• Album Review: The Men

    The Men are a five piece from Brooklyn, New York that successfully combined various styles of music to create their latest release, New Moon. This album's got deep rock and roll roots, with some lo-fi beachy vibes and a bit of punk thrown in. I guarantee you'll dig it. Maddie

    New Moon's main album sleeve has a trippy orange and blue floral design on it, while inside you'll find the black record inside an LP sleeve with a cyanotype-like image of the band, plus a tracklisting and a kind message from the band you'll have to read yourself! Also inside is a fold out lyric booklet that reminds me of a news digest that has lots of cool little drawings on it. This was my favorite part.

    Best song:
    Personally, I liked the faster, more punk-influenced cuts on the record, namely "The Brass," and "I See No One." "The Brass" is one of those songs that just instantly hits you in the face and wakes you up.  On "I See No One," I can clearly hear the surf rock influences, which is a main part of why I like this album so much. No doubt though, New Moon is a beauty from beginning to end that has top notch variety.

    What it's good for:
    New Moon is great for anything. Usually I'd tell you a specific place I'd listen to this album, but I'm going to be pretty general on this one! There's so many great sounds on this album, ranging from smoother classic rock melodies to the higher speed songs I mentioned previously, you will definitely find yourself listening to this album anytime, anywhere.

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