• An Interview with Violent J about Magnets

    Violent J, one half of the incredibly talented band Insane Clown Posse (or ICP as they're known to their fans, the mysteriously named "juggalos"), was gracious enough to sit down with us earlier in the week to talk about his number one office supply: magnets. What followed was one of the most enlightening experiences of our lives. —Katie

    When you sat down to write "Miracles," were you aware of the impact it would have on popular culture, as well as office suppliers everywhere?
    Nah, man. We had no idea. No fucking idea. We were just chowing on some pizza one day like, "Yo, man. You know what's awesome? Baby giraffes." And the song just grew from there! We're an incredibly insightful team, so we were really concerned with the message we were trying to get across with this song. It's like a tribute to all the little things in life, know what I mean? I heard that office suppliers received a 75% increase in magnet requests the week our song dropped, and that's fucking dope, man. That's all any clown-face painting band can ask for.

    As a listener, when you hear a line like "Fuckin' magnets, how do they work?" you know you're hearing history in the making. What was the inspiration behind that line?
    Oh, that was actually Shaggy 2 Dope. We were sitting around our office, trying to write up the lyrics for this song, and Shag started looking at all the magnets lining our Red Bull refrigerators and was just like, "J, man. Look at the way those magnets hold up our Faygo coupons. How the fuck do magnets work?" And then we just looked at each other like, "BING." A lightbulb went off and we knew it was something we needed to include in the song. It was just one of those incredibly organic moments, you know? It made you feel like you had made the right decision to take a chance on the band lifestyle all those years ago.

    If you could only use one type of magnet for the rest of your life, what brand would you choose and why?
    What is that kind that has the little animal butts? Those are fucking awesome. We have a shit ton of those all over our house, just covering our filing cabinets and stove. Shag thinks the elephant butt one is the funniest.

    We have to ask: Did you ever find out how the fuck magnets work?
    You know what, I know we had initially said "SCIENTISTS LIE" in the song, but as it turns out, they know what they're talking about! We took a trip down to the New York Hall of Science and one of the on-site researchers there really helped us out. He gave us a demonstration on magnets, and even gave us a couple of books to take home so we could read up on the subject ourselves. I highly recommend What Makes a Magnet; I couldn't put it down.