrop for our Koto shoot with L.A. musicians Chance from Jesus Sons and Joey from The Pesos. Check out the entire feature here.

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The Fresh List: Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim photographed by Drew Bienemann

This month The Fresh List highlights a handful of people and places we're excited about in 2014. First up, one of the freshest new voices in photography, Joyce Kim. Los Angeles-based Kim is a guest poster on our Instagram throughout January, sharing a bounty of bright, beautiful behind-the-scenes images from our Get Fresh shoot. We chatted to Kim about what separates her from her peers, the personality behind her pictures, and her relationship with technology.  Interview by Ally Mullen

Photographs by Joyce Kim for Urban Outfitters

Name: Joyce Kim
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
Location: Echo Park, L.A.
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Instagram: @jokimbo

When did you first pick up a camera? 
I have a horrible memory, so it came from wanting to record good memories. [It was] around 15 years old, when I was super angsty and just wanted a way to connect with my friends and surroundings. My mom did an incredible job at documenting my entire childhood, so I think I got some of that from her without realizing it.

Did you study photography at school? 
I took a class in high school and that was the start of my photo education. I went to art school in Baltimore and started out in photography, but I switched my major very quickly because I figured I loved [photography] so much, I would keep doing it on my own. 

How would you describe your work? 
Meditative, quiet, minimal, and natural.

Photograph by Joyce Kim for Urban Outfitters

What type of camera do you use the most? Do you prefer film or digital?
A Canon 5D Mark III I bought less than a year ago—up until that point I had primarily shot on film. I’m used to a digital camera now and I shoot with it the most often, but if I had it my way I would always shoot with my Mamiya 7.

What is the biggest influence on your work?
I’m most inspired by travel and new places, and I’m most excited to shoot in a new environment. When I’m on the road I always want to bring my camera; I’m so obsessed with the world.

Personal works by Joyce Kim

What was your first big break?
It was definitely my first job for FADER Magazine this past July when I photographed Sir Michael Rocks. It was the first time I going to have a photo in print; having my photo in a magazine that’s on real magazine stands. It was really the ultimate.

Who has been your favorite person to photograph?
Ty Dolla $ign. He was so generous with his time and hung out with me for the entire day.

Ty Dolla $ign photographed by Joyce Kim

Where are your favorite places you've taken photos?  
Japan and Korea.

Favorite time of the day to shoot?
It’s hard to deny the golden hour. If I can get up that early, really early morning when the light's just coming out… nothing beats the sunrise or the afternoon sunset.

Who are some up-and-coming photographers we should be watching out for?
Daniel Shea, John Francis Peters, Milan Zrnic, Stephanie Gonot, Amy Elkins, Zoe Ghertner

What do you think separates you from your peers? 
I used the word meditative to describe my work because it very much describes my process; I take a lot of time to consider whether something’s a good image. I don’t even want to post a photo that I think is even touching on mediocre. I only want to show my very best all of the time. I really focus on a strong composition instead of letting a celebrity carry an image. I want to make sure all of the elements are harmonious. I think that consideration and that ability to take things a little bit slower and sit with it translates through my work.

Photographs by Joyce Kim for Urban Outfitters

How do you keep your work fresh and continue to evolve? 
Technology! The acquisition of this new digital camera has been a huge inspiration and motivation to keep shooting. I think embracing new technology and realizing how powerful it actually is, is what's getting me excited again. All of it is very scary but important for my growth as a photographer.

What do you hope your photos convey?
I think every photo I take is a direct reflection of myself and how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking. I think the fact that I try to find a lot of stillness in my work, the overarching feeling is maybe taking a moment and trying to find something genuine. I want to shoot as naturally as possible, beyond just using natural light. I want to capture people and not pose them. Catching something real and making it feel genuine. 

What's the best piece of photography advice you've ever gotten?
At the end of the day, just always make sure it’s an image that I like and I’m using my own voice. Take all the rest into consideration, and stick to an assignment but not lose sight of an image that you want to shoot.

Who would you want to take your own picture?
Robert Frank. He’s incredible. It’d be him, catching me on the street.

When do you feel most alive?
I like when I hike to the top of something tall. I really like to get up high—walk, climb—and when I can look really far into the distance over a landscape… I feel pretty awesome.

What are your top five obsessions at the moment?
Green juice, my beanie, Canada, RunKeeper and seaweed.

What's coming up next for you?
Right now I’m heading to San Francisco to shoot a feature story for a magazine. Beyond that I’m just really trying to take control of my freelance life and travel abroad at least twice this year. And I want to just keep taking pictures!

Photographs by Joyce Kim for Urban Outfitters

Closet Project: Tara Violet Niami

Budding photographer, cinephile and model (and star of Samatha Pleet's latest look book), Tara Violet Niami isn’t your typical college sophomore. She owns a leather prom dress and collects Victorian flea market finds, while her style is inspired by the changing fashions of the early 1900s and the young protagonists of Little Women.
Interview by Maddie Sensibile; Photography by Amanda Charchian

Hi Tara! Tell me a little bit about yourself, and what you're up to right now.
At the moment I am studying fine art photography at the Pratt Institute and I am also doing other photography on the side, like fashion photos. In my free time I’m modeling as well.

Tara for Samantha Pleet S/S 14 photographed by Jacqueline Di Milia

When you walk into your closet, what are some essentials you always gravitate toward?
I really like my black oxfords, which are just really classic looking and worn out because I wear them so much. I generally like flat shoes. I'm also drawn towards patterns and interesting textures.

How would you describe your style?
Old fashioned, but with my own modern twist on it. I’m into drama in my clothes, and feeling like I’m a character in a movie or book. People that I look up to, style icons...I’m really into the 1900s. I guess because it was a very restrained time, both in terms of how women had to act in society, and how they had to dress. People found a way to express themselves in interesting ways with their own personal style. Also, growing up as a kid, I was really inspired by Little Women, and the idea of these really cool girls who would wear long dresses but would get them dirty and adventure around--I wanted to be like them. I like the idea that you should have fun in your clothes, even if you’re wearing something feminine, and you can mess it up.

You clearly love vintage. Where are your favorite places to search for special pieces?
In L.A., American Vintage on Melrose. The Melrose Flea Market is also really fun. There's also Jet Rag, which has a one dollar sale, and in Westwood, where my family lives, there's an Out of the Closet thrift store. I’ve found amazing things there, including a cashmere sweater for ten dollars. Those places are my go-to places in L.A.

What's the most treasured item in your closet?
I have this rainbow harlequin skirt that was my mom’s. I love it because it’s so colorful. I think it's from India, because it has batik symbols on it. I’ll never let that go. She also passed down to me this leather dress that I wore to prom. It's '50s style in the front with corset lacing in the back. It's really special. I don’t wear it that much, but I want to wear it more. Another thing that is super, super fragile that I love is a hand-embroidered 1920s dress that I wore to my graduation. It has butterflies on it and it reminds me of The Virgin Suicides.

What's your approach to skincare and makeup?
I don’t really wear makeup that often, but when I do, I’m really into lipstick, like wearing a red or plum color. I like the classic look of lipstick. It can dress up outfits too, and make you look more sophisticated and elegant.

Who inspires you?
Photographers that inspire me are Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, Edward Steichen, and Amanda [Charchian, who took these photos] is really amazing. And my friend Shae Detar, she hand-paints her photos. A photographer I’ve loved for years is Ellen Rogers, who’s British. She shoots large format and hand paints her photos, and they’re incredibly beautiful. They look like they’re out of a dream. And I always go back to the films I watched as a child: The Secret Garden and the Little Princess had a big influence on me, and still do. Those rebellious, complex girls in dresses. I don’t know, I just really like them.

Happenings: Urban Outfitters Heads to DTLA

Once home to a booming theater district, Downtown Los Angeles is reemerging as a bright light in the big city. The iconic streetcar is being brought back to Broadway, where Urban Outfitters debuted a new location on December 18 inside one of L.A.'s architectural gems, the Rialto Theatre building, which originally opened its doors in 1917. 

Located between the famous blue Eastern Building and Chinatown, the Rialto had fallen into disrepair, closing in 1987, but through the Bringing Back Broadway initiative, the new UO location is a pioneer in breathing new life into Downtown, where you can now grab a slice at NYC pizza legends Two Boots next door and soon stay at the Ace Hotel, set to open in the former United Artists studio building down the street.

With the Rialto Theatre marquee shining bright outside (lovingly restored along with the theater's original doors), inside you'll find a colossal selection of alphabetized vinyl records and a specially curated crop of Urban Renewal's latest vintage and re-worked finds. Suede fringe jackets mix with neon New Balance sneakers and vintage Fender and Gibson guitars line the walls, reflecting the eclectic style of the neighborhood's young denizens. The huge projection screen at the the rear of the store is a nice nod to the building's history, and will host a rotating selection of visual stimuli for your viewing pleasure. —Maddie Sensible

Get Gifted: Ally's Wish List

Get Gifted: Ally's Wish List!

With my birthday being the day before Christmas, I always get asked if I get screwed over when it comes to getting gifts. The answer depends: Are you going to buy me a gift if I say yes? Because if so… YES! I get totally ripped off! Look at poor lil' Ally, getting cheated every year. If you feel bad and want to buy me gifts to make up for it, below is my wish list for this year (I especially want the shoes). Ally

1. Wildfox Couture Lolita Sunglasses

The tint on these shades look just like twilight and would look perfect for a day at the beach, checking out babes. Also, the shape of the frames put out a youthful, fun look so you'll look approachable — even if you're surrounded by your girlfriends.  Sigh, is it summer yet?

2. UNIF Lore Velvet Hat
Velvet, floppy and red? It's like my heart but in the form of a hat! This totally reminds me of all the legendary groupies from the late '60s and '70s — their style, beauty and power over their rockstar prey that they'd snag (or shag) for all of America to see. GIRL POWER!

3. BAGGU Leather Drawstring Bag

Spring break forever… seriously! I am still SUCH a huge Spring Breakers fan that my BFF gave me her special hot pink unicorn mask. I would cry through it but WWBBV? (BBV is our affectionate term for Vanessa Hudgens.) She wouldn't drop a single tear unless it was for Alien.

4. Jeffrey Campbell Mulder Treaded Platform Boot
These give me a cool but tough military vibe like: Stand up straight, ya wimp.  They command power, respect and should be feared! I wouldn't want to get kicked in the butt by these babies.

5. Butterfly Specimen Poster
Before I knew what a tramp stamp was, I was obsessively in love with butterflies. As a kid, my mother had coasters with wooden rims and glass-encased butterflies within them. I played with them as much as my Barbie! (BTW did you know the Queen Alexandra [cough… full name… cough] is the largest butterfly in the world? They're supes valuable and I want one!)

Get Gifted: Maitri's Wish List

Get Gifted: Maitri's Wish List!

Ah, Christmas-time—a season that makes me very bitter because I am an atheist from a Hindu family so I’ve never done the gifting or getting. Luckily my birthday comes not long after, so I always try to treat myself to a few things. Because I suffer from severe buyer’s remorse, I made a very concerted effort to convince myself all the items on my wish list are practical or reasonable in one way or another. (Spoiler alert: they are neither.) Maitri

1. This Is How You Lose Her
This stunning illustrated version of Junot Diaz' latest masterpiece is just outrageous. GIVE IT HERE!

2. Paddywax Apothecary Candle in Vetiver and Cardamom

"I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."

3. Soap Revolt Organic Solid Lotion Bar

'Tis the season for my eczema to take it to the next level. I love the no-nonsense packaging of this hand cream. Lavender scent to relax ya.

4. Urbanears Headphones in Berry

It's almost the year 2014 and I still don't know how to make earbuds stay in my ears, so I'm making the switch to headphones. I like the monochrome pink - it's berry cute, ha ha ha. I'll use these to pretend I'm listening to hip jams on the L train when really I'll be listening to Harry Potter on audiobook.

5. Zodiac Nameplate Necklace
To declare to all the world that I am a stubborn little seagoat and I can't be tamed. [Editor's note: As hard as I tried, Polyvore would not let me pull in the Capricorn necklace. Stubborn indeed.]

6. Deena & Ozzy Tassel Square Backpack
Bulky winter coats are not conducive to shoulder bags. I like this little square shape with the tassel zippers. Very Ten Things I Hate About You.

7. Fashion Flap Journal

A new year, a new journal! Ideally when I start new diaries I hope to fill them with my dreams, desires, insecurities, mixed with poems and sketches - a stream of consciousness self-portrait. But eventually they just degenerate into scratchy to-do lists and bewildered questions to myself like, "Did I pay my credit card bill?! Check on this!!!" At lease this journal is beautiful and stately with a pen-holder so it will always look dignified even when the contents are not.

8. Moon Bath Light

This precious ball of ambient light shaped like the moon just delights me!

Happenings: Miista Shoes Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

Attention shoe lovers! For one night only, Friday December 13th, at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd), UK shoe brand Miista are hosting their very own pop-up shop. Recently, Miista has collaborated with Urban Outfitters on a few pairs of totally rad shoes, like the Miista x UO Metallic Lace Up Boot, and the Miista x UO Georgie Heeled Oxford. From 6PM - 9PM this Friday, you'll be able to meet the Miista crew, plus see all of their wonderful sartorial creations. Enjoy drinks by Tequila de la Riva, and tunes by DJ Amy Pham. Plus, there's an Instagram contest you should totally enter: just post a photo of your favorite pair of Miista shoes, using the hashtag #URBANLOVESMIISTA, and you might just win a new pair of kicks from them! Maddie

Get Gifted: Natalie's Wish List

Get Gifted: Natalie's Wish List!

My holiday wish list combines everything that satiates the rambling, barefoot hippy in me, while helping me adjust to the bright lights, big city of my new Philadelphia home. —Natalie

1. The 2 Bandits Sunshine Daydream Cuff Bracelet
I collect turquoise jewelry and this cuff is calling my name. I also have my eye on this ring by Rejoice The Hands and these earrings, also by The 2 Bandits.

2. Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera
A digital camera that prints instant Polaroids and fits in the palm of my hand? Whoa, it’s like I’m living in the past and the future at the same time. Plus, it’s a rather pretty looking piece of tech.

3. BAGGU Small Leather Zip-Pouch
Small. Suede. Understated. Just the way I like my accessories.

4. Ferm LIVING spear vase
I’m on a ceramics trip right now. Until I start pottery class in the New Year, this hits the spot nicely.

5. Sole The MANHAPPENIN Bike
I am yet to graduate from wanting a bike for Christmas. Please Santa, can I have this pretty green fixie?

6. Anchal X Urban Renewal Zigzag Quilt
This beautiful one-of-a-kind quilt is made from vintage Indian saris, but my favorite thing about it is that a portion of its proceeds go towards the Anchal project’s effort to provide alternative careers in textiles to marginalized and exploited women in India. The greatest gifts are the ones that pay it forward.

7. The Wild Unknown Tarot Card Set
This Tarot set has become cult amongst both lovers of Magick and design. I happen to come from both camps, so I’ll be gifting these as well as wishing for one of my own.

8. Musi O Tunya Wings Of Africa
I am proud to say that I work for a company with a seriously expansive and eclectic vinyl selection. This 1974 Zamrock pioneering gem will be a delightful addition to my record collection and I'll likely display the gorgeous sleeve somewhere prominent.

9. Antler & Co. Sacred Sage Campfire Cologne

I just moved into a new apartment, so I’ll be using this sage bundle to clear the energy and set positive vibes for the year ahead.

Get Gifted: Katie's Wish List

Get Gifted: Katie's Wishlist

All throughout December on the blog we'll be bringing you Holiday wish lists from our nearest and dearest, creative collaborators, stylish individuals and UO staff, and yours truly is kicking it all off. My choices are obviously a beautifully curated collection, only suitable for the fanciest adults out there, and filled with the essentials. Let's take a closer look at some things I've chosen. —Katie

1. Taylor Swift Red LP
If you've never wept in your car to Taylor Swift, then you're really missing out on a life-changing experience. Everyone deserves to feel like a teenage girl every once in a while, and that's why Taylor Swift's Red on vinyl is a must-have.
2. Etta + Billie Horchata Soap
I am dying to try this Horchata soap. I wish I could reach through the screen like that kid in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, because I want it, and I want it now.
3.  Kewpie Doll Figurine
My bedroom looks like the room of a teenage serial killer. I love taxidermy and vaguely creepy knick-knacks (like teeth molds), but I also love pop music and rainbow unicorn Pillow Pets, so when all that mixes together it makes for a very... interesting aesthetic. Anyway, this beautiful, slightly terrifying Kewpie doll would fit right in.
4.  Animal Ears Beanie
"One can never own too many animal hats." -Abraham Lincoln

Obsessions: Jessica DeCarlo

Jessica DeCarlo first started selling her handmade jewelry at the age of 16, participating in local fairs in New Jersey. Since her youth, Jessica has built her craft both locally and internationally. She has gone from studying with goldsmiths in Florence, Italy, to working with talented designers in Philadelphia and Vermont, learning the ins and out of creating and making a business out of jewelry along the way. 

Today Jessica rests her head in Brooklyn, New York and works out of her studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn. She finds inspiration in mother nature and old objects, making her a big fan of everything antique and vintage. Jessica DeCarlo's collection is available online now and offers a variety of geometric jewelry — including crescent moon-shaped necklaces and a mix of crystals (both real and metallic) — that even Stevie Nicks would find herself charmed by.

Our obsession with Jessica is at a level ten, with her gems and metalwork making us wonder what is more important in the long run: An amazing new piece of jewelry or this month's rent?  Since we're fortunate enough to be carrying her latest collection, we decided to reach out to Jessica and find out what she is obsessed with. Below are her big top five (that we can't wait to check out!). —Ally

"S'more Bakery has the most amazing treats. They are handmade, handcrafted s'mores! My favorites are The S’morgasm and The Choco."

"Have you ever seen Antiques Roadshow? I'm obsessed. People's reactions when they find out what they thought was junk in their garage is worth $100k is nothing less than amazing."

"I use Acqua Di Rose from Santa Maria Novella every single day. It's an ancient recipe made in the Florentine Hills. I found it while I was studying in Florence over 10 years ago, it's magic and has been part of my life ever since!"

"Blithe and Bonny hand-crafted beeswax candles are the best; they are subtle and smell delicious. I burn them every day at home, in the studio, and in our shop. All natural, all handmade."

"All of the vintage and estate jewelry from my pals over at Estate Jewels by George and Raf. They are the most amazing duo, with the best taste and curation of special antique jewels."