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Marvin Gaye "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" Vocal Isolation

If you were looking to head into September with some serious chills, then let Marvin serenade you into oblivion. This isolated vocal track from Gaye's Motown classic "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" has deservedly been piling up the listens this week. Throw it on and when some old head is like "They don't make em like they used to," remember this video and be like "Yeah, you're right." Angelo

Album Review: J Dilla

I may not be the most educated person when it comes to hip-hop, but the album I reviewed this week gave me a little taste of a genre I should probably get to know better. Late rapper J Dilla's Rebirth of Detroit Instrumentals is the record I'm referring to, and it takes the original record and brings you twelve incredible instrumental tracks. These twelve tracks are sure to get you grooving, even if you're just delving into the giant genre that is hip-hop (like me)! Maddie

This one is a double LP, coming to you in two classy white record sleeves. Also inside the sleeve is a credits sheet, with a photograph of J Dilla when he was little, along with words from Yancey Media Group about the artist. The LP's cover features a photograph of the city that the album is named after.

Best song:
My favorite song on the record is "My Victory," on Side C. The beat reminds me of the '70s, which is my second favorite era in music! I felt that I vibed the most with this track. Also really enjoyed "Big Thangs," from Side A, because of how different it is from say, "My Victory." Lots of variety on this record, which is totally cool.

What it's good for:
If you're going to a party or throwing one, make sure you have this album in hand. With a huge variety of beats on it, it won't disappoint! These instrumentals, like I said above, are perfect if you're interested in learning more about hip hop, but aren't sure who to start with. Also, who better to learn about it from than the legendary J Dilla?

Shop J Dilla's Rebirth of Detroit Instrumentals.

Burrowing Home

Okay, I have been SO into temporary tattoos lately. And luckily when Hello Kitty just isn't cutting it, I can head over to Etsy to get my fix. My favorite right now are these black and white woodland creature tattoos from Burrowing Home. They almost look like they could be real, but luckily they wash off with soap and water so you can slap these bad boys all over your face if you feel like it. The shop owner sells prints as well, just in case you want something a little more permanent.—Katie

Freaks and Geeks Reunion

Gotta love these photographs by Mark Seliger shot for Vanity Fair of the cast of Freaks and Geeks twelve years after the show ended. Lindsay still looks great in her old army jacket—how could she not? Check out the whole series here, not to be missed if you're a fan. -Bob

Allan Young

Allan Young makes clocks out of recycled materials at his Etsy shop Pixelthis.  From old bike parts and vintage record players, to computer hard drives and circuit boards, it seems like Allan can make a clock out of anything.

Chi Chi and The Greek

Imagine that you have your very own personal shopper. This personal shopper travels all over the world searching antique and vintage stores, for abandoned high class pieces, one of a kind finds. Now imagine that after 20 yrs of collecting these pieces she is now offering them to be purchased by the general public. That's what Kelly Johnson of Chi Chi and the Greek is currently doing. Everyone loves finding that best kept secret, that hot spot where you find the most amazing one of a kind of pieces, and this is definitely that.—Aren

Revive: Motor City Meltdown

Check out this new promo video from our friends at Revive for Dr. Romanelli's Motor city Meltdown. -Aren 

Lauren Rassel

Lauren Rassel is a Detroit local fine arts and fashion designer. Rassel's work has recently been worn by artists such as Natalia Kills and Diamond Rings, and she was just featured on Stylelikeu (above). Make sure you check out Rassel's first runway show back in Detroit this Thursday or you will regret it!—Aren

Sara Panza

Sara Panza (first photo) is local Detroit photographer. Panza's work has been used by To Write Love On Your Arms, Invisible Children, Foundation Gallery, and Recreate Project, just to name a few. Make sure you check out her links, and just try to not fall in love with her work. -Aren


Hostel Detroit

As of late, Detroit has peeked the interest of young travelers all across the map. Emily Doerr a local Detroit resident, has decided to continue on with Detroit's European past by opening up the Hostel Detroit. -Aren


Audrey Pongracz

Audrey Pongracz is a self-taught Detroit painter whose work has been shown all over the US.  "Art should be a viewing experience," she says, "I love when I can look at a painting and be entranced by it, in awe of its application or just the wonder of it."  Indeed. -Aren


Nicole Muster

If you live in Detroit and you don't know about Nicole Muster (top photo), then you are seriously missing out! When asked about her work Nicole said "Some people spend their entire lives searching for something that makes them happy and fulfilled, I'm really lucky because I've found that in taking photos." Make sure you check out all of Nicole's work and you tumblr kids need keep those reblog buttons flying high.—Aren

Rai Knight/Cassettes For A Cause

Rai Knight is a Detroit-based indie pop artist who is trying to make a difference in the land of the rising sun. Knight has offered the up the sales of her Self Portrait cassette for tsunami relief in Japan. So help out a good cause and fill up your Walkman with some good tunes while you are at it.  It's a win/win situation. -Aren

Holli Streetman

Holli Streetman (top photo) is a native Detroit photographer who is known for her creative and provocative photography. When asked about her work, Holli says, "I wouldn't say that I have my own particular style, as it changes from time to time.  I can shoot a complete stranger and walk away from it feeling like I know so much about what's on the inside." As humble as she is, Holli's work is continually blasted all over, so Tumblr kids creep away and post to your heart's desire– Holli has a ton of work for wearing out that reblog button all night long! -Aren 


Detroit local electro pop project PHANTASMAGORIA is making waves in the best way. Happy couple Chris Jarvis and Lianna Vanicelli mix ambient tones, percussive dance beats, and one-of-a-kind samples. "We both like techno," Jarvis explains, "but we wanted to do something that was not as cold and as computerized, with kind of a warmer feel to it." Check out Phantasmagoria on the cover of this week's MetroTimes, helping advertise for this weekend's Blowout. Make sure you keep posted on the all Phantastic happenings, and I know you will fall in love with them as well!  -Aren

Seventy 7 Productions

Seventy7ReelOnline from Marc Ruiz on Vimeo.

If you are a band in the Detroit music scene then you know about Seventy7 Productions! Seventy7 has only been around for under a year but they have been working with such acts as Wilson, Atavan, Carolina Liar (Atlantic), Cadillac, and others! In such a short time they have proven that they are all about creative high quality, and above all classy work. Keep an eye open and follow Seventy 7 closely because they are setting the standard for the Detroit music video scene.—Aren


Gold Sprints

Black and Goldsprints from Rick Mauck on Vimeo.

In the midwest, Goldsprints are THE BEST way to get your bike on in the winter!  A Goldsprint is a bicycle rollers racing and social event where riders on stationary bikes compete against each other in front of spectators. Surrounded by a roar of cheering onlookers and participants, each rider pedals as fast as they can for 20-second intervals. The bikes are fixed and mounted onto electronic rollers (third photo) which measure the speed of each rider.  Who ever has the fastest time wins! And thank God for John Hughes from the Downtown Ferndale Bicycle Shop– he has been birthing an interest in the Detroit area. Come out this Saturday and either compete or cheer on your favorite rider. I know I will! -Aren  

Ruth K. Synowiec

Twenty eight-year-old Detroit photographer Ruth K Synowiec (top photo) has been rocking my mouse finger, clicking through her portfolio over the past few weeks. Whereas Ruth's work has simple ideas, it is laced with lighting just edgy enough. When asked about her photography Ruth says, "I'm into simplicity and am working on building a solid studio based in Detroit. I want to do something substantial with the things that I love, and don't really want to do it anywhere else." All you Tumblr kids should start blowing her work up on Trixie Nixon. I know I already did. -Aren

Juxtapoz In Detroit

Juxtapoz has teamed up with non profit organization Power House Production to work on neighborhood stabilization in Detroit, by integrating artists work spaces and artist residency programs. PHP has brought in artists Monica Canilao, Richard Coleman, Saelee Oh, RETNA, Swoon and Ben Wolf to reinvent condemned spaces in lost neighborhoods. For now, the houses stand as artworks and PHP will offer public tours the first Saturday of every month for all to enjoy. I am more than stoked at this artistic plan for reinventing long lost Detroit!—Aren

Revive x Tisa x Big Sean

Here is some more work from the guys at REVIVE and THE WORK featuring fashion designer Tisa and Detroit's very own BIG SEAN ! -Aren