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Ann Demeulemeester SS12 Boots

Ann Demeulemeester may turn everything she touches into gold but her shoes have always been my true weakness. For SS12 she brings out this new pair of boots to fawn over.  The countdown begins until they arrive on the doorstep! X - Jen

Ann Demeulemeester Claw Ring

I've only just seen this exquisite ring from Ann Demeulemeester, which may be why it's completely sold out, though I'm sure that happened in just minutes! I had no idea she was going the claw route but I'm loving every second of it. X - Jen

Ann Demeulemeester Suede Cuban Heel Boots

Ann Demeulemeester never fails in making the most tortured poet/rock'n'roller pieces and these new suede cuban heeled boots are right up my alley. Bruise colors of black and blue couldn't fit the aforementioned aesthetic better. X - Jen

Ann Demeulemeester Chainmail Tiara

I'll tell you right now I'd never have expected a tiara from Ann Demeulemeester but boy did she make it her own by crafting chainmail to sit beautifully atop your skull. Of course you can also wear it as a necklace or veil but it's up to you. How could you resist it? X - Jen

New Ann Demeulemeester Interview

By all rights, she is known as Queen Ann [Demeulemeester]. Hearing her explain why she does just what she does is incredible. I couldn't have been more excited for three minutes and forty one seconds if I tried. X - Jen


Hui-Hui offers up beautiful and droll collection is full of playful prints and shapes, and the designs are matched by their creative lookbooks and inspiring blog. 

Eat Dust - One For The Road

Currently loving new denim label Eat Dust out of Antwerp. The detail they put into each piece is so killer and I love this is a brand being run by guys who actually ride motorcycles!!! They're not only making clothes to ride IN but to also stand up against age and wear, especially that which is experienced on a bike. You gotta check out their blog and you really should hassle them for a pair of their jeans!! X - Jen

Demeulemeester Thorn Necklace DIY

I'm very picky when it comes to DIY's but when I saw this Ann Demeulemeester thorn necklace DIY'd perfectly, I knew I had to share the details. I had already planned on trying this out and then I saw how easy the guy made it with step by step instructions. Put those leather scraps to good use! x - Jen

...a moment in...

With just two collections under their belt and their first menswear line recently launched, ...a moment in... are sure to become a household name for fans of Rick Owens and the like. Not just another flash in the pan brand, Ann Chapelle, the woman behind ...a moment in.., has been the directior of Ann Demeulemeester for over 15 years. Keep their name in mind. x - Jen

Bernhard Willhem Multi-African Dress

Lust, lust, lust. Covet, covet, covet. 

Liesbet Bussche

Artist Liesbet Bussche adorns sidewalks, walls and stop signs with earrings, necklaces, pins and clasps, making street art into street accessories. (Via Urbanartcore.)

Demeulemeester Zippered Face Masks

Straight from the Ann Demeulemeester S/S 10 runway, get those DIY zippered face masks going girls. X - Jen

Ann Demeulemeester Winged Headband

Ann Demeulemeester's winged headband is perfect for angels considering a crossover to the dark side.

Ann Demeulemeester Interview

Ann Demeulemeester Interview

I could go on for days and days about how much I love Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester but for now lets just be stoked on the new interview with her over on Dazed Digital. I'll admit to reading it a few times myself already as I just can't enough. X - Jen

Maison Martin Margiela Pearl Ring

Maison Martin Margiela Pearl Ring

Maison Martin Margiela is always taking jewelry to new levels and this costume-style two-finger ring that resembles a giant pearl earring could easily be the coolest thing I've seen from Margiela yet. X - Jen

Christian Wijnants

Christian Wijnants

Fashion designer Christian Wijnants is known for his knits, and many of his designs are heavily influenced by African folkart. He's also a teacher at the Royal Academy, and is way cooler than any professor we ever had.