• Art School: Helen Wu

    Here we get to know Helen Wu, one of the RISD students from our Designed By: collection, and find out what inspired her designs.
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Hi Helen, introduce yourself!
    I was born in Shanghai, and raised in various parts of South Africa, California and New Jersey, and now I am currently working in New York City.  I recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, where I majored in apparel design.

    Can you tell us a little about the designs you made for us?
    In a way, I wanted to create a look that was elegant but still maintained a sense of comfort and ease. The fabrics were meant to be tactile and supple to the touch—a sort of sensory experience. Clothes that one could lounge around in yet still look very beautiful.

    Helen Wu for RISD + UO Eliptical Chiffon Inset Top

    What inspired you the most?
    Taking the imagery of veiled women, I wanted to emphasize the idea of revealing one’s form through the utilization of sheer versus opaque fabrics. The overall silhouette of the garments are also meant to enswathe the wearer, as a nod to the way these sculptures appeared. 

    Helen Wu for RISD + UO Tuxedo Short

    What's the most cliché "art school" thing you do?
    Be anti-social!

    Do you ever make clothes for yourself? For your friends?
    I wish I had the time! I hate dressing myself so my own wardrobe consists of an all-black uniform.

    Helen Wu for RISD + UO Textured Sweater Jacket

    What is your favorite fashion item of all time?
    My silver rings. I make all my own jewelry because I can never find what I want in stores!

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