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UO DIY: Plant Hanger

During our outdoor potted plant DIY at our Malibu store, we had one of our talented associates give us her (easy) step-by-step guide on how to make our very own plant hangers. Read on for full instructions, then go make your own! (And we promise, even if you don't have a single Martha Stewart bone in your body, you'll be able to make this.)

DIY Plant Hanger Instructions

Spool of cord
(something durable, can be found in jewelry aisle of craft stores)
Key ring
Small potted plant

1) Cut 4 lengths of cord, about 10 inches longer than you want the planter to be when finished.

2) Fold the 4 cords in half at their midpoint. Slide the key ring up to the midpoint and tie a knot to keep it in place.

3) Separate the 8 cords into groups of two. About 8 inches down from the key ring, you are going to tie a basic square knot with the first two cords.

4) To tie the square knot, loop the two cords over each other, as if you're about to tie your shoelaces. Then loop the cords around each other a second time, leading with the opposite cord you started with.

5) Follow this step for the remaining groups of 2 cords. You should be left with 4 knotted strands. 

6) Grab a friend to hold your plant hanger up, or hook the key ring to something. Take the right cord from the first set, and the left cord from the second set about 10 inches down from the knots you've already tied. Tie another square knot.

7) Repeat this with the right cord from the 2nd set, and the left cord from the 3rd set. Continue with the remaining cords.

8) Gather all the cords together and tie in a big knot.

9) Fit your potted plant inside the hanger and enjoy!

Read full Get Outside feature

Happenings: The Impossible Tour

Impossible made a stop this week at Urban Outfitters Costa Mesa to set up their unbelievably cool portable pop-up shop in the form of a silver Airstream trailer. Impossible USA is traveling around the country until October 2014 to share the power of the Polaroid. I met up with two of the guys from Impossible, Kyle and Mitch, to learn a little bit more about what's going on inside the trailer, nicknamed "Silver Shade."

Inside Silver Shade you'll find tons of film, cameras, and an even cooler photo booth. Mitch and Kyle also lead workshops in the little nook on the left side of the trailer (which looks like it came straight out of the 1960s). Curious individuals can step inside and try out the various films and cameras as well as learn all about what Impossible is doing. While there, Mitch taught me how to use the brand's new iLab, which allows you to take a photo on your iPhone, attach it to a Polaroid camera and then print a true Polaroid. It's totally cool, so definitely give it a try if you find the tour stopping in your town.

Silver Shade just got back from Coachella and will be stopping at various UO locations throughout the year. Visit Silver Shade when it comes to your town and give analog film life again! Maddie

Happenings: Spring Kickoff & Plant DIY Workshop

This Saturday, March 29, from 2pm-5pm, we'll be hosting an outdoor Spring kickoff gathering at our Malibu store (3806 Cross Creek Road). There will be snacks for everyone in attendance, as well as a stocked DIY station for painting, decorating and potting planters. The best part? It's all free, so everyone will be able to go home with a brand new houseplant. (Ready for a timely Oprah reference from 2004? "EVERY-BO-DY GETS A PLANTER!")

During the event, photographer Ryan Brabazon will be shooting for a blog feature, so bust out that dry shampoo because there's a chance you may see your beautiful self pop up on our site in the weeks to come. Since our Malibu store hosts one of the cutest outdoor spaces around (with WiFi - perfect for Instagrammin'), we can't think of a better place to chill and craft in the sunshine. See ya soon, Malibu!

Friday Download: February 7, 2013

Okay, so I'm like, way too old to be getting excited about festivals, yet here I am, getting excited over festivals. I'm like an overstimulated baby this week, just barfin' and clappin' and barfin' over all these festival announcements. Mostly because my brain has now tricked my body into believing that summer is just around the corner and it's not, but whatever. Here are some fun things announced this week that give us a little bit to look forward to, even if they are six months away. Katie

Newport Folk Festival rolls out lineup
I love the Folk Festival. It's in Newport, RI, so it's not unbearably hot, and the crowd is a mix of young folk and nice granddads in straw hats, which rules. (No one will barf on you!) The festival is also small enough that you're not going to kill yourself going from stage to stage. NPFF started announcing their lineup this week, and they're going aaagonizingly slow, but Jenny Lewis has already been announced, as has Mavis Staples and Houndmouth, so I'm excited to see who else will be announced in the coming days.

Sasquatch! double weekend
, look at all that. Sasquatch! Festival is happening two weekends this year, and each lineup is different. Pretty cool idea. For $550, you can get tix to both weekends, and for a mere $10,000/pair, you can get tix that come with a furnished safari hut! (If I were a teenage millionaire, you better believe I would be buying those.) Get a closer look at each of the lineups here.

Bonnaroo lineup announcement
I like that people hype up announcements. It makes me feel very millennial, very 2014, y'all. And it's exactly what Bonnaroo is doing with their lineup announcement this year, which is also what they did last year, I guess. This year they'll be announcing everything February 19th. There will even be a pre-show leading up to the announcement, so hold on to your hats, everyone.

Billy on the Street season 3
If you don't watch the incredible show that is Billy on the Street, please start. The new season starts up March 12, and you can watch the trailer for it here. (Paul Rudd will be on it, so that should be enough to convince you.)


Portlandia shoots in Urban Outfitters
You should totally watch until the end of this exclusive Portlandia clip because we are in it. (Faaaame, we're gonna live forever.) And if you haven't heard, we love Portlandia so much that we're currently doing a giveaway celebrating the return of the show. You can win a trip for two to Austin, as well as invitations to a Portlandia panel with Carrie and Fred. For more details and to enter, click here.

Happenings: Urban Outfitters Heads to DTLA

Once home to a booming theater district, Downtown Los Angeles is reemerging as a bright light in the big city. The iconic streetcar is being brought back to Broadway, where Urban Outfitters debuted a new location on December 18 inside one of L.A.'s architectural gems, the Rialto Theatre building, which originally opened its doors in 1917. 

Located between the famous blue Eastern Building and Chinatown, the Rialto had fallen into disrepair, closing in 1987, but through the Bringing Back Broadway initiative, the new UO location is a pioneer in breathing new life into Downtown, where you can now grab a slice at NYC pizza legends Two Boots next door and soon stay at the Ace Hotel, set to open in the former United Artists studio building down the street.

With the Rialto Theatre marquee shining bright outside (lovingly restored along with the theater's original doors), inside you'll find a colossal selection of alphabetized vinyl records and a specially curated crop of Urban Renewal's latest vintage and re-worked finds. Suede fringe jackets mix with neon New Balance sneakers and vintage Fender and Gibson guitars line the walls, reflecting the eclectic style of the neighborhood's young denizens. The huge projection screen at the the rear of the store is a nice nod to the building's history, and will host a rotating selection of visual stimuli for your viewing pleasure. —Maddie Sensible

Photo Diary: Art Basel Miami Beach

Photo Diary by Jackie Linton

Art Basel Miami Beach is a mad dash; by cab, foot or rented bike, it’s nearly impossible to see all the absurdity, abundance and amazement that the fairs, events and parties have to offerespecially if you sometimes secretly just want to be at the beach! Banner planes fly overhead promoting energy drinks and club nights, and soon enough, once you’ve immersed yourself in the culture of this art week, it won’t seem foreign or unappetizing, to consider either option. There are certainly more things I wish I saw and experienced while I was there, but I’m already looking forward to next year. Here are some of my highlights from three top art fairs, and my first trip to Miami. 

With UNTITLED. Fair only in its second year, it was impressive to see it located right at the beach on Ocean Drive. My favorite galleries included Cooper ColeBeverly’s, and Rawson Projects, as well as this sculpture by Allen Glatter.

If you take an even casual interest in cars, there’s plenty to see outside the fairs—this '60s Porsche 550 Spyder is a legend for being the car that James Dean famously crashed. It's practically a pop art installation in itself.
On the way into Art Basel Miami, I stopped by Printed Matter, one of the best artist edition bookstores, as well as the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to print culture. Here’s Jordan and Keith manning the booth. They had just released a new art book edition, Sender, with photographer Peter Sutherland.

It was cool to see the latest issue of Bad Day there too.

Art Basel is colossal; the whole thing is so definitive that it's difficult to describe it with any shade of personality. Pretty much every established artist in the world is on display. All of it is very institutional, and yet, here I am taking a picture of my reflection against a mirror with garbage.

Many people were attracted to this optical piece Female Stretch by Evan Penny at Sperone Westwater.

As a lot of the work on show draws attention to the spectacle of art and commodity, there’s no better example than Barbara Kruger, showing Untitled (Value) at Mary Boone.

You’ll hear people tell you that NADA Art Miami is the best art fair to see, and this is fairly true. It certainly shows the most international showcase of emerging artists and galleries. It's also a fair with a great sense of humor, which I like. Here’s an artist edition T-shirt that Andrew Kuo made on sale outside. 

Running through the show quickly, I was most taken by this piece by Margaret Lee at Jack Hanley Gallery. I love her use of dots with a ceramic dalmatian, as well as the sense of utility and playfulness. 

Another great thing about NADA is it backs out onto a hotel pool. Really great to combine these two Miami must-dos in one place!

I ran into UO's Assistant Photo Director, Julia Sadler, down by the beach!

More cars for Piston Head in the Herzog & de Meuron parking garage where a whole floor was transformed with artist-commissioned vintage cars. Here’s a classic Buick, once painted by Keith Haring. 

Later, on the final night of the weekend, Bad Day hosted a party with Petra Collins. It was great to relax, see everyone one last time, and celebrate the insanity. We're already talking about what to do for next year!

Dana’s purse was a real weekend party trick. Woof!

Jackie Linton is the Publisher of Bad Day Magazine, a biannual arts and culture magazine. You can find her writing at Alldayeveryday and you can follow her on Twitter @linton_weeks!

Happenings: Miista Shoes Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

Attention shoe lovers! For one night only, Friday December 13th, at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd), UK shoe brand Miista are hosting their very own pop-up shop. Recently, Miista has collaborated with Urban Outfitters on a few pairs of totally rad shoes, like the Miista x UO Metallic Lace Up Boot, and the Miista x UO Georgie Heeled Oxford. From 6PM - 9PM this Friday, you'll be able to meet the Miista crew, plus see all of their wonderful sartorial creations. Enjoy drinks by Tequila de la Riva, and tunes by DJ Amy Pham. Plus, there's an Instagram contest you should totally enter: just post a photo of your favorite pair of Miista shoes, using the hashtag #URBANLOVESMIISTA, and you might just win a new pair of kicks from them! Maddie

Happenings: 'The Punk Singer'

Over the weekend I spontaneously decided to see a documentary called The Punk Singer at Cinefamily in Los Angeles. Originally premiering earlier this year at SXSW, The Punk Singer is a documentary that chronicles the life thus far of singer and songwriter Kathleen Hanna, who came onto the scene with Bikini Kill in the early '90s. The film features the voices and opinions of many strong feminists, including Kathleen herself, Kim Gordon, Tavi Gevinson, Carrie Brownstein, Kathi Wilcox, and so many more.

The Punk Singer
is a total must see, and you'll have no choice but to feel inspired after watching it. In it, Kathleen Hanna talks about her career with Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, her new project The Julie Ruin, and essentially why she has ever done everything she has accomplished. It's an excellent glimpse inside where and how the Riot Grrrl movement originated, which is what I loved most. If you're not in Los Angeles this week and can't catch the week long run of the film at Cinefamily, you can also view it in various other theaters across the country up until February, and you can also rent it on iTunes. Go see it and let Kathleen inspire you to let your voice be heard! Maddie

Happenings: A Benefit for The Rail Park

On Wednesday, December 4, The Walkmen, Sun Ra Arkestra, Sharon Van Etten and others will be playing a benefit show at Union Transfer, right here in Philadelphia. The show's proceeds will be going to Friends of the Rail Park, a non-profit that has been working to create a three mile park along the former Philadelphia and Reading Rail line corridor. For a look at the space they're trying to transform, check out the video below. Along with the performances, the musical portion of the night will also be MCed by Daniel Ralston of the Low Times podcast.

To purchase tickets to this event, click here.

Happenings: Globe Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

This weekend at Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd), Australian clothing, skate, and surf brand Globe are opening up a pop-up shop that will open officially on November 17, and will run until November 24. Globe's shop will feature the brand's Holiday 2013 collection, plus accessories for men and women by Bing Bang NYC jewelry, bags by Summer Bummer and more.

For the pop-up shop, Globe also created an excellent short film entitled "Ice Cream", starring Stazia Lindes and Dion Agius. (Watch it below!) Stills from the short film will also be on display at the shop, bringing the retail-meets-gallery space to life. RSVP for the opening party, which will be happening on Saturday November 16, from 7PM - 10PM at Space 15 Twenty. Since the shop will only be there for a week, you won't want to miss it! Maddie

UO Exclusive: Blood Orange x AfterFest presents Making Time

Blood Orange released their highly anticipated sophomore album Cupid Deluxe yesterday. Check out our exclusive interview with frontman Dev Hynes: Blood Orange x AfterFest presents Making Time.

Making Time's Dave Pianka sat down with Hynes before our CMJ AfterFest, held high above the West Village on the 18th floor of The Standard Hotel at Le Bain. Pianka and Hynes talked about being a tourist in New York, the brilliance of Janet Jackson, and why artists should raise their voice on social media.

Cupid Deluxe is out now on Domino Records and available here on iTunes.

Delorean - "Spirit" at UO AfterFest Presents Making Time

We wish Delorean was still going to be in town to play at Fun Fun Fun and our AfterFest this weekend.  In honor of the lovely Spaniards, here's a video of their live performance from AfterFest FYF of their song "Spirit." Be sure to check the guys out when they return to the states in the new year! —Ally

Playlist: Goth Party

Here's a Halloween playlist for y'all, but it's like, a fun one. What does it sound like, you ask? Well, imagine you are a goth in the '80s. And imagine you are going to a goth party. And someone puts on a mixtape.

This is that mixtape.

Goth Party Playlist

UO Afterfest Presents Making Time: Austin

Saturday, November 9, we'll be hosting AFTERFEST at ACL Live in Austin (310 Willie Nelson Boulevard). Twin Shadow and Simian Mobile Disco will be the special guests for the night, and, as always, Dave P. and Sammy Slice will be DJing to keep everybody groovin'. Admission is free with a Fun Fun Fun Fest wristband, but make sure you RSVP here. Everything goes down at 10PM, but arrive early to guarantee admission! See you there!

UO Afterfest Presents Making Time: NYC

Tomorrow, October 18th, we'll be hosting AFTERFEST at Le Bain in NYC (444 W. 13th Street). Blood Orange will be the special guest for the night, and, as always, Dave P. and Sammy Slice will be DJing to keep everybody groovin'. Admission is free, but make sure you RSVP here. Everything goes down at 10PM, but arrive early to guarantee admission! See you there!

Recap: Station to Station Happening, Oakland

For three days in September, I joined the merry band of artists, musicians, craftspeople, chefs, coworkers and documentarians on Doug Aitken’s cross-country art train for Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening, made possible by Levi’s®. —Dave

Ok, so...if you've been following these posts so far, you know that the LA Happening and subsequent Station to Station train ride were both amazing transformative experiences, bursting with art and music and community and dialogue and meaning. And the final Happening in Oakland had all of that important stuff, too. No question. Look at that pic up there! That's Olaf Breuning's site-specific smoke installation. It was in The New York Times, even. And the art yurts were set up, as always. Mysterious and captivating. And the location was appropriately inspiring; the Happening took place at the abandoned 16th Street Station, once a bustling gateway to the Bay Area and now a kind of derelict playground for film crews and ambitious event planners. So all that stuff was going on. But honestly, this thing was mostly just FUN. It was like a crazy art rave at the edge of the world. It ruled. Check it out...

Evan Holm's Submerged turntables, which were actual turntables that were actually submerged underwater and provided a kind of warped soundtrack to the evening.


The Congos, once again performing with Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras and friends.

The very amazing Lia Ices, who took her quietly wonderful material into space/synth territory inside the station.

No Age, who expanded their instrumental freak out set to include some proper LP tracks (including a killer "C'mon, Stimmung"). 

Twin Shadow, in two-piece formation (with keyboardist Wynne Bennett), delivered a spare and futuristic set to an extremely excited crowd.

Savages, ever vicious. They closed with "Fuckers." Really.

Dan Deacon, in the crowd as always. His set included a massive dance circle, crowd-sourced choreography and smart phone lighting, general insanity and an anarchic conga-line ending that (seemingly accidentally) marched through and under the arms of the Levi’s® President James Curleigh. For real. 

And then it was over. A joyous ending for a truly remarkable endeavor. Thanks to everyone at Station to Station and Levi’s® for an amazing experience!  

Visit the Station to Station site for additional (incredible) coverage.

Shop: Women's Levi’s® / Men's Levi’s®

Recap: LA to Oakland on the Station to Station Train

For three days last week, I joined the merry band of artists, musicians, craftspeople, chefs, coworkers and documentarians on Doug Aitken’s cross-country art train for Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening, made possible by Levi’s®. —Dave

About five hours into a 12-hour ride up the California coast, I had my Station to Station moment. I was late to the party, so to speak; this was the last leg of a journey that had already crossed the entire country over the course of three weeks. A lot had happened. The people I was joining had the better part of a life-changing experience in common. Boarding the train after the Los Angeles Happening felt a bit like transferring to a new school on the day before Summer vacation. So, for the early part of the ride, I did what any weird new kid would do: I tried to look busy. I took a million photos. I checked my email. I toured the train with no real agenda. I checked my email again. I hit Instagram like a new mom. I made small talk, standing on the edge of conversations and smiling at strangers lot more than anyone should ever. But, after a few hours, I ran out of stuff to “do.” So I let go.

            I stopped between cars, alone on an open platform looking out to the California coast. And I just let the train do the work of transporting me. Sun and wind and speed and brake dust. Against my own will, I kinda mellowed out and opened up. I stayed there a while. Then...I went back inside, my vibe now tuned to the rest of the train, and had a truly amazing time. Here are some things I saw along the way…



This guy, a real train conductor! Who knew?!


The juxtaposition of new and old technologies. Dan Deacon wearing Google Glass. An archtop guitar that recorded directly to SoundCloud. A vintage typewriter, rigged with some kind of steampunk magic to automatically broadcast tweets as you type. 

This was one of them (it says what you love love what you do.):



Drinks! Poured with care during the Levi’s 501 Happy Hour, which kicked off at 5:01pm, naturally.

George from Twin Shadow, who at one point played a quietly soulful cover of “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” to a handful of lucky passengers. 

There was a lot of music on the train, actually. Both Dan Deacon and Sun Araw laid down tracks in the recording car, a fully equipped recording and mixdown studio complete with a ton of Moog gear. And songs played from speakers just about everywhere throughout the day, from Dylan to Quad City DJs.


Liz Glynn’s personal Drawing Room

The Kinetic Drawing Machine, by Olafur Eliasson. I watched this thing a LOT. Basically…an inked ball travels around a circular canvas, propelled by the motion of the train. The result is an ever-changing line drawing both OF and BY the journey. Whoa.


Our arrival in Oakland was at once triumphant and a little bit sad; the journey was over and the Station to Station train had reached its final destination. Hopping on for only the final leg of the trip, it felt like catching the last 20 minutes of a really amazing movie. I knew it was special, and I wish I had seen more! We said our goodbyes (to each other and to the train) and somehow got to a hotel in San Francisco. I went to sleep soon thereafter, still feeling the movement of the train, excited for the Oakland Happening the next day...

Visit the Station to Station site for additional (incredible) coverage.

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Spooky Beauty: Vampy Lips

October is an excellent time to amp up your beauty game, especially by working a little spookiness into your everyday makeup looks. One look you can try this month is a dark, vampy lip, inspired by wonderful ladies like Morticia Addams, Buffy, the girls of The Craft, and more. You name it, and these girls looked killer. Halloween pun intended. Anyway, now is an appropriate time for you to get your vampire goth girl situation on. A red or burgundy lipstick will do the trick, and if you're really feeling scary, add some fake blood for the ultimate effect. Maddie

Get the look:

Mirabella Madame Rouge Velvet Lip Pencil

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care

Anna Sui Lip Crayon

Graftobian Halloween Makeup Kit

Graftobian Blood Gel

Recap: Station to Station Happening, Los Angeles

For three days last week, I joined the merry band of artists, musicians, craftspeople, chefs, coworkers and documentarians on Doug Aitken’s cross-country art train for Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening, made possible by Levi’s®. —Dave

I nearly bumped into Beck walking out of an art yurt. That was how my Station to Station journey began, really.

I had wandered onto the South Patio at Union Station to find crews in the process of setting up for LA Happening. The guys from No Age checked amps and drums at the center of a formal garden. Film crews milled about, preparing and documenting. Artists from Folk Fibers and Junkyard Jeans crafted their wares in the skeletal Levi’s® Makers tent. 

And in the middle of it all, I found the Station to Station yurts. So I did what you’re supposed to do: I explored.

Ernesto Neto’s monochromatic, biomorphic interior, begging to be touched.

Photo via Misha Vladimirskiy

Kenneth Anger’s blood red videodome, with a pentagram-shaped seat from which to reckon with his experimental films.

Photo via Misha Vladimirskiy

A hallucinogenic disco nap in Urs Fischer’s glimmering, smoke-filled dream bed.

Photo via Misha Vladimirskiy

And finally, a light-absorbing felt maze from Liz Glynn. During the proper operating hours of the Happening, Glynn could be found inside her creation, lecturing visitors on the history of the universe. But during my visit, no one was there. Until I walked out. And that’s when I nearly bumped into Beck! So we did what two guys on either end of a cosmic art yurt experience would do: we nodded politely and went our separate ways. Bottles and cans and just clap your hands.

Photo via Misha Vladimirskiy

After that, it wasn’t very long until the front gates opened and the Happening began. People filtered in, exploring the grounds and experiencing the yurts as I had done. Then, from the depths of the train station marched a procession of drummers led by world champion whip cracker Chris “The Whip Guy” Camp. They led a crowd to the center of the South Patio, passing the torch of performance to No Age.


No Age played a sprawling, noisy instrumental set, at times sounding very much like the train at the philosophical center of the Station to Station project. They skronked, thunked, willed feedback from contact mics and then they were done.  

The crowd broke up and wandered through the giant space, ultimately catching on to the fact that the show was continuing inside the massive space of the station’s original Ticket Lobby. So inside we went to find legendary Jamaican reggae group The Congos performing with Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras and friends. It’s a combination that barely makes sense on paper, but the result is a kind of slightly glitchy take on roots reggae that feels entirely right on.

Art films played as sound crews switched stage rigs between sets. And before long, Dan Deacon was ready to party. Set up on the floor at the foot of the stage, in the crowd and of the crowd, Deacon led the room through one of his undeniably (almost aggressively) fun performances. Tweaking an improvised hypercolor sound board and singing through a haze of pitch-altered vocal effects, Deacon was hilarious, engaging and completely insistent that you join his dance party. Late in the set, audience members used his Dan Deacon iPhone app (it’s available for Android, too), creating an interactive light and sound show powered by Deacon’s music. Felt a bit like the future.

After another short break, headliner Beck took the stage. His set was created specifically for the Station to Station shows and featured an absolutely massive Gospel choir, who lent disembodied voices to a chilling “The Golden Age,” singing from the sidelines before joining Beck on stage for the remainder of the night. Things quickly went to church, as the choir bolstered down-home renditions of “One Foot in the Grave,”  “Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods” and “Where It’s At.”

Beck’s set felt at once informed by and dislodged from the past; songs old and new, reimagined with Gospel choir force and performed in a forgotten wing of the last great American railroad station. The place itself held significance for Beck, who grew up in LA and spent childhood days reading in the station's lobby. He has fond memories of Union Station. I think I’ll have them too.

I took the Metro Rail back to my hotel. There was an after-party there. I stopped in, but I didn’t stay long. I needed to get some rest. The next morning, I was getting on the Station to Station train for an epic 12-hour journey to Oakland. More to come...

Visit the Station to Station site for additional (incredible) coverage.

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Str#ct#re 001 at Space 15 Twenty

This Thursday, September 26th, at Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd) St#ct#re, a new music and art event based out Los Angeles, will be hosting their first ever event. From 6pm to 10pm, enjoy live music and fashion from various artists and vendors. Performances will be provided by Moses Sumney, Kissey, DJ Smiles Davis, and Neijah Lenae. Also on hand during the evening will be MVT, Refindefined, BlackxSheep, and Kleur for all of your vintage and nail art needs! Stop by to discover some new music, and RSVP here. Maddie