• Cat Costume Ideas from Salem Saberhagen

    When you get old, dressing up for Halloween is more hassle than fun, but forcing your cat into a costume is a hoot regardless of age. Who better to seek out for inspiration than Salem? (Really, who better? He's a black cat on a show about witches.) 

    Salem, the cynical and creepily un-lifelike puppet kept Sabrina in check, doling out the kind of tough-love advice a teen witch needs and only a cat can provide. I could write an essay about cats as spiritually aware beings and why cats and supernatural figures like witches probably connect on a transcendent level but like, let's just talk about costumes for now. Angelo

    It's October so...

    ...see what I did there, letting the GIF talk for me like the kids do. Okay, moving on.

    Pimp cat: Like Jay-Z famously said, "Kitties is pimps too, go and lick your shoulder off."

    Stoned chef cat, because cats basically have the munchies all the time anyway.

    If your cat is old enough to remember Tae Bo, it's probably dead. Sorry to bring it up.

    DIY idea: Coffin litter box, so you can not clean it and when people complain about it stinking you can just be like "Yeah, it smells like death, duh!"

    Jamaican cat: Possibly offensive if your cat is not black.

    This was just a scary image. Happy Meowoween folks!