• Beauty Trend: Easy Breezy

    During the summertime, nobody wants to wear makeup or beauty products in general that weigh you down. Thankfully, there's a host of easy products available that you'll actually enjoy wearing this summer on your face, eyes, and lips when its sweltering and you don't want to wear your usual heavy makeup! Maddie

    DuWop Surface Concealer
    Instead of putting a foundation all over your face, try using a stick concealer like this just to cover the blemishes or dark circles under your eyes. It'll make you much happier not having a layer of makeup on all day!

    Models Own Lip & Cheek Stain
    Two in one lip and cheek stain? Yes please. If you're not the type to go and sit in the sun all day for that little rosy summer glow, I think this will do the trick for a nice cheek and lip tint.

    Pixi Catching Shadows Crayon
    Eye shadows are one thing I'm super particular about in the summer, especially if I'm heading to the beach or pool. This crayon by Pixi has got you covered with a bit of shine that will look natural, plus easy application.

    Beridan Naturals Rose Lip Tint
    You can't beat the ease of a moisturizing lip balm with tint in it for the warmer months, plus, the peppermint flavor will give you a nice, cool feeling.

    Treat Lemon Drops Refreshing Hair & Face Mist
    Something you may also want to keep in your stash for summer beauty is a refresher spray. When you're feeling too warm, this little bottle will definitely come to your rescue.

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