• Behind-the-Scenes Beauty: October 27

    Our resident hair-stylist and make-up artist Russell Oden is back with more of his new favorites he's picked up from this last week of making models camera-ready in the photo studio.

    Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal

    "Pixi Tint & Conceal is something I should save for last, but decided to start with! The top of this product is a concealer that should probably be called a brightener, since that's what it does, but when you unscrew the concealer it reveals a tinted moisturizer that blends beautifully. When I realized that my concealer unscrewed to reveal a tinted moisturizer, I felt like a kid at Christmas realizing his new toy did something else! I love this product!"

    Stila Eye Shadow Pans

    "This fall I am all about gray eyeshadow. If you look close at our girls' eyes online, you will see a subtle hint of heather grey– that's Diamond Lil.  This is a color that you could easily use throughout the fall and winter season."

    Tip: "To intensify the effect of any eyeshadow color, simply apply it with a wet brush.  I mist my eyeshadow brush with A Beautiful Life Toning Mist featured in last week's post, but you can use water.  Then, use a dry brush to contour and blend."

    JK by Jemma Kid I-Tech Liquid Liner

    "I used to be a bit nervous with liquid liner—you can easily make one hell of a mess. This is more a gel liner than a liquid. You can put it on thick if that's your thing. I go for more subtle drama and clean the applicator well before applying. It dries so fast and stays all day. I have used other liquid liners that flake off after a few hours, sometimes minutes, but this stays put."

    The Name is PRODUCT Pomade

    "I can’t get enough of this! I use just a pea-sized amount in our models' hair before we begin shooting for a bit of protection from the heat of my styling tools.  It’s also great help to soften and defrizz hair after a long day of outfit changes, and it's great for both men and women."

    Blow Up Root Lifter

    "I have been experimenting with root lifters for sometime now. I never really liked them because they either made the hair feel like crunchy straw or did nothing at all, but this actually works. The nozzle lets me get right to the root and helps me to achieve just enough volume that lasts all day."

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