• Album Review: Iceage

    This week, I reviewed Danish punk band Iceage's sophomore album, You're Nothing, available now on Matador Records. You're Nothing is a dark, industrial punk album with some post-punk influences that I quite surprisingly enjoyed listening to on a bright, almost-summer day. Maddie

    The cover of this LP has a majestic looking hawk on the front, with a matte finish, while the band's logo also appears with a glossy sheen. Inside, you'll find the regular black record, in an appropriately black sleeve. My favorite part about sliding out the record was finding the really cool lyric booklet slash zine sort of thing that also includes photos of the band. I dig that DIY sorta feel.

    Best song:
    Most of the songs on You're Nothing rile up some angst in me, as this album totally should do for you. I personally liked "Wounded Hearts" and "Interlude." The guitars in "Wounded Hearts" are perfect and make me want to dance, or possibly participate in a circle pit. "Interlude" shows a slower, calmer side of Iceage, which you might need before you discover the rest of the album!

    What it's good for:
    You're Nothing should be your go-to album for when you're feeling really angry. I guarantee if you pop this record into your turntable you'll dance and jump out the angst I'm not joking! Although this album is truly hardcore, I think you can still enjoy it while sitting in the sun with your friends, but make sure you have some room where you are, because like I said, You're Nothing is 100% mosh pit inducing.

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