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Mickey McCauley

If you're looking for a hilarious up-and-coming comedian to follow on Twitter, Mickey McCauley is your dude. I dare you to scroll through his feed and not laugh out loud. I TRIPLE DOG DARE YA. Hazel

Music Festivals 2013

Music festivals are the best part of the weather getting warmer. Any excuse to not shower for three days and drink beer at 11 AM, amirite? While we all know the big festivals that go down every year (Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza), there are also a gazillion (yes, gazillion) smaller ones that look like they're going to be just as amazing. I mean, if I were in Austin, I'd totally be front-row for everything going on at the Austin Psych Fest. We aren't able to list every single festival (there are 4,000 Jam Band festivals alone), but here are the best of the best. Even good ol' Kansas is getting in on the action, so there's something for everyone! —Katie

Austin Psych Fest
Austin, TX
April 26-28

Shaky Knees
Atlanta, GA
May 4 & 5

Sweetlife Festival
Columbia, MD
May 11

Bottle Rock Napa Valley
Napa Valley, CA
May 8-12

Boston Calling
Boston, MA
May 25 & 26

The Governor's Ball
June 7-9

Electric Forest
Rothbury, Michigan
June 27-30

Happy Valley, OR
August 2-4

Roots Picnic
Philadelphia, PA
June 1

Kansas City, KS
June 28 & 29

Sled Island
Calgary, AB, Canada
June 19-22

3D Wiener Doodles

Whoa! It's about to get really hard to mindlessly doodle during a boring class or meeting, because with the 3Doodler, your wiener drawings are going to literally burst off the page. But everybody will be so fascinated by your cool gizmo that even your teachers won't care that you haven't been paying attention. 

Seriously though, this could be a game changer for artists. People have been calling 3D printing the most significant technological advancement of our time, but it's still something that regular people are confused by, and the pen could be an affordable and fun introduction to the possibilities of the field. The Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its funding goal by more than a million dollars, so it shouldn't be too long before you'll be able to get your hands on one and finally give your cat comics the life they deserve. -Angelo

Little Pancakes Jewelry

This necklace from the Little Pancakes Etsy sooo cool. SO. COOL. "Treat yo'self" is probably the most important phrase coined in the 21st century.—Katie

Fiona Stoltze

Fiona Stoltze is a Boston-based designer who prints and hand-dyes all-natural textiles; the end results are awesome! I'm so into the above calendar, but her dip-dyed tote is also calling my name. Her Etsy shop is brand new this year, and I'm excited to see what other projects will be put up. (More wall art, please!)—Katie


Crush is an collection of nostalgic, dreamy works from two of our local friends, Erin M. Riley and Jason Andrew Turner, and Pakayla Rae Beihn from Brooklyn. If you're in Boston, stop by the opening tomorrow from 8-11pm, and the show's up until Jan. 7.

Forestbound Greylock Collection

Designer Alice Saunders really made a name for herself by using vintage fabrics in her one of a kind bags under the name Forestbound. With The Greylock Collection she's trying something a little different by using new but perfectly durable materials as well as branding the bags with a handsome new logo. Read more about the collection here as well as get a closer look at all five bags. -Bob

Museum of Useful Things

The Museum of Useful Things is a store that delivers exactly what it says: a bunch of useful and well designed tools and objects that help organize, carry, measure, and do other useful tasks. The Tube Wringer would be a pretty amazing way to dispense every last bit of tooth paste. -Bob


Bring your inner geek out with these Mad Scientists Soaps by Twoeggplants.  Science not your thing?  Try the bacon scented hamburgers.


Honestly, we're excited about this! Most to-go mugs are a pain—they drip and spill, and they're hard to clean. This is a perfect solution, especially if you've already got a bunch of jars lying around. Cuppow! indeed. 

Thurlow Thurmocs American Deerskin Slippers

It's so cold today that we can't help but think that these Thurlow Thurmocs American Deerskin Slippers would be the perfect addition to our winter attire.  They're just one more reason for us to stay in and watch movies!

Corter Leather Guitar Picks

Creator of Corter Leather, Eric Heins, makes leather products by hand out of his own apartment in Boston, causing each item to be a little different than the next.  These leather Guitar Picks come in different levels of thickness and eventually mold to your grip, making them a treat for your fingers.

Project Repat

When I donate an old T-shirt to a store like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, I don't actually know where it will go. I just assumed it would end up on a young American hipster. But chances are, it's going to end up in a place like Kenya or Costa Rica! Due to an abundance of donated T-shirts in these countries, Project Repat comes in and buys those T-shirts, re-sells them in America, then donates the profits to charities in those countries. They recently set up a kickstarter campaign to help local artisans make products out of T-shirts. I think it's a really cool and creative project. Who knew T-shirts could make such a difference? - Hazel


These leather bags from Rennes are perfect for fall!  Their designer, Julia, makes them straight out of Boston—drafting, stitching and sewing them all by hand.


By hunting for materials all over New England, Forestbound designer/organic farmer Alice Saunders has managed to create a line of salvaged tote bags almost as interesting as the fabrics they're made from– a stock which includes army duffles, old feed sacks and WWII tents.

Tallahassee "Jealous Hands"

Tallahassee, our favorite band named after a town in Florida that none of them are from, just released their debut album, Jealous Hands, yesterday. As My Old Kentucky Blog said, the album is full of 'moonshine-sippin' murder ballads.' But even if you have no plans to drink illegal alcohol and commit felonious sins, this is one of those albums that's bound to become the soundtrack for something important. 

Secret Generator Series: The Neon Indian Video

For the second and final concert of the Secret Generator Series from Levi's + Urban Outfitters, Neon Indian played a free show powered by a generator in an abandoned power plant in Boston.  It was an amazing time, but if you didn't make it we've got you covered with video footage from our friends at Yours  Be sure to watch the footage from the Deerhunter show in Chicago here

Secret Generator Series: The Neon Indian Show

This Sunday was the finale of the Levi's + UO Secret Generator Series, with an amazing concert from Neon Indian at the Power Station in Boston. The generator-powered show's location was kept under wraps until just days before it happened, but a great group of people kept up with our picture clues so they could catch Alan and his band in the chilly weather and grab UO gift cards.  We'll post videos soon, and be sure to check out what went down at the Deerhunter show in Chicago here

Secret Generator Series: Boston Venue

Neon Indian will play the Levi's + Urban Outfitters Secret Generator Series show Sunday, October 3 at the Power Station at 540 Harrison Ave in South Boston. 

Time: Doors open at 3pm and the show starts at 4pm

Additional Info: 
-The show is FREE!!
-First come first served.  
-PLUS we're giving away UO gift cards courtesy of UO and Levi's at the show. Tweet pics from the show to @urbanoutfitters with the tag #UOxLEVIS and you could get one.  Follow us on Twitter for more information. 

Get pumped up for the show by reading our interview with Neon Indian here

Secret Generator Series: Boston Venue Hint 3

Neon Indian is playing a free concert somewhere in Boston this Sunday, but we can't tell you where until tomorrow.  We can tell you the show is powered by a generator, so it could happen almost anywhere.  This is a picture clue of the venue– if you recognize it, tell everyone still trying to figure it out on our Facebook page.  Then, check back tomorrow for the official announcement and we'll fill you in on the details.