• (Photo via Refinery29)

    Boy Meets World Reunion

    Hey! Did you guys see that this happened?! THIS IS VERY EXCITING! A Boy Meets World reunion! Look at all the fun they're having!! Angela is beautiful! Over the weekend, the cast held a panel at the ATX festival in Texas and discussed some of their favorite show memories, as well as the new spin-off show Girl Meets World that focuses on Cory and Topanga's daughter. They were just the most, weren't they? I actually had real tears spring to my eyes over this photo of Shawn and Angela because they are the perfect couple and probably need to get real-life married. Boy Meets World is responsible for the fact that I still call Jennifer Love Hewitt "Feffy" (see below) so thanks for that, BMW. You rock. Here's hoping that Girl Meets World is just as incredible. —Katie