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Rookie Road Trip: Boulder

For our Colorado meet-up we went to Gateway Park for some ALL AMERICUN' FUN! We played arcade games, rode go-karts, and caused general mayhem.

Tavi and I being speed demons on the track.

Reader Dylan rubbing his insanely big ticket win (250!) all over his face.

Love these vintage outfits these girls are wearing.

Prizes! So many temporary tattoos and candy.

We really wish we could spend more time in Boulder, but we have to get back on the road! Catch us Friday in Salt Lake City at Gilgal Sculpture Garden to make our signature banners with us and hang out around art! See you there! - Hazel

Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update September 13

Since we left the flatlands, the stops have come fast and furious on the Levi’s Bike Shop's road West. It’s been an adventure for sure.

Boulder was the first stop in our Western expansion. It's incredible how you can drive for an eternity along the flattest route imaginable and then all of a sudden a vertical wall greets you at the Great Divide. We were ready to cross over and climbed into Rocky Mountain territory.

Boulder natives take their bicycles seriously, and we saw some rugged sets of wheels at the shop that day. We recruited local bike advocates Bikes Belong and Boulder B-Cycle to join the party, and the rowdy Cruiser Ride came through all aglow as night befell the Shop's set-up off Pearl St.

Night biking in Boulder is a sight to behold. Almost everyone in town seems to have a headlamp handy for night rides on the mountain trails. They also bring the mobile party en masse, which was great because we had cause to celebrate—it was Capricia's birthday.

She got her birthday wish.

Biking populates just about every aspect of life in Boulder, including the beer. This signage at Oskar Blues Brewery is a lot like the One on One shop sign we saw in Minneapolis, only swap coffee for beer, and re-direct man's trajectory toward a buzzed, wheelie popping monkey. 

Saloons are a tired rider's best friend, and also a wayward traveler's. We couldn't resist this place, and almost lost Errol there. 

Just as we were really starting to enjoy ourselves, it was already time to leave. We had a long winding tour through the Rocky Mountains ahead of us, with our sites set on Mormon Country, Utah.

Follow along with the crew @GetInTheSaddle! -Dominic

Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update September 6

Visiting Nebraska was a first for everyone on the Levi's Bike Shop Tour, and we didn't really know what to expect other than corn and casinos—which are both plentiful. But in Omaha, people are starting to get pretty psyched on bikes, too.

We set up at UO Saddle Creek, in the famed Saddle Creek Recording complex. Plenty of lively characters popped by with their two wheeled machines, and lots were sporting bikes from Green Street Cycles, a local most-favored shop that's definitely doing its part to spread the good news.

The girls at UO (Missy, Dani and Heather) took good care of us and brought the party—beach blankets spread out and all. They also rocked a couple of mean old twin Schwinns.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave again. We couldn't even stay for this Riverboat Casino gem: "Omaha Steaks presents Meat Loaf." Check out that window of free beer. Our loss.

The Bike Shop is barreling toward Boulder to team up with Boulder B-Cycle and People for Bikes to rock the hills.  We’re gonna have to borrow some mountain bikes.

For more on the road updates follow us on Twitter @GetInTheSaddle! -Dominic

Levi's Bike Shop Tour: August 29-September 3

(Photos via Oregon Manifest)

The Levi's Bike Shop Tour is making it's way across the American Midwest.  Don't miss your chance to get your bike tuned up and your jeans tailored—all for free!

Omaha: RSVP Here
Tuesday, 8/30
UO Saddle Creek (745 North 14th Street)

Boulder: RSVP Here
Thursday, 9/1
Pearl Street District (Pearl Street & 18th St.) 

Salt Lake City: RSVP Here
Saturday, 9/3
Washington Square

Check back for more information, updates, and on the road stories. Follow along with Dominic and the crew @GetInTheSaddle.


We like how these hanging pods from Mudpuppy make it look like your airplants are tiny aliens, slowly lowering themselves down from the ceiling to suck out your brain while you sleep. Sweet dreams!

Zak Krevitt Photography

Zak Krevitt is a self-taught fashion photographer whose work primarily explores dudes in fashion.  He most recently did a shoot for Post'age Denim, above, and video for  The Fleetwoot Kid.  Be sure to follow his tumblr for daily snapshots and other oddities.—Kyle

Panda Bicycles

The people at Panda Bicycles in Fort Collins say that they don't sell bikes, they grow them.  These environmentally conscious bikes are made primarily out of bamboo, which is a fast-growing, renewable resource.

TitMouse Magazine

Made you laugh, didn't I?  Denver's TitMouse Magazine highlights the best creative and artistic minds of the area.—Kyle

Rae Hurst

Described by designer Rachel Hurst as "flouncy, flirty, sassy, vibrant and exciting," Rae Marie is exactly that, plus super-feminine.  Check out her latest collection, which is available through our friends at Fashion Denver. -Kyle

Moleskine Artist Marketplace

Ditch your plain black Moleskine for a younger, more beautiful model: The Moleskine Artist Marketplace is a place for artists to design and sell their customized carved, painted, embroidered and silkscreened Moleskine notebooks.

Jonathan And BPro

Priding themselves on their blend of dance-pop music and theatrical performances, Jonathan And BPro have come to make a name for themselves in the budding electro scene of Denver.  The duo recently released a remix EP, Turn It Up, which is available for free on their website.—Kyle

Effie By Frances

The result of a last-minute submission to her university's recycled fashion show, designer Frances Willis' "upcycled" line Effie by Frances is as fashion-conscious as it is eco-conscious. With the help of local artisans, Willis [pictured top] transforms pre-loved men's Oxford shirts into a collection of one-of-a-kind feminine dresses and accessories.—Kyle

Elza Jensen

Elza Jensen is an artist and designer who has fused his love for the two into what he calls "art-wear."  With his roots in Colorado, but much of his informal education coming from his time spent in California, Jensen pulls from a wide spectrum for inspiration.  What results are pieces that are a bit early underground punk meets 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Check out his work, which is available through our friends at Fashion Denver. -Kyle

Leslie Brown

Behind the piano since she was five-years-old, Leslie Brown has since developed a repertoire of talent and inspiration well beyond her classical training.  Her silky jazz vocals and groove beats can be found on her debut EP, Disarmed and Dangerous.  Visit her website for a free download and information about her upcoming performance at Mercury Cafe.—Kyle

African Apparel

African Apparel isn't your run-of-the-mill charity t-shirt line.  Creators Ryan Findley and brothers Ryan and Andy Holdeman sought to create something that would assist in Africa's pursuit of self-sufficiency.  In addition to awarding proceeds to local community efforts, the t-shirts are outsourced straight from Africa, thus creating steady income for countless individuals. -Kyle


Formed out of a bittersweet breakup with a former bandmate, Février, a.k.a. Connor Etges, creates lo-fi electronic music that, in a few short minutes, seems to take listeners on an out-of-body experience.  His current EP White Hills is available now, with his follow-up Empress debuting in February.—Kyle

Window Shopping

Cinesthetics is a Colorado-based production company that works with local and international musicians. Their latest project, Window Shopping, is a captivating cross-continental tour that plays with stop-motion photography and features the music of Mogwai.—Kyle

Tee & Cakes

The product of a pastry and graphic designer, Tee & Cakes has been a hodgepodge of a shop since it first opened its doors to the Boulder community.  Bakery, espresso bar, apparel shop—and keeping with their tradition—a showroom, as they feature handmade jewelry by one of their very own baristas (now through January 11).  So come in for some new duds, a coffee, and local crafts—all while enjoying one of their famous chocolate bacon cupcakes.—Kyle

Photography By Heather Gray

"I'm a fairy moonlighting as a dancer, photographer, art historian and lover,"says Colorado-based photographer Heather Gray– and it's that background in dance that adds movement to something of a still art.  In her porftolio, nestled nicely between family portraits and wedding albums, is evidence of a photographer with a little something extra. -Kyle


A year after its conception, Astroland has become the local go-to venue for the underground art scene.  Tucked away in an inconspicuous North Boulder warehouse, the DIY space offers an outlet for creatives of all types—particularly pulling local bands out of house parties and onto a proper stage.—Kyle