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Valentine's Mixtape by Lonely

It's OK to be lonely this Valentine's Day. We like our romance served year-round, anyhow. We do, however, see it as an excuse to gift ourselves a little self-love token from our favorite New Zealand lingerie purveyors, the very aptly named Lonely. And if you're hell-bent on wallowing in solitude, the designers (who just so happen to be a romantic couple, too--awww) have dedicated a mixtape filled with alternative love songs to all you lonely hearts out there. Plus, a sneak peak of their new collection! --Natalie 

The Playlist:
The Vaseline's: Molly's Lips
Daniel Johnston: True Love Will Find You in the End
The Runways: Cherry Bomb
Oasis: Songbird
Old Crow Medicine Shop: Wagon Wheel
Dead Moon: Play With Fire
Neil Young: Harvest Moon
Fleetwood Mac: The Chain
Yeah Yeah Yeah's: Maps
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

Lonely Hearts Spring 2013


For Spring 2013 New Zealand's Lonely Hearts had The Cramps, R.L. Stine's teen book series Goosebumps and sci-fi horror on the brain and '90s rap on the stereo. The result? A collection, dubbed Badsville, that's high on stonewash denim, tartan velvet and electric blue leopard print. The silhouettes that have become Lonely Hearts signatures—fit and flare mini-dresses, silk tap shorts, and micro motorcycle jackets—are all there, while peekaboo sheer pieces and lingerie-inspired tops clash with baseball shirts, graphic punk tees and pegged leather pants, all fit for a girl who skateboards from naughty to nice to tomboy with the greatest of ease. —Natalie

Nine Lives by twentysevennames

The numbers are coming up in New Zealand at the mo, where the good folks at twentysevennames have unveiled their latest collection Nine Lives. The range seems to take its lead from straight-A school girls, sporty chicks, girls next door, and girls behind the back shed—proof that there's more than one way to live, and you can look damn fine whichever way you choose! - Nadia


Not sure why this little model lady looks so cross, because the new SS 12/13 collection of BLAK Luxe Luxe is so sweet and pretty it makes me want to smile and flirt a bit. Perhaps it has something to do with the rumoured 'switch-blade' patterning hidden in the floral prints. Owch. - Nadia

OPOSSOM "Blue Meanies"

Combine an episode of the Power Rangers with 3D glasses, clips of Yellow Submarine, and two tabs of acid, and you'll get OPOSSOM's Blue Meanies video.  Directed by Sam Kristofski, the video features model Zippora Seven as she walks through the woods and runs into some pretty weird folk.  We can't get enough of the '50s style hypnoses, old-school action TV show vibe, and psychedelic watercolor animations—it's our new favorite.

Ladyhawke APP Virtual Reality

While all the other musos were making videos, Ladyhawke was making an app. Using it is easy. Click here if you're on iPhone. Click here if you're on Android. Download the thing, select Virtual Reality, then hold your phone up to the above vid and press play. -Nadia

Karen Walker's 'Sea Monsters'

Karen Walker unleashed some of the world's prettiest sea monsters on the runway in New York recently, taking her inspiration from Jules Verne's novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. There was no narwhal in sight, just brilliant coral prints, luminous gold fabrics and some Captain Nemo-style tailoring. - Nadia

Deadly Ponies 'Hurrichain' AW12 Jewelry

The moss jewelry in Deadly Ponies' AW12 'Hurrichain' collection is beyond my favorite. I think moss is one of the prettiest things on the planet and for them to make each of these pieces resemble being covered in such a beautiful texture is just exquisite. X - Jen

Stolen Girlfriends Club Zee Zee Boots

Stolen Girlfriends Club can happily dress you from head to toe and I am more than obsessed with their second round of footwear and these Zee Zee boots! X - Jen

Meadowlark Arrowhead Collection

If it was up to me, I'd wear a new piece from Meadowlark every week. Just so happens they keep turning out the most admirable pieces with every new collection, like the Arrowhead set seen above! X - Jen

I Am Packed

A look in a closet is one thing but what you pack in your suitcase is quite another. With that said, I Am Packed is another genius project from Adam Bryce. Take a look into what some very cool minds are really bringing along with them on their next adventure! X - Jen

NZFW Stolen Girlfriends Club

Stolen Girlfriends Club rarely do things by halves. For winter 2012 they traveled into the depths of Russia and came back with the kind of coat you want to shoot vodka in. The wider collection also references a darker kind of nomad using skeleton lace, faux fur finishes and Day of the Dead skulls. - Nadia

NZFW Jimmy D

Jimmy D's futuristic metal babes smoked up the catwalk at New Zealand Fashion Week. Mystics, warriors, witches, punks, barbarians and urban tribes were all referenced in a garments that wandered from romantic silk georgette to rough-and-tumble mesh. - Nadia

NZFW twenty-seven names

twenty-seven names tried something different this New Zealand Fashion Week by ditching the catwalk for the gallery. The one night photo show at Hopkinson Cundy featured large format prints of babe-ing model Ngahuia Williams in the label's latest styles alongside sketches by t-sn's Rachel Eastling (who also has a fine art degree, clever lady!). - Nadia

NZFW 2011

New Zealand's had a rough time this past year, but the island is nothing if not resilient - and super talented. Speaking of which, New Zealand Fashion Week starts today showcasing the smarts of our favorite Kiwi labels like: Blak, Jimmy D, Huffer, Lonely Hearts, Stolen Girlfriends Club, twenty-seven names, WORLD and Zambesi. We'll be posting the best bits over the next week. - Nadia

Stolen Girlfriends Club x Jeffrey Campbell

Oh you had better believe the coolest label from NZ, Stolen Girlfriends Club, have just made their very first shoe with Jeffrey Campbell and it is totally ripping!! Whether you wear them with bell-bottoms or cutoffs, these high heeled boots (which also come in a nearly knee high) are going to look bitchin' with everything! X - Jen

Deadly Ponies A/W 11

It seemed like there was no way Deadly Ponies could top their last killer collection but boy did they prove me wrong. All the new pieces for A/W are above and beyond amazing and this is just the tip of the iceberg. X - Jen

Meadowlark Stella Vespertina

The latest collection from my favorite jewelers Meadowlark (who I've been lucky to collaborate with once) is titled Stella Vespertina and has all kinds of dark inspirations. I personally cannot get over the bat wing earrings and crystal cocktail ring. X - Jen

Stolen Girlfriends Club Wolf Pack Coat

Oh this? No big deal, it's just the sickest fur coat ever from Stolen Girlfriends Club. The colors are perfect together and they sure won my heart by throwing purple in the mix!  X - Jen

Company of Strangers

Alright so maybe the 'divorce ring' from Company of Strangers doesn't sound terribly romantic at first but once you see how beautifully it's been severed, well, you may just choose it for your future wedding/engagement rings. All bad omens aside. X - Jen