• About a Girl: Gia Coppola

    Gia Coppola, one of our favorite photographers and up-and-coming directors, is making her directorial feature film debut this year with Palo Alto, a movie based on James Franco's book of the same name. Opening in select theaters on May 9, 2014, Palo Alto promises to be a "teen movie for the ages," and the soundtrack features new music from Blood Orange's Devonté Hynes (available for preorder on May 23 through Urban Outfitters).

    In the midst of all her other projects, Gia also shot our most recent lookbook Summer Blues, and met up with us in her hotel room to chat about Palo Alto, her favorite movies, and James Franco. (And if you're wondering where she finds the time for all this, you're not alone; we're 99% sure she has superhuman abilities.)

    For even more on Gia and her recent projects, check out the latest issue of The Travel Almanac, and make sure to read our full feature and interview on the blog.