• Album Review: Bombino

    This week, I reviewed Nomad, a stunning album by singer-songwriter, Bombino. Produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, the third record from Bombino is personally undiscovered territory in music that I'm very glad I did discover! Hailing from the Tuareg culture of Northern Africa, Bombino is one of the most impressive guitarists I've ever heard. The songs are all sung in his native language, and all have a serious groove that will definitely get you dancing. Maddie

    This LP has an awesome black and white photograph on the front, with your standard black LP sleeve on the inside, plus a lyric insert that also contains some great photography. The back has photographs of the band and a nice one of Bombino himself, plus a photo of my favorite dude ever, and producer of the album, Dan Auerbach.

    Best song:

    In its entirety, Nomad has a seriously calming flow. I sat down to listen to this album and was instantly happier and chilled out all at the same time. My personal favorites on the album are the opening track, "Amidinine," which has really good blues guitar influences, and I also really enjoyed "Niamey Jam," a mostly instrumental track that's a lot of fun and is basically like one awesome guitar solo in a way.

    What it's good for:
    Warning, Bombino's sweet riffs will cause some hipshaking! I'm thinking this record is ideal for an outdoor party. You'll find yourself popping it into your turntable and instantly feeling the great vibes. Between the ridiculously great guitar playing and other instruments played on the record, there are no complaints here!

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