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About A Band: Led Zeppelin

When it comes to classic rock, nobody has done it bigger or better than Led Zeppelin. Sure we could all rattle off a list of bands that have stood the test of time, but you’d be hard pressed to name a group as iconic as this one. Beginning in the late '60s under the name The New Yardbirds, the band quickly morphed into the musical powerhouse we know and love today, churning out anthems that still make us raise our lighters into the air. During the decade or so they were active, Led Zeppelin created the standards (and broke a lot of the rules) of modern music, setting the bar for future groups in rock-and-roll, heavy metal, and beyond. Words by Amanda Weatherford

Formed in 1968 in London, England, the group was wailing vocalist Robert Plant, John Paul Jones on the bass and keys, John Bonham railing on the drums, and of course, Jimmy Page killing it on the guitar (what aspiring guitarist hasn’t spent hours locked in their rooms trying to copy his riffs from “Stairway to Heaven”?). Often considered the fathers of modern metal, the foursome took heavy influence from blues and even folk. This unique sound landed them a record deal with Atlantic Records, with whom they released their self-titled debut album in 1969, followed quickly by Led Zeppelin II, and then (no big surprise here) Led Zeppelin III in 1970. Plant generally wrote the band’s lyrics, and Jimmy Page wrote most of their music, creating a string of albums that followed that self-titled trio, all helping to cement the band’s popularity and influence in rock music.

Widely considered one of the most successful bands in history, it’s estimated the group’s record sales are somewhere around 300 million albums worldwide. Each of their nine studio albums placed on the Billboard Top 10 and six reached the #1 spot. Rolling Stone has referred to Jimmy Page as “the pontiff of power riffing” and his legendary solo from “Stairway to Heaven” is commonly lauded as the greatest guitar solo of all time.

During their heyday, Led Zeppelin also (supposedly) took the rock-and-roll lifestyle to new heights. Their record-breaking tours came with a reputation for debauchery and excess. Some have since lamented that the stories of hotel room destruction and venue banishment are exaggerated, but the tales have done nothing but reaffirm the mystique of the group as rock gods. Led Zeppelin continued their legacy of rocking and touring until the group ultimately disbanded in 1980 after the death of drummer, John Bonham.

Every self-respecting audiophile owns at least one Led Zeppelin record, but so does your next door neighbor and probably a few of your former elementary school teachers as well. That’s the beauty of the group, they’re more than just musicians: They’re legends. Let’s be real, just about any Led Zeppelin song that’s playing on your record player is, at least for that moment, the greatest song you’ve ever heard.

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Spooky Lit: The Turn of the Screw

At some point in your scholastic career you may have been assigned Henry James and thought, "Why are there so many words? Boring! I'm just gonna play my Tamagotchi in class." But James is a master stylist, and reading a scary story is a rare pleasure in the modern world of teen slasher flicks. Plus, this isn't even real book. It's a novella. That's a short novel. Also, it's available as a free ebook, so you have no excuses. Reading is good for you. 
The story takes place in England back in the day when "cars" were attached to horses, and has all the elements of a classically spooky story: a creepy old mansion, creepy kids, mysterious happenings, etc. I can't tell you what happens because that would ruin it for you, but I swear I read it and liked it. It's kind of like The Others, okay. That's all you get. Angelo

Wes Week: Trailer 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Since we're celebrating Wes Anderson this week, I think it's extremely fitting to share the official trailer for his new film coming out next year. Entitled The Grand Budapest Hotel and set in the 1920s, the film will feature plenty of Anderson regulars (Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Willem Dafoe, and Adrien Brody), but with Ralph Fiennes as the lead this time. It looks like the story is centered around Fiennes' character, his "lobby boy," and the friendship they form. But what would the film be without a little love interest for Lobby Boy, played by the beautiful Saoirse Ronan. It looks like another excellent Wes Anderson adventure, set in a giant pink hotel. Sounds good to me! Maddie

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MFW: Prada S/S '14

Bam! It's already Milan fashion week, which has begun quite nicely with a refreshing collection from Prada. Prada may be up there as one of the top fashion brands in history, but the clothes that Miuccia Prada creates each season become pieces of art rather than just another expensive dress or coat. (That explains why the brand had a glorious exhibit at the MET last year, if you remember.)

It was a true Prada collection, with excellently tailored pea coats, colorful fur, tons of jewel embellishments, and structured dresses. The artwork surrounding the collection, murals of women from various eras, also played a part in the collection, becoming a motif throughout, and showing up on dresses and fur coats! My favorite part about this collection was the juxtaposition of classic, refined, and almost 1960s mod-type pieces with athletic shoes and accessories. Pretty sure Miuccia showed her own version of Teva sandals and socks, with jewels, no less. Along with the motif of the ladies' faces, there were rainbows, Hawaiian flowers, and sun patterns throughout the collection, which is what reminded me of the '60s and '70s. A seriously notable piece to me, and my favorite, is the update on the Margot Tenanbaum brown fur coat, complete with rainbow and sun detailing. Sign me up. I want to be Sporty Spice meets classy 1970s lady this spring. (Photos via Vogue) Maddie

MDBP Interview: The Partysquad

Dutch DJ duo The Partysquad were one of the best electronic acts to play Mad Decent Block Party last weekend in LA. I had a quick chat with Jerry Leembruggen and Ruben Fernhout, the two guys behind The Partysquad, during the event to learn about how they first got started in the house music scene in Holland, what it's been like touring with Mad Decent this summer, and how photobombing led to their new single. Maddie

How has touring with Mad Decent Block Party so far?
We did two, the first one was in Detroit, and that was pretty crazy. It was the first time ever. We've been releasing tunes on Mad Decent for a while now, but this is the first year we have gotten to be able to do the block parties. First we did Detroit, then we did New Braunfels, TX. Both of them were pretty crazy, and everybody was hyping about the L.A. one.

The Partysquad has been popular in your home country of the Netherlands for some time, but a few years ago you decided to go worldwide. How did you become interested in the DJ scene and making music in general, and then expanding?
Jerry: We've been doing Holland for like five or six years, really big things, then after that you need a new challenge, you know?
Ruben: We started off playing mostly hip hop and R&B in clubs there, then a lot of Dutch DJs started crossing over because that new invasion of house music came. At first we didn't really like that regular house music, but then there's a certain style that has more of an edge, more street, grimier. We loved that. We started getting into that, and after a while we decided, okay, the Netherlands is a tiny country, all the clubs we've seen for years. We decided let's try to see if people overseas, if we do our tunes in England, if they would understand, and see what happens. And now we're here!

You have worked with other artists like Afrojack and Major Lazer, and so many other cool people. What has been your favorite all time collaboration?
Jerry: For me, personally, Afrojack.
Ruben: He's a wonderful, kind guy. The whole attitude he has, he had that before, before he was known. He's like, "yo, Ruben, Jerry, I want to be on television." We were known in Holland already, so we sat down with him, on like the MTV of the Netherlands, Team F, he wanted that. He was so easy. The rest is history for him.

The Partysquad also has its own record label, Rebel Yard. Can you tell me a little bit about that? What do you like about being able to put out your own releases?
Ruben: It's a sub-label to Spinnin' Records, and Spinnin' Records is mostly known for more straight EDM kind of stuff, and we want to do more of the Mad Decent stuff, style wise. Mad Decent, Dim Mak, Fool's Gold kind of stuff, and then we will be able to do that in Europe. We just talked to a couple of guys from the states that want to release tunes on our label, so it's cool to be able to do that.

Caught Ruben with his #PANTSDOWN during their set at MDBP LA.

Any new projects or tracks that you're coming out with that you're super excited about? How about your "Pants Down" track?
Ruben: That one, and also we have the "Oh My" tune that blew up underground-wise. We're planning to release that with a bigger label. At the same time, the "Pants Down" track is the first single coming up, and for us it was kind of a joke. We have this What's App Dutch DJ group, and we started that group to talk about hotels while you're on tour, and then at night everybody is drunk, they start sending pictures. We started sending pictures. Vato Gonzales, a Dutch DJ, was taking a picture with friends, and I was there in the back like "Ahhh," and that was the first picture we ever took. After that all the DJs, with huge crowds, they take a picture from backstage and you see the DJ playing with no pants, and nobody knew. It became a funny thing amongst us, so we did just a song for fun. Later we got people sending in pictures, posting pictures with #PANTSDOWN.

Rookie: In The Stacks

A couple days ago, Rookie put up this amazing photoset, shot by Molly Dektar and titled "In The Stacks," that shows what life is like for the people who choose to live at the famed Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. Basically, anyone who chooses to live in the store can, the only stipulation being that they must also work at the store and they must write a short autobiography before they leave, complete with picture. The photoset of the author's time in the store is a great look at what that life is like. So magical! Booking a plane ticket now, TBH. —Katie

Movie Style: The Dreamers

Spoiler alert: The Dreamers is a really creepy movie. But it's about people in the '60s in France, so it's obviously tres chic. (That means stylish right? I mean that this movie is stylish.) The awesome Michael Pitt, awesome-r Eva Green and some other good looking guy basically hang out and talk about pretentious films but also have weird sex for two hours. Oh, and smoking. There's a lot of smoking. Don't smoke. But do dress like the kids in The Dreamers. Angelo

Smoking is not tight, but if your cigarettes are red, it looks kind of tight. 

Pitt peeing in the sink is the least creepy thing that happens in this movie. 

Levi's and Chucks: never not a good option. 

Oh shit, mom and dad are home, and all we've been doing is hanging out naked. 

Oh shit, there's some sort of revolution happening and I don't understand the historical context but look at that great sweater.

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Temples: "Keep In The Dark"

Temples are a new band from England that I've just heard about, and that I think you should hear about, too. For all you '60s and early '70s music fans like myself, "Keep In The Dark," the band's new single, is something you'll love right away. When I played the video, I was instantly transported back to that era (in a totally good way). The video is filled with literal smoke and mirrors, and extremely well dressed British dudes. What isn't there to love about that, plus their clearly inspired chill, psych-rock? Exactly. Temples definitely did their research on that time period in music, and the product is wonderful. Hoping to hear a debut record from them soon. Maddie

Movie Style: The Science of Sleep

I hadn't seen The Science of Sleep since my freshman year of college, when I thought I was smart and artsy but didn't get it. Now that I am old and totally smart and artsy I watched it again and... still didn't really get it, but I'm pretty sure the point of the movie is that if you're chic and sexy and French, like Charlotte Gainsbourg, you can basically wear any old drab thrift shop looking thing and still be super chic and sexy and French. Also, in your dreams you can wear whatever crazy shit you want and it's all good. That applies in real life, too, because who cares but also because maybe being awake is actually dreaming and dreaming is the real world!

Anyway... everyone in this film has a general uniform of a few items they wear in different iterations. There's probably some like, thematic, symbolic reason why, but who has time to figure that shit out? All I'm thinking about is how dreaming is tight and can it be fall now? I want to buy sweaters and hang out with Charlotte and smoke cigarettes in France. Can that just happen now? Angelo

Charlotte makes grandma sweaters sexy. 

"What are you wearing?" "It's punk." Don't mind that play button, it's supposed to be there, I swear. 

You wouldn't even be mad if your mom dated a guy in a leather vest because leather vests are dope. 

These people are supposed to be boring and drab but they're French so they're actually mostly on point. 

Another awesome Charlotte sweater.

Wow, it's not even a sweater, it's a badass sweater dress. 

Oof, it's a hot ass sweater dress. 

But this guy is an asshole, as indicated by the striped sweater. 

Back to the gold ol' granny knit, phew. 

Just driving a cardboard car, nbd. 

Sweater dress again, nothing makes sense! But paired nicely with the parka. 

Here's a different knit. What does it mean?!? 

Andddd let's end on this guy because he's a badass.

Basically, we should all just buy some sweaters.

M.I.A.: "Bring the Noize"

M.I.A. is back y'all! It's already been quite some time since we've heard from her, the last being anthem "Bad Girls." Now she's returned with "Bring the Noize," a song that has an infectious beat. And what else would you except from M.I.A.? Anywho, listen over on her SoundCloud. I can't wait to hear more new tunes from her soon, hopefully! Maddie

Album Review: Alt-J

Alt-J's debut album was released just shy of a year ago, but that doesn't mean it's old news. The record, An Awesome Wave, is quite true to its name with its calming, glimmering sounds that flood your ears upon first listen. Plus, it's got some pretty shiny album artwork that will surely draw you right in! Maddie

The album's cover art is my favorite part of the whole thing! Totally into the oil spill swirl situation. An Awesome Wave also has a nice double gate-fold packaging, with all of the song lyrics printed on the inside. The LP sleeve also has a pretty cool layered photo of the band, plus tracklisting on the opposite side.

Best song:
From end to end, this album is pretty good in my opinion, and Alt-J has a sound I don't think I've ever heard before. Throughout the record, An Awesome Wave carries a smooth and mellow tone. My favorite track that I thought best captured this feel is actually the last song on the album, "Taro." I really liked the interesting percussion on this song, and how the song gains layers as you listen.

What it's good for:
This album is a good one for poppin' into the turntable with your windows wide open while you daydream. An Awesome Wave has some super calming tendencies, so get ready to feel as zen as possible when you listen!

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Resist by Beccy McCray

I'm obsessed with this project titled "Resist" by artist Beccy McCray. The art installation consists of a giant, bubblegum-pink cake situated in an inaccessible, gated space. So, you can only look at it from afar. Cruel! McCray used the cake to represent temptation and greed. I'm not going to lie and say I don't want a slice. Hazel

Peace: "Lovesick"

Peace are made up of four guys from Birmingham, England, that a) know how to dress better than me, and b) know how to make some pretty excellent music. Their new video for the song "Lovesick," from debut album In Love, is a whirlwind true to the feelings of actually being lovesick. Watch Harry and Sam Koisser, Doug Castle, and Dom Boyce do donuts in the parking lot while serenading us with an incredibly catchy tune. These boys are my new favorite. Maddie

Marina And The Diamonds x Charli XCX

Marina and Charli collaborated on the song "Just Desserts" together and, unsurprisingly, it is super fun. Marina and the Diamonds also released a snippet of their upcoming documentary Heartcore which is fun to watch because her fans are really cute. —Katie
(via ONTD)

Kay Davis Knits

Kay Davis, a textiles design major at Central Saint Martins, has some serious knitting skills in addition to her rad style. With a penchant for bright colors and subjects such as candy, crayons and cupcakes, we're excited to see more of Kay Davis' knitwear in the future! Hazel

Hurry Up & Wait

Hey European friends, there's a really nice photo show opening up at the end of this week in Amsterdam that you definitely do not want to miss. The show, entitled Hurry Up & Wait, is a collection of photographs by New York City-based photographers Chad Moore and Pete Voelker, who both have never shown in Europe. Hurry Up & Wait is comprised of intimate photos documenting both photographers' everyday lives in NYC. This show provides a great glimpse into the fast paced lives we can all relate to, no matter what city you're in. Hurry Up & Wait will run from April 26 until May 10, at Oz Gallery in Amsterdam. The video teaser above will give you a perfect idea of what the show is about—now if only I could make it to the Netherlands by Friday! - Maddie

Photo by Chad Moore

Photo by Pete Voelker

Daft Punk feat. Pharrell: "Get Lucky"

You guys! Daft Punk news is finally here, and its something tangible! The always secretive French electronic duo just dropped "Get Lucky," which features rapper slash singer slash unfairly cool dude, Pharrell Williams. The nearly five minute track is basically a disco dream. The song comes from their new album, Random Access Memories, which also features a slew of other notable collaborations. Our favorite masked robotic French guys have done it again! I can't get the funky groove of this guy out of my head. "Get Lucky" is now available on iTunes. - Maddie

Style Icons: Little Mix

Little Mix is the best band ever. They're actually kind of ridiculous dressers most of the time, but that's what makes them amazing. YOLO! Their penchant for Lazy Oaf won me over, as well as Perrie's ever-changing hair colors. They are like Tumblr come to life and it is delightful. —Katie

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My High Times by Spruce

I'm no stranger to Mary Jane. In fact, she was one of my best friend in college—even though I had to pay a lot of money to hang out with her everyday.  Even so, she was really fun, and we spent a lot of nights together, up late making weird faces into my Macbook Photo Booth. One thing we sucked at, however, was cooking. Instead of trying to make anything remotely edible, we'd eat wraps laced with ranch dressing, chips dipped in ketchup, and the occasional attempt at a marshmallow and Rice Crispies mix in the microwave.

Since graduating from college, and loosing touch with my good old friend Mary, I got a little bit better at cooking (or at least the guys I dated did).  With my new-found abilities, I thought I'd give her a call to try out a few new recipes.  With the help of this friendly little journal called My High Times, I can now say I know how to cook with Mary Jane—all you need is some TLC, 20+ hours and a meal involving lots of LOLs.  Check out the book for a step-by-step guide to cooking with your BFF with recipes including Cannabutter and peanut butter cookies!

Now, my friends, it's time for you to try it out on your own and incorporate your new knowledge with all the cookbooks you can find that use butter. Make it, cook it, eat it and then scribble away in your journal to remember how amazing this weekend was (even if it was all a haze). Now that's some food for thought.

No cookbooks in sight or too in a daze to find one? See our selection below, and run to your closest Urban to make some treats in time for Saturday! —Ally

High Time Cannabis Cookbook by Elise McDonough
The first-ever cookbook from the kings of cannabis, High Times Magazine. Includes 50+ delicious recipes, complete with easy-to-follow instructions

Love: Fries By Love Food Editors
Delicious fry recipes, from hand-cut to triple-fried. Complete with topping tips & dip tricks!

Cox, Cookies, And Cake By Patrick Cox & Eric Lanlard
Bring the attitude of Cox Cookies and Cakes to your kitchen with 80 edgy recipes, from bejeweled cupcakes to classic Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Palma Violets: "We Found Love"

A favorite set of mine from Coachella this past weekend came from Palma Violets, who are an insanely good band from England currently making quite the name for themselves. When I got home from the festival, I saw the band had just released a brand new video for "We Found Love," (no relation to a certain Rihanna and Calvin Harris collaboration you may recall, I promise) from their debut album, 180, which came out not too long ago. These lads are loud and rowdy, yet have some much calmer, chilled out moments, which "We Found Love" is one of. They've got a bit of a surfy sound in there as well, which I, of course, cannot complain about. Maddie