• About a Girl: Tarah Jane Kreutziger

    We’re toasting a season for celebrating with SoCal student Tarah Jane Kreutziger (who also happens to be one of our current Insta-crushes). See what she’s wearing this spring and get to know her in our day in the life.
    Photos by Taylr Anne

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
    I am 20 years old, currently attending college on the Central Coast, where I study education and child development. I believe children are the most authentic sources of happiness and to work with them would bring me so much joy and fulfillment! But I have quickly realized that college is a time of searching and discovery, and I have been doing just that— exploring the things I am most passionate about and seeing where that takes me. I think there is so much excitement in not knowing what the future holds. 

    What are your top tips for someone looking to take a better IG photo? 
    I try to aim for candidness and natural light. The images that move me the most are ones that can only be caught at a specific moment; When the shadows hit just right, the wind plays with your hair, or when you catch your friend mid-laugh. Those moments captured, to me, are the most "IG worthy” photos. 

    Can you suggest someone we should be following on Instagram that we might not know about? 
    These ladies inspire me on the daily, just to name a few: @melanieinm, @maeganbruce, @paigegeffen, @localmilk, and @alexnoiret.

    What’s one of your favorite memories of the past six months? 
    My trip to Yosemite National Park back in October. A group of us set up camp under the stars and spent the weekend simply enjoying each other’s company and the nature around us, free of technology and to-do lists. It was one of the most necessary and refreshing trips I’ve taken in awhile. 

    What are you looking forward to?
    Studying in London and traveling around Europe this summer with my best friend. Serious wanderlust over here.

    Right now I can’t stop wearing...
    My “new" thrifted Levis circa 1960, a knitted crop top, and deep red lips.

    What do you wear when you have nothing to wear? 
    Striped shirt, high rise denim, and brown leather booties. Always my go-to. 

    What do you wear when you’re dressing up for something special?
    I try to keep it simple by focusing on one part of the outfit: high neckline, low back, fun heels, or hints of lace for a "très femme" look. I think there is an elegance in subtle details like that. When in doubt, however, I believe it’s always better to show up over-dressed than under. 

    What people, places, or things regularly inspire you? 
    Early mornings.
    Scenic drives. 
    Random acts of kindness. 
    Paris, always.
    People who follow their passions. 
    My monthly Spotify mix-tapes. 
    Pinterest. (guilty)
    Handwritten notes. 
    From Austin to Boston documentary on Netflix. Seriously, if you are a fan of beautiful music and traveling cross country via VW bus, I highly recommend.

    Can you tell us about a place you’ve recently discovered and loved? 
    If you’re in need of some beautiful views and happen to be on the Central Coast of California: I strongly suggest driving up to Perfumo Canyon, especially after a good rainy season. The hills come alive and turn the most vibrant shades of green. I swear it’s the closest I’ve come to magic. Also, my sister and I just discovered a hidden gem in Orange County, CA— Neat Coffee. It’s a little pop-up shop located in a creative office work space, home to the most delicious almond milk lavender lattes. I’m already craving another. 

    If you could have any job in the world, what would you pick? 
    That’s a hard one. I think, if all the stars aligned, I would be a traveling chef— one who forages different countries for new and exciting ingredients and meets interesting people along the way. 

    3 things you can’t live without… 
    A camera.  

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