• About a Girl: Mari Giudicelli

    Model, photographer, student and shoemaker Mari Giudicelli is the latest talented girl to capture our attention. After modeling for our latest lookbook Take it Slow, we sat down with the native Brazilian and new New Yorker to chat about the places and people that she can't get enough of, and pulled some of our favorite photographs of hers from her Tumblr.

    "I never brush my hair or use conditioners. But I like washing my face before bed and when I wake up."

    "I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. The beach was part of my everyday life and I also used to travel a lot with my parents."

    Mari's Photography

    "I see shapes and colors more than images with definition."

    "Most of my references come from nature, photography, architecture or fine arts. I love Mamma Andersson and Lore Koch."

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