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    Austin On Film

    Austin is a uniquely interesting city, so it goes to reason that it would be used as the setting in multiple films and TV shows, even if it doesn't go by its real name. (We wish the fictional town Dillon in Friday Night Lights were real.) Let's take a look at some of the more memorable film uses of good ol' Austin, so even if you can't visit the city in person this week for SXSW, you can can still visit it on your television.—Katie

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    Dazed & Confused: The Moontower
    Unless you're real up on things, you might not know what, exactly, a moontower even is, just that it was a handy party spot in the classic teen movie Dazed & Confused. To give a little background, moontowers are only around in Austin, Texas nowadays, but back in the late 19th century, they were used in many cities to cheaply illuminate large areas at once. If you're looking to relive your glory days and want to yell "Party at the Moontower!" a few dozen times, the moontower used in the movie is the one at Zilker Park. But don't go starting a keg party. You'll totally get busted.

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    Friday Night Lights: Coach Taylor's home
    Coach and Mrs. Coach were the most perfect couple in television history, were they not? Although there are other landmarks from the show available to see in Austin, you don't want to miss the Taylor family's home. Sure, you might creep out the people currently living there, but that's the price they pay for living in the home of one of the greatest fictional families of all time.

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    Varsity Blues: The Landing Strip
    Varsity Blues had it all: whipped cream bikinis, James Van Der Beek, and Billy Bob having the time of his life at a strip bar (but, ahem, he shouldn't have even been there because he was a teenager). If you're of age and hankering to check out the place yourself, you can head on over to the real-life strip bar The Landing Strip. Friday Night Lights also had some scenes shot there, so you'll be knocking out two drunk birds with one stone.