• Cat Tipi

    I wonder what cats dream about. 

    Do they dream about rolling around on a bed full of catnip?

    Do they dream that they're trying to run but then all of a sudden find themselves sinking in quicklitter?  

    Or what about flying? Do they want to be a bird? Do they want to be a bird with Ryan Gosling? Do they even know who Ryan Gosling IS? Okay now that's just silly, of course they know who he is.

    I guess we'll never actually know what's going on in the mind of a cat, asleep or awake, but at least we can let them dream away their days in something really cool looking like this Cat Tipi. Not only is it purrrfect for the lil furballs in your life, but think of all the cute Instagram pictures you can take with it... OMG! It's almost worth it on that thought alone.