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Fine Print: Allie Brosh

Allie Brosh is the best blogger in the world. And no, we're not biased. It's just a fact. She's currently wrapping up the tour for Hyperbole and a Half, her brand new book named after her blog, but she still found time to chat to us about her fans, Thanksgiving and that dead fish story.
Interview by Katie Gregory

How’s the book tour going? You’re almost done now, right?
Yeah, I’ve gotten to be home now for a couple of days which was nice! It was about two and a half weeks of total insanity. Fun insanity, the real rewarding kind, but at the end of the day I was just exhausted. I feel like I’m crashing a little bit now.

I saw that you’ve been signing books for seven hours at some of the book signings!
In Brooklyn, at WORD bookstore, that one was six or seven hours long. And in Seattle at the University bookstore, that one went super long. There were some signings that went until 2 in the morning. It’s amazing that people stayed that long.

Have people brought you any amazing gifts?
I’ve gotten some really cool gifts. Somebody in Brooklyn brought me a dinosaur costume! I wore that for the rest of the signing. And then someone in Seattle brought me this necklace she made that had a Wellbutrin molecule on it. It’s really cool. I’ve gotten a bunch of really neat stuff.

I actually ask people while they’re waiting in line if they’d like to do me a drawing. I bring a big stack of printer paper and hand it out to everybody. Some people write letters, some people do drawings – I’ve collected piles of these from all of my signings. I’m going to wait until the very last signing and then I’m going to go through all of them and read them. I’m excited about it.

Are you going to go back to writing on your blog once all of this settles down?
I’m going to write on my blog. I’m going to do it the same way I’ve been doing it. Like once I find an idea I have that I think is worthy, I’ll put something up there. I don’t want to write just to fill a time constraint, you know? I don’t want to publish on a schedule because I feel like I have to. When I publish something it’s because I think it’s really good. I have a few ideas, a few posts I’m working on, so when those are done I’ll post them up once I finish them. But I also want to write another book.

Is there any one blog post that people seem to mention more than others?
It seems spread out between a few of them. I know a lot of people relate to the depression posts. I talk to a lot of people about that when they come up and I sign their books. And then there’s the “ALOT” post. I know a lot of people found me because of that post. That’s one of my first ones that ever went viral on the internet. [Laughs.]

I think I first found you because of the “How to be An Adult” post.
Oh yeah, a ton of people relate to that one. And then there’s a small subset of people that just love that noodle cartoon I used to do, the Spaghatta Nadle. The silly little noodle has a cult following. [Laughs.]

I personally love the post where you have to kill your pet fish.
I have a surprising number of stories involving dead fish for some reason. There are a few that I’m working on and I’m realizing as I’m writing these posts that, yeah, I have five stories that are totally different from each other that involve dead fish in some way.

Now that the Holidays are coming up, I can't help but think of your post The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas. Are events like that easy for you to remember, or do you need to consult family members?
I remember them pretty well, but I also consult my family for some of the details. The Kenny Loggins one, we actually have a video somewhere of the actual play. We haven’t been able to find it, but I know that we filmed it and I know that I’ve seen the video. The last time I saw it I was young but I remember watching it. So, there is video footage of that somewhere that I’m hoping we can find someday and show people. [Laughs.]

That would be amazing. Do you have any Thanksgiving plans yet with your husband?
Gosh, we don’t do the whole turkey thing, really. Just whatever we’re feeling. Like we might make tacos? [Laughs.] A nice, taco Thanksgiving. They’ll be fancy tacos, of course.

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Interview: Danielle Greco of VFile's 'Out Hear'

VFiles' new show Out Hear has hosts Danielle Greco and Brooklyn Matt meeting up with the coolest musicians around to hang out and take part in their favorite hobbies for the day. I spoke with my homegirl Danielle (aka the most famous bitch to ever come out of Northeast Philadelphia) about her experiences on the show, her love for Playboy and what she looks for in a man. Watch out world, she's out here and ready to take over!
Interview by Ally Mullen

Yo girl! Describe yourself to our readers in rap form!
I'd describe myself as a, "Cutie with a booty, fuxin' with sugar daddies only cause they chewy."

You started from the bottom making store videos, now you're headed to the top with your own VFiles show. On a scale of 1 to 10 how Drake are you feeling right now?
I'm feeling like Drake in the "Started from the Bottom" music video when he is standing in a white MOVING convertible while fake snow is landing on his all white outfit. That's my Drake level right now.

Explain your new show, Out Hear, to us. What's it all about? Why should we watch it?
Out Hear is the music show that has nothing to do with music. It recalls and updates the raw '90s MTV formats and stars Matt and I, who are like your personal Carson Daily and Jenny McCarthy.  We get to know everyone's favorite artists through their hobbies. Out Hear will integrate the worlds of music and fashion, detailing the eccentric style and lives of today’s most popular musical acts.

Who are some of the artists we can expect to see in the upcoming weeks?
We have a great lineup this season with guests including Rat King, Blood Orange, A$AP Ferg and Ssion.

Who would be your dream Out Hear guest and why? 
I HAVE BEEN BEGGING AND PLEADING TO GET INSANE CLOWN POSSE ON THE SHOW. Before even announcing them, I'd probably burst into Justin Bieber mania-type tears. ICP in my mind holds such an importance culturally. They have created a whole world of their own. I'm a huge horrorcore fan and their stage theatrics are actually mind-blowing. I've gone into past jobs with two day old Faygo in my hair.

Did you ever get hit on while filming? Who was it/what line did they use? Did you find love on Out Hear
I'm not going to say anyone hit on me outright, but I will say while filming with A$AP Ferg there may have been an unspoken love connection. The episode quickly turned into mine and Ferg's first date. It was adorable.

What's the most #embarrassing thing that happened on set?
SO MUCH EMBARRASSING STUFF HAPPENS ON SET. During one episode when we were filming with Mykki Blanco where I helped him give fans henna tattoos, the henna needle fell into a gutter drain and our producer stuck gum (CHEWED BY ME) on the edge of a stick to retrieve it while there were kids waiting for henna just staring at us all. I also try to hook the camera guys up with my friends while we are filming. They are real cute! 

In case you missed it: Out Hear Episode 1 with Mykki Blanco and A-Trak!

Tell us about the other host of the show, Matt. What's his deal? How old is he? Is he a male model? Is he single?
Matt has become one of my favorite people. I'm from Northeast Philadelphia and although Matt reps Brooklyn HARD he reminds me of everyone I grew up with. Matt is a total model boy, don't ever get started on his signature hair style! Is Matt single? Well, not after I'm done with him..

Your accent is beautiful but some people don't appreciate it. Do you have any accent haters? What's your response to them? 
I have actually NEVER received backlash about my accent which blows my mind because it's painful. As I was watching the first episode I texted all my friends saying, "OMG, you are all friends with Snookie."

What kind of looks can we expect to see you in for this series? Do you get to dig through the VFiles closet for filming? And if so, what are your favorite VFiles items of clothing to wear? 
All my looks for the show are pieces you can find in the VFILES Shop. In this season I am wearing some of my favorite designers such as Ammerman Schlosberg, Astrid Anderson, & Eckhaus Latta.

Do you get your nails done before each episode? What color/design are they now? 
I have actual meltdowns when I find out I'm filming and I'm missing like, a pinky nail and I'm rocking some sketchy look. My nail artist has like three daughters and a hot bod and I love her. They are long black and pointy now with little red designs; my new vibe is "evil." 

What's the craziest thing that you've ever been asked to do? 
I have this OBSESSION with Playboy and recently I got offered to do a spread for the upcoming Kate Moss issue. Sorry though, guys. Not happening. Also, you can find me in a faux tuffle with Jungle Pussy in the Danny Brown "WitIt" video.

Favorite musician(s) of all time? 
My favorite musician of all time is Trina. She is thee baddest bitch, and surprisingly the SWEETEST one as well.

Coolest"slang" words to be saying right now? 
I don't usually use slang words, I cringe at the word "swag," LOL. I also cringe at guys taking mirror selfies, but that's a whole other story.

What are you being for Halloween?
I actually hate Halloween, but I always tell people that I am going to be something really insane, like an AVATAR. 

Do you believe in ghosts? Ever see one?
I always see ghosts out of the corner of my eye so I casually tell people like, "Oh you have a ghost. What color should I dye my hair?"

What's your ideal first date? 
Yes, I love this question so much. My ideal first date would honestly probably be a hockey game where I can eat, and get drunk and scream. I usually do that on my first dates anyways, but that usually doesn't go over well at the Olive Garden.

Last text you received? 
The last text I received is from a guy I "know" claiming Project Pat is his favorite rapper which I'll probably respond to with, "Adventures in Hollyhood was brilliant."

What's the background of your phone? 
The background on my phone is a Playboy bunny. Like I said before, I am OBSESSED with Playboy.

BE HONEST: What's more important to you at the moment? A guy's looks, personality, or social status?
A guy's social status is the most important thing. I have a strictly "NO JOE SCHMOS" dating policy. If you can't Google your man and you're a hot girl, you're really doing yourself a disservice. Ultimately I'm attracted to successful, hard-working guys. That's hotter to me than some stud living in his parents' guest bedroom. It helps if they shop at VFILES.

Interview: JC Coccoli

JC Coccoli is pretty. Like, really pretty. She's also funny. Like, really funny. I KNOW, I KNOW, that combo isn't ever allowed to happen... but guess what bitches, IT DID. Because JC's also just super cool and down to earth (srsly is this girl an alien? Too perfect...ugh.), she took a moment out of her beautiful, hilarious day to talk to us about life in the comedy world, tips on flirting, and then we made her brag about all of the cool things she gets to do!
Interview by Ally Mullen

Hey JC! Break it down for us: tell us who you are and what you do with your time!

'Sup cuite pies! I am JC Coccoli and I am a comedian, actress, writer and self-titled fashion guru originally born in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a standup comedian by night, and a auditioning rat by day. I’m on a show on MTV called Hey Girl directed by Wet Hot American Summer veteran Michael Showalter (He loves cats!). I also have a hip YouTube show out on @ThePlatformYT called Dear JC, where I weirdly give relationship advice in a very cray cray tongue in cheek way.

How did you get started in the comedy world?
Growing up in Pittsburgh I got familiar with irony and sarcasm fairly quickly, so I developed a sense of humor that I remember made a lot of my family laugh hard. My mom would listen to George Carlin a ton and watched endless episodes of Roseanne and COPS and I was hooked finding things in life that were silly. I did my first open mic in Florida in the student union of a college. It was a trainwreck and after that I kept wanting to go up.

How about your first real show... how was it?
Ha ha. I killed! I mean, I know it's on tape somewhere so others might beg to differ. But in my mind, I ripped it. I remember it was all dudes and their material was so lame and hacky and I asked to go up thinking, “I’m gonna blow the roof off!” And they said they were booked but they could give me three minutes. So I ran into the bathroom and wrote “bits” down. I think I had material on Mandy Moore, Miller Lite commercials and that old way we used to call collect using 10-10-220. Remember that? Ha. So embarrassing. 

What was your biggest flop? 
Biggest flop... I remember after a show here in L.A. I ate it hard. And went into the back parking lot and rolled into the fetal position and just stared at the ground and then a busboy came out and told me to keep my head up, it’s no big deal. And, then he offered me steamed broccoli cause he was about to throw it out. I was like “You know what, he’s right!”

And what about your biggest success?
Biggest success to date? I mean, as long as I’m having fun at what I’m doing I’m succeeding. My dad just said that to me. And, I trust him because he did a ton of drugs in the '60s.

Tell us about Hey Girl. What's the show about and what part do you have in the show?
Hey Girl is a show about real girls talking about the ins and outs of dating, relationships, fashion and basically life’s little slip-ups that teach you things. It was an insanely talented cast of comedians and bloggers that were brought together for sketches, man on the street commentary and Vlogging to a camera about things that girls really talk about. It was directed by Michael Showalter. So that was dope. 

Can you give us some examples of the topics you'll be talking about? Which was your favorite to talk about?
Flirting, when to say "I love you," sexting, dirty talk, what to wear if you care, what women do to up keep their look. That one was my favorite, because guys have no clue what we do to upkeep this mess called a women’s body. So that was fun. 

Episode one focuses on flirting. Give us five tips to on how to flirt to get the guy (or girl) that you want!
Flirting with dudes: Stay calm, make eye contact, be bold, make the move, and then never respond to texts right away. Flirting with girls: Appear busy, make the plans, be funny in a natural way, don’t be a dick because you think you’re funny, and be a man on the date for god’s sakes—no splitting the tab!

What are your biggest Liz Lemon-style "IT'S A DEALBREAKER, LADIES!" well, um... deal breakers?
When you’re a bad tipper at restuarants. When you split the bill, When you talk shit on your ex-girlfriend, if you talk bad about your current job, if you DON’T HAVE A JOB, if you hate your mom, if you are super negative about life, and if you never have a condom on you. Come on what are you, nuts?!

What do you think girls need the MOST help with in life? Give them some advice about it!
Girls are emotional by nature so they tend to take things WAY more serious than guys do. I’ve noticed this myself; I want everything to have a plan and I need to know why and how and so when people say bad things about me, my first instinct is to react and you know what? Life does not have to be dramatic. It does NOT have to be so damn serious. Laugh it all off. Why talk shit about others? It’s gross and it puts you in a bad place. Go out and live life, and have fun, and love and smile. Don’t feed into the drama. You weren’t programmed to bitch and moan all day. There’s is more to life than that. Also, being comfortable just being yourself. I think that is what girls are struggling with a lot more nowadays. We have so many images coming in and out of brains that tell us to be cool, dress like this, wear makeup like that, be this be that. I think the most sexy thing is confidence and independence from the masses. Just being who you are. No matter how weird or unnattractive it may be to others. Just do you and do you all the way.
OMG that made me tear up...

Who are some of your favorite comedians on the show? Off of the show? #1 of ALL TIME?
On the show, OMG. little Esther Povitsky cracks my shit up. Her and I in a room together is probably the best time a person can have. She has a comedic cadence about her that is so infectious. We were filming a scene and I had tears in my eyes from her riffing. Holding myself together was tough. Also, Ali Wong is just unreal. She is so tiny and such a spitfire chick with the funniest opinions about life and what we’re doing on this planet. Good chicks. Off the show. I mean, Hannibal Buress is king. Dude is such a nice guy and just has such a chill stage presence that blows crowds away. Kyle Kinane is another one. And Maria Bamford and Sarah Silverman are just two people I can always watch and be like, damn I love my job. Also, he’s not a comic but I have to say it: I’m in love with Colin Hanks. There I said it!

Show off a bit. Tell us all about what you're working on now, your past work, and what you want to do, I mean, WILL DO, in the future!
So there’s the show Hey Girl for MTV and I am developing another show for MTV based off of my YouTube page. So fingers crossed that goes. I have a relationship advice show out now that airs every other Monday on @ThePlatformYT and its called Dear JC (see opening question!). It’s pretty epic if you like your advice with a bit of tender sass. I finished VH1’s Best Week Ever, did the Chelsea Lately panel and a weirdly funny interview with Keith Olbermann about politics. I am writing sketches weekly for a kids’ network which has been really weird and fun, since in my head I’m still a 10-year-old girl that wishes she got her period like everyone else. I’m still working with @HelloGiggles on projects, talking about Champagne Problems, and now auditioning like a mad woman for whatever comes next. All of it is good.

For my final question... On a scale of one to ten, how pretty ARE you? How about on the inside?
I’m way too pretty to be on a scale, to be honest.

For more on JC, click all of the links we've provided for you and follow her on Twitter @JCcoccoli.

'GIRLS' Promo on SNL

Haaaahahahahahahahaaha. —Ally

Hot-Dog Legs Tumblr

This new-ish Tumblr, Hot-Dog Legs, poses a very important question: hot dogs or legs? While there aren't too many pictures up yet, let's hope this mysterious Tumblr person keeps on posting hot dogs (or legs) because this is the most genius idea ever. Legs really look like hot dogs sometimes, like oh my god. My brain can't wrap itself around this mindblowing fact. NORTH IS SOUTH AND UP IS DOWN IN THE WACKY WORLD OF HOT-DOG LEGS!—Katie

I'm Pregnant

During pregnancy, it's everyone's dream to have a loving S.O. to be there for them through the ups, the downs, the mood swings and the ice cream cravings. In I'm Pregnant, the new video series starring UCB comedians Betsy Kenney and Bardia Salimi, the above scenario is just the case, except one thing... Barida's the one expecting the Kim Kardashian VIP treatment. If only Betsy could just stick that thing into Barida's belly and show him what being pregnant is ACTUALLY like. Until then, Barida, repeat after me, "I am NOT pregnant!" 

Check out the first episode above and the most recent two below!—Ally

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

This is essentially the Cliffs Notes for Breaking Bad. WARNING: Spoilers! Don't watch this if you're not totally caught up (or just stop it when you get to the scene you last remember, like I did... FYI: Season 4 ends at 4:30!) —Ally

FILTER Friday: Culture Collide Festival

If you're not feeling all the summer festivals (they are sweaty), then you've probably been checking out what's coming up in the cooler months. FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide Festival is one you won't want to miss. Happening in L.A. mid-October, Culture Collide will feature tons (and tons) of bands from 25+ countries, as well as stand-up comedians and a creative summit where speakers will inform the crowd about various aspects of the music industry. For only $30 a ticket, this one is also an event that won't break the bank. To get tickets for this event and to see the full lineup, click here.

Interview: Rob Guillory of Chew

Rob Guillory is the artist behind Chew, the witty, gory, awesome-y comic that has become a favorite of mine and hordes of others over the past few years. Written by John Layman, Chew takes place in an alternate reality wherein food regulation has evolved to violent extremes. I talked with Guillory about the process behind making Chew come to life, sneaking in pop culture critiques and styling protagonist/cannibal Tony Chu. Angelo

What is your process like working with writer John Layman? Does the art or story take shape first?
John hits me with a full script first. His scripts are detailed enough to give me a feel for what he's envisioning, but loose enough to really let me experiment and put my own stamp on it. From there, I pencil, ink and color it (with my color assistant Taylor Wells). Then Layman letters it, and Image Comics shoots it to the printers. A standard issue takes about 5 weeks from start to finish.

I ask because I was wondering: there are tons of pop-culture references littered throughout Chew — things like TPS reports (from Office Space) and Paula Deen posters — do these things come from you or John or both?
I do about 90% of them. I'm the bigger pop culture fan of the two of us, so I just throw them in as fun little extra content. They're not crucial to the story, but they're fun bonuses for attentive readers.

Chew obviously deals a lot with modern food culture, processing, celebrity chefs — was this an area of interest to you before working on the comic?
Nope! I have a love/hate relationship with food, so I would've never come up with a food-centric comic. Layman loves food far more than I do.

If the FDA was really a militarized organization in 2013, who would they be busting?
I wish they'd bust the guy that thought serving a Lobster Sub at Quizno's was a good idea. He's a sick man.

Does Tony have a particular style? Do use any references for how Tony dresses?
Tony is a complete square, so when he's not in basic black suits, he's usually in muted colors. Because of his generally grim demeanor, I view him as sort of a former-Goth, so I always put him in drab unexciting clothes.

Your illustrations have a bit of the frenetic energy of a fashion sketch and details that make me think you're someone that pays attention to clothing. Is that just me projecting or do you have an interest in fashion?
I didn't have any interest in fashion... until I met my wife, who's big on fashion. So in the nearly ten years we've been together, I've developed a real appreciation for well-made clothing and accessories. My latest acquisition is a really sturdy bag from Chrome that is just friggin' EPIC.

Comic Con: We Went To A Comedy Central Party

Right in the middle of Friday's Comic Con craziness, we took a break from waiting on line for stuff and tweeting about Teen Wolf to party with some friends from Comedy Central. It was rad. Workaholics dudes continue to be the best. And can someone please send us a Tight Butthole foam hand thing? Thank you. —Dave

Cool sunglasses, bra. (No, really. Where'd you get them?)

The perfect 2013 version of a '90s glamour shot.

Okay, Comedy Central. There are at least three of us here who need one of these. Just sayin'.

Hello, Adam. :-)

Awwwww, yeah.

This was actually shot from 400 yards away with a mega-zoon lens and it's not creepy at all. Hi. :-)


100% Unofficial Simpsons Comix

100% Unofficial Simpsons Comix is a new compilation from Jack Teagle, an illustrator and one of my favorite frequent contributors to the Simpsons Drawing Club we told you about awhile back. Teagle's comics take the iconic characters on dystopian adventures, playing on both classic Simpsons themes and modern commentaries. Pick up a copy for only like $4.50 US, and maybe Fox will sue Teagle, which is the best way for an artist to gain notoriety anyway. —Angelo

Comedy Central's 'Stars Under the Stars' Recap & Interview with Adam DeVine

This past Wednesday, Comedy Central was back at the Summer Stage in Central Park, with their 'Stars Under the Stars' show hosted by Gabriel Iglesias. The night included live stand-up acts by comedians Dan Soder, Adam DeVine, John Mulaney, Jeff Ross and Amy Schumer, as well as my personal favorite part of the night: a surprise five minute long torrential downpour right before the gates opened.

Aside from a bunch of wet butts—including my own—the show went amazing. The crowd was treated to jokes about tight buttholes, got a glimpse of Amy's perfect poses, and a few lucky (actually... pretty unlucky) attendees got raunchily roasted by The Roastmaster himself. Note to anyone who meets Jeff in the future: do NOT shake his hand, as it was probably just down his pants.

To top it all off, the lovely crew at Comedy Central hooked us up with an interview with the hilarious Adam DeVine. So now, without further ado, hear what the Workaholics star told me about how he prepares for his stand-up, his hatred of fedoras, love of jet skis, and what his top three words to describe himself are. —Ally

Hey Adam! Introduce yourself to our readers! 
My name is Adam DeVine, I am a comedian. I am on the show Workaholics that I co-created and star in with my buddies. I'm actually doing this other show called House Party that comes out in the fall on Comedy Central that is like a stand-up hybrid show... it sounds so stupid when you explain it that way. You're like, "UGH! I hate that show!" But it's really fun and cool.

So how do you prepare for your stand-up shows? Is it a lot of improv or do you write most of the jokes out in advance?
Ecstasy. I do a ton of ecstasy right before.

See now, I believe that.
Mmhm. You saw me up there, I'm oozing sex appeal, sweating a little too much.

I just saw you talking to your beer and it not answering you back. So how would you compare stand-up to working on your shows? Which is harder?
Stand-up is really fun because it's instant gratification. You tell a joke, and people laugh, and you're like, "OOH! I'M GOOD!" But then, on the show a lot of time it's like, "Is this stupid? Like, are we blowing it right now?" So I would say that shooting the show is a little bit harder in that respect. And it takes forever to write. For stand-up, jokes are just easy.

So who are a few of your favorite stand-up comedians? You can't say anyone performing tonight, to be fair.
I like, I feel like in my soul I'm a black comedian, so i like black comics. I like Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart is super funny.

Growing up did you watch a lot of stand-up?
Yeah, my dad was a huge Evening At The Improv fan so I watched stand-up all of the time with him. And I actually got a job working at the Hollywood Improv when I moved out to California when I was 18.

So onto fashion... where are some of your favorite places to shop?
URBAN OUTFITTERS! The Buckle sucks! Urban rules, fuck The Buckle. PacSun: suck my balls!

Hell yeah! So what do you think is the best accessory for summer?
Scarves. Wool scarves.

Yeah. Nothing underneath, let's keep it casual, titties out... titties OUT!

Wait, what? No, I mean for guys!
Oh, for guys. I don't know! I'm not an accessory guy. Just no fedoras.

Why not?
They're just bad looking. Especially when a few dudes roll out with a fedora, you just gotta make sure two guys put it away and one guy wears the fedora. He can be the fedora guy. There shouldn't be three dudes in your clique rocking fedoras like it's 1962 and you're part of the Rat Pack.

Be honest. Have you ever worn a fedora?
I've never in real life worn a fedora. I've worn it as a bit—comedy hat.

Now that I DON'T believe!
[Laughs] I've worn some other... Pooka shell necklaces I rocked for way too long. People were like, "No, that's a bad look" And I was like, "Psssh, yeah right." And a shark tooth. I wore a shark tooth necklace.

So what are your plans for the summer? Any traveling?
Yeah! For Fourth of July I'm renting a house in Big Bear, which is mountain-like, in California. I'm going to rent jet skis. That's all I'm really excited about is riding jet skis. I have a weird love for them. They're so much fun.

How fast do you go?
You can get them up to like, 45 miles per hour! That's fast! Then you jump off and really hurt yourself. I couldn't move my head for two weeks.

You did that?!
Yeah, I was riding on the back of one going 45 miles per hour and I was like, "I'M GONNA JUMP!" He's like, "Alright, you fucking maniac..." And then instead of jumping off the back and covering and landing, I decided to dive in, like this maneuver [makes diving maneuver] headfirst and he said he saw me like, cartwheel in the water like ten times. Jet skis. It's a jet ski summer, baby.

Okay it's time to go, but before we do... on a scale of one to ten, ten being the tightest, how tight is your butthole tonight?
I've only had a few drinks so I would say about an eight.

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Camp Style: Heavyweights

Heavyweights is a seminal coming of age story about a group of husky bros who just want to ride go-karts and enjoy some candy but can't because the new asshole camp director is trying to make them lose weight for his infomercial. It's also one of only three good Ben Stiller movies. And whoa, Heavyweights was co-written by Judd Apatow? No wonder I remember it fondly (and actually, re-watching it as an "adult," I caught way more of the dark humor that went way over my boyish head.) 

More importantly, Heavyweights was made smack dab in the middle of the '90s. It has Kenan! And Goldberg from Mighty Ducks! The 1995 film serves as a perfect time capsule of that glorious decade's best summer trends, many of which have probably reappeared in recent years among members of your hip young peer group. Angelo

The hot new nurse in denim mom shorts and the short striped tee. Takes me back. 

Lifestyles of the cozy, Goldberg's iconic Adidas sweatsuit. 

Again, bucket hats are camping, but I'm more interested in Jerry Stiller's next-level short-sleeved popover with the anorak pocket. 


The only thing more awkward than a middle school dance: a fat camp dance. 

This girl is listed as "Angelic Girl," which is a pretty bad ass credit to have. 

And how do you land an angelic girl? With a Les Mis shirt!

Blossom hat! Nothing is more '90s than a Blossom hat. Nothing. 

Ben looking like Jerry Seinfeld on steroids and generally not someone I would let watch my kids. 

Kenan in Stussy and a Marley tee, very real. 

Ben actually looking like dudes I see in Portland, running tights and Nikes. 

Very camp, very rugged. 

Style Icon: Beth from Wet Hot American Summer

As Camp Director of the dysfunctional Camp Firewood, Beth is constantly running around trying to keep kids from becoming lepers (hey, sometimes you can't save 'em all) and get the cafeteria cleaned properly. And on top of all those responsibilities, she's also (awkwardly) falling for the nerdy neighbor Henry. But even keeping everyone in line she still has awesome style. Here's some essential items to give you Beth's early '80s camp counselor look. Hazel

Ecote Boho Print V-Neck Blouse
A flowy, printed blouse for some hippy dippy vibes summer vibes.

BLANKNYC Super Bell Bottom Jean
Ladies in bell bottoms get shit done.

Levi's Denim Trucker Jacket
To keep you warm on chilly nights when you're out looking for campers stuck in the ropes obstacle course.

Bastiste Dry Shampoo
Man, you're gonna smell seriously disgusting each day, especially after coming back from town. Grab some dry shampoo, please, for the love of God.

Native Union Pop Phone Headset

GIRLS: Season 38

While we wait for season three of HBO's Girls to come out, writer and director Gail Lerner produced a parody trailer for Girls Season 38 starring some pretty renowned actresses you might recognize. The trailer shows us what would happen if we caught up with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh when they hit the retirement age. Looks like Hannah is still up to her old tricks, Jessa is having fun yelling at people in hospitals, Marnie's career has grown cobwebs, literally, and Shoshanna is still well, being Shosh. Obviously my favorite part is Hannah eating a lobster on the street. —Maddie
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Interview: Elaine Carroll

Comedian and actress Elaine Carroll is making her way up the comedy ladder by climbing up the backs of people bent over laughing at her impressions. The star of CollegeHumor's hit web series, Very Mary-Kate, talks to us about her start in the biz, her wig collection and her new series, Precious Plum.
Interview by Ally Mullen

Hi Elaine! To prep for this, I just got done doing an Elaine overload on the internet.

That must be an incredible overload, I feel like there is a lot of me on the internet.

But all good stuff! I was surprised to see you had a role on Mad Men! How did that happen? [Note: They probably saw her Joan impression]
Well, I auditioned for it and it was a role of a call girl in season four and it was really, really fun.

Other than that, you usually do comedy. Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started in the comedy world?
I got started in comedy probably when I was in college. It was always something that I was interested in. I was TOTALLY that kid who came home from school and turned on Comedy Central and watched The Kids in the Hall, then watched Monty Python movies over the weekend and Saturday Night Live.

In high school and elementary school, I performed in plays, but when I got to college I started writing sketches, and my own material. So it was really in college when I began to consider myself a comedian.

Did you take any classes for it?
Yeah! I took classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade in both New York and Los Angeles—improv classes and sketch classes.

You seem to do a lot more of sketches now, but do you ever go back and do improv?
I also do improv but do more sketch than improv.

I watched an interview where you mentioned that in your CollegeHumor series, Very Mary-Kate, the episodes are scripted. Is there any wiggle room for improv?

Of course! There’s actually some episodes where we just improvise a few takes and those are the ones that end up getting in. For instance, the actor that plays “Fat Professor” in the series is an improviser in New York named Will Hines and we often let him go off script because of the things he ends up saying improvised are a lot funnier than what we’ve written. And also, in the episode “Drinking Game,” there was one line that I could just not remember—even though I wrote it [laughs]—so we ended up improvising that one. Otherwise it’s pretty heavily scripted.

You do a lot of work with CollegeHumor. Are you an employee or do you just do sketches with them?

I don’t work for them, I don’t go into the offices everyday, but I’ve been working with CollegeHumor pretty regularly for the past five years.

So if you wanted to, you could just go in and pretend to work there?

Yeah! I go in, I pretend that I work there, I sit at a desk, and nobody asks questions [laughs]. Yeah, I sneak in there and steal the candy from the ninth floor.

Ooh, what’s your favorite kind of candy?
Um, oh gosh, I really like Reese’s Pieces!

So, like E.T.?
Yeah! Like E.T.

You do so many impressions in wigs. How many do you own?
I counted once and I have 42 wigs. But I counted this like, a year ago, and I have since acquired more wigs. So I have 42+ wigs.

Do you ever wear them outside of work, à la Britney or Amanda Bynes?
Oh god no, no no no. I leave that to the professional lunatics.

Since you do celebrity impressions, would you ever consider an Amanda Bynes impression?
No. It’s a little sad; I just feel bad. I just want to buy her a cup of coffee and give her life advice. Take her under my wing and let her crash on my couch for the week. But I just want to be sensitive to that. With Mary-Kate it’s not so much making fun of her, but it’s a caricature that’s loosely based on her life. I feel like also with Mary-Kate, she’s not in the limelight the way that Amanda is all over Twitter and the gossip magazines.

So what’s the styling like for Very Mary-Kate?

Well, when it first started out, I acquired a whole lot of cheap but fancy looking baggy clothes, kimonos and a lot of jewelry from the downtown New York stores. The styling, I would say, is layered… lots of baggy sweaters, accessories and jewelry—so much so that it makes my hands heavy.

So the Very Mary-Kate hands are as real as the joke?

I’m legitimately struggling to lift my hands.

So off camera, what is your personal style like?

I would say… lacking (laughs). My style is probably wearing the same jeans three days in a row and I like to be comfortable so whatever it is that I’m wearing will be more comfortable looking than fashionable looking.

So, tell me about your new CollegeHumor series, Precious Plum. It’s a take on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which I love.
I’m also a huge fan of Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers & Tiaras… I kind of have terrible taste in television. So we wanted to parody it in some way so the series is between Plum and Mama on their way to and from pageants all over the country. So it’s watching them try to get there on time and struggle to live the most fun and adventurous lives as they do it, and not making the best decisions along the way.

How long does it take Josh Ruben, who plays Mama, to get into his outfit?
It’s kind of a long process. The main part is getting his face one, because it’s a prosthetic, so I would say maybe two hours in the make-up chair. And then the fat suit feels like a heavy mattress that he has to kind of step into.

So at the office, are these types of props just laying around for you guys to use?
Yes, there's a lot of foam wig heads and badly organized closets and all sorts of things on hangers.

Sounds like a dream to me! Well, Elaine, thank you so much for your time and I can’t wait to see your career take off. Just don’t forget about me.
I won’t forget you Ally!

Watch the Episode 2 of Precious Plum here and shop Elaine's picks below!

Kimchi Blue Silky Sabrina Shirtdress

I have this dress in red. I'm obsessed with it. It's super cozy and I kind of want to get it in all colors and wear it all the time always.

Lucca Couture Lattice Waist Dress

I have this dress in purple and I'm also obsessed with it.

Chelsea Crew Armor Lace-Up Ankle Boot

These shoes are maybe the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Staring At Stars Diamond Border Romper

Gotta love a romper.

Gemma Correll Cats Of The World Tee

I ironically (and unironically) love cat shirts so this...

BDG Sheer Burnout V-Neck Tee

I have this top and I get a lot of mileage out of it.

Chelsea Crew Nirvana Heel

Red shoes always and forever.

Magical Thinking Bright Star Duvet Cover

Awesome duvet.

Magical Thinking Large Woven Hammock

A hammock built for two is what life is all about.

Money Bean Bag

And finally.... because a house is not a home without a beanbag money chair.

The Lonely Island and Robyn: Go Kindergarten

The Lonely Island get so many great guest singers. HOW DO THEY DO IT? This song with Robyn is actually pretty catchy, too. Their new album, The Wack Album, isn't going to be released until June 11, but if you're curious to take a look at the tracklisting, head over to Pitchfork. Apparently Kristen Wiig is going to make an appearance on a song, so you know it's gonna be good. —Katie

Arrested Development: Season 4

So, have you gotten a chance to watch Arrested Development yet? What'd ya think?! What were your favorite parts? Did they make a huge mistake? We want to know! "Hello darkness, my old friend" has been stuck in my head for like, the last 3 days now and I actually started chuckling on the sidewalk thinking about it, so they get two thumbs up from me for that joke. Any other memorable moments? Did you catch that Lucille's prison number, 07734, is "hello" upside down? Tell us on Twitter! If you're lucky, maybe we'll send you a nice .gif. —Katie

Hilarious People: Maria Bamford

If you've been watching Arrested Development this weekend, then you'll recognize Maria Bamford as (SPOILER ALERT!) Tobias's buddy Debris from the methadone clinic, but prior to AD, Bamford was making us laugh all on her own. A zillion years ago, she had a great stand-up special on Comedy Central Presents (clip below!), and then a little more recently, she made her own show called The Maria Bamford Show, and it is totally weird and hilarious and a great way to pass the time if you're planning to sit on your butt in the AC this summer. —Katie

Arrested Development: This Weekend!

Arrested Development weekend is finally here! Starting at midnight PST on May 26, all of the new season 4 episodes will go live on Netflix. Are you shaking and crying yet? We are. To prepare for the Bluthpocalypse, here are some of our favorite AD moments because yes, we do want to watch this series to death. —Katie

"C'mon, ya douchebags!"

"Coo-coo ka-CHAW! Coo-coo ka-CHAW!"

"It's tired in here."

"Why don't I just take a whiz through this $5,000 suit? C'mon!"