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UO Beauty: Spring Nails

Since we’ve finally made it through the winter (the horrible, terrible winter) and have a fresh new batch of nail polishes available, we thought this would be the perfect time to get our nails all done up for Spring. Heading out after work with our favorite polishes in tow, we visited Heritage Nails in Philadelphia where nail artist Hani Na worked her magic on us. See the result of her hard work below, as well as some of our favorite tips and tricks for keeping nails lookin’ gooood. Katie

UO Parisian and Art School polishes

1. Use oil to set your manicure. There's like, real nail oil you can use, but in my obsessive perusing of the internet, I've learned that cooking oil does the trick just as well. Just make sure you're careful with where you're spraying or you'll end up with a fine mist of cooking oil on everything you own.

2. This Nail Rescue Kit is actually one of my favorite things in the entire world. The little cuticle snipper is highly addictive. If I don't have time for a real manicure (which is basically all the time), I like to clean up my cuticles and then moisturize with Egyptian Magic. Top it all off with a fresh coat of polish and it's almost as good as going to the salon.

UO Left Bank polish

3. For fine, straight lines, it's always possible to freehand designs with Nail Art Pens, but if you've got shaky baby hands like me, then using Scotch tape to block off sections is always a better option. Just make sure that you stick the tape on your hand a couple of times to get rid of some of the stickiness before putting it on your nails. The Beauty Dept. has some good examples of taped off manicures.

UO Blue Jean and Optic White polish

4. If you're super bad at painting on only your nails, another good trick is to rub some Vaseline or lotion on your cuticles before painting. That way, if you end up smushin' some polish on there, it'll be easier to take off. (I know some people who paint their fingers all willy-nilly and then take a shower to remove the excess nail polish from their cuticles, but that just seems soooo tedious. PRO-TIP FOR YOU.)

5. If you have some nail polish that has thickened over time, DON'T PUT NAIL POLISH REMOVER IN IT! It's a good quick fix if you're antsy, but over time, it'll just make the nail polish even weirder. Instead, pop some clear polish in there. It should thin the polish out enough to use it again and it won't break down over time like nail polish remover would. MAGIC.

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UO Beauty: Obsessed with Oils

Oils. Everyone's talking about them. For your skin, your hair, your your oatmeal. Don't know your argan from your marula? Robin Black of Beauty is Boring breaks it down for us, so you can reap the beauty benefits of the luscious stuff. Read the full feature here.

UO Beauty: On-the-Road Hair

With her beaten-up cowgirl boots, artfully thrown-on tie-dye wrap skirt and perfectly disheveled hair, Diane Birch is the epitome of the smoldering singer-songwriter. She oozes equal parts elegance and earthiness; style and soul, and somehow manages to make ‘I’ve been touring for days and have barely slept, never mind washed my hair’ scenarios look seriously attractive. How, we wonder? And so, we grilled her about her on-the-road beauty tricks, musical influences and her new album Speak a Little LouderAnd, with the help of hair stylist Sera Sloane, we show you how to create her I’m-with-the-band textured hair in our exclusive UO Beauty Video
Photography by Mike Persico

Hi Diane! How long have you been a touring musician?
I guess I’ve been making music seriously for about six years…scary! [laughs]. And I’ve been touring on and off for the last five years.

What was your first touring experience like and how did you become comfortable with life on the road?
When my first record came out, I sort of got thrown into the whole thing. I hadn’t really toured with a whole band before and suddenly I was doing things like opening for Stevie Wonder and playing festivals. It was really exciting. I was a little freaked out at first because I wasn’t really prepared for it, but I think with anything you do, when you’re repetitive about it, you get into a flow and you learn your craft. So just doing it and practicing at it has made me a lot more comfortable. I love feeding off the crowd and the energy of the people.

Do you like being on tour?
I like being on the road a lot. It gets a little draining after a while and the novelty kind of wears off. I find myself dreaming about wanting to do laundry or get a coffee on my corner and wake up late, but it’s really fun, there’s a high energy to it. It’s fun to always be in new city and meeting new people and you never know what’s going to happen. I think to have a break in-between is definitely the best scenario.

What are some essentials for the road?
I definitely like to make it feel as homey as possible. I’m really into smells—I love incense, I love perfume. Every time I’m in a hotel room I’ll burn some incense or some sage and I’ll put my oils around. Sometimes I do yoga if there’s room in the hotel or else I just resort to eating multiple bags of chips during the day and scrap the whole health thing for a while! But I try to keep myself feeling good, because although it sounds really glamorous to go out to crazy parties every single night, it’s not really realistic when you’re working hard everyday—you also need to be healthy. I definitely like to take care of myself. Pampering as much as possible and finding people in different cities to give me a massage! 

How do you take care of your hair when you’re travelling?
Being on the road, you definitely have to be prepared to not be able to change in your hotel room or find even a bathroom with good lighting, so you have to be ready in the morning to have everything you need. I wear a lot of hats! If I feel like I hate my hair that day, I just throw a hat on. I use a lot of dry shampoo because sometimes you don’t have time to wash your hair, and that tends to be the perfect cure for grease or flatness. I use a lot of coconut oil—I use it all over my body and if my hair starts getting dry I put it on the ends, so that’s an all-purpose balm that I use. I do blow-dry my bangs pretty much every day, as much as I can find a hair dryer! If the rest of my hair is totally whack, but my bangs are still fine, I feel like I have some control. That’s the general routine.

Tell us about your new record…
I was excited to finally release my new album in October. And it’s great. I’d been working on it for such a long time and there had been a large gap of time between the release of my first record, so it was this big letting go of all of this energy and emotion tied to it. It was really fun to finally get out of the studio and get on the road and start seeing a different side of the music that I created. 

How would you describe your sound?
I don’t really know how to describe my sound; I’ve lost the plot even trying to understand what I do or make! I sort of embrace this emotional side of myself and I’m liberated by being able to express myself in all facets of emotion with my music. I have a definite pop sensibility—it doesn’t evoke the most modern pop but I’m inspired by classic pop: ’70s, ’80s, ’90s…. Even ’80s adult contemporary…I want to be like Phil Collins, basically. I love Tears for Fears, Peter Gabriel, and I’m inspired by a lot of female artists on this record: Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Tina Turner. Women who were really okay with being vulnerable and that, in a way, was being powerful.

What’s up next for you?
I’m going to be doing a lot of touring in the coming months. I’m going to Asia, Europe, England…so that will be a lot of fun. I’m working on some side projects and doing other things, musically, that I guess people wouldn’t associate me to do, so it’s great for me, because my whole goal as an artist is to not be pigeonholed in one area. I have a lot of friends in music and I’m really excited to do different side projects and put out EPs and things like that. A lot of that stuff is to come soon.

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UO Beauty: Pop of Color

Makeup artist and photographer Robin Black of Beauty is Boring shows us how to add a pop of color to your look for Spring using new products from our Beauty Shop. Read the full feature here.

UO Beauty: Do The Twist

Braids don't have to be uptight and complicated. With the help of New York hairstylist Sera Sloane, we embrace a simple, lived-in braid that feels fresh for spring. "The messier, the better," says Sloane of this relaxed, updated take on the style. "You don't want to see perfect lines." Watch our video and see the rest of the feature here.

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Cult Beauty: Etta and Billie

Alana Rivera is the woman behind Etta and Billie, the handcrafted skincare line we have to thank for this delicious Horchata soap. Alana was kind enough to let us know a little bit about her business, how she uses her essential oils, and the surprising scent mistakes she's made over the years.
Interview by Katie Gregory

How did you get your shop up and running?  
I started soap making in 2006 while working an extremely soul-sucking job. I enjoyed the product making process so much that I decided to turn it into a business. But, it was a very gradual process. I went to get a certificate in Herbalism in 2008 and launched the business in 2009 on Etsy. Then I got my first wholesale account, more followed, and things grew steadily from there. I quit my day job in the Fall to follow my dream full-time.

What is your favorite product you sell?
My favorite product is body oil but soap is by far my favorite thing to make because I get to be really creative. The product that many customers keep coming back for are the scrubs, especially the Grapefruit Cardamom. People love the combination. (It's one of my personal favs, too.)

Body oils seem so amazing, but we're lost! How do you recommend we use yours?  
Body oils can definitely seem a bit intimidating, but they are surprisingly versatile once you know what to do. I use my body oil like a lotion, as a hair treatment and in the bath. If applying like a body lotion, apply a few drops right after you get out of the bath or shower (you can even apply some as a face moisturizer in a pinch or if you have dry skin). I rub a drop through my hair when it's wet as a leave-in conditioner and sometimes use a tiny bit on dry hair to tame frizz. Adding a drop or two to your bath is a really wonderful way to add scent and moisture. I always take a small bottle with me when I travel because it's so multipurpose.

Did you ever mix up a scent you thought would be amazing that just… wasn't?
Yes, although most of them turned into scents other people love. When I first formulated the Cedarwood and Bitter Orange soaps, I was going for completely different scents. For the Bitter Orange, I had envisioned a really lovely citrus-sweet orange-blossom type scent (I was going to call it Orange Blossom). When I mixed up the scent, it just smelled intensely bitter, nothing like I had imagined. I was able to add some additional essential oils to get it closer to what I had wanted, but there is only so much adding you can do before it really starts to get worse! When I poured the soap, I just hoped for the best. After the curing process, I still didn't like it and wasn't sure if anyone else would either but it was so pretty that I had to take it to craft shows with me. So I re-named it Bitter Orange, and to my surprise, people actually really like it. It's a seasonal soap, so I only make it a few months out of the year but it has some die-hard fans that would love to be able to get it year round.  

When you go about mixing up something like the Horchata scent, how long does it take you to get it right?
The Horchata took only two batches to become perfect. It was mostly just fine tuning the scent strength. It all depends on the how complicated the scents are, but I usually get it right within two batches or less. I don't do small test batches. I just get an idea, sketch out how I want the soap to look, think about the scent, sniff a few bottles of essential oil, come up with a scent recipe and go for it!

What are some of your favorite gifts to give for the holidays?
I love finding a unique item for each person on my list, whether it's jewelry, ceramics or a great printed t-shirt. Or giving something that I've made myself, like vanilla extract or rosemary salt.  

Favorite gifts to receive?
I always enjoy getting items that are something I may have mentioned in passing to a friend or family member and then forgot all about it until it shows up. I love a surprise!

What's next for Etta + Billie?
Well, I've always got ideas for new products; developing new ideas is one of my favorite things to do. I'll likely be adding candles and liquid soap to my offerings next year. As far as scents go, I'm toying with a scent based on Dynamo Donuts', iconic Maple Bacon Apple donut or one of my other favorites, the Chocolate Rosemary Almond donut.

Where can we find you online?
Check out my website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Obsessions: Sara M. Lyons

Sara M. Lyons is one of our favorite illustrators on the 'net, and lucky for us she sells her "Creepy Cute" nail decals online right here at Urban Outfitters. We wanted to find out a little bit more about this self-proclaimed "professional weirdo," so we asked her about her illustrations, her favorite nail inspo, and whether or not she hates Tumblr.
Interview by Katie Gregory

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sara M. Lyons and I'm an artist and illustrator from Southern California. I just moved back to Orange County after almost ten years in Long Beach, and I'm now enjoying living in the shadow of Disneyland. I make stuff inspired by punk rock, comics, cartoons, pop culture, and what I think of as my version of the American teen girl experience. I like to call myself a professional weirdo, because so much of what I create is informed by having been a weird kid.

What is your favorite thing you've ever drawn?
Oh man. I'm really proud of "Fast Cars, Cheap Thrills," the Lindsay Lohan piece I did for Von Zos, and I love my Creepy Cruisers flash. But more than my finished pieces, I think I tend to like the little doodles and things I do in my sketchbook, silly stuff that often turns into the motifs and designs I use for things like my nail decals and digital drawings.

Your "Whatever, Forever" hands have been reblogged all over the place. Overall, has Tumblr been a positive outlet for you, or is it frustrating due to the number of times you may not be credited?
I have a love-hate relationship with Tumblr, and I think any artist that uses the site would agree. I think it's a great tool for artists as far as getting your work out there, but I do think there can be a big disconnect for a lot of the site's users -- people just click reblog and feel that they now have some kind of ownership over what they're posting. Tumblr is an awesome resource for inspiration, but it's frustrating to see it being used as a stock images library. I think that people forget there's an artist on the other end of everything they're reblogging. I'd like to see the site be more proactive about educating its users about intellectual property, but at the end of the day, I'm just glad my work is reaching so many people.

Who are some illustrators that you're a fan of?
Dan DeCarlo is probably my biggest influence -- I grew up on Betty and Veronica, so there's a lot of DeCarlo in my work. I love Edward Gorey for the creepiness factor, as well as texture. I love his drawings of mysterious women in furs. Right now I'm also really into the cool, girly work of ladies like Jen Oaks, Mel Stringer and Tuesday Bassen, and I have to give shoutouts to my talented artist friends Jennie Cotterill and Nancy Chiu.

We're currently selling your "Creepy Cute" nail decals. Do you have plans to produce more sets?
I just came out with a new set of designs called "Sweet & Creepy" in my Etsy shop, which I like to think of as the sister to my "Cute & Sleazy" sets. They're just a mix of 60 different designs with no real theme. I think I'll always keep doing new sets with designs that have no rhyme or reason, but I also have some themed packs in mind for 2014 -- some fairy tale motifs and more alphabet sets are in the works. I also just started producing all-over nail prints of designs like pizza and UFOs, so I'll definitely be experimenting more with those.

When you're doing your own nails, what do you like to get done? Do you have any nail inspo you'd like to share?
I have acrylics that I keep filed pointy and I'm obsessed with them. I like my shit to be over the top -- I love loading on a bunch of 3D nail art, but all the charms and stones snag my sweaters during the colder months, so right now I'm really into holographic glitter. Some of my very favorite Instagram nail artists are @heynicenails, @thisisvenice, and @astrowifey. I make my artist boyfriend JOSHR do my nails for me sometimes too! (He likes it.) (Really.)

Do you have any secret nail tips you'd like to share with us? Any amazing under-the-radar Etsy nail shops?
I get almost all of my nail supplies from local swap meets and discount stores, but Pepper Lonely's "nail art deco" section on Etsy is the closest online approximation to the nail art booth at the Anaheim Indoor Swap Meet.

We love your style. What are you constantly on the lookout for when you're shopping?
I kind of dress like a cartoon -- I like bold prints and a limited color palette, so I gravitate towards stuff that's a little outrageous but easy to wear. I'm always looking for sweaters and tees with weird graphics or patterns, things that I can mix in with some basic staples and my motorcycle boots or Converse. I also have a weakness for quirky accessories -- novelty sunglasses, printed tights, patterned socks, silly jewelry... Oh god, just GIVE IT TO ME. I feel like the older I get the more I have a sense of humor about clothes.

Where can we find you online?
Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr!

Model Moment: Anais Pouliot

While in town for the 2013 Holiday Surprise Party shoot, angel-faced model Anaïs Pouliot chatted to us in-between takes about her career and what she gets up to on her days off. Ally

Name: Anaïs Pouliot
Current location: NYC
Hometown: Terrebonne, a suburb of Montreal in Quebec, Canada
Height: 5'10"
Agency: The Society
Astrological sign: Cancer
What you were doing before you started modeling? I was a high school student.
How did you get discovered? I went with my parents to an agency in Montreal. They immediately took me.
What was your first big break? Working for Prada, I believe.
When you're not working, what will we find you doing? Cooking, reading, pilates, yoga, hiking…
Favorite food? Any good homemade food.
What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Make tea or coffee.
What's your off-duty beauty routine? In the morning: Cleaning my face, applying a little bit of concealer under the eyes and some mascara. At night: Making sure all makeup is removed and applying a nice hydrating cream.
What's your number one beauty tip? Curling my eyelashes! It makes my eyes look more open and awake.
Do you have any special skills? I can run in high heels!
What's your life motto? Try and try until you succeed.

Now, strike a pose!

Follow the lovely Anaïs on Instagram and Twitter @Anais_Pouliot!

Beauty DIY: Shimmer Eye Makeup

Need some beauty inspiration for the upcoming winter months? Here are two easy and fun eye makeup tutorials - a colorful cat-eye, and a glittery smoky eye. Even the biggest makeup novices will be able to pull these simple tutorials off!

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Cult Beauty: TONYMOLY

If you've got a penchant for lip gloss and heart meltingly cute animals, then you'll definitely want to delve into the cat-adorned cosmetics brand TONYMOLY. The line has a great mix of items, including lip glosses, face mists, lotions, face masks, solid perfumes and more. (And they're all packaged adorably, which is the most important takeaway here, people.) —Katie

The 411: TONYMOLY is a South Korean brand that was founded way back in 2006. While all their products aren't shaped like a cat, the ones that are became something of a cult hit over here in the U.S. Until this year, though, the products were nearly impossible to find in the states. Unless you were ordering from shady sellers on Amazon or buying overseas, you likely couldn't get your hands on these gems. But that's not the case anymore, because now the TONYMOLY brand is available on our site for the first time ever. (You're welcome.)

Why we love it: The packaging, DUH! Because, hello, look at how cute these things are!? Who wouldn't want to slather apple-scented moisturizer onto their face from an apple-shaped container? If only all my moisturizer containers were so literal, life would be a lot more fun. Plus, the little bunny lip crayons are the perfect conversation starters. If you're feeling a little lonely at school, just whip one of them out and watch everyone jump over themselves to marvel over how adorable you are.

We want: Everything? But the products that I loved the most were the Hello Bunny Perfume Bars (above). The scents are far from sophisticated, but they remind me of high school, in a good way. My favorite scent was Pom Pom (aka Green Tea) - it smelled like a sweeter, punched-up version of actual green tea. The perfumes are easy to rub on, and I found that the scents actually lingered for most of the day. Score. The tubes are adorable (BUNNIES! BOW-TIES!), and their pastel colors and chunky shape helps them stay visible in the bottomless cave that I call a purse.

Interview: JC Coccoli

JC Coccoli is pretty. Like, really pretty. She's also funny. Like, really funny. I KNOW, I KNOW, that combo isn't ever allowed to happen... but guess what bitches, IT DID. Because JC's also just super cool and down to earth (srsly is this girl an alien? Too perfect...ugh.), she took a moment out of her beautiful, hilarious day to talk to us about life in the comedy world, tips on flirting, and then we made her brag about all of the cool things she gets to do!
Interview by Ally Mullen

Hey JC! Break it down for us: tell us who you are and what you do with your time!

'Sup cuite pies! I am JC Coccoli and I am a comedian, actress, writer and self-titled fashion guru originally born in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a standup comedian by night, and a auditioning rat by day. I’m on a show on MTV called Hey Girl directed by Wet Hot American Summer veteran Michael Showalter (He loves cats!). I also have a hip YouTube show out on @ThePlatformYT called Dear JC, where I weirdly give relationship advice in a very cray cray tongue in cheek way.

How did you get started in the comedy world?
Growing up in Pittsburgh I got familiar with irony and sarcasm fairly quickly, so I developed a sense of humor that I remember made a lot of my family laugh hard. My mom would listen to George Carlin a ton and watched endless episodes of Roseanne and COPS and I was hooked finding things in life that were silly. I did my first open mic in Florida in the student union of a college. It was a trainwreck and after that I kept wanting to go up.

How about your first real show... how was it?
Ha ha. I killed! I mean, I know it's on tape somewhere so others might beg to differ. But in my mind, I ripped it. I remember it was all dudes and their material was so lame and hacky and I asked to go up thinking, “I’m gonna blow the roof off!” And they said they were booked but they could give me three minutes. So I ran into the bathroom and wrote “bits” down. I think I had material on Mandy Moore, Miller Lite commercials and that old way we used to call collect using 10-10-220. Remember that? Ha. So embarrassing. 

What was your biggest flop? 
Biggest flop... I remember after a show here in L.A. I ate it hard. And went into the back parking lot and rolled into the fetal position and just stared at the ground and then a busboy came out and told me to keep my head up, it’s no big deal. And, then he offered me steamed broccoli cause he was about to throw it out. I was like “You know what, he’s right!”

And what about your biggest success?
Biggest success to date? I mean, as long as I’m having fun at what I’m doing I’m succeeding. My dad just said that to me. And, I trust him because he did a ton of drugs in the '60s.

Tell us about Hey Girl. What's the show about and what part do you have in the show?
Hey Girl is a show about real girls talking about the ins and outs of dating, relationships, fashion and basically life’s little slip-ups that teach you things. It was an insanely talented cast of comedians and bloggers that were brought together for sketches, man on the street commentary and Vlogging to a camera about things that girls really talk about. It was directed by Michael Showalter. So that was dope. 

Can you give us some examples of the topics you'll be talking about? Which was your favorite to talk about?
Flirting, when to say "I love you," sexting, dirty talk, what to wear if you care, what women do to up keep their look. That one was my favorite, because guys have no clue what we do to upkeep this mess called a women’s body. So that was fun. 

Episode one focuses on flirting. Give us five tips to on how to flirt to get the guy (or girl) that you want!
Flirting with dudes: Stay calm, make eye contact, be bold, make the move, and then never respond to texts right away. Flirting with girls: Appear busy, make the plans, be funny in a natural way, don’t be a dick because you think you’re funny, and be a man on the date for god’s sakes—no splitting the tab!

What are your biggest Liz Lemon-style "IT'S A DEALBREAKER, LADIES!" well, um... deal breakers?
When you’re a bad tipper at restuarants. When you split the bill, When you talk shit on your ex-girlfriend, if you talk bad about your current job, if you DON’T HAVE A JOB, if you hate your mom, if you are super negative about life, and if you never have a condom on you. Come on what are you, nuts?!

What do you think girls need the MOST help with in life? Give them some advice about it!
Girls are emotional by nature so they tend to take things WAY more serious than guys do. I’ve noticed this myself; I want everything to have a plan and I need to know why and how and so when people say bad things about me, my first instinct is to react and you know what? Life does not have to be dramatic. It does NOT have to be so damn serious. Laugh it all off. Why talk shit about others? It’s gross and it puts you in a bad place. Go out and live life, and have fun, and love and smile. Don’t feed into the drama. You weren’t programmed to bitch and moan all day. There’s is more to life than that. Also, being comfortable just being yourself. I think that is what girls are struggling with a lot more nowadays. We have so many images coming in and out of brains that tell us to be cool, dress like this, wear makeup like that, be this be that. I think the most sexy thing is confidence and independence from the masses. Just being who you are. No matter how weird or unnattractive it may be to others. Just do you and do you all the way.
OMG that made me tear up...

Who are some of your favorite comedians on the show? Off of the show? #1 of ALL TIME?
On the show, OMG. little Esther Povitsky cracks my shit up. Her and I in a room together is probably the best time a person can have. She has a comedic cadence about her that is so infectious. We were filming a scene and I had tears in my eyes from her riffing. Holding myself together was tough. Also, Ali Wong is just unreal. She is so tiny and such a spitfire chick with the funniest opinions about life and what we’re doing on this planet. Good chicks. Off the show. I mean, Hannibal Buress is king. Dude is such a nice guy and just has such a chill stage presence that blows crowds away. Kyle Kinane is another one. And Maria Bamford and Sarah Silverman are just two people I can always watch and be like, damn I love my job. Also, he’s not a comic but I have to say it: I’m in love with Colin Hanks. There I said it!

Show off a bit. Tell us all about what you're working on now, your past work, and what you want to do, I mean, WILL DO, in the future!
So there’s the show Hey Girl for MTV and I am developing another show for MTV based off of my YouTube page. So fingers crossed that goes. I have a relationship advice show out now that airs every other Monday on @ThePlatformYT and its called Dear JC (see opening question!). It’s pretty epic if you like your advice with a bit of tender sass. I finished VH1’s Best Week Ever, did the Chelsea Lately panel and a weirdly funny interview with Keith Olbermann about politics. I am writing sketches weekly for a kids’ network which has been really weird and fun, since in my head I’m still a 10-year-old girl that wishes she got her period like everyone else. I’m still working with @HelloGiggles on projects, talking about Champagne Problems, and now auditioning like a mad woman for whatever comes next. All of it is good.

For my final question... On a scale of one to ten, how pretty ARE you? How about on the inside?
I’m way too pretty to be on a scale, to be honest.

For more on JC, click all of the links we've provided for you and follow her on Twitter @JCcoccoli.

Spooky Beauty: Vampy Lips

October is an excellent time to amp up your beauty game, especially by working a little spookiness into your everyday makeup looks. One look you can try this month is a dark, vampy lip, inspired by wonderful ladies like Morticia Addams, Buffy, the girls of The Craft, and more. You name it, and these girls looked killer. Halloween pun intended. Anyway, now is an appropriate time for you to get your vampire goth girl situation on. A red or burgundy lipstick will do the trick, and if you're really feeling scary, add some fake blood for the ultimate effect. Maddie

Get the look:

Mirabella Madame Rouge Velvet Lip Pencil

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care

Anna Sui Lip Crayon

Graftobian Halloween Makeup Kit

Graftobian Blood Gel

Dazed & Confused: "School Daze"

If you're in need of some inspiration on how to spruce up your yearbook photo this fall at school, you should definitely take a look at this editorial from the October issue of Dazed & Confused magazine. Shot by Blommers & Schumm and styled by Cathy Edwards, "School Daze" features various models in a classic school portrait setting, while wearing some of the best looks from the fall season. Plus, check out all of those rad hairstyles. I wish I looked that cool my senior year. (images via Streeters) Maddie

NYFW: Backstage with Katie Gallagher

(Photos via Katie McCurdy)

Walking down the stairs to the basement lounge at The Raven (55 Gansevoort St.), I could just FEEL that I was in Katie Gallagher's presence. Or, at least, I felt like I was walking around in a place that lived in a far corner of her mind. The lights were dim, the walls were covered in soft velvet, and everywhere you turned you were blinded by a bright stage light or the gaze of an ethereal being (hint: model) lounging on black leather couches, picking away at bowls of candy corn. It was official: photographer Katie McCurdy and I had landed smack-dab in the middle of the backstage preparations for Katie Gallagher's New York Fashion Week presentation.

I met Katie the last week in August. She invited me over to her apartment in Chinatown for a photo shoot and interview with her for a UO At Home feature (coming this October and shot by Bobby Whigham!). I had come baring T-shirt samples—they were soft, dainty and delightfully covered in Halloween-themed drawings done by the host herself.  We were photographing the Katie Gallagher X UO Collection for the first time since their creation.

Fast-forward two weeks as we were happily photographing the collection on a group of models, hand-picked to display the T-shirts as a tribute to their unique looks. After shooting a few of our favorite girls, we walked upstairs to the presentation. As we waited behind thick curtains, we anxiously awaited to see what laid ahead of us. Although we watched as each model was individually scurried up the stairs after finishing hair and makeup, we were still blown away when the curtains opened.

As we took a step forward, the air was filled with the scent of fresh flowers. The room was light and pleasant, and you were immediately greeted by a row of models, lined up one by one, each in beautifully fitting ivory, pink and black fabric ranging from sheer bodysuits to full-length dresses; leather bra tops to lacy skirts. Katie Gallagher's SS14 Collection Bloom was certainly as beautiful as it's name would suggest. 

From my first meeting with Katie, I feel I had watched her bloom myself—from a quiet girl answering the door, smiling warmly while answering questions about her family, and eventually laughing into the night as we ate tacos and drank margaritas; to a woman, standing strong and proud in the back of the room, watching the camera bulbs flashing upon her hard work as the crowd packed the room in awe, once again, of what she had created. Our acquaintanceship, though brief and business-based, gave me a sense of what Katie Gallagher is really like, and the greatness she is capable of.

A special thanks to our hosts Katie Gallagher and Chesley with One PR for letting us get in the way of things and be a part of such a special day. —Ally

Want more? Shop the Katie Gallagher X UO Collection and keep a look out for our UO At Home feature with Katie during the month of October!

Featured Brand: VERB

Hello, and welcome to our first featured brand post! In case you didn't notice, we have a ton of beauty products on our site, and a lot of them may be brands you've never heard of before. Our featured brand posts will help shed some light on these smaller, more mysterious brands.

First up is the VERB haircare line. VERB is made in Austin, TX, and it focuses on providing inexpensive but good products. We love this line because there aren't any sulfates or parabans in these products to damage your hair. Here are three of our favorites from the line! —Katie

This sea spray is amazing, and I'm not just saying that. Like, I am going to scream, "I'M IN LOVE, I'M IN LOVE, AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!" from the rooftops over this. Where other sea sprays might leave your hair feeling crispy, this stuff leaves your hair super soft. It also smells delicious, like how the beach would smell if there were no fish or sweaty people. Here is a picture of it in ACTION:

I am going to Lloyd Dobbler this sea spray salt and stand outside its house with a boom box playing "In Your Eyes," that's how much I love it.

See how good it is!? It's like the perfect amount of tousling. And un-crispiness. I wish computers had a scratch & sniff function so you could also know how good it smells, but you'll just have to take my word for it since life isn't The Jetsons yet.

VERB Ghost Oil
If you're a fan of all the Moroccan oils that are floating around out there, then you'll definitely like VERB's ghost oil. This one is a blend of Argan and Moringa oils, and it absorbs almost instantaneously. The ends of my hair are fried from continuous straightening, but this oil makes my ends look a whole lot happier. I can see this being useful for dudes, too, if they don't like putting product in their hair but still want something to keep it shiny and healthy looking.

BONUS USE: The other day I rubbed some around my cuticles and it made them look better, too. ALL-PURPOSE!

VERB Finishing Polish
This finishing polish is lightweight enough to be used on dry hair, which is awesome. Because for some reason, I just hate using product on my wet hair and then drying it. It's like, somehow it just always ends up gunkier than I wanted it to be. This finishing polish does the same as products you would blowdry in, but it's easier to control how much you're using, and you can make sure you don't end up a greaseball. I put this through all of my hair and it smoothed down flyaways and my ends. If you have finer hair, you'll want to use a lighter touch, but this is great for thick hair (which I have)!

Here is my attempt to show you that the texture is like a very light cream.

All in all, the VERB products I tried out were amazing, and if you're looking for good-smelling, cost effective products that are made in the good ol' US of A, then these are worth giving a shot, for sure. (Especially if you want to smell like a beautiful angel.)


Heart Breaker Pomade

Feltraiger you've got the best of me, but I just keep on comin' back incessantly. Oh whyyyy, did you have to wear your pomade near me? I should have know right from the start you'd go and break my heart. Gimme your hair, gimme your hair; gimme your hair, gimme your hair.

TY Mariah for that lovely hit. It fits perfectly... right? NO? Whatever. Still go buy this adorably heart breakin' pomade over at the New York-based Feltraiger store if you love everything Jay say, Jay does.

Summer Beauty Buys

In case you missed them, here are some awesome, highly-coveted beauty products that will help keep you from looking like a monster this summer. They're seriously amazing. But you don't have to take my word for it. —Katie

Water Color Hydrating Hair Color Mask
These Water Color hair masks are great because they're conditioning! So even if you're spending 85% of your time in the pool, you can still throw some color in your hair without worrying about it turning into straw. Fun and functional.

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream
This skin cream is perfect for sensitive skin, as well as skin that might be getting a little too sunkissed; it evens out skin tone and soothes burns. Magic, indeed. (Seriously, check out the reviews for this shit.)

Hologram Nail Polish
Because why wouldn't you want your nails to look like 1,000 rainbows in the summer sun?

Mermaid Perfume Spray
This perfume is light and beachy, perfect for summertime.

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Styler Hairbrush
This brush is designed to be used in the shower which means it's also perfect for the beach and pool!

VERB Conditioning Leave-In Mist
Assuming everyone spends like 94% of their summer at the pool and not at work, this stuff is a godsend for dry, chlorine-y hair.

Lime Crime Nail Polish
The coolest pastel nail polish ever. Check out the other colors!!

Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray
Whatever, don't ask why you're spending money on water in a can, just trust that the French know what they're talking about and that this shit works. Your skin will stay hydrated and happy.

Sky Ferreira for InStyle

Sky Ferreira did a cute photoshoot for the July 2013 InStyle and she's lookin' like an extra on the set of Mad Men which is a fun change from her usual "girly-grunge" look. But also I forever love Sky so she can really do no wrong in my book. Apparently her album I Will is going to be dropping in September, so let's hope that's for real since this album is like, perpetually getting pushed back. Whatever, I'll keep patiently waiting because TRUE LOVE WAITS. —Katie

Northside Festival Street Style

We all know Brooklynites brings it on the daily, but during festivals they vamp it up even more. Here are some of our favorite looks from the weekend (if only we could have got them all!)

CollegeHumor's Jake Hurwitz with a broken foot at The Walkmen—OH THE IRONY.

Beauty Trend: Fake A Shower

Summertime equals camping, music festivals, road trips... you name it! Along these trips you might find yourself in need of a shower. In most of these places, you'll find showers don't exist, sadly, so therefore you must fake one! Personally, there are some things that I just need when I travel, and one of those is a shower! Below you'll find various products that will help you do what you gotta do when you're out on the road, in the wilderness, or in the blazing hot sun at a music festival this summer! Maddie

skyn ICELAND Cleansing Cloths
First of all, you must bring along a pack of all purpose cleansing cloths for when you need to wipe away the grime.

Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray
For those times you may not want to wash your face in the morning with lake water.

The Gnarly Whale Unisex Body Spray
Things are always more pleasant when the whole group you're with smells nice, so take this unisex body spray for that reason!

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Styler Hairbrush
No need to worry about those tangles anymore, plus this hairbrush comes in several other cute colors.

Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo
You think you might be able to go a few days without washing your hair, but trust me, it's not fun. Thankfully, dry shampoo is here to rescue you. Spray it right on, and watch the icky oils go away!

skyn ICELAND Relief Eye Pen
Because droopy eyes are no fun.

Roberts Florentine Rose Water
Rose Water is the easiest way to feel refreshed after being out all day, spritz a little on your face and you'll feel 500 times better.

Shop 'Fake A Shower.'