• Behind-the-Scenes Beauty: New Year's Eve Edition

    Our web hair and makeup artist Russell Oden is back with more behind-the-scenes beauty tips.  This time, he's focusing on the most glamourous night of the holiday season: New Year's Eve!  Russell's suggestions will prepare you for everything except finding someone to kiss at midnight (but he'll have your lips ready to go!).

    "New Years Eve is almost here! It’s the greatest party night of the year and your best excuse to just go a bit wild with your hair and makeup. I am going to give you some simple tips to help you get ready for the big night, quickly create your amazing look and I'll even help to get you recovered the next morning (or at least make you look like you are)!

    Let's start with your hair.

    Begin the New Year HAIR FREE! The Bliss Poetic Microwavable Waxing Kit is a quick way to get smooth. It literally shrink-wraps each hair for a less painful pull. I suggest doing this a few days before the big party.

    Ok! It’s New Years Eve. I love fake hair, so what better way to quickly create a new look? We have some pretty great options. Rock some serious long hair with our Clip Scene Hair Extensions. These clip in so fast, stay secure all night, and you can curl or straighten them with your own hair since they are 100% human hair.  Or how about a ponytail? Our Hershesons Invisible Ponytail comes in blonde and brown—it’s a hot look that you can do in just minutes.

    Maybe you really want your hair to say "WOW!!!" Our Classic Bob Wig comes in blue, purple and pink, and are super rad.

    Or maybe you want your own hair to make a statement.  In that case, try our Hair Wear Makeup (read my how-to tutorial here!). Even on the darkest hair, it creates a dramatic, colorful and bold look that quickly washes out.

    Makeup time!

    I’m going to assume that your face is now clean and prepped. The NYX Studio Perfect Primer is a perfect primer choice. It makes your skin ultra smooth and picture perfect for the 1,001 photos you'll get tagged in after tonight. The fact that it's super affordable and cruelty-free are a nice extra.

    Let's quickly apply your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer. I like the Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer or the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation.

    When it comes to makeup that is fun and bold, Lime Crime is my go-to choice. Lime Crime Fantasy Eye Shadow Palette is the perfect pick for this party night. The colors are amazing, the tin fits perfectly in your bag and the ultra pigmented colors last all night.

    Lime Crime Lipstick is the brightest, low sheen lipstick I have ever seen. The color selection available, from violets and purples to pinks and greys, is so damn amazing. You will make such a statement and get so many compliments when you wear this! The tube is also pretty sweet.

    Im a big fan of the NYX Special Effects Theatrical Faux Eyelashes. They are edgy, fun and make a pretty bold statement.

    Before you leave the house, I suggest throwing a few “overnight supplies” in your bag: So Fresh So Clean Cleansing Wipes, Stila Glamoureyes Masacara, UO Hair Perfume, one of our Bun Ring or Mini Bun Ring sets, and the Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Trust me on this.

    Here's one of the most important tips of all!  Keeping Sprayology Homeopathic Oral Spray in your bag is a must. It RULES! Just before you drink, spray a bit in your mouth. Continue to spray every hour until your party stops. This amazing little potion helps to relieve headaches, nausea ☹ and that sluggish feeling you get the day after.

    It's the morning after...

    UGHHH! It’s the next day! You woke up on your friend's couch, your makeup is a smeared, your lashes are hanging off and your hair is wrecked! Before you start the coffee, run to the closest bathroom and make sure no one sees you. Gently wipe your face with your So Fresh So Clean Cleansing wipes—these are so gentle yet can even remove waterproof makeup. Then apply a bit of your Stila Glamoureyes Masacara. Mist your hair with UO Hair Perfume, apply a dab of Smith’s Rosebud Salve to you lips and quickly pull your hair through the bun ring and wrap it around and secure with an elastic. Run back to the couch and pretend that you’re sleeping. This way when your friends wake up, they will all be amazed at how natural pretty your really are!

    Never forget: beauty is fun! And it shouldn’t make you stressed or take too much of your time. I hope my little tips gave you a few ideas that help to give you more PARTY time and less PREP time! Cheers to you and I hope that your New Year's holiday is a fun and memorable one." -Russell