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Model Moment: Anais Pouliot

While in town for the 2013 Holiday Surprise Party shoot, angel-faced model Anaïs Pouliot chatted to us in-between takes about her career and what she gets up to on her days off. Ally

Name: Anaïs Pouliot
Current location: NYC
Hometown: Terrebonne, a suburb of Montreal in Quebec, Canada
Height: 5'10"
Agency: The Society
Astrological sign: Cancer
What you were doing before you started modeling? I was a high school student.
How did you get discovered? I went with my parents to an agency in Montreal. They immediately took me.
What was your first big break? Working for Prada, I believe.
When you're not working, what will we find you doing? Cooking, reading, pilates, yoga, hiking…
Favorite food? Any good homemade food.
What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Make tea or coffee.
What's your off-duty beauty routine? In the morning: Cleaning my face, applying a little bit of concealer under the eyes and some mascara. At night: Making sure all makeup is removed and applying a nice hydrating cream.
What's your number one beauty tip? Curling my eyelashes! It makes my eyes look more open and awake.
Do you have any special skills? I can run in high heels!
What's your life motto? Try and try until you succeed.

Now, strike a pose!

Follow the lovely Anaïs on Instagram and Twitter @Anais_Pouliot!

Comics: Seamus Gallagher

You've probably seen Séamus Gallagher's comics reblogged constantly all across Tumblr these days, which isn't surprising because they're totally hilarious. His hand-drawn comics and illustrations are often cynical jabs and parodies of pop culture fandom, from those who loathe Macklemore to Twin Peaks die hard fans, which makes his witty sense of humor completely relatable. Hazel

NXNE: Day Two Recap


It's hard to document events without ever mentioning the weather when they play such a significant role--like a villain in a story. But if said villain is terrifically-developed, it's also hard not to grow fond of him/her/it--as people do with Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, Spike or Dru in Buffy, Frankenstein, Professor Snape… you get the idea. I had a point there somewhere.

Instead of letting the rain soak festival spirits, Toronto pretty much embraced the atmospheric villainy. In between intermittent pouring, the guys behind Young Lions Music Club & Live in Bellwoods pulled off yet another Great Heart success at Trinity Bellwoods.


Headed again to the Arts & Crafts Pop Up a few blocks down, this time to see Toronto's Alvvays and Prince Edward Island's Boxer the Horse.

(Boxer the Horse)

And also managed to snap some rain-embracing style from festival-goers!

Brooklyn's Black Marble was also playing just a few steps away at the Blk Box. Caught them just before heading to the Comfort Zone for Braids. And unsurprisingly, so did every other festival-goer, it seemed. The queue outside took a fair bit, but whoever chose the venue for the Montreal-based band definitely had the right idea. Braids' music perfectly blended with the eerie glow-in-the-dark lighting.


My only regret that evening: not wearing a Picnic at Hanging Rock–dress!

(Mikal Cronin)

Mikal Cronin was conveniently playing next door at the Silver Dollar, which proved to be my favourite set of the festival so far. Not only was the band great to watch but the crowd also held up its end of showing genuine fervour!

(The Soft Moon)

Around 2 A.M. one of our secret shows, The Soft Moon, went on at The Horseshoe Tavern and totally blew the crowd away.

At the end of the night, it just feels right to see broken guitar strings. —Carmel

NXNE: Day One Recap

(Mozart's Sister)

Our guest blogger Carmel hit up a bunch of NXNE shows yesterday, including one of our secret shows, Nu Sensae, and reported back with a quick recap of everything that went on! Choosing what bands to see every day is proving an impossible mission and it's only going to get more hectic from here on out. We can't wait!

(Secret show performers, Nu Sensae)

The city is yet to see much of summer this year. I don't know about you, but the grey, nippy outdoors is making me feel like we're running around Edinburgh rather than Toronto in high summer. Luckily we saw a bit of sun yesterday!

There's nothing more quintessentially Toronto than starting the evening at the Arts & Crafts Pop Up gallery on 1093 Queen St W.

Got there just in time to catch local shoe-gazers, Elsa. The showcase not only features live performances but also beautiful photographs by Norman Wong of the label's artists. The line-up for the week is also pretty stellar, so going back is definitely a must!
Later ventured slightly north to Creating Creatures on Dundas for Broken Pencil's Sex and Death showcase. Got there just in time to see writer and performance poet Liz Worth present her graphically poignant and literally bloody piece! It was incredible.


(Mozart's Sister)
Then, headed back down to Queen St for Camera and danced to groovy Mozart's Sister at the Rivoli before setting out to our first night of NXNE secret shows!

(Nu Sensae at the Garrison)

At the Garrison, Nu Sensae played with resolute energy in that way that they do, albeit secretly! Just tune in to our Twitter to avoid missing out! —Carmel

Grimes: "Venus in Fleurs"

Grimes, aka the greatest woman ever,  released a video for "Venus in Fleurs," a song surprisingly not off of Visions, an album you are probably very familiar with by now. What makes me most happy about this video is that she released it herself on her Tumblr, with a note making it clear that she doesn't really care about the press. You tell 'em, Claire! Anyway, besides the politics of the music biz, this video is very nice, and was created by Video Marsh, all using footage from the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in British Columbia, that is beautiful but also super spooky at the same time. Maddie

Exclusive Premiere: Lightning Dust "Diamond"

Lightning Dust, a side project of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, both from Black Mountain, are releasing their third album entitled Fantasy on June 25, and Urban Outfitters has the exclusive first listen to the opening track on the album, "Diamond." The duo wanted to go purely synthetic with this album, so Wells used a badass, old-school sequencer in creating the songs. Adding Webber's vibrato into the equation made for some absolutely fantastic summer tunes. (Seriously, this is going to be epic road trip music.) If you'd like to pre-order their album, you can do so here (the deluxe bundle includes a 7" single that's limited to the first 200 orders!), and if you're itching to see the band live, they're playing at the Pickathon Festival in Oregon this August. —Katie

(Photo credit: Ila Meens)

Sublime's "Smoke Two Joints" Performed by the Cast of Degrassi

She was living in a single room with three other individuals.

One of them was male and the other two, well hell the other two were females. 

And further more Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoke marijuana cigarettes. 


I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. 

I smoke two joints in the afternoon, It makes me feel all right. 

I smoke two joints in time of peace, And two in time of war. 

I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, And then I smoke two more. 

Smoke cigarettes till the day she dies.  

Toke a big spliff of some good sensimillia. 

Smoke cigarettes till the day she dies. 

Toke a big spliff of some good sensimillia.

Easy E were ya ever caught slippin?

Daddy he once told me Son you be hard working man.

Momma she once told me Son you do the best you can.

And then one day I met a man who came to me and said,  

“Hard work good, and hard work fine but first take care of Head.”

Music Festivals 2013

Music festivals are the best part of the weather getting warmer. Any excuse to not shower for three days and drink beer at 11 AM, amirite? While we all know the big festivals that go down every year (Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza), there are also a gazillion (yes, gazillion) smaller ones that look like they're going to be just as amazing. I mean, if I were in Austin, I'd totally be front-row for everything going on at the Austin Psych Fest. We aren't able to list every single festival (there are 4,000 Jam Band festivals alone), but here are the best of the best. Even good ol' Kansas is getting in on the action, so there's something for everyone! —Katie

Austin Psych Fest
Austin, TX
April 26-28

Shaky Knees
Atlanta, GA
May 4 & 5

Sweetlife Festival
Columbia, MD
May 11

Bottle Rock Napa Valley
Napa Valley, CA
May 8-12

Boston Calling
Boston, MA
May 25 & 26

The Governor's Ball
June 7-9

Electric Forest
Rothbury, Michigan
June 27-30

Happy Valley, OR
August 2-4

Roots Picnic
Philadelphia, PA
June 1

Kansas City, KS
June 28 & 29

Sled Island
Calgary, AB, Canada
June 19-22

Bad Day Magazine Online Archive

Bad Day, the Toronto-based interview and editorial magazine, has made its archive of back issues available online. The issues, which feature style icons like Glenn O'Brien and Charlotte Gainsbourg, actors such as Jason Schwartzman and James Franco, and low-key fashion shoots with skinny naked chicks, are mostly out of print and being made available digitally for the first time. Check out the archive for some of the best, minimalist print design I've seen in awhile. —Angelo

Metz "Wasted"

Here's "Wasted," the newest video from Sub Pop's Metz, who will be performing at our UO Backlot Sesh this year as our final act on Saturday, March 16th. —Ally

Vinna Laudico

When my everyday struggles make me want to get whisked away to a whimsical world, I rely on photographer Vinna Laudico to take me there.  Her dream-like photos take me away to a simplistic universe where flowers, flowing hair and mysterious lands rule the realm, and you can become anyone you want to be.  Can I stay there forever, please? –Ally


Booooooom has a link to the full-length version of the longawaited Machotaildrop and it looks pretty fucking awesome. According to IMDB the movie is "a highly visual and fantastical journey about an amateur skateboarder." I can absolutely get behind a whimsical, Wes Anderson-esque flick about a gang of sk8r bois. -Katie

The UO Nice List: A-Trak

Find out what the incredibly talented DJ A-Trak is asking for this holiday season, what he's looking most forward to in the year 2013, and who he plans to kiss on NYE (sorry ladies, he's taken!).

Introduce yourself.
Hi, I am A-Trak. I like The Simpsons, rap music, and ketchup. I live in New York and am originally from Montreal. My brother is in Chromeo and I have a label called Fools Gold. I also have a group called Duck Sauce with Armand Van Helden.  We made a few songs for that and one got nominated for a Grammy but we lost :(. It's cool though because we have an album coming out next year.

What do you love/loathe most about the holidays?
Sweaters... and sweaters.

What’s your gift-giving style? Personalized presents, or a Starbucks card for everyone?
Personal and low-key.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?
A weird shampoo

If you could ask for anything this year (and money is no object) what would you ask for?
Happiness, health and peace for everyone out there. If I have to answer selfishly then I guess I'd like an armadillo.

What is your favorite holiday tradition that you share with friends or family?
I always host a big dinner at my house in New York. My friend Elliot cooks and all the people I love who I don't get to see come around to eat and hang out.

What’s your favorite holiday snack or food?

Without looking it up, what are the ingredients in eggnog?
Egg and nog and rum?

Any idea how you will spend New Year’s Eve this year?
Playing in San Francisco getting hyphy.

If you could be any character from a holiday movie, who would you be and why?
The old guy in Eight Crazy Nights, I just like his vibe.

If you could plant a New Year’s kiss on your dream crush, who would that be and why?
"Buffalo Stance"-era Neneh Cherry. Actually nah, just my girl, that's more sincere.

What was your proudest moment from this past year?
I think my Tuna Melt EP, I got to work with great people who love what they do. That or the Fools Gold 5 Year anniversary party. We had Ghostface!

What are you looking forward to most about 2013?
The Duck Sauce album, making more songs, new Danny Brown songs... there's too much to list.

Shop A-Trak's Wish List

'LSD' by Benoit Paille

Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé explains on his Flickr page that his series LSD is "a meditation about the holism of nature surrounding me.” Like the title suggests, the series was made after Benoit dropped acid in the woods, lit candles and took four-minuite exposure photos, making a beautiful series of photos that make me want to get out of the city and set up somewhere along the woods now! Breathtaking. - Jennilee

What Would Grimes Want?

Gotta admit, I'm not entirely sure if Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) is even human. She's probably some mystical fairy alien who descended onto Earth to grace us with her rad music. But, human or not, I know what gifts she would probably love for the holidays. Here are some ideas for what to get this Canadian electro-songstress. -Hazel

The Book of Skulls
In addition to being a musician, Boucher is also an extremely talented artist. Judging by the album art for Visions and her work, I'd guess Grimes has a thing for skulls. Perfect gift!

You can never have too many decorative gems for your face, and Claire Boucher gets this. Give her more! 

Grimes would definitely want fellow 4AD labelmate Purity Ring's debut album Shrines, a synth-pop record that pairs perfectly with Grimes' music.

Daydreamer LA Camo Guadelupe Muscle Tee
The girl is always wearing that camo jacket! Doesn't she get hot on stage? Something tells me she'd dig this camo muscle tee with the Virgin of Guadelupe on it. 

Micro Gem Headphones
These futuristic looking headphones would be perfect for Grimes to use as she listens to her own music while dancing at a dirt-bike show/football game!

Geoff McFetridge at Cooper Cole Gallery

Graphic designer Geoff McFetridge has a new solo show in Toronto at the Cooper Cole gallery (1161 Dundas St West), running now until the 8 of December. Always insanely graphic, this show features acrylic paintings and a limited run of screen prints. Though McFetridge is from Canada, this is his first solo show there. Definitely a must see for anyone close to the area. Check out more work from the show here. -Lorin

VANCOUVER by Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Paper Rad

Check out visuals from the laser show VANCOUVER, created by Philly's own Andrew Jeffrey Wright and the collective Paper Rad. Be sure to turn your speakers up for the spaced out sounds! -Lorin

From the Men's Catalog: Nate Lacoste

We tapped Vancouver, BC based skater Nate Lacoste to be in our latest men's catalog, photographed by Jason Nocito in NYC. Here, he answers a few questions.

Interview by Lorin Brown

Who are some of your early influences in skateboarding?
My early influences were my friends and all the kids we used to skate with back when we all first started. We all use to look up to the older guys that made skating look fun and natural. I thought it looked so cool, I just remember these teenagers skating past my house when I was super young. I wanted to do that with my friends. 

What are your favorite spots in Vancouver? 
Boring but true, I would have to say my favorite night spot in Vancouver is sitting around the kitchen with my roommates and friends alike drinking and listening to music. If you want to get outdoors, anywhere outside the city limits is a pretty good bet. 

Who is someone making noise in Vancouver right now? 
My roommate Nicholas Dirksen has a Band going thats fucking up the scene in Vancouver big time. They're called the Silver Skeleton Band and they truly rule. Check them out. Trust me, there gonna blow up. 

What outside of skating has influenced you as a skateboarder?
Most water sports, like kayaking, or tubing behind a speed boat on a lake in the summer. 

What's your favorite skate shop?
Anti-Social in Vancouver because its the best. 

Since you're always on the go, what are five things you must have with you at all times?

1. Camera (digital & film)
2. New socks
3. Moleskin
4. An open mind
5. Skateboard

What's something we should know about your newfound modeling career?
That it was my first photo shoot off of my skateboard. 

Can you give us a couple tracks from your skating playlist?
Brian Eno, "Baby's on Fire"
Silver Skeleton Band, "Bijoux"
Thee Oh Sees, "Warm Slime"

Where can we check you out online?
or on Instagram: @natelacoste

Vancouver Art Book Fair

Hosted by Project Space and Fillip, The Vancouver Art Book Fair seeks to fill a gap on the West Coast, looking to Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair in New York City as the only other major North American art book fair. The fair will be showcasing a series of talks, book and zine launches, exhibitions and readings. Participating publishers, artists, designers and writers include French curator and publisher Charlotte Cheetham of Manystuff, Brian Kennon of 2nd Cannon Press, and artist Germaine Koh. The fair takes place October 5-7 at the Vancouver Art Gallery (750 Hornby Street). Looking forward to it! - Jennilee

Manwolfs Jean Jacket Exhibition

As part of the Olio Festival launching this weekend in Vancouver, Fortune Sound Club will be presenting the Manwolfs Jean Jacket Exhibition. The Manwolfs first came to be as characters in the skateboarding cult film Machotaildrop, directed by Corey Adams and Alex Craig, and have been featured in several films ever since. The exhibition will show different renditions of the Manwolf jean jacket with works by FOS, Jeremy Fish, local heros Andrew Pommier and Keith Jones, and more. This Sunday at Fortune (147 E. Pender St).  - Jennilee