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About a Face: Ally and Taylor Frankel of Nudestix

This week we're welcoming NUDESTIX into the UO Beauty lineup, an easy-to-use collection of smudgeable makeup sticks in natural shades started by Toronto-based teenage sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel. 

After realizing that there was a place in the beauty market for products that appealed to their low-fuss lifestyle, Ally and Taylor took matters into their own hands (along with the help of their mom, beauty industry veteran Jenny Frankel). "We don't want to wear color every day," says Taylor. "When we'd walk into a beauty store and it would be all about green eyeliner or getting 'the perfect lip,' we just couldn't relate to it." 

This is the era of "I woke up this way", of perfectly-imperfect styling: Ally and Taylor recognized that they and their friends wanted products that both made them look fresh-faced, not caked-on. "People shouldn’t mask what they really look like," Ally explains. "We like for them to look like themselves. They don’t need to cover themselves up."

To learn more, we asked Ally and Taylor to break down their daily beauty routines for us — from moisturizer to lemon water, here's their lineup. 

What's your morning routine like?

Taylor: Well, in the morning we like to sleep in, so as far as our morning routines it’s totally based on our schedules. We’re not rushing to go anywhere (unless we have school…but we still prefer our sleep than spending over an hour on our makeup!).

My morning makeup routine starts with cleaning my face. I use Biophora to wash all the remaining makeup from the previous night. It’s great because it works as a cleanser and toner all in one! Afterwards I use Avene Sensitive Skin Moisturizer for my dry areas. Then I use my NudeStix concealer to cover the darkness around my eyes and the redness around my nose… a really simple step to looking natural but flawless. I draw lines or dots in the areas where I think I need some coverage and smudge with my clean fingers. Then I use the NudeStix mascara as close to the lash line as possible. This morning routine usually takes me five-ten minutes…and that's it! 

Ally: When I wake up in the morning I start by putting my hair up and cleansing my face using my Reversa Toner. After this I put on my prescribed acne and spot treatment cream called Diffren. I also moisturize in needed areas - which differ - with my Avene moisturizer. After this I brush my teeth and brush my hair. Then, I use my Nudestix concealer, mascara, and from time to time I'll use Stardust as a highlighter.

Above: Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Pencil

What about at night?

Taylor: The process is quite similar, but I may use the lighter eye pencil colors as my base, and then use a darker eye pencil on my crease for more of a going out look. I can’t get enough of highlighting - on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, chin, bow of my lip, and eyebrow. 

Ally: At night I use my Reversa Toner and Cleanser to remove all my makeup. I moisturize with my Avene cream in needed areas and cover my blemishes with my acne treatment Diffren. I will sometimes braid my hair before bed so it stays out of my face while I sleep. To finish off, I brush my teeth and go to bed.

What are some of the best beauty tips you've picked up?

Taylor: LESS IS MORE! I found that when I would try to cover up with more makeup it resulted in more problems like more dryness and just more work! 

Ally: I've learned not to over-cleanse my face so I don't strip my skin of its natural oils.

Top: Magnetic Eye Color Pencil in pewter / bottom: Nudestix mascara and concealer pencil

Who are your beauty icons?

 Our beauty icons are really natural-looking girls. Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr, and Shailene Woodley. 

Ally: I typically shop beauty in a lifestyle way. I look at the whole look.

How does health play into this? 

Taylor: Health is a huge part of this! Both my sister and I have very different skin types (Ally has eczema and dry patches, as well as acneic/oily skin; I have very dry skin and reactive eyes) and we would always use different products to cater to our skin’s needs. When creating NudeStix, we ensured that all of our products were as natural and well-tolerated as possible (such as shea butter for the lips) in order for both my sister and I to be able to use the same product. 

Ally: I love to drink hot water with lemon. I find that it soothes my body and helps cleanse it. Other then that I'll eat many different things while trying to stay as healthy as possible. 

Can you share some embarrassing past beauty phases?

Ally: My most embarrassing phase would have to be when I would wear tons of foundation and everyone could tell it was caked on. My sister Taylor had a thing for eyeliner and would wear thick blue or green liner everyday. 


Comic Style: Hazel of Seconds

Bryan Lee O'Malley's next book Seconds isn't out until 2014, but the Scott Pilgrim author has released a few sketches of the book's primary character, Hazel, who looks destined to become a certified comic style icon. O'Malley is very active on his Tumblr and in the past has written about finding character style inspiration in the fashion blogosphere. Early looks at Seconds seem to indicate the book may be grounded more in the "real world" than the superhero universe of Scott Pilgrim. Superpowers or not, Hazel looks to have the cozy-cute-girl (swoon) game on lock. Angelo

Comics: Seamus Gallagher

You've probably seen Séamus Gallagher's comics reblogged constantly all across Tumblr these days, which isn't surprising because they're totally hilarious. His hand-drawn comics and illustrations are often cynical jabs and parodies of pop culture fandom, from those who loathe Macklemore to Twin Peaks die hard fans, which makes his witty sense of humor completely relatable. Hazel

NXNE: Weekend Recap Part 2

Saturday gleamed of daytime merrymaking. There was not a single event that seemed missable. But since we cannot (yet) willfully clone ourselves to attend and experience multiple things at the same time, difficult decisions had to be made. —Katie

In the morning, the NXNE Indie Market took place at Ryerson University. Small presses, independent publications, and record labels lined Gould Street, attracting curious passers-by and sleep-deprived festival attendees. While at the quad, visual artists put various works on display.

(Indie Market)

Managed to snap some style shots of those who braved the morning light for the market. (Hey, 10:30am is early in festival-time!)

Even Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, Justin Peroff, and Brendan Canning were there, manning the Arts & Crafts table like it was no big thing.

Later, AUX hosted their day party in the front room of The Garrison with Cousins, CTZNSHP, and Weaves--who all proved to be just as exciting in natural lighting!


With NXNE taking up most of our lives in this hectic June window, it's easy to filter out events that are non-music related which is something to be mindful about!

You could miss really great moments, like, I don't know, bumping into Marina Abramovic on the street? Witnessing John Malkovich save a life?! (In the latter case, though, I trust that you, too, would jump in and help, instead of gawk at the scene. Right? Right.)

That said, the moment I refused to miss that day was Jordaan Mason's book launch at Glad Day for his debut novel, The Skin Team. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but judging from the readings, the universe is in for a literary treat.

(Jordaan Mason)

And of course, NXNE 2013 would not have been done right without catching Villagers at all. Brooklyn-based Brazos played just before the Dubliners at the Great Hall and got the crowd all comfortable in floor-sitting positions--something that just needs to happen more often, especially in the midst of a bustling festival week.


And as expected, Villagers tugged at everyone's heartstrings, even compelling from the crowd a sweet sing-along to "Becoming A Jackal".

NXNE: Weekend Recap Part 1

(Buke & Gase)

Too many things were happening all over the city this past week. Full blocks, streets, major intersections were temporarily been shut down not just for NXNE but also for food, arts festivals, and Psy-hosting, Taylor Swift–attending award shows. Here's what went down! —Carmel

The National played a free show at Yonge-Dundas Square, steps away from our flagship store! Crowds were spilling out everywhere, so it made sense to take a couple of snaps.

With very limited commuting available and unrelenting traffic that only doubled up your cab fare, the travelling choice on hand was your own pair of legs.

(Buke & Gase)

From Yonge and Dundas, walked all the way to the Horseshoe for the Brooklyn-based Buke & Gasea choice mostly made out of convenience. But what started off to be just a simple respite from walking turned out to be quite pleasant. The musical duo toted handmade instruments, skilfully playing tunes so sweet it nearly gave me a toothache. It should also be noted how watching them was kind of mesmerizing, in a way where your curiosity is piqued and your interest-levels tugged higher with each strumming of a string.

(Majical Cloudz)

The UO x NXNE secret guests at Sneaky Dee's for the night were Majical Cloudz. It was an intense set, full of emotion-driven force and zeal, and I was glad to finally witness Devon Welsh perform. At one point, he sat on the floor (right next to me) and remained there for most of the night, with everyone else also sitting. It felt like the band and crowd were all part of one very important art piece.

One of our other secret shows for the night was Dan Deacon. He played an enthusiastic, dance-filled set in The Drake Hotel, and even though he had some problems with his equipment, he still turned out an amazing show.

He was even kind enough to let us bug him afterward for a Vine post! We asked him how to make new friends, right as some drunk dude was totally trying to make him his new friend.

NXNE: Day Two Recap


It's hard to document events without ever mentioning the weather when they play such a significant role--like a villain in a story. But if said villain is terrifically-developed, it's also hard not to grow fond of him/her/it--as people do with Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, Spike or Dru in Buffy, Frankenstein, Professor Snape… you get the idea. I had a point there somewhere.

Instead of letting the rain soak festival spirits, Toronto pretty much embraced the atmospheric villainy. In between intermittent pouring, the guys behind Young Lions Music Club & Live in Bellwoods pulled off yet another Great Heart success at Trinity Bellwoods.


Headed again to the Arts & Crafts Pop Up a few blocks down, this time to see Toronto's Alvvays and Prince Edward Island's Boxer the Horse.

(Boxer the Horse)

And also managed to snap some rain-embracing style from festival-goers!

Brooklyn's Black Marble was also playing just a few steps away at the Blk Box. Caught them just before heading to the Comfort Zone for Braids. And unsurprisingly, so did every other festival-goer, it seemed. The queue outside took a fair bit, but whoever chose the venue for the Montreal-based band definitely had the right idea. Braids' music perfectly blended with the eerie glow-in-the-dark lighting.


My only regret that evening: not wearing a Picnic at Hanging Rock–dress!

(Mikal Cronin)

Mikal Cronin was conveniently playing next door at the Silver Dollar, which proved to be my favourite set of the festival so far. Not only was the band great to watch but the crowd also held up its end of showing genuine fervour!

(The Soft Moon)

Around 2 A.M. one of our secret shows, The Soft Moon, went on at The Horseshoe Tavern and totally blew the crowd away.

At the end of the night, it just feels right to see broken guitar strings. —Carmel

Interview: Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain, one of the bands performing at our NXNE store showcase later today in Toronto, spoke to us about Canadian stereotypes, their intense show visuals, and whether or not they'd let Miley chill with them.
Interview by Katie Gregory

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

I would say our music blends a lot different genres and styles, but is mainly influenced by dance music. We are a live band that plays dance inspired music, with lots of vocals over top.

How did you guys all meet? What made you want to start a band?
Greg and I are brothers, and we’ve played in bands since we were teenagers. Kyle and I met in University and played in a prog punk band together. After that band broke up, I started making making beats on my laptop, and showed them to Kyle a few years later. I also made an acoustic guitar/vocal record, and we saw an opportunity to blend the styles of music.

How long have you all been playing music?
We’ve all been playing music since we were kids, and I think we all have wanted to play in bands for as long as we can remember. The four of us have been playing together for about 8 months, but Bear Mountain has been around for about two years. Kenji doesn’t even play music, however. He’s the fourth member of our band and he is on stage with us projecting live visuals and manipulating them in real time. Kenji saw us play live once, and he showed us what he was capable of visually. We asked him to join the band, and that’s when everything really came together.

You guys were just at Gov Ball in NYC, right? How was that? Heard the mud got crazy!
Yes, the mud was insane. We were lucky because we were playing under a tent, and a lot of people came under the tent to stay dry. It worked out for us because we had a huge crowd.

What are you most excited for with NXNE?
To be in Toronto! We all love Toronto and haven’t been back in a while, so we’re really excited to just be here and hang out in the city.

Who are the other acts you’re most excited to check out?
I think we’re all excited to see Fucked Up. They're a great band and we want to see them. Also I really want to see Boyz Noise.

Are you planning to go to any after parties?
Some of our friends are DJ’ing after our show at Wrongbar on Friday, and they definitely bring the party.

Can you tell us one thing about Canada that’s totally just a stereotype? And one thing about Canada that you wish everyone knew?
Do people think we’re all lumberjacks? It’s only sorta true. I wish everyone knew that Canada has some of the most beautiful women in the world. And that’s the truth.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened at one of your shows? Any stressful equipment or fan meltdowns?
There have definitely been some stressful moments with broken gear or gear not working. Our setup is sometimes intricate, so we need to trust that it’s going to work, but nothing too bad. Kenji’s visual setup is also pretty intricate, so we’ve learned to set up in 10 minutes. In terms of craziest things, we were playing at this place in Montauk, NY a few weeks ago, and Courtney Love got up on stage after our set and played an acoustic set...that was something.

Do you guys have any awesome summer travel plans? How do you get to all your shows?
We’re playing Lollapalooza in July, and then going to Mexico at the end of August! We’re really excited to tour Mexico and play Kenji’s hometown of Guadalajara. We usually tour in our Van, Nebby, and we’ve covered a lot of ground in that Van. It’s cozy, but comfortable.

Did you see that video of Miley Cyrus on stage with Juicy J? Would you ever let Miley get up on stage with you?
Helllllls ya we would. How could we say no to that? I would get in the studio with Miley too. I think that would be pretty dope.

NXNE Secret Show Photo Diary: Merchandise

This week we are up in beautiful Toronto for NXNE! There's a ton (like, ton) of cool shows going on, so you'll also be seeing guest blogger and Toronto native Carmel helping us out on some posts! We are all gonna have to be on top of our energy drink game if we want to keep up with everything that's happening. Since arriving yesterday we've been too busy to stuff our faces with poutine (soon), but we did make sure we had plenty of time to check out one of our secret shows, Merchandise, at Parts and Labor. Here's our recap! (And follow our Twitter to see what else we'll be up to.) —Katie

When we first got to Parts and Labor it was packed! Since we were early, we got to catch Milk Music's set and they were totally awesome. I'd been meaning to see them for a while, but they had never played near me, so it's like the fates aligned.

Seriously, if you get the chance to see Milk Music live, you definitely should. They put on an incredible show, and everyone was super into it. (Got a little warm, if you can't tell.)

After Milk Music ended their set, Carson Cox, frontman of Merchandise, came out for their secret set and was like, "Yo, it's my birthday! I'm drinking!" And everyone cheered. Happy birthday, dude!

Merchandise also put on a fantastic show. By the time they were a couple songs in, everyone was moshing like crazy and I was hiding behind a speaker because I am a delicate infant. Like, I would seriously like to give it up for how enthusiastic (drunk?) the crowd was the whole time.

At this point, everyone was going crazy. Carson threw his guitar down on the stage and hopped out into the crowd with all the fans. And that shirt? Stay young indeed, my friend. MAY WE ALL STAY YOUNG FOREVER.

People were 100% committed to this show, crowd-surfing every chance they got, even though the ceilings were probably no higher than 7 feet.

After the show ended we hunted everyone down to get this Merchandise and Milk Music hybrid band picture. Birthday boy on the right was having a blast and a half. Good job being handsome and talented, everyone.

It's like you're right up in the action, right? If only we could have .gif-ed the moment when Carson jumped out into the crowd. Thanks for an awesome show, guys! And everyone else, stay tuned for more posts from NXNE - we've got a lot more planned and we can't wait!

NXNE: Day One Recap

(Mozart's Sister)

Our guest blogger Carmel hit up a bunch of NXNE shows yesterday, including one of our secret shows, Nu Sensae, and reported back with a quick recap of everything that went on! Choosing what bands to see every day is proving an impossible mission and it's only going to get more hectic from here on out. We can't wait!

(Secret show performers, Nu Sensae)

The city is yet to see much of summer this year. I don't know about you, but the grey, nippy outdoors is making me feel like we're running around Edinburgh rather than Toronto in high summer. Luckily we saw a bit of sun yesterday!

There's nothing more quintessentially Toronto than starting the evening at the Arts & Crafts Pop Up gallery on 1093 Queen St W.

Got there just in time to catch local shoe-gazers, Elsa. The showcase not only features live performances but also beautiful photographs by Norman Wong of the label's artists. The line-up for the week is also pretty stellar, so going back is definitely a must!
Later ventured slightly north to Creating Creatures on Dundas for Broken Pencil's Sex and Death showcase. Got there just in time to see writer and performance poet Liz Worth present her graphically poignant and literally bloody piece! It was incredible.


(Mozart's Sister)
Then, headed back down to Queen St for Camera and danced to groovy Mozart's Sister at the Rivoli before setting out to our first night of NXNE secret shows!

(Nu Sensae at the Garrison)

At the Garrison, Nu Sensae played with resolute energy in that way that they do, albeit secretly! Just tune in to our Twitter to avoid missing out! —Carmel

NXNE x UO Free Show

NXNE kicks off next week, and our 2nd annual FREE day show is happening on June 14 at the Queen St., Toronto, Urban Outfitters store. The shows start at noon and there will be plenty of bands to keep you dancing, like Decades, Bear Mountain, Beach Day, Still Corners, and Dusted. It's a great way to kick off all the awesome NXNE events!

Event starts at noon on June 14 at the Urban Outfitters located at 481 Queen St., West Toronto, Ontario. —Katie

Win NXNE Wristbands

Hey y'all! If you're dying to go to NXNE but don't have the funds to drop on tickets, then come try your luck at one of our Toronto locations. Stop in at any time on June 6th to enter to win NXNE wristbands. No purchase necessary, but you can only win once! —Katie

Sublime's "Smoke Two Joints" Performed by the Cast of Degrassi

She was living in a single room with three other individuals.

One of them was male and the other two, well hell the other two were females. 

And further more Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoke marijuana cigarettes. 


I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. 

I smoke two joints in the afternoon, It makes me feel all right. 

I smoke two joints in time of peace, And two in time of war. 

I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, And then I smoke two more. 

Smoke cigarettes till the day she dies.  

Toke a big spliff of some good sensimillia. 

Smoke cigarettes till the day she dies. 

Toke a big spliff of some good sensimillia.

Easy E were ya ever caught slippin?

Daddy he once told me Son you be hard working man.

Momma she once told me Son you do the best you can.

And then one day I met a man who came to me and said,  

“Hard work good, and hard work fine but first take care of Head.”

Bad Day Magazine Online Archive

Bad Day, the Toronto-based interview and editorial magazine, has made its archive of back issues available online. The issues, which feature style icons like Glenn O'Brien and Charlotte Gainsbourg, actors such as Jason Schwartzman and James Franco, and low-key fashion shoots with skinny naked chicks, are mostly out of print and being made available digitally for the first time. Check out the archive for some of the best, minimalist print design I've seen in awhile. —Angelo

Metz "Wasted"

Here's "Wasted," the newest video from Sub Pop's Metz, who will be performing at our UO Backlot Sesh this year as our final act on Saturday, March 16th. —Ally

Team Art: '90s Pop Divas Coloring Book

Team Art Delights makes a coloring book filled with '90s pop divas and I need it. They also make other coloring books, including one titled "Boy Bands" which speaks to my soul on a very personal level. It's stuff like this that convinces me Etsy is the greatest website to ever exist.—Katie

Style Icon: The IKEA Monkey

Move aside Alexa Chung! There's a new world-renowned style icon in town. And by "town" I mean IKEA. This little monkey named Darwin has been making waves on the internet after he was found roaming around a Toronto IKEA. With his stylishly over-sized jacket, we couldn't help fall head over heels for this monkey's amazing fashion sense. Here at Urban Outfitters we've got all the essentials to help you complete your "Help, I'm a Baby Monkey Wearing A Shearling Jacket and I'm Lost In This IKEA" look. - Hazel

Sparkle & Fade Suede Coat
The essential part of this look (besides looking like a monkey) is the shearling coat. To get the look as close to Darwin's as possible opt for a size that's a bajillion times larger than your normal size. You want to look like you're really, really tiny and drowning in your coat. 

Staring at Stars Convertible Sherpa-Lined Coat
The over-sized collar on this coat will help create the illusion that your head is abnormally small, like a monkey's. Trust us, it will look very fashion-forward. Very hot. We know what we're talking about at UO.*

Grace Hat Suzy Fur Hat
We don't want to assume anything about our readership, but chances are (94.68%, to be exact, according to blog data we've recently gathered) you aren't a monkey. Because of this, you'll need to make your head look as round and furry as possible. Grab a cute fur hat like this one!

Monkey Slipper-Sock
It's cold in IKEA! Grab some monkey slippers. Also they're just hellah cute. Now get yourself to an IKEA and wait for the paparazzi!

*We're fucking with you, duh.

Geoff McFetridge at Cooper Cole Gallery

Graphic designer Geoff McFetridge has a new solo show in Toronto at the Cooper Cole gallery (1161 Dundas St West), running now until the 8 of December. Always insanely graphic, this show features acrylic paintings and a limited run of screen prints. Though McFetridge is from Canada, this is his first solo show there. Definitely a must see for anyone close to the area. Check out more work from the show here. -Lorin

Eunice Luk

I picked up a copy of the zine Hula Hoop Girls at the NY Art Book Fair the other day and it led me to discover the artwork of Eunice Luk. She's an illustrator, potter and founder of Fantasy Camp Books, a Toronto-based indie book publisher. Her neon illustrations of monsters, aliens, and various critters are all I want hanging on my walls. She gave me a postcard of hers picturing a cyclops about to take a bath (posted above). Now, seriously, how awesome is that? - Hazel


I can't sign on to Tumblr these days without seeing more and more adorable drawings by teen girls on the web, and Ella of Skellaton is one of those rad girls. Her pastel colored Kawaii aesthetic would make even Sailor Moon jealous. - Hazel

Endless Bummer Tote

For everyone out there having a cruel, cruel summer, these Fieldguided Endless Bummer totes are for you.  Show your disdain for the heat around town and keep praying for the start of fall from the confines of your air-conditioned bedrooms! -Ally