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Back To School: Making New Friends

(via Vulture)

WOOWOO, buzzkill train pulling into the station! Because guess what, guys? School starts really soon, so you're probably going to want to get ready for that. Whether you're going back to high school, college or Hell On Earth (grad school), you're never too old for some tips on how to make new friends. Here are some surefire conversation starters. —Katie

Anything about sharks, probably accompanied by the above .gif
When you head back to school, Shark Week and sharks will still be fresh on everyone's minds, and what better way to bond with someone than by bringing up the totally unscientific and ridiculous SyFy movie Sharknado? Get into a cool debate about whether the Sharknado sharks or the nonexistant Megalodon would kill more people. And then get ready for your phone to break because you will be inundated with friend requests, you cool shark fan, you.

Also anything about Breaking Bad
If you're not caught up on Breaking Bad already, like, please get on it. The new season starts in like 10 minutes! IT'S GOING TO BE FILLED WITH DRAMA! It's also going to be one of the best talking points you can imagine. Like, what if people start referencing that pizza on the roof and you don't know what they're talking about? Embarrassing.

Ryan Gosling
Wherever he goes, whatever he does, Ryan Gosling is always a conversation starter. When he is 50, the "Hey girl" meme will probably still be going around. Talking about Gosling is also a good way to weed out Friendship Failures because if anyone tells you they don't like Baby Goose, then you can just slowly face palm them and walk away.

Cats, the internet and cats on the internet
If you're sitting in a class and your teacher is like, "Oh, time for a group project," because they're an asshole, and you're forced to sit in a semi-circle of desks with strangers, just yell out something about a cat video you saw on the internet. Trust me, it will be enough.

Probably Justin Bieber
Because like, what a little drama factory, right?! Bless.