• Bazaaaaar Pop-Up Interviews: Kilo Kish

    Meet Kilo Kish, an up-and-coming artist making her way from Brooklyn to around the world.  After DJing our Bazaaaaar Pop-Up Shop, we spoke with the singer and songwriter about her new mix tape, K+, what her ideal tour would be like, and how she keeps her hair so beautiful!
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Hi Kilo! Introduce yourself! 

    I'm Kilo Kish, 22-years-old, from Orlando, FL but living in Brooklyn, NY.

    You're a jack of many trades. Can you list all of the things that you "are?"
    A creative thinker, singer, songwriter, candle lover, violet-candy obsessor.

    Some of your music reminds me of slam poetry put to music. What type of genre do you feel your music fits into?
    None. Really I just make what I can and leave the rest of interpretation to everyone else.

    Who are some of the people you've worked with on your K+ Mixtape? Who is someone you would love to collaborate it in the future?
    Childish Gambino, Flatbush Zombies, SBTRKT, The Internet, Earl Sweatshirt. I'd like to collaborate with Kanye West.

    What have been the most surreal moments of your career so far?
    Traveling overseas and being in magazines.

    If you were going on your dream tour, who would it be with and where would you travel to?
    'N SYNC. We'd go to Japan, South Africa and New Zealand.

    I read that you paint.What are some of your favorite things to paint?
    Human figures from life and floralish.

    I also heard you mention working with printing your art on fabric, like home goods and beddings. What is your interest in textile design? Favorite part about it?
    Pattern, print, and repetition is super interesting to me. Creating patterns is like putting together a puzzle and you can insert them into every aspect of your design.

    Can you describe your personal fashion style in five words?
    1. I 
    2. Wear 
    3. What 
    4. I 
    5. Like

    What musicians and artists influences you the most?
    (Recently) Marina Abromovic, Tom Sachs, Egon Chiele, Charles and Ray Eames.

    If you had to eat one meal for the rest of you life what would it be?

    Grilled salmon, quinoa, with mixed green salad and chardonnay.

    What are five things you talk about or think about on a daily basis?
    My focus, shoots/interviews, food, boyfriend, mom.

    What is one thing you love about yourself?
    I'm always thinking myself into oblivion.

    What is your life motto or philosophy?
    Feel everything, work hard be nice to people.

    What is the last text message you received and who was it from?
    Fom my manager, Justin, reminding me to answer these questions :)

    Kilo Kish