• Bang with Friends

    Back in the college-only golden age of Facebook, there were no illusions about its purpose: getting laid. But the landscape has become harder to navigate with your mom tagging you in baby photos and various other game-killing innovations. The new app Bang with Friends hopes to bring Facebook back to the basics of hooking up.

    But don’t worry, they say they can do it while sparing you the embarrassment of telling your friends you want to smang until the app is sure your friend wants to smang, too. In a perfect world we’d all just casually tell our attractive friends that we’d like to get busy, but until everyone stumbles upon enlightenment, we’ve got Bang with Friends.

    We haven’t tried it yet (promise) but I doubt it will be long until one of my friends gives it a run. No shame if you’re interested—like I said, isn’t that the entire point of Facebook? Fictionalized Zuckerberg even said as much in The Social Network. Our only advice is to take a sober test run to figure out the mechanics before you drunkenly click around after a night out. Sending an anonymous tip to the office hottie is all good as long as you don’t accidentally click on your cousin.—Angelo