• Album Review: Junip

    Junip's self-titled second record is the album I reviewed this week, which brings you smooth, modern, and solid sound with notable folk influences. This band's genre is definitely folk, but their tunes are just amped up enough with cool synths and beats that will not leave you disappointed! Maddie


    Upon opening the record, you'll find a lavish double gatefold sleeve, with a nice artistic drawing of a whale on the inside. The actual single record sleeve itself has another nice photo of a deer, plus album credits and all of those important things. Junip's front album cover is a straight to the point black cover with interesting font stating the band's name and album title, of course! My iPhone didn't do this one justice.

    Best Song:
    Personal highlight of Junip is "Your Life Your Call." This particular tune is one of my favorites because of the groove, it rings a bell to a song Hot Chip might make, which is totally a good thing! Other highlights are "Head First" and "So Clear." I particularly like the mix of acoustic sounds and synths in the latter.

    What it's good for:
    I think Junip's album will be best accompanied with a cup of coffee or tea, and a good book. This album is definitely not made for partying, its made for maxin' and relaxin', guys. 

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