• Album Review: Ducktails

    Ducktails is Matt Mondanile's rather groovy side project (you might know him from Real Estate)—it's grown from a one man job to a full fledged band for this most recent release, The Flower Lane, on Domino Records. The Flower Lane mixes tons of different sounds that I guarantee you'll want to hear this summer when you're cruisin' to the beach in your convertibleor sitting at home with the air conditioning on. Maddie

    The Flower Lane comes in your standard LP sleeve, with some pretty cool checkerboard album artwork. Getting some real optical illusion-y vibes from it. Aside from the cover, there's an awesome inner sleeve that holds the actual record, and lists all of the people Matt collaborated with on the album in a faux-newspaper sorta way. On the back of the inner sleeve are all of the lyrics, because you're probably not going to be able to refrain singing along to the entire album.

    Best song:
    The song that most stands out to me on this album is "Assistant Director," (track 6) because it's just a nonstop jam. It really makes me want to have a disco dance partyI'm not joking. Another good one is "Planet Phrom" (track 5). This song is a little slower, and less dance-y (all while Matt sings hilarious lyrics about another planet), but you'll have to listen to find out!

    What it's good for:
    Basically this album is great for all those times you're just chillin' by the pool with your pals, but you still want the option to have a dance party somewhere in there. It's also good for when it's summer and 500 degrees outside and you need an album to cool you off. Matt Mondanile's sweet riffs will no doubt do that to you.

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