• Best Party Scenes

    Party scenes in movies are the actual best because mostly it's shit that could never happen in real life. Giant ragers at mansions! Giant ragers at frat houses! Giant ragers on the beach! The cops very rarely come, everyone at the party is cool (unless you're the lovable nerd trying to get into the party), and there's limitless alcohol. Let's all aspire to throw some movie-level ragers this holiday season and take some inspiration from the best party scenes of all time. -Katie

    10 Things I Hate About You 
    When I was 12, this is what I imagined high school parties to be like. "That must be Nigel with the brie!"

    She's All That 
    People need to start clearing dance floors to show off their moves more. I love when the mean girl in this movie dumps her drink on Rachael Leigh Cook and makes her cry. I love the Not Another Teen Movie parody of it even more.

    Mean Girls
    This movie is the perfect reference for anything that ever happens in life. The party scene at the end of the movie is also a solid representation of a good party, but this scene brought us the classic line, "I'm a mouse! Duh."

    Can't Hardly Wait
    I mean, this entire movie is a party. If my life was a movie, I'd pick this. And I'd cast myself as the hot girl walking in with fans blowing in her hair.

    Almost Famous
    Everyone should scream "I'M A GOLDEN GOD!" at least once in their life.