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Portlandia Season 3

Portlandia returns for its third season this Friday on IFC and I couldn't be more pumped. I was pretty into the first two seasons and was a happy camper to hear that it was coming back for more. Upcoming cameo's from the likes of Jeff Goldblum and Chloë Sevingy are promising, I wonder who else will show up? -Bob

Born 2 Sled

Quite a few snowstorms have been sweeping through the nation recently, and it's got me thinking about sledding. I wasn't lucky enough to get any snow, but if you did (or expect to), you should check out these beautiful wooden sleds made by hand in Canada by Mountain Boy Sledworks.Bob

Handmade 6' Mountain Boggan Sled
This six-footer might seem a little excessive, but two or three friends could easily fit together on top. The more people on board, the more trading off on who pulls it back up the hill!

Handmade 52" Ultimate Flyer Sled
A more bare bones sled built for one pilot. Take the reins, brace your feet, and go, go, go!

Handmade 52" Slalom Sled
This beautifully molded sled reminds me of an Eames chair with its smooth wooden curves. This model is built for speed and is best piloted while laying on the chest. Make sure you've got enough room to stop this bad boy.

Dressed To Kill

New years celebrations are upon us and I haven't got a stitch to wear.. well, a tuxedo at least. I confess that the only time I had a new years event fancy enough to attend in a tux I had to borrow it from my father. To boost your confidence in sporting a tuxedo I offer generations of Bond men who seem to make it look oh so easy. At top we've got the Bond of today Daniel Craig in the new Skyfall, take note of the baller watch just peeking out of the cuff.

Let's take it back a little bit to the days of Sean Connery, my personal favorite Bond actor. Pictured here in 1964's Goldfinger Mr. Connery sports a classic off-white jacket with a red carnation. Also notice the pleated shirt in contrast to Craig's more minimal and modern shirt without any sort of embellishment.

In between those two we had Pierce Brosnan with his first Bond movie Goldeneye in '95 seen above with the lovely Natalya. Brosnan's tux style here is a bit more traditional with a big ole bow and a puffed up pocket square. Not nearly as streamlined as Daniel Craig's tuxedo but still, the man looks sharp and he even gets the girl. -Bob

God Bless the USPS

Around this time of year, you really must take a moment and appreciate the fine people who make holiday wishes come together by delivering them. God Bless The USPS is a project that Washington-based artist Mary Rothlisberger took on to showcase the variety in which post offices exist with a particular emphasis on small towns. Without the hard work of flying reindeers and postal workers everywhere, your gifts would have a hard time finding their way! -Bob

End Of The World Parties

The so-called "end of the world" as told by the Mayan calendar is today and already I've received one million invites to parties embracing the end. It was only a little over a year ago that the last doomsday was predicted and parties were had. Whether or not you believe the hype, having a party seems like a pretty good way to go out. Let's take a look at some ways the occasion has been celebrated in film shall we? -Bob

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is a new favorite starring Keira Knightley and Steve Carrell. Our two protagonists pull over to the wildest restaurant where the doomsday party just doesn't seem to stop. I don't want to spoil this scene if you haven't gotten around to seeing it yet, but things get a little frisky up in there.

The classic alien invasion flick Independence Day featured a rooftop party on top of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. These partiers might have not realized that they were greeting the end but what did they really expect from a giant spaceship? The moral is if you really believe in the end you should probably surround yourself around like-minded individuals.

Get real down-to-earth and embrace the end Melancholia-style, only for the diehard new age spiritualists. This bare bones party requires only some sticks tied together into a tee pee and your closest doomsday buds. Hell, this party might even be better done solo meditating under the protection of your tee pee.

Trend: Down Coats

A little bit ago I did a run down on how to rock a down-filled vest, but the season for sleeveless outerwear has since passed. It's time we take a look at proper down coats to get you through winter. -Bob

Penfield Gillman Jacket
Penfield does outerwear right and you can rely on this jacket keeping you nice and toasty with a down and feather filling. The Scottish-made Fair Isle yoke is a really awesome touch that I can safely say I've never seen done before.

Blue Squares Stoner Jacket
This light-weight option from Blue Squares would be perfect for layering due to its poly fill—thin but still quite warm. Quite a nice selection of colors to choose from too. I'm partial to the blue with red zipper trimming.

Burton Tinder Jacket
This jacket from Burton was meant for the slopes but don't let that stop you from wearing it everywhere. The DRYWEAVE fabric gives the exterior wind and water resistance while the cyan lining gives the jacket a much needed pop of color, awesomeness inside and out!

Freaks and Geeks Reunion

Gotta love these photographs by Mark Seliger shot for Vanity Fair of the cast of Freaks and Geeks twelve years after the show ended. Lindsay still looks great in her old army jacket—how could she not? Check out the whole series here, not to be missed if you're a fan. -Bob

Trend: Herringbone

Herringbone is a classic weave that's usually reserved for heftier wool garments, but I've noticed a lot more pieces popping up that utilize this zig-zag pattern. Like any prominent pattern you've gotta be sure to not over do it in your outfit unless you really wanna pop out!Bob

BDG Wool Herringbone Tie
Start simply with a nice herringbone tieperfect for winter. I don't see any problem wearing it with a jacket of the same pattern, but use your own style discretion.

Stussy Herringbone Utility Pants
The U.S. military made some of its most iconic garments in herringbone twill (that's cotton), but they usually go for a pretty penny since they're highly desirable. Lucky for you, Stussy has done up a nice pair of utility pants in a similar style that won't break the bank.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Herringbone Hi-Top Sneaker
A pair of Chucks usually wouldn't be my first choice for winter sneakers, but since these have been given the deluxe treatment, I think they'll keep your dogs happily warm and swaggy.

Herringbone Legwarmer
Ladies, I did not forget you! Herringbone is most certainly not just for the boys. Womenswear designers definitely appreciate the herringbone weave and these legwarmers are a nice example of that. Printed in an oversized herringbone pattern, these would top off any low cut footwear nicely.

Upstate Holiday Goods

Upstate has produced some special things for this holiday season, including a sharp necktie in a 2" width and several caps in collaboration with FairEnds. The caps are dyed with indigo, but Upstate can do the ties in custom colors upon request—the perfect option for a personalized gift.—Bob

Party Playlists To Get You Through The Holidays

It's that time of year again, when holiday party season kicks into full gear and individual days and nights become a blur of twinkle lights, Santa sweaters and champagne hangovers. Some parties are going to be awesome (all your friends from home are now old enough to drink!), some are going to be a snooze fest (hello, teetotaling cousins) and some just downright awkward—what, exactly, does your co-worker mean when he keeps asking if you 'like to party'? 

And then there's New Year's Eve, the party dreams (and nightmares) are made of. Love it or hate it, it's still happening. So to help you get through the next couple of weeks, we put together a few party playlists to help make sure the cheer flows as freely as the eggnog. Hey, you can always sleep in January. —The UO Blog

The Family Dinner
There's a little something for everyone on this playlist I've put together that will be perfect around a table of good friends, family, and food. Catch up and chill out over some of my personal favorite tracks.—Bob

The Office Party
Office parties can be pretty blah—at first. Banal office gossip at the beginning of the night, drunken karaoke at the end of the night and taking bets on who is going to make out with that hot guy from accounting. With these songs, your coworkers will show off a side you never thought you'd see—and that you'll never want to see again.—Ally

The New Year's Eve Party
If you're not sure what to play at your New Year's party this year, try out this undeniably fun playlist that'll make you get groovy AND think about your New Year's resolutions. Double whammy! —Maddie

The After-Party
Here is a mix put together with the king of the after party in mind (R. Kelly. Duh.). Blending throwback tracks with some more recent ones, this mix will hopefully help take your party to the next level (Whatever that next level is...I think we all know R.Kelly's after party agenda).—Lorin

The Pity Party
Sometimes the holidays just suck. Harry Styles is forever five years too young for you, eggnog makes you want to barf, your apartment is too small for any festive decorations and that dude you've creepily liked from afar since 2004 just got his girlfriend a puppy. IT'S ALL TOO MUCH. Instead of going out and depressing your friends, lie on your floor and listen to these songs that will remind you of being an angsty, weepy teenager. -Katie

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What Would Ron Swanson Want?

Ron Swanson of Parks And Recreation is a manly man who loves breakfast foods (and pretty, dark-haired women), his mustache, and retreating to his secret cabin in the woods. I hope Ron would like these gifts I've picked out with him and give me a firm handshake upon receiving them to show his genuine yet non-enthusiastic appreciation, as is his style. Maybe, just maybe, he'd even show me how to build a log cabin using nothing but an axe. -Bob

Urban Renewal Vintage Pendleton Shirt
"A man never has enough Pendletons." is what they say. and I'm sure Ron has at least one. Surely he'd like to have another in the cabin closet.

NPW Gentleman's Moustache Wax
What's the point of having a mustache if you can't take proper care of it? Ron takes care of business and his mustache is no exception.

Log Cabin Incense
This log cabin incense would be appreciated by both Ron and Nick Offerman as his offstage passion is actually woodworking. Ah, there's nothing like the smell of piñon pine in the morning! 

Stanley Classic Flask
Hopefully this flask is big enough for Ron's thirst even though the guy can eat his weight in a breakfast meal. Maybe I'll buy him a few just incase one doesn't cut it, and fill it with the Swanson Family's Mash Liquor.

Winter Getaway

StyleSeek and company took a squad of friends to Camp Wandawega for a weekend of maxing and relaxing. They took plenty of photos—how could they not with such a stylish backdrop and group of ladies and gents? Check out the whole set over here. -Bob

Stocking Stuffers for Coffee Addicts

Coffee, coffee, coffee: some like it because they need it, while others straight up fiend for it. If you know someone who falls in the latter category, then a stocking full of gifts that will enable their addiction will certainly fill them with jittery joy. -Bob

Liberty To-Go Bottle
This thermos should keep the hot stuff hot until it's beer o'clock; just don't blame me if you get fired for drinking on the job!

Chalk To-Go Cup
This chalk-friendly ceramic coffee cup is so amazing that I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it myself. It would be perfect for short 'to-do' lists or simple doodles to keep spirits high.

The North Face Denali ETIP Glove
Gloves might not be an obvious choice but who walks around in winter carrying coffee without them? Plus, these guys come with smart fingertips that'll allow for touch screen fun.

Manskills by Chris Peterson

Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike by Grand Petersen
Top it all off with a book! Coffee lovers tend to also double as book lovers, it's just a natural relationship. Here are a couple books I would personally love to thumb through with a cup of coffee.

Drink It Yourself

The bloody mary is a versatile cocktail, mostly because it can be enjoyed first thing in the morning without looking like a complete alcoholic. Around the holiday season, a head start makes everything go smoother, especially if drunk uncle is staying at your house. This print by Brooklyn illustrator Kelly Lasserre is a good starting point, I suggest buying one from her etsy and hanging it above the bar for reference. -Bob

Pop Up Flea Five

Starting today is the fifth Pop Up Flea at Drive-In Studios (443 West 18th Street) which brings together an awesome lineup of brands offering a wide variety of goods. Read more about the event at A Continuous Lean and check out coverage from years past. Open today from 3-9pm, Saturday 11am-7pm, and Sunday 11am-6pm.

Trend: Party Plaids

Plaids might not be the first thing that comes to mind when picking out a party outfit, but during the holiday season it's perfectly appropriate. That's not to say that you should show up looking like a lumberjack or the great Rodney Dangerfield—moderation is the key.  To get you started, here are a few things I'm feeling that will ease you into the plaid life. -Bob

Pendleton Plaid Bowtie
One way to incorporate a little plaid is to play it safe with a nice red plaid tie, either the bow or neck variety depending on what works best for you. Just make sure you wear it on a solid color, or white, shirt to avoid pattern clashing.

General Assembly Old Tartan Blazer
If you're feeling confident in your formal plaid abilities go for the blazer! Again, avoid wearing a shirt that'll clash with the jacket and don't over do it by matching your tie. The key to pulling it off is playing down the pattern in the rest of your ensemble.

Stubbs and Wootton Black-Watch Plaid Slippers
Oh, you fancy huh? These slippers should be reserved for the guy that prides himself as a classy dandy individual. I would if I could!


As a lover of all things print, I would love to receive a subscription to any one of these beautiful publications as a gift. Digital subscriptions are great since it saves trees and bulk but it's just not as satisfying as opening up some thick printed pages. Give the gift of print with a subscription to Wilder Quarterly, Apartamento, Kinfolk, or Blind Spot. -Bob

Mollyjogger Gift Sets

I hereby proclaim that gift baskets are out and these gift sets from Mollyjogger are in for this holiday season. The Fireside set, pictured above, comes packaged in its own little burlap sack, while the heftier Woodman set packs a whole slew of goodies packed into an awesome log-print tin can. -Bob

Buttero Sneakers

I don't lust over many sneakers these days, but these low tops made by Buttero as seen on Por Vocacao look mighty handsome to me. What makes these seemingly plain sneakers so special? The beautiful Italian leather is constructed by hand and sewn—not glued—onto the rubber sole. Dear Santa, I'm a Euro size 40. -Bob

What Would Hemingway Want?

Papa, Ernie, Hemingway—the guy was so manly that he actually preferred to write standing up (I, on the other hand, wrote this post while laying on the couch). This rugged idol had a distinct style and I think he'd be pretty happy with some of the gifts I've picked out for him. Or at least as happy as he's going to be. -Bob

General Assembly Field Blazer
A tweed blazer—definitely a no brainer for our man. Wear it in the field, wear it at the pub, wear it everywhere.

Glass Gun Decanter
It's no secret that Hemingway liked guns, or imbibing. When you fill up a gun-shaped glass with alcohol, you've got something special. 

Embroidered Chambray Tie
I haven't come across many photographs of Ernie wearing a tie but I managed to find one or two like this one where he's wearing something simple. I'm thinking he'd be pretty into this number with its mild embroidery.

Penfield Oxon Messenger Bag
I can definitely see him out in the field wearing this Penfield bag over his shoulder with a shot gun in hand. 

Lifetime Collective Dunham Zip Hood Sweater
A solid cardigan to go under that tweed blazer. The thicker and chunkier the knit, the better!