• Album Review: Nuggets

    Unlike all of the other albums I've reviewed recently, this week I have reviewed something called Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era (1965-1968). Originally released in 1972 by Elektra Records and now reissued by Rhino Records, this Nuggets compilation is an 180 gram double LP featuring twenty-seven excellent tracks that will definitely make you want to have a '60s themed party and wish you were at Woodstock. You'll hear awesome tracks on this compilation ranging from The Standells to The Thirteenth Floor Elevators. Maddie

    The cover of this album features a totally fitting psychedelic drawing that doesn't need much explaining. Endless rainbow colors, swirls, cool people in big sunglassesit feels like it came right out of the late '60s. Nuggets also has a double gatefold sleeve, plus cool collaged photographs and lyrics printed on the inside of the sleeve. There's also a pullout sheet with the history of how the compilation record came to be, and a full tracklisting.

    Best song:
    It was seriously hard for me to choose a favorite from this compilation, especially since this period of the '60s is my favorite period in music in general. From the first half of the record, my favorites are "Dirty Water" by The Standells, "Oh Yeah" by The Shadows of Knight, and "Moulty" by The Barbarians. "Moulty" is a kind of crazy song that mixes spoken word plus a doo-wop inspired chorus; whatever it is, I dig it. From the second half, my favorites are "Psychotic Reaction" by Count Five, "Baby Please Don't Go" by The Amboy Dukes (really great electric guitars on this one!), and "Run Run Run" by The Third Rail. (Also I seem to have a thing for songs named "Run Run Run," i.e. by The Who and The Velvet Underground.)

    What it's good for:
    If you're looking to learn a bit more about this musical period in the '60s but aren't sure who to start listening to, this Nuggets compilation is the perfect tool for you! It really gives you a taste of so many artists, that you'll be able to learn more about smaller bands of the psychedelic era and how they changed music forever.

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