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Foxygen: "We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic" Video

A question that has been running through my mind lately is "Foxygen, are you still out there?" Well apparently you are, and you've been making a glorious new video for the song "We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic." Foxygen have been on the map for quite some time now, but almost fell off when there were rumors of the band's breakup. In my opinion, it looks like they're back and ready to make you shake your hips like it's still 1969. The video for the title track of the album was directed by Will Doyle and filmed in a cemetery in Queens, New York. Check out the video for some spooky and trippy imagery, along with singer Sam France making silly faces. I love all these bands keepin' the '60s dream alive. Maddie

Daft Punk "Lose Yourself to Dance"

Here's the new Daft Punk video! My favorite part about it is how the keyboard robot has a microphone, like he's a real robot singing real robot hopes and dreams. —Katie
(via Pitchfork)

Friday the 13th Tattoos

Ben Kopp

It's Friday the 13th so you know what that means... it's time to dig through your couch and old purses for some change to take to TD Bank, so you can scrounge up enough money to get a $13 tattoo of something FT13th-inspired!  

We know tattoos last like, a really long time or whatever, so to make it easier for you to choose on this super-duper-stitious day, our lovely team in the art department have provided us with awesome designs to share with you! 

It's simple: Just print one of these bad boys out, take it to your local parlor, and get it tattooed on you! We suggest your face as the best possible spot.

P.S. If you DO happen to get one done, please send us an email of it at! —Ally

This tattoo will remain timeless as your body withers away and dies.

And it's only 13 calories!

What a tough pussy.


I feel like I just lost 10 years of my life by just POSTING this last one.

Ben Sifel
2 cute 2 resist. Seriously, try to tell me with a straight face you don't want this right now.

Sky Ferreira Announces Debut Album, 'Night Time, My Time

Recently coming down from the success of last year's Ghost EP (buy it on iTunes!), 21-year-old singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira has been teasing clips from her then untitled debut album (the title has changed like 300 times—she's either stone cold ADHD or simply indecisive) on Instagram, on stage and in tidbits of lyrics on her personal Tumblr. (Look out for the kawaii .gif of her licking the cheeks of DIIV boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith!)

It feels like over the past few years we (as in the internet) were all watching Sky in transit and expected her to takeoff in the way we wanted her to, but since she is a young woman, we should let her find her identity. Let her slip different ones on like dresses, without judgment, until she is comfortable in whatever fits best. I mean, come on; growing up in the public, real time world must be pretty scary.

Now, it feels like her time has finally come and we can't be more proud. Patience is real!

She's gone from MySpace to Ck One to the cover of literally every magazine ever, gaining her a respected crown in the indie music scene. And now, Sky Ferreira is finally releasing her debut album Night Time, My Time via Captiol Records on October 29! 

For more info, head over to Pitchfork to see the tracklisting for the album as well as her future tour dates! —Alex

Meet Alex!

And now! Introducing the newest addition to our fabulous blog team... drum roll please... ALEX!!!!

"Sup? My name is Alex. I pretty much don't leave my house because everybody is terrifying. You can find me in my room drinking a coke, watching made for TV movies on VHS from the '90s and studying the production/songwriting credits on Britney Spears' discography. Oh yeah: I recently just finished writing my first novel, YOURS TRULY, BRAD SELA."

Read more from Alex on his Twitter page @alexkazemi and be on the lookout for his posts, coming to you right... now.

Father John Misty "I'm Writing A Novel"

You know how when you've been dating someone for a while and you get to the point where you can openly talk about other people that you think are hot? And then you play the, "What celebrity do you think is the hottest?" game, which leads into the "One Free Pass" talk? You know... that talk where you agree to give one another a get out of jail free card to hook up with someone famous, but you can only choose ONE person and no one else or it's considered cheating?

Well, for me, Father John Misty's Josh Tillman is that ONE person! I mean, my lord, if his face and music alone aren't enough for you to accept my nomination, then take a few minutes to watch the video for "I'm Writing A Novel," and I'm pretty sure that after a few shakes of his hips you'll fully understand why. —Ally

Kelly Shami

Upon opening up Kelly Shami's website, I ever-so-eloquently exclaimed, "Yo, whaaaaat? This shit is soooo dooooope!" I scrolled through her website, jaw dropped and drooling, as I laid my lazy eyes on some of the coolest jewelry I've seen on the web. I don't know Miss Shami personally, but I imagine we'd get along swimmingly due to her perfectly picked (and wearable) pop-culture references.

This New York designer's work is full of creativity, fun and has a unique twist that most brands are missing these days. If what they say is true—that what you wear is a reflection of yourself—then give me a second while I pile on everything Kelly has ever created. This girl has got my vibe down to a T. here's no doubt that wearing jewelry this cool will leave a lasting impression, so ask yourself: how do you want to be remembered?

As for me, I'd just like y'all to know I am for real... foreva. Foreva eva? Foreva eva! —Ally

Tumblr: Your Birthday Personality

Over on The Hairpin, Edith Zimmerman (you know, the gal who wrote the best interview of all time), linked to this birthday personality Tumblr, and now I can't get enough. There's just something so soothing about looking up your birthday personality... and then everyone else you've ever known. Also, who doesn't love reading vague generalizations about their personalities on the internet? No one! Now, let me read your tarot.

(P.S. If you want to read more about astrology, you can also dive into this moon sign book.) —Katie

Cartoons at NYFW

In honor of the start of NYFW, Swagger New York put up a really fun post that features 6 cartoons from the '90s all decked out in designer clothes. My favorite is Sailor Moon up there. SO CUTE. The designer, Michele Moricci, also put the characters in actual clothes from the designers' F/W '13 shows. Daria is looking so elegantè. —Katie
(via R29)

UO x Rookie Presents: Rashida Jones

We recently got together with Rookie to host Rookie Fest at Space 15 Twenty in L.A. and had some very special guests drop by. Check out our exclusive video of Tavi Tulle from Rookie interviewing beautiful, naive, sophisticated, newborn baby, Rashida Jones.

I'm Pregnant

During pregnancy, it's everyone's dream to have a loving S.O. to be there for them through the ups, the downs, the mood swings and the ice cream cravings. In I'm Pregnant, the new video series starring UCB comedians Betsy Kenney and Bardia Salimi, the above scenario is just the case, except one thing... Barida's the one expecting the Kim Kardashian VIP treatment. If only Betsy could just stick that thing into Barida's belly and show him what being pregnant is ACTUALLY like. Until then, Barida, repeat after me, "I am NOT pregnant!" 

Check out the first episode above and the most recent two below!—Ally

Cat Tipi

I wonder what cats dream about. 

Do they dream about rolling around on a bed full of catnip?

Do they dream that they're trying to run but then all of a sudden find themselves sinking in quicklitter?  

Or what about flying? Do they want to be a bird? Do they want to be a bird with Ryan Gosling? Do they even know who Ryan Gosling IS? Okay now that's just silly, of course they know who he is.

I guess we'll never actually know what's going on in the mind of a cat, asleep or awake, but at least we can let them dream away their days in something really cool looking like this Cat Tipi. Not only is it purrrfect for the lil furballs in your life, but think of all the cute Instagram pictures you can take with it... OMG! It's almost worth it on that thought alone.

Interview: Amy Symonds from Calamity Pass Trading Company

Amy Symonds combines nature with artistic nurture to create beautiful hand-painted skulls and jewelry under the name Calamity Pass Trading Company. Below, she tells us about how her upbringing has influenced her, shares her work process, and teaches us what a spit bath is. Make sure to check out Amy's art, some which will be available for purchase at our new Malibu store opening on August 15!
Interview by Ally Mullen

Introduce yourself! Where are you from and what was your childhood like? Where do you live now?

Hi! I’m Amy Symonds, owner of Calamity Pass Trading Company. I live in the Never Summer Mountains, in a tiny Colorado town, very close to my childhood home where my father was the caretaker of an abandoned Fluorite mine. 

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
I am a mother, a wife, a collector and creator. 

Your work uses a lot of found and recycled materials. How much did your upbringing play a part into the materials you use?
Major!! The mine was literally a ghost town on the jagged side of a mountain. We drove snow machines to meet the school bus! We were always outside, looking for rocks, bone or arrowheads from the Ute Indians. We would snoop through abandoned miners shacks left with food in cupboards even clothes in the closets. Our favorite shack had pictures of naked ladies plastered across the wall. There were huge old mine buildings to explore made of rusty corrugated steel. This is where I fell in love with old things.

In the summer, my sisters and I would sleep outside and lay awake listening to coyotes howl. I am still so connected to nature—the smell of dirt…the wild.

Isolated and stuck together, my father (a solid, quiet, outdoorsmen,) hauled in water for bathing and drinking, and showed us how to skin an elk. My mom (an eccentric artist and free-spirit) taught us how to conserve and reuse and how to sew fabulous costumes for impromptu back porch performances. I learned to look at things in different ways.

P.S. I can also take a mean “spit bath”. (it’s not really spit, it’s using a washcloth and a very little amount of water.) Thanks mom!

What are some of the materials you work with the most? Which is the hardest? The most fun?
Most materials I work with are from nature. Porcupine Quills are the hardest. The tiny bastards make your eyes cross and poke your fingers. The most fun are animal skulls. I believe they keep and radiate their amazing wild animal spirit. I love capturing that, making it something you can hold in your hand. 

How many animal skulls do you think you have you ever made?
About 40. 

What's the process like for making them?
I hike around and find them, or local ranchers drop them on my porch. I love skulls that are old and deteriorated, the ones with half a face that look like they have been to hell and back. I also buy them from a local animal control contractor. We work together to reuse every part of the animal possible.

Then, some skulls require cleaning. This is very gross and stinky. The only one who enjoys this part is my dog. Then I paint them. I prefer to use ink as it soaks in becoming part of the bone. I free hand tiny designs into the skull, creating a folky, colorful feel. 

How long do most skulls paintings take? What's the longest you've ever worked on one, and tell us what it was/what it looked like? 
Most take about two to four hours. The most complicated went down like this: I had just scored a rad rattlesnake skin at a Mountain Man Rendezvous. I was stupidly inspired. Do you know how long it takes to recreate snakeskin on a cow skull!? Like six damn hours.

Tell us about your other works of art! 
I make one-of-a kind jewelry pieces from spent bullet casings, porcupine quills, leather and stones.

You also work with crystals. Do you believe in all of the powers that people believe they hold? What's your favorite one? 
 Yes absolutely! When you feel something from this earth in your hand, it calms you, reconnects you. Fluorite is obviously my favorite by far! 

You spend a lot of time collecting materials… things must begin to add up. Do you hold off on using them until you're ready to create the right piece? If so, what do you have the most of? Do you ever keep anything for yourself? 
I admit I have some sheds. They’re (crammed) full of fabric and fur, vintage clothing mixed with rusty machinery parts, dirty cow skulls, old bottles and wire... some pitchforks. When creating my motto goes, “One for you, one for me.”

So you'll be taking part in the opening of our UO Malibu store. What types of products will you have for sale? Any plans for opening day? 
My skulls will be featured to sell in Malibu. I am dreaming of showing up with my husband on our Harley to celebrate the opening and then cruise Highway 1 for a few days. 

Why do you think your skulls are perfect for the Malibu customer? 
Malibu is the west. Although I have never been there, it seems not so traditionally western. Like my work, it’s free spirited and bohemian, yet still has a rugged western vibe.

Give us your favorite quote about nature.
“To see the world in a grain of sand, heaven in a wildflower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour” —William Blake

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

This is essentially the Cliffs Notes for Breaking Bad. WARNING: Spoilers! Don't watch this if you're not totally caught up (or just stop it when you get to the scene you last remember, like I did... FYI: Season 4 ends at 4:30!) —Ally

Dream Catcher and Feather Shorts by reMusedClothing

These Dream Catcher and Feather shorts are fucking rad! Designed and hand bleached by reMusedClothing, an Etsy clothing line based out of Hawaii, these high waisted shorts will have your booty catching more than just dreams, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN'. —Ally

Annie "Invisible"

DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER ANNIE? She had that amazing song "Chewing Gum" that came out a million years ago (2004), then that other amazing song "My Love is Better" a few years ago, and now she's back with another great single, "Invisible." It's a little heavier on the electronic dance sound and lighter on the pop than, say, "Chewing Gum," but it's still a pretty bangin' single and definitely worth a listen. Especially if you're just trying to dance. —Katie

Comic Con: We Went To A Comedy Central Party

Right in the middle of Friday's Comic Con craziness, we took a break from waiting on line for stuff and tweeting about Teen Wolf to party with some friends from Comedy Central. It was rad. Workaholics dudes continue to be the best. And can someone please send us a Tight Butthole foam hand thing? Thank you. —Dave

Cool sunglasses, bra. (No, really. Where'd you get them?)

The perfect 2013 version of a '90s glamour shot.

Okay, Comedy Central. There are at least three of us here who need one of these. Just sayin'.

Hello, Adam. :-)

Awwwww, yeah.

This was actually shot from 400 yards away with a mega-zoon lens and it's not creepy at all. Hi. :-)


Limp Bizkit's Comeback

I think one day I'm going to write a thesis on Limp Bizkit because I'm always like, "HAHAHA, LIMP BIZKIT. WHAT A JOKE. CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT A JOKE THEY ARE?" And then I put on "Break Stuff" for three hours to illustrate my point until I realize the joke is on me because "Break Stuff" is actually delightful. Not to mention that time 2 months ago when I got almost unironically sad that Limp Bizkit's Philly show sold out before I could get tickets. Anyway, Limp Bizkit has a new video out. In 2013, even! They're doing it, guys. They're doing it. Fred's little red cap from 1997 is going to follow us to our graves <3. —Katie
(via Philebrity)


Threads for Teens

We're super excited to hear that Threads for Teens is headed to Philadelphia tomorrow, July 25, to distribute clothing from 10AM-1PM at Xfinity Live (1100 Pattison Ave). We'll be heading out in the morning to check out the mobile boutique, so check back tomorrow for photos from the event!

"About: Threads for Teens is a clothing boutique located in Windsor, CA. We provide clothing to girls who are in foster care, group homes, and extreme situations of poverty. This summer, 2013, we are taking Threads for Teens to the road with our mobile boutique to outfit 1000 girls in a brand-new outfit!"

Learn more and follow along with their summer travels on their website!

Cool Art: Bobby Griffiths

Sometimes the UO blog readers submit something to us and we just have to share. Such is the case with Bobby Griffiths. When he sent us a link to his website Gutter Magic, we fell in love. His illustrations are sometimes surreal, sometimes cute, but always awesome. If you'd like to see more of Bobby, you can also follow him on Tumblr. Go, Bobby, go! (Seriously, his shit is great. Check it.) —Katie