• Best Albums of 2013: Rhye

    Rhye, the mysterious band best known for their make out-worthy tunes, is number three on our Best Albums of 2013 countdown. We spoke to singer Mike Milosh about the band's highlights of 2013, and what he and Robin Hannibal, the band's second member, have in store for next year.
    Interview by Katie Gregory

    Tell us a little bit about your band.
    Rhye is an interesting thing as it’s a potentially oscillating, undefinable thing that we have been creating, and that given the opportunity can be bigger or smaller depending on the performance. We didn't want to give Rhye a face as we wanted it to just be an experience, wanted to let people have their own unbiased opinion of the band as much as possible and have their opinion of it be solely based on whether or not they liked the music. That being said, Rhye was Robin Hannibal and myself, Mike Milosh, writing songs together about things going on in our lives. It was recorded for the most part in a bedroom and not a studio.

    Is there one moment from this year that sticks in your mind as your favorite or most surreal?
    We played a show at a festival in Ireland (a place I dearly love), got about an hour of sleep and then had to get our sprinter to the ferry in the early morning. We disembarked in Wales and drove at ridiculously high speeds through the English countryside in order to get to the show on time. It was a lot of land to traverse in a short amount of time. But once we got there it was so calm. We put our gear into this tiny boat and were taken over in this barely afloat creaky, wooden creation. We could barely hear the festival, too. There was just the silence of the bow cutting through the perfectly still water. It was the most gentle little moment in the midst of an otherwise incredibly busy couple of weeks that just sat perfectly for me. I wouldn’t have been even the slightest bit surprised if a little elf was at the dock waiting to receive us.

    Woman has been on multiple "Best Of" lists this year. How does it feel knowing that you were able to make an album that resonated so well with fans?
    It feels really amazing. It’s a very beautiful thing, putting tons of time and energy into making a record and to have it received so well. We feel truly thankful that it’s resonating with people, because it’s a very nice place to be. It's very encouraging in an otherwise very tough business.

    When you set out to make the album, did you know that you’d be making the perfect make out album?
    Definitely wasn’t in our intention as I don’t think we really thought about what people would be doing to our songs; we were just focused on the writing of them. It’s a very nice thing, though...

    What’s your favorite album of the year?
    My favorite album is Jon Hopkins Immunity.

    What’s next for you guys?
    We have a lot of projects that both Robin and I are doing at the moment. I just released another record called Jetlag [under the name Milosh] so I'm busy shooting videos for that and putting together the live set. We will continue to play Rhye live, as long as people want to hear it in a live environment. Robin is currently working with Usher, Jessie Ware, Niia, Francesco, Little Dragon, Say Lou Lou, Purple Ferdinand, Laura Welsh, Jamie Woon, FKA Twigs, Yuna, Selah Sue, Sineah Harnett and Seal.