• Best Summer Camp Movies

    If you're not able to get your butt to real summer camp this year, then you can park it in front of your T.V. to attend imaginary summer camp. Besides, imaginary camping with Bill Murray is totally more fun than real camping. Way less bugs.

    Troop Beverly Hills

    Beautiful, wonderful Shelley Long stars in Troop Beverly Hills, the best camp movie ever, even though it's not really a camp movie. It does teach a valuable lesson about getting away from the pool and getting out into the wilderness, though. And Jenny Lewis is in it, so you know it's gotta be good.


    Bill Murray + camp = The Best Camp. The hot dog eating contest scene is an inspiration to us all. Remember, half-eaten weenies don't count.

    Moonrise Kingdom
    Teaching you the best and most whimsical way to run away with your crush.

    Wet Hot American Summer
    The most star-studded camp movie ever made, as well as the most hilarious. If you ever find yourself wanting to see Bradley Cooper kissin' on another man, here's your chance.


    Tony Perkis is probably the best camp villain of all time. "Attention campers. Lunch has been cancelled due to lack of hustle. Deal with it."

    Dirty Dancing
    Sure, they're not at camp camp, but a fancy summer resort is like the rich person version of camp, right? Oh, to be young and at Kellerman's resort with P. Swayze. DEM HIPS.