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About A Dog: Marnie

Happy National Dog Day! In honor of this special occasion, we were lucky to be graced by the presence of Marnie The Dog here at UO home office. A 12-year-old Shih Tzu rescue, Marnie is just as delightful in real life as she is in pics and made all of us want to rush to a shelter to adopt our very own pooches.

Shirley, Marnie's owner, has spoken up about her adoption story before. Back in June, she wrote, "I adopted Marnie from a not so great shelter a year and a half ago. She had been there for four months, after a two week stay at a municipal pound in Connecticut. She was found on the streets, smelly and matted. The pound had named her Stinky. She was around 10 years old. When I went to meet her after seeing her photo on Petfinder, I was hesitant to take her because she looked terrible, as if she might not last much longer. I was told she was blind in one eye, too.

Photo via Marnie The Dog

But I adopted her anyway, and this stranger in my home whom I knew virtually nothing about turned out to be the sweetest angel I could ever dream of. She had Giardia and a mouth full of decaying teeth, and I could tell she was much happier and healthier once she got her much needed dental surgery. The cloudiness in her left eye has dissipated and she is definitely not blind in either eye as of now. I know every day with Marnie is a gift for the both of us so I try to make the most of it."

After all of that, Marnie is now a big-time Instagram celeb who loves her owner with all her heart, which is enough motivation for us to get out there and adopt an older dog (or two or three). Sure, Marnie is one-in-a-million, but we're looking forward to finding our very own doggie BFFs. As Shirley says: adopt, don't shop!

Check out Marnie The Dog and Susie's Senior Dogs on Facebook for more info about adopting senior pups!

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Interview: Joe Segal of Pretty Snake

You've seen them on Tumblr, you've seen them on Project Runway and now you can see them all over the Urban Outfitters website! Of course we're talking about the Pretty Snake Crazy Kitty Sweaters! Here we talk to Joe Segal, the designer and man who makes those magical cat prints come to life with fuzzy sweaters and 50,000 (yes I said 50,000) googly eyes a year.

Interview by Ally Mullen

Hi Joe! Introduce yourself with a quick bio!
My name is Joseph Aaron Segal, but you can call me Joe. I'm the creator of the fashion lines Pretty Snake and World of JAS. I grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and eventually landed in Providence, Rhode Island where my career in textile and fashion design materialized. I work full time designing and making my fashion lines here in Providence as well as teach a computerized knitting design course at Rhode Island School of Design. 

When and how did your first "Crazy Kitty Sweater" happen?
The very first Crazy Kitty Sweater was born while I was working on my MFA in textile design at RISD. I was working on a textile collection inspired by a historical Indian tunic that was part of the RISD Museums Costume and Textiles Collection. I learned that the tunic I looking at was created to ward off the evil eye, and eventually I came to the black cat as a source of inspiration for my project. The Crazy Kitty graphic was originally a tiny painting I made inspired by an old collectible tin full of kitties and then I first knitted it as a wool dress in 2009. When I realized that knitting graphic sweaters affordably was super hard as an emerging designer, I decided to print the cats on pre-existing sweaters and that's when the phenomenon began!

Why cats? Do you have any of your own?
I love cats because they can be cute and loving while also being really weird and mysterious. Somehow, I actually don't have any cats, but my good friend — and only full-time employee — Hannah Abelow, brings her cat Pablo to visit sometimes! I like to think though, if I wasn't surrounded by kitty things all the time, I'd have some real ones.

Do you buy the decorative eyes in bulk at this point? Or are you well known at the craft store for picking them up?
I couldn't believe it, but I completely bought out my first source of cat eyes. Now I import about 50,000 cat eyes a year! 

How many goggly eyes have you ever use on one sweater?
Well, the average sweater has 16-24 eyes, but for one of my looks in my Northern Quilts collection I used about 300 eyes. The I've also made wedge shoes completely covered in kitty eyes!

Since you're known for such a unique item, how do you feel you will branch out in the future to create new, cat-free creations?
I actually have an all new cat-free collection out right now! I used cake icing to create a colorful photo realistic print collection that is available in all sorts of dresses, skirts and leggings. You can find the collection in my web stores (links below!). I'm super excited about my next collection coming out in December: it's inspired by curiosity cabinets.

Sorry we can't help ourselves: give us the dish on Project Runway!
Project Runway was just as crazy as it looks on TV! You have to think fast and be good at working with all sorts of personalities.
1. Your favorite judge: I wasn't expecting to think this, but I thought Heidi Klum was a great judge! She was always surprising me because she really appreciated the more artistic and conceptual approach to fashion design.
2. Most embarrassing moment: I feel like I'm always doing embarrassing things, we even call it "JAS-ing it up" while working at the studio, but somehow I managed to not have a stand-out embarrassing moment. I'm sure if I were to ever go on the show again I'd do some embarrassing things now that I'm comfortable with being on camera.
3. Something we might not know about the show? One of the coolest things about the show that you don't see is that a lot of us are still really close friends! Even a year later, I talk to a bunch of my fellow Season 11 cast mates regularly.

Where else can we find you on the Internet?
WORLD of JAS, Pretty Snake, and on Instagram @prettysnake!

Shop the Pretty Snake One-Of-A-Kind Crazy Kitty Sweaters

Cat Costume Ideas from Salem Saberhagen

When you get old, dressing up for Halloween is more hassle than fun, but forcing your cat into a costume is a hoot regardless of age. Who better to seek out for inspiration than Salem? (Really, who better? He's a black cat on a show about witches.) 

Salem, the cynical and creepily un-lifelike puppet kept Sabrina in check, doling out the kind of tough-love advice a teen witch needs and only a cat can provide. I could write an essay about cats as spiritually aware beings and why cats and supernatural figures like witches probably connect on a transcendent level but like, let's just talk about costumes for now. Angelo

It's October so...

...see what I did there, letting the GIF talk for me like the kids do. Okay, moving on.

Pimp cat: Like Jay-Z famously said, "Kitties is pimps too, go and lick your shoulder off."

Stoned chef cat, because cats basically have the munchies all the time anyway.

If your cat is old enough to remember Tae Bo, it's probably dead. Sorry to bring it up.

DIY idea: Coffin litter box, so you can not clean it and when people complain about it stinking you can just be like "Yeah, it smells like death, duh!"

Jamaican cat: Possibly offensive if your cat is not black.

This was just a scary image. Happy Meowoween folks!

Cat Tipi

I wonder what cats dream about. 

Do they dream about rolling around on a bed full of catnip?

Do they dream that they're trying to run but then all of a sudden find themselves sinking in quicklitter?  

Or what about flying? Do they want to be a bird? Do they want to be a bird with Ryan Gosling? Do they even know who Ryan Gosling IS? Okay now that's just silly, of course they know who he is.

I guess we'll never actually know what's going on in the mind of a cat, asleep or awake, but at least we can let them dream away their days in something really cool looking like this Cat Tipi. Not only is it purrrfect for the lil furballs in your life, but think of all the cute Instagram pictures you can take with it... OMG! It's almost worth it on that thought alone.

Interview: Lil Bub

Wow! Today we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lil Bub, the best lil internet cat in the entire world. (Well, we think so anyway.) We asked her the hard-hitting questions and got back some equally intense answers. Lil Bub for President! —Katie

Hey Lil Bub! Did you have fun in Philly?

Do you just absolutely love Colonel Meow?

Do you like fish?

Do you know the meaning of life?

Are you sitting on Whoopi Goldberg's lap tomorrow?

Uh oh, someone's getting sleepy! Good luck with your busy week, Lil Bub!

Burrowing Home

Okay, I have been SO into temporary tattoos lately. And luckily when Hello Kitty just isn't cutting it, I can head over to Etsy to get my fix. My favorite right now are these black and white woodland creature tattoos from Burrowing Home. They almost look like they could be real, but luckily they wash off with soap and water so you can slap these bad boys all over your face if you feel like it. The shop owner sells prints as well, just in case you want something a little more permanent.—Katie

Stay Home Club

Stay Home Club is a great website that features different items for sale from a multitude of artists, and they're all great, but I have to say my favorite on the site is the actual logo done by artist Olivia Mew. It's a cute little girl and her cats and they're staying at home! Never has the internet related to something more. Let me wallpaper my life with this logo, TBH. The site also has a ton of cool patches for making all those denim vests you own look even better, and even some adorably perfect "Girl Gang" handkerchiefs.—Katie

UO Look of the Week: Brian DeYong

Here's our favorite look of the week:  Our Display Director Brian has traveled everywhere from Walmart to Paris, but our favorite piece of this look is his panda patch! 

Hi Brian! What do you do at UO?
I am the Display Director yo!!! Basically, I get yelled at by every creative person out there who thinks all Urban does is steal their ideas. Frankly there is nothing new under the sun and we have probably been doing it longer than they have. I guess that is just part of working for "The Man." UO is an easy target.

What are you wearing?
Haha, you kind of caught me on a good day. I am going to sound so well travelled!!! I am wearing a black hat from WalMart, a Henrik Vibskov button up, a vintage Oakland Athletics tee I found in San Fran, Black Levis 510s, USA sock from DC, and oxblood MOMA boots from Merci in Paris (I love that store).

We love your panda patch. Do you have a collection? If not, do you collect or wear a lot of any other clothing accessories?
Uhmmm, not typically an accessory kind of guy. I'm usually pretty stripped down and generic. I have to give Jesse Medlin (a Senior Display Coordinator in NYC) a shout out for getting me into the flair game. We went to this giant flea market/thrift store in Maryland and I found a rad old Caboodle so I filled it with cheap pins from the same spot, since then I have been stocking up on quirky patches and the like. I will probably end up giving them all away in a few months—nothing lasts.

Tell us a funny or sentimental story behind a piece of clothing you own.
Lets see, about five years ago Julia Koral (Manager of Display Design) gave me a sweatshirt with a really bonkers techy/African print on it. I was in Berlin a few years back and let a cute friend of a friend borrow it after a long night of hanging (it was chilly in the early morning). I didn't see her again during the trip and thought the sweatshirt was all but lost. Last year I met up with my friend Chris in New York (he was visiting from Berlin) and he had rescued the sweatshirt and returned it to me. I have probably only worn it like three times ever but I really like that I have it.

You travel a lot, which I'm sure leads to shopping in a lot of strange places. In your opinion, where is the best shopping city/town in the USA?
I guess its all about what you are into. Some of the weirdest, smallest cities have the best thrifting and generally rad shit, New York has essentially any designer you are looking for, but I have found the mid-sized cities like Austin, Minneapolis, San Fran, etc. have a lot of personality and great vintage without much pretense.

Where can we find you on the web?

UO Look of the Week: Adam Cantiello

Here's our favorite look of the week: Our Partnerships Marketing Manager, Adam Cantiello, sports our Stapleford Drewes shirt with the cutest accessory we've ever laid our eyes on.

Introduce yourself!
My name is Adam Cantiello and I handle the marketing partnerships for Urban Outfitters. I am from Philadelphia, PA and I'm a huge hockey fan. You can usually find me spending my Friday nights at The Standard Tap.

What are you wearing?
Clarks desert boots (not shown), Levi's jeans, Stapleford Drewes shirt, and a jacket from H&M.

Who or what do you look for for style inspiration?
I like to look for clothes that are practical for all occasions.

What is one item of clothing you could never live without?
My Levi’s or Vans.

Who is your friend? Does he like to wear any clothes? If so, what's his favorite look?
This is Dump Truck, and below is him in his hand-me-down baby Ralph Lauren hoodie. He couldn’t walk it it, so we had to cut it to a vest.


Not able to sit at around all day at home and play with cats? Well now you can sit around all day at work and WATCH cats, with Vinecats. Problem solved, cat ladies. Now, gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme Gimme More Cats.-Ally

Puppy Bowl IX

In honor of the Puppy Bowl airing on February 3 (yeah, same day as that other bowl), Discovery put up this puppy cam! Puppies! Of course the little idiots are sleeping right now, but that's not going to stop me from creepily watching them anyway. The actual puppy bowl is also sure to be a delight, especially since they added hedgehog cheerleaders this year. Squeeeal.—Katie

Trend: Unicorns

Unicorns are wonderful, imaginary creatures, and we should all be thrilled that they're popping up on everything from T-shirts to iPhone cases. Unicorns may be hard (okay, impossible) to find in real life, but thankfully easy to find on clothing. Rainbow hair, don't care.—Katie

UO Unicorns iPhone 5 Case
When I glance at this quickly it almost looks dirty, but in reality it's just cute li'l unicorns hanging out with some balloons. Nothing wrong with that.

Cooperative Applique Unicorn Flat
I'm going to throw in an emoticon here: XD Because that is the emotion these shoes make me feel and I don't think words are able to convey that properly.

Gift Card Charm Necklace
The most majestic necklace I've ever seen.

Junk Food Haters Gonna Hate Unicorn Tee
No one could hate you while wearing this beautiful unicorn shirt. When you wear this, you should also throw in some Unicorn Hair Extensions so you'll be perfectly coordinated.

Urban Renewal Fuzzy Unicorn Necklace
Actually, just kidding. This is the most majestic necklace I've ever seen.

Truly Madly Deeply Galaxy Unicorn Boyfriend Tee
Unicorns + space = the most perfect and Tumblr-y T-shirt in existence.

Trend: Put It Away

Modern Wall Shelf

In the spirit of getting it together, let's take a look at some things that can help your apartment start looking more like a real human's house instead of the home of disorganized wolverines. Who knows, maybe you'll get inspired.—Katie

Invisible Double Book Shelf
This shelf is great because the screws just go straight into the wall and boom, you're done. If you've ever tried to put up an Ikea Lack shelf, then you'll understand why this is so important.

Over-the-Door Vanity Station

This is seriously the most ingenious thing ever! Over the door! Shelf space! A mirror! Whoever invented this thing deserves a Nobel Prize.

Scroll Wall Hook
This coat hook/shelf combo would be so handy. Just make sure you aren't screwing this sucker into a plaster wall because plaster + five heavy coats + delightful succulents = probable catastrophe.

Waiting Room Magazine Rack
A magazine rack is basically like, "Here, let me hold this trash for you until you stop being too lazy to put it in the actual trash can," but at least your old magazines will look classier in this thing than strewn all over the bathroom floor.

Cubed Curiosity Shelf
Perfect for displaying your dog-baby hybrid vase (trust me, you want to click that link).

Trend: Cat Shirts For Dudes

Cat Face Tee

Hello, gentlemen! Now, admittedly, I may not know much about men's fashions. Y'all are tricky. I have no idea what dude stuff is cool, but I do know that there's been an influx of cat shirts recently and you guys should be wearing them. I promise you'll look good—it's impossible to not look delightful in a cat shirt. Plus, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: ladies love cat shirts. If you wear a cat shirt to a bar and act like a normal human, we'll probably love you. Okay? So go get those cat shirts!—Katie

Black Metal Kitty Tee

Cats and black metal will make you look cool and sensitive, which is the perfect combination of things. But you'll have to resist the urge to fist-pump with other bros over how amazing this shirt is.

Riot Society Meow You Doin Tee

That line coming from a cat on a T-shirt? CUTE! That line coming from the dude wearing the T-shirt? NOT CUTE. Let the cat do the talking.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Kitten Mittons Tee

A Kitten Mittons T-shirt will most certainly make you look awesome, but unlike Kitten Mittons, this shirt is not one size fits all.

'Sup Cat Tee
Why wouldn't you want to wear a shirt with a cute cat in glasses and a cap? WHY?

Toddland Embroidered Chambray Shirt

This shirt is on sale right now, and I hope to see it sell out as soon as this post goes live. It is a chambray shirt embroidered with kittens shooting lasers out of their eyes!!! The only thing cooler would be, oh yeah.. NOTHING.

Get Your Shit Together

It's time for you to get your shit together this year, litter-ally.

Five Resolutions You Can Keep

New Year's Eve resolutions are hard. Does anyone manage to keep them anymore? I don't think I've even bothered making a N.Y.E. resolution since like, 2003 because it's such a hopeless cause. This year, I've figured out an easy way to stick to some common resolutions, and it happens to involve pizza and beer. You're welcome.—Katie

Collapsible Pizza-To-Go Box
1. Bring lunch to work.
No one said it had to be healthy.

A Cat's Life By Gemma Correll
2. Read more.
Reading cartoons about cats is just as prestigious as reading War & Peace, I promise. If you're looking for a way to be terrible all year long, the book A Year Of Living Sinfully would also be a fantastic way to start off the new year.

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
3. Be more active.
Why run on a stupid old treadmill when you can rollerskate?

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit
4. Learn something new.
Most people want to learn a new language or something, but let's not kid ourselves with that. Learning to brew your own beer means you're one step closer to your REAL N.Y.E. resolution of never getting off the couch again. (If you're underage, mix together different sodas and imagine.)

Kozyndan For Society6 We Came Together Art Print
5. Become more cultured.
Cat art is art, too, people.

The UO Employee Nice List: Daisy

Find out what our Urban Outfitters employees are asking for this holiday season!

Introduce yourself. What do you do here at Urban Outfitters and what is your job title?
I’m Daisy and I’m the Canine Brand Ambassador at Urban Outfitters.

What's your favorite food to eat around the holidays?

I love empanadas all year round but around the holidays I like to put turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy in them. Delicious!

You may be on our Nice List but what's the naughtiest thing you've done in 2012?

I got into a pretty nasty fight with a parrot named Hunter. He got in my face one day when I was over visiting a friend and started squawking up a storm—I totally lost control. Luckily there were only a few ruffled feathers, but after that Hunter didn’t come back down on the ground anymore when I was over.  

(Said Parrot)

What's your New Year's Resolution and do you think you'll stick to it?

I want to be more social in 2013. I moved here from Los Angeles a year ago and haven’t met a new PBFF (Pooch Best Friend Forever) and it’s been a major drawback. Especially after a long day at the office when all I want is to enjoy a tall drink and a nice steak. I don’t think I’ll have a problem sticking to this as, being a Sagittarius, when I set my mind to something, I get it!

Choose: When it comes to dating… a bite-sized cutie like yourself OR a big dog who can carry you around when your feet hurt?
I find myself drawn to the big, strong and silent types. I’m looking for a boy who can listen! Astrologically my ideal pup would be an Aquarius or fellow Sag, but I try to keep an open mind (just no Virgos—woof).

What's on you wish list this year?

Puppyhood: Life-size Portraits of Puppies at 6 Weeks Old by J. Nichole Smith

Mr. Pug Trunk

Karlsson Crazy Dog Wall Clock

Sock it to Me Hipster Dog Sock

Animal Clothes Hanger

Shop the UO Nice List

The UO Nice List: Dust La Rock

Dust La Rock is spending his New Year's Eve sipping scotch by his pool, spinning records and enjoying the peace and quiet of Long Beach with his dog Deborah Hairy—jealous much?!

Introduce yourself!
Joshua Prince aka Dust La Rock. I'm a designer/artist, art director for A-Trak, co-founder of Fool’s Gold Records. I'm currently residing in the LBC and I am a purveyor of all that is strange and exotic.

What do you love/loathe most about the holidays?
I don’t have much family so the holiday have always been a bit empty in that regard, but have always found some friends to spend it with. I do enjoy Christmas, strangely enough.

What’s your gift-giving style? Personalized presents, or a Starbucks card for everyone?
Personalized. The weirder the better and not always on time. Sometimes it just takes a couple extra weeks or months to find the right item for that special someone.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
My Fool’s Gold partners bought me a gold colored French Bulldog for my birthday a couple years ago. I named her Deborah Hairy.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?
Well, the best gifts are the ones I buy myself. I’m into so many different things and a collector at that, so usually it’s a smile and a thank-you to everyone, but those closest to me actually know what I like.

If you could ask for anything this year (and money is no object) what would you ask for?
1964 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors, black exterior with the hardtop, and black leather interior. I tried convincing A-Trak to buy this in exchange for album artwork a couple years ago but no dice. So it goes...

What is your favorite holiday tradition that you share with friends or family?

Lighting fireworks, shooting guns and overall intoxicated merrymaking.

What’s your favorite holiday snack or food?

Ham with a brown sugar glaze and pineapple slices.

Without looking it up, what are the ingredients in eggnog? 
Egg and nog, clearly. 

Any idea how you will spend New Year’s Eve this year? 
NYE is the most anti-climactic holiday of all, especially in New York. I plan to sit by my pool sipping scotch, spinning records and otherwise enjoying the silence. 

If you could be any character from a holiday movie, who would you be and why? 
Bill Murray in Scrooged or Randy Quaid in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I think those examples speak for themselves.

What was your proudest moment from this past year? 
Too many to mention but at the top of the list is my art exhibition A Lovely Sort of Death with my good friend Cody Hudson that opened in November at HVW8 Gallery.  

Cats I Know 2013 Wall Calendar

I love cats—a lot. Like in the creepy and obsessive eHarmony kind of way. Illustrator Kaori Mitsushima has created a Cats I Know wall calendar for 2013, based off her blog which is filled with, well, CATS.  Thanks to her, every day of every month can now be filled with them too. Woooo! Cat party! -Ally

Rabbit Print Cardboard Case

If someone doesn't get me this Rabbit Print Cardboard Case from Oysho I'm going to throw a kindergarten-style temper tantrum (yes, I'll lay face down on the ground and kick and pound my fists at age 23).  I'm allergic to rabbits and this is the closet thing I'll ever be able to get to owning one.  Plus, there's freakin' polka dots inside. I mean, COME ON! -Ally