• Best End Of The World Movies

    Since the world is totes ending soon, we'd better prepare ourselves with some end-of-the-world movies. While any movie where the world gets destroyed is awesome, here are some of the ones I'm going to get in before I'm blasted into space dust (or whatever happens when the universe explodes).—Katie

    When I first saw previews for this I was seriously unimpressed because like, an indie movie about the end of the world? YAWN. Surprise, surprise: it's actually a good movie. Mostly it's really pretty. Director Lars von Trier better show up to film my doomsday because I want to go out looking like an artsy supermodel, TYVM.

    This movie ends up being a pretty realistic portrayal of what would happen if aliens landed on earth. SPOILER ALERT: nothing good happens.

    Night of the Comet
    Night of the Comet is an actual good movie, believe it or not. In this one, the world is donezo because of a comet (and also zombies?), and the two main survivor characters are super fun, mall-obsessed valley girls. I'm pretty sure there's a shopping montage in an abandoned mall with the song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" playing. Like I said, it's genius.

    The Mist
    The Mist is the best movie because the ending. The ending. Also, whenever I think of this movie, I picture Mark Wahlberg as the main character, which proves how badass this movie is.

    Nicolas Cage in any movie pretty much guarantees the greatest movie of all time. Knowing is no exception to that rule. There's a plane crash, aliens, car crashes, solar flares—basically everything you could want in an end-of-the-world movie. And Nicolas Cage. Did I mention Nicolas Cage?